Carmencita Abaquin “PREPARE ME” Interventions & the Quality of Life of Advance Progressive Cancer Patients Carmencita M.

Abaquin is a nurse with Master’s Degree in Nursing obtained from the University of the Philippines College of Nursing. An expert in Medical Surgical Nursing with subspecialty in Oncologic Nursing, which made her known both here and abroad. She had served the University of the Philippines College of Nursing, as faculty and held the position as Secretary of the College of Nursing. appointment as Chairman of the Board of Nursing speaks of her competence and integrity in the field she has chos Basic Assumptions and Concepts: PREPARE ME (Holistic Nursing Interventions) are the nursing interventions provided to address the multi-dimensional problems of cancer patients that can be given in any setting where patients choose to be confined. This program emphasizes a holistic approach to nursing care. PREPARE ME has the following components: Presence – being with another person during the times of need. This includes therapeutic communication, active listening, and touch. Reminisce Therapy – recall of past experiences, feelings and thoughts to facilitate adaptation to present circumstances. Prayer Relaxation-Breathing – techniques to encourage and elicit relaxation for the purpose of decreasing undesirable signs and symptoms such as pain, muscle tension, and anxiety. Meditation – encourages an elicit form of relaxation for the purpose of altering patient’s level of awareness by focusing on an image or thought to facilitate inner sight which helps establish connection and relationship with God. It may be done through the use of music and other relaxation techniques. Values Clarification – assisting another individual to clarify his own values about health and illness in order to facilitate effective decision making skills. Through this, the patient develops an open mind that will facilitate acceptance of disease state or may help deepen or enhance values. The process of values clarification helps one become internally consistent by achieving closer between what we do and what we feel. “To Nursing… may be able to provide the care that our clients need in maintaining their quality of life and being instrumental in “Birthing” them to External life” Identify origins of the theory (what prompted) the incidence of cancer has significantly increased not only in the Philippines but also worldwide Examine the meaning of theory

due to understaffing and financial constrain. Development of training programs for care provider as well as health care profession where intervention is a part of treatment modalities. incorporation in the basic nursing curriculum in the care of these patients. 4. 2006) . Strength  It provides us standardized and holistic approached in addressing the needs of terminally ill cancer patients.(zapka. Nurses must do this so that they would know what the expectations of the patient and the family so that they may render a holistic caring style for the patient together with his family in his dying days. 2009) ► In the Philippine setting. 3. fisher. Utilization of intervention as a basic part of care given to cancer patients. Logical Adequacy The conceptual framework is logical because it is parallel with her definition of nursing and it works for the goal which is QUALITY OF LIFE She didn’t give emphasis on the extraneous variables affecting the variables involved.1. 5. clemow & fletcher. In this premise. This encompassed different aspects including family relationship and self-actualization. patients with incurable disease require multidimensional nursing care to improve quality of life. 2. The nurse must help make a supportive environment for the patient and his family in his dying days. The family is also guided in this rough time addressing their grieving process by instilling in them that death is part of life. Terminally-ill patients especially cancer patients require holistic approach of nursing in different aspects of man namely the emotional. ► more time is needed to make the patient interested in PREPARE ME interventions because they are already experiencing loss of interest in things ► "Understaffing in Philippine hospitals is prevalent. (Inamarga. An environment like this would promote dignity in his days left thus helping the patient accept his fate and help him/her be ready for the afterlife. The nurse must be honest about the feedback on his/her condition. lemon.  It can also be used for other terminal cases. likewise. emotional and spiritual) 6. PREPARE ME nursing interventions are effective in improving quality of life in terminally-ill patients. (physical. time for bed side care is limited Usefulness (practicability)  This theory is useful in addressing the needs of terminally-ill cancer patients. This would help the patient and family address the needs of the patient in any manner possible. social and spiritual. Weakness/Limitations  Caring Ideals of nurse  Severe depression of the patient.  Appreciating the impact of a relative's cancer and offering guidance and support via patient-centered counseling can enhance quality of care. psychological. PREPARE ME must be introduced and focus during training of nurse both in academe and practice.

PREPARE ME can still be a practical system to use? 2. GUIDE QUESTION: 1. How can the theory improve your life as a human being? 7. How did the theory improve your caring values as a nurse? . Do u think with the nursing understaffing prevalence. What other nursing interventions can you think that is fitting to improve the concept of abaquins theory? 4. education and research for enrichment of oncology care. it can be applied in practice. But it is not limited to use in the setting. cancer is the top 3 highest mortality rate in the Philippines. She generated it primarily as a result of her experience with oncology patients. It is applicable whenever a nurse encounters terminally-ill patients. Can also be utilize in hospice care.Generalizability & parsimony (thriftiness) It can only be applicable to terminally ill patients and hospice facilities Abaquin’s theory has a wide scope of application. Testability of the theory (empirical properties) Due to high mortality/morbidity rate of cancer patients. What are the moral and social implications of the theory? 6. It seems to be most useful when working with those patients with imminent death. Empirical Precision Abaquin’s theory appears to have a low degree of empirical validity primarily because variables are hardly measurable to the full extent even with the use of instruments. What subjective & objective cues can alert you that PREPARE ME is needed? 5. The theory is designed to facilitate nursing care holistically. How can you assess the need for PREPARE ME in clients? 3. Simplicity Abaquin’s theory does not possess simplicity because there are many variables. According to DOH(2007).

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