Ripon PALSS Meeting Update November 27, 2012 1.

Update on Ripon High Booster Club- Jen Brogan updated the PALSS group about the newly formed Ripon High Booster Club. At the November 26 meeting, the Booster Club elected a board. The board members are; Shari Hernandez-President Cam Burton-Vice President Debbie DaRosa-Secretary Stacy Blumberg-Treasurer Shari has already created a logo for the Boosters and plans to start working on applying for non-profit status. She also plans on applying for a Raymus grant and has lined up donors who are willing to provide some start-up money for the group. The big kick-off in fundraising will be the Almond Blossom Festival where the Booster Club will have a booth. The next Booster meeting will be December 17 at 6:30 in the Ripon High library. 2. Addressing issues from the PALSS survey- Lance Morrow provided the group with 2 handouts and addressed the following concerns of the survey; improving academics, increasing college preparedness, and increasing elective offerings. Mr. Morrow emphasized that Ripon High is working on phases of direct instruction. This year teachers will be trained in the following concepts; Activating Prior Knowledge and Independent Practice. There are weekly collaboration meetings taking place to discuss student work and best teaching practices. Teachers have been participating in drop-in peer observations in order to see best teaching practices in action. They are working on developing strategies to help English learners with vocabulary development. The Regional System of District and School Support are working with a group of Ripon High teachers training them to be Academic Coaches. Another issue Mr. Morrow addressed was increasing college preparedness. In the last five years Ripon High has increased the number of AP and Honors sections from nine to nineteen. During that same time, the number of students enrolled in those courses went from 137 to 343, an increase of 250%. In the past three years, Ripon has had ten new courses approved for the UC A-G list and another two courses submitted for approval for this school year. In the 2010-2011 school year, the most recent year the state has data, 48.6% of Ripon High graduates met all A-G requirements making them eligible to apply to a CSU/UC.

Another concern addressed was course offerings. Mr. Morrow downloaded the course catalogs from 5 surrounding high schools. Ripon is comparable to all the schools with their college prep and AP course offerings. The group talked about the need for Ripon High to have a meeting with 6 th-8th grade parents to explain what Ripon offers. Many times, parents are already researching high schools to send their students and have their minds made up by 8 th grade. The group felt it was worthwhile to offer a night for the parents of younger students and help to positively promote Ripon High. Ripon High Counselor, Mike Morenzone attended the meeting and said that this was something the high school could do. Mr. Morrow said that students at Ripon High are getting accepted into competitive colleges like UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford and the like and you can feel confident that your child can go to college after Ripon High. Mr. Morenzone also shared that they have had an increase in students who have left Ripon High to attend other schools such as Central Catholic or Gregori, returning to Ripon High this year. 3. RUSD Board Meeting Update- Karina Ilardi told the group that the RUSD board Meeting will be held December 10 at 7:00 pm at City Hall. PALSS has requested to be placed on the agenda in order to introduce members of the Ripon Booster Club to the board and to ask the board to put technology as a line item in the budget. We are asking the Booster Club members along with PALSS members to attend the board meeting next Monday in order to show your support. The community cannot and should not be expected to be the sole support for technology in the district. The district also needs to show their commitment to the teachers and students in the district by contributing funds to this important item.

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