ModusLink Global Solutions, Inc.

(ModusLink Global Solutions), incorporated in 1986, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, ModusLink Corporation (ModusLink), ModusLink PTS, Inc. (ModusLink PTS) and Tech For Less, LLC (TFL), is a global supply chain business process management serving technology-based clients in markets such as computing, software, consumer electronics, storage and communications. The Company’s services and solutions span the forward supply chain, aftermarket service requirements and e-business processes and leverage an integrated global network of solution centers to manage all aspects of the end-to-end supply chain. During the fiscal year ended July 31, 2011(fiscal 2011), the Company determined that it has four reportable segments, Americas, Asia, Europe, and TFL. Effective August 1, 2010, ModusLink OCS merged with the Company’s e-Business solutions. The Company’s e-Business operations provides integrated e-commerce, customer support, financial transaction processing, physical shipment and returns processes on a global basis, and entitlement and e-business management solutions. In addition to its four reportable segments, the Company reports an All other category, which represents the e-Business operating segment. As of July 31, 2011, the Company conducts business in the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Ireland, Czech Republic, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and Mexico in addition to its United States operations. In fiscal 2011, approximately 58% of the Company’s consolidated net revenues were generated internationally. ModusLink’s revenues primarily come from the sale of supply chain management services performed for its clients. These services include the procurement of clients’ raw component inventory, as well as the storage, manufacturing and distribution of their products for sale by its clients to their own customers. ModusLink’s supply chain management services and solutions are provided to the technology industry on a global scale. ModusLink’s core capabilities are categorized as sourcing and supply base management, manufacturing and product configuration, fulfillment and distribution, eBusiness, and aftermarket services such as returns management and asset disposition. ModusLink is also a Microsoft Authorized Replicator, further enhancing its position as a valued supply chain services provider of technology hardware original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

cost reduction and asset value retention. consulting and customer support solutions. ModusLink enables a direct end user revenue channel for clients through its eBusiness solutions that include integrated e-commerce.The Factory Supply solution provides inbound supply of components into one or more of ModusLink’s clients’ manufacturing or light assembly operations on behalf of a client. repair. The entitlement management solutions facilitate revenue generation for software publishers and related businesses by managing the complexities of multi-channel subscription and customer access rights (entitlements) inherent in software licensing through a line of technology. while improving customer satisfaction.OQ . » Full Overview of MLNK. technical support and multichannel returns management to testing. Aftermarket services are delivered through ModusLink. financial transaction processing and physical shipment and returns processes on a global basis. The aftermarket services manage the complete range of post-sales activity including customer service. e-Business also delivers entitlement management capabilities. ModusLink’s solutions seamlessly integrate with other supply chain service providers such as contract manufacturing companies and third-party logistics providers. and asset disposition enabling clients to gain greater efficiency. customer support. ModusLink PTS and TFL.

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