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This nursing philosophy will describe what I believe to be the core of nursing. I will elaborate on the values that I believe to be most important. Treating patients as a whole while establishing a good nurse-patient relationship will be the main focus point of my philosophy. I will describe what I hope to get out of my career as a nurse and how I plan to implement safe and efficient care to my patients.


When I first decided that I wanted to become a nurse, it was because I knew that I wanted to help people. Although this is still true to this day, in my studies as a nursing student, I have discovered so many more reasons that appeal to me as well. The most appealing, however, is that I will be able to have the chance to actively participate in the promotion and well being of a person as a whole. This is the definition of quality care, and this is what I believe to be the core of nursing. Quality Care Quality care means that the way I, as a nurse, will care for my patients must meet all of the patients care needs as an individual. Therefore, in order to be a good nurse, I must first understand that this means not only providing the best possible care based on evidence and ones own discretion, but also doing so in the best interest of the patient on a physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and social level. This is an essential part of the nursing practice. It ensures that I am an advocate for all of my patients, and that I do not allow for my own personal beliefs and biases, if any, to intrude in my work as a health care provider. Things to Look Forward to As a nurse, I will be responsible for all of my patients and will be able to have the opportunity to learn and adapt to new situations involving different patients and cultures every day. I will learn what each patients individual needs are, and cater to those needs specifically. I will not only provide medical care, but I will also promote and advocate for his or her health and well-being. By doing this, I will establish a good nurse-patient relationship based on mutual trust and understanding. I will make it my goal to always


provide the best individualized care that I possibly can, and make so I do so in a timely, safe, professional, and respectable manner. Conclusion Implementing quality care to my patients will require me to get to know each patient and family on an individual, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and social level. It will be hard work and will require much dedication in order to do this, but I willingly and graciously accept the challenge and look forward to being able to get to know my patients on such an intimate level, while sharing and applying my knowledge and expertise in order to promote their well being.