Questioner: 10/12/12 I wonder what was here before anything was here at all and what is at the end of space

. For arguments sake, we will say that at the end of space there is a great big wall that surrounds the Universe. What is behind that wall? I also wonder what we as humans could do if it was possible to access every single part of our brain like in the movie "Limitless". Would ever disease then become curable? If so, would we then become immortal? I also wonder where I am going to be in 15 years. Will I finally be settled down in a house with my wife and 3 kids running around in the backyard? Or will I even make it that far in life Almost all of the questions that I have wondered are never going to be brought into the light and I will never know the answer to. These questions have a domino effect to deeper questions, and those deeper questions results into deeper questions. I'm sure that the things that I wonder about cross everyone's mind a some point in their life. But when we start exploring for the answers to our curiosity? Creative Thinker: 10/2/12 The human soul, groaning for a place to rest. A place where it can find the happy medium in-between personal expression and gaining acceptance from a group of peers. Now more than ever, we live in a place where standing out has been glorified; even though deep down inside of us, we long to just fit in the crowd. Society has put this idea into our mind that we are meant to be individualistic with social patterns of life. But how much individualism can we call our own? I believe that there is zero, or little originality concerning social relationships and patterns because there will always be outside influences that will shape us whether we are aware of it or now. This was cut out from an essay called "This I Believe" in which I had to dig deep down in order to find out exactly what it was that I believed. It wasn't taught to me by a professor, but instead this knowledge was somewhere stored deep down within me. It just took self examination in order to expose it to the surface. Analytical Thinker: 9/29/12 I just heard a song called "Sleepwalking" by the band Memphis May Fire. In that song there is a line that states "We're sleepwalking, all the way to contentment." This line says a lot about Americanized Christianity. Christians are in a state where they are trapped and we are in a delusion that sinning is ok. That one sin isn't that bad. We have tricked ourselves into thinking that we are Christians even though we are in open rebellion to the very God that saved us ourselves.

I love to listen to music and dissect the lyrics in able to find what the band is really trying to say. Memphis May Fire is one of those bands that like to disguise their lyrics which forces you to dig and analyze every word that comes out of their mouth to discover new truths. Reflective Thinker: Date Unknown The essay of "From Degrading to De-grading presents many problems/concerns about whether grading should continue in education. I do disagree with the techniques that were wanting to be set in place just because of the teacher/student accountability. In today's world, we have to face the fact that students don't care to learn in school anymore. Sometimes we do have to threaten/ reward students with grades in attempt to further their academic success. Also, the teaching accountability we have through grading/points system keeps all students on a relatively even playing field. If we were to change to just to teacher opinion/intel about a student, a lot of students could be at a disadvantage when it comes down to being accepted into college. I think this is an excellent excerpt from one of my day books because this subject of no grading was fairly new to me and I learned new things along the way. In this entry, I was just writing my thoughts and opinions about whether or not a grading system is a good idea. This entry also gave me an opportunity to put in my input and flesh out exactly what I was thinking. Favorite Entry: 11/7/12 I'm feeling pretty good today, a little bit tired, but nonetheless, good. I woke up a little agitated this morning because my roommate NEVER wakes up to his alarm clock; and of course it plays the most annoying sound in the world. I could have smothered him with my pillow this morning! I have come to the conclusion that his alarms are not for him, they are for me. They are for me to wake up, then to wake him up. Congratulations to me, I am the mother of Brandon Gray now. This one is my favorite because I needed to get my frustration out somewhere. I grabbed my pencil and started frantically writing about how much I was ready to kill him. Luckily I can get a little bit of my frustration out my a pencil instead of his body. :)

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