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Vol. 1, Issue 13======================================================December 05, 2012 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motorsports ----------------------Toy Story: Into the Night Rallye Team’s Contribution to Mankind Corona, CA – It was forecast to be a rainy weekend when the rallyists showed up to the In-‘N-Out parking lot on the corner of Ontario and State. However, the rallymaster, Joe Ackerman, and his two volunteers were bright-eyed and excited about the 7 hour Monte Carlo Style Navigational Road Rally. This navigational road rally was set to take place across 300 miles of Orange County’s most entertaining public roads. You may ask, “What is a Monte Carlo Style Navigational Road Rally?” Quite simply... pure heartache and sheer pleasure. A road rally is very similar to a scavenger hunt. Run at legal speeds with street-legal cars, the rallymaster and his crew provide the rallyists with a list of times and places where they must pass through... checkpoints. Each car must reach their assigned checkpoint exactly on time or face penalties for each hundredth of a second that they arrive early or late. This becomes a test of the driver and co-driver’s relationship, concentration, and skill as they navigate across some of the most challenging and scenic drives that can be found. With thoughts of Ortega Highway and the Palomar hillclimb in mind, over ten teams of rallysists arrived. Perennial favorites, Paul McGaffey and Ron Dunlop, driving a Ford Explorer, were the first to check-in. It’s interesting to note that the Explorer is their back-up vehicle. Paul’s Cobra failed to start after a dual-ignition setup had been installed a few days earlier. Their primary rival in the Expert Class was the Father-Son combination of Kevin and Sean Ayers in a 2004 BMW 325ci. The ringer in the Regular Class was the 31-time SCCA National Road Rally Champion (in several classes) Jeanne English in a 2004 Mazda RX-8, co-driven by Larry Scholnick. Several novice participants included 3 husband and wife teams, and one father and daughter team, driving a range of sports cars... and a former Police Interceptor. Into the Night Rallye Team had requested a special entry fee for the evening’s rally. Toy Story would require each crew to provide an unopened toy of at least $20 value. Each entry toy will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, on time and prior to Christmas, to bring a small bit of cheer and happiness to the children this Holiday Season. Oddly enough, most of the toys were car and racing related. The first car left the starting line at 3:01.00 pm, traveling east-south-east towards the first of four checkpoints near the corner of Sage and Benton. At 4:17.00 pm, the first car started the second leg, traveling through wine country as the sun began to set on Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The first stop for fuel occurred at Sunshine Summit on CA-79. Having reached the most southerly point on the planned course, the cars began to climb their way up Palomar Mountain as the returned north towards Murrieta, past Lake Elmore and back to the goal. Along the way several small incidents were witnessed. Along CA-78 E, a car had entered a corner a bit too fast and wound up on its side. Police and the local fire brigade slowed traffic down a bit for that incident. Luckily it didn’t affect any of the rallyists. Later on the second leg, the husband and wife duo piloting a Subaru Forrester suffered a puncture. They quickly changed the wheel and were able to make it to the second checkpoint with less than 25 points in penalties. On the third leg, a low oil alarm caused the husband and wife duo in the Mazda Miata to stop and add oil. All these incidents added up to many a rally story at the finish line.

Vol. 1, Issue 13======================================================December 05, 2012

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------------- Motorsports (continued) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------At 10:00.00 pm, most of the cars had passed the final checkpoint, and a parade of cars was brought back to the starting point for stories and awards. In the Expert Class, competition had been fierce. Paul and Ron’s 1 penalty point was enough to cost them the win, giving the victory to the Ayers for their perfect rally. In the Regular Class, competition hadn’t been a walk in the park, but Jeanne and Larry scored a perfect rally to handily defeat their rivals. Novice Group 2 was closely contested by 2 husband and wife duos, the Aldrigdes and the Thaos; but 3 small errors, including missing a course control, by the Aldriges would hand the class win to the Thaos, who had made 2 big errors, but had been lucky to squeak by with only about 240 points in penalties. Novice Group 1 held the biggest suprises. The husband and wife duo piloting the Forrester scored only 26 points in penalties on their first rally, but still not enough to beat the father-daughter duo in the Police Interceptor, which scored only 1 penalty point. With teams and events like these, the future of the navigational road rally seems much more certain. Be sure to check out the Into the Night Rallye Team website,, or visit their Facebook page for more information. 2013 California Rally Series Performance Stage Rally and Rallycross Schedules Confirmed Torrance, CA – The California Rally Series (CRS) Board of Governors (BoG) has confirmed the schedule for the 2013 season. The performance stage rally schedule with coefficients will be as follows: May 4, 2013 High Desert Trails Rally, Ridgecrest, CA (3 coeff.) June 7-9, 2013 Idaho Rally, Boise ID (3&2 coeff. for day 1&2) July 20, 2013 Mendocino Rally, Ukiah, CA (3 coeff.) August 24, 2013 Gorman Ridge Rally, Frazier Park, CA (3 coeff.) October 4-5, 2013 Prescott Rally, Prescott, AZ (2&3 coeff. for day 1&2) The rallycross schedule will be as follows: February 17, 2013 Ridgecrest March 17, 2013 Glen Helen May 5, 2013 Ridgecrest September 8, 2013 Glen Helen December 8, 2013 Glen Helen ------ Bite-sized Morsels -----------------------------Chino, CA – After completing the Toy Story Rally and while driving home at 1 in the morning in pouring rain, The Busy Bee and wife were protected and served by a local sheriff’s deputy. A verbal warning was given for broken license plate lamps and for Missouri DMV’s failure to update their database with The Busy Bee’s vehicle registration information. Oxnard, CA – The American Society for Quality conducted their last battery of certification exams for the 2012 calendar year. With any luck, the Busy Bee will earn his ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt; unfortunately, he probably won’t be able to use it to enter martial arts tournaments. ------ Classifieds ----------------------------------------Used Tokico HP non-adjustable shocks and springs for RX-7 (FC). $250 OBO. Lompoc, CA. Pictures available. Email: 4-15” Steel Wheels. Stock for Kia Forte, 5x114mm bolt pattern. $20 ea or $60 for all 4. Lompoc, CA. Email:

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