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2012 - HEAVEN ON EARTH - THE SIXTH WORLD CREATION The Late German anthropologist, Baron Alexander Von Wuthenau, was my first professor of Mayan History at the University of the Americas in Mexico City when I was sixteen years old. He intelligently guided me into a mysterious lost world where mysticism and legend fused Mayan cities and cultures into an enticing labyrinth of knowledge of the deep past. In addition, I was exposed to many Mayan Scholars, who either agreed or disagreed with one another’s theories of the Mayan culture, religion, and history. Some of the most fascinating books and manuscripts that I was given to read were those of the following: French professor and priest Charles Etiennne de Bourbourg – Histoire des Nationats Civilisees du Mexique et de l”Amerique Centrale, Annals of the Cakchiquels (1861), Popul Vuh (1861), and the translation of Bishop de Landa’s Relacion de las Cosas de Yucatan, the controversial French naval commodore, Augustus le Plongeon – unpublished manuscripts that Von Wuthenau had copies of, which related to detailed Mayan Magic Rituals, the books of the British author Lewis Spence, The Problem Of Atlantis, The Myths of Mexico and Peru, and the books of author British Colonel Churchward – The Lost Continent of Mu” (1930), The Lost Children of Mu (1931), Sacred Symbols of Mu” (1933), and Cosmic Forces as They were Taught in Mu (1934). Each one had their viewpoint that was founded upon laborious research that was vulnerable to the criticism of opposing or competitive Mayan specialists. The Mayan archaeologists of the early 20th Century looked upon many of these literary treatises as either “interpretative garbage” or outright falsehoods that had no supporting tangible evidence. As time progressed some of de Plongeon’s findings such as that of bearded Semitic-featured Kukulcan carvings became concrete evidence of the presence of a Caucasian Race presence in Chichenitza, Uxmal, and further south in Tikal and Palenque. Von Wuthenau’s theories were my favorites for many reasons. Most importantly to me, he pre-dated the Maya’s appearance and colonization in the Yucatan Peninsula, from the controversial last remnant island Poseidonis and Antilia, the cataclysmic remnants of Western portion of the great Atlantean Continent, at thousands of years before most every other Mayan Scholar’s calculations. He believed the Atlantean culture that had settled the Americas to have been Negroid, and his diverse racial findings in Mexican culture created a strong foundation for that hypothesis. It has been revealed in the 21st century through Olmec archaeological findings that the Negroid Olmec culture founded La Chole 20 km from Zihuatanjeo, Guerrero and Veracruz 850 years prior to the rise of the Mayan civilization, and were one of the first advanced cultures to colonize the Americas. The La Chole site once excavated could be as important or more important than Chichenitza. The explorer British Colonel James Churchward, who had served with the British Army in India from 1853- 1883, had obtained the Naacal tablets from an old Rishi in a


monastery in Tibet, which were to have been of Mayan origin. He had written extensive works supporting the evolvement and destruction of the ancient continents of Pangea, Mu, and Atlantis from his interpretation of the Naacal tablets. Churchward’s lifetime of research outlined how Mu, known later as Lemuria by the Theosophists was the Pacific Continent where man was seeded on the planet in a mother civilization that existed over 1,000,000 years ago and was destroyed through numerous cataclysms at least 50,000 years ago. In Churchward’s well-documented research, the island continent of Atlantis, Egypt, West Africa, Tibet, India, Australia, Polynesia, Mesoamerica, North, and South America became colonies of Mu. There were numerous migrations from the mother continent of Mu to those colonies and continued migrations from Atlantis to other colonies, which overlapped in cultural diffusion and later developed into the Accadian, Tibetan, Japanese, Chinese, East Indian, Egyptian, Sumerian, Chaldean, Babylonian, Peruvian, Pueblo Indian, Australian Aborigine, African Dogon, West African Yoruba, Olmec, Toltec, and Mayan cultures of archaeological documented antiquity. Von Wuthenau had also written parallel accounts of lost civilizations as they pertained to the historical, racial development and dispersion from ancient continents. Von Wuthenau’s theories were also based upon his vast archives of unpublished Olmec and Mayan hieroglyphic tablets and pottery that he had assembled from the Yucatan, Guerrero, Tabasco, Chiapas, Honduras, and Guatemala in the 1930’s. He first arrived in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico in 1937 as an exiled German immigrant Art Historian, who abandoned his post as a German Consul to the U.S. in Washington D.C. when Hitler’s Nazi party came to destructive power. His first discoveries were in the Mexican state of Guerrero, where the coastal Indians brought him Negroid, Caucasian, and Mongoloid terracotta heads and figures from the deep riverbed regions near Acapulco and Zihuatanejo. Many appeared African, Japanese, and others distinctly Semitic. Von Wuthanau postulated that the Mayans scientific and engineering technologies of engaging cosmic energies, which he felt were Atlantean derivatives brought first by the Olmecs, exceeded anything known to 20th Century advanced civilizations. He believed that not only the Olmec and Maya, but also the Toltec, Mixtec, and Aztec arrived in the Americas with an advanced culture in place in overlapping periods. The authenticated existing myths of Mexico and Central America refer to their culture as having arrived from the East and not the West. If one studies the elaborate architecture, religion, costume, and high culture of both Mexico and Central America it is hard to conceive that such advancement did not require tens of thousands of years to develop. The ancient Classic Mayan stone tablets, which had been carbon dated at 620 A.D. from the state of Tabasco, detailed the accounts of Kukulkcan arriving on rafts of serpents to the Yucatan Peninsula and depositing their records in the center of the Yucatan Peninsula. The tablets revealed the history of Kukulcan coming to the Yucatan from a


land called Alau and Tlapallan in the East that had broken up in a series of collapses of the Atlantean continent over a period of 100,000 years, and in the end was destroyed by volcanic eruptions in the third and final cataclysm approximately 10,000 - 28,000 years ago. The island reference before the Mayan arrival in the Americas was one that Wuthenau called the Island of the Temple of the Violet Flame, which would be present day Cuba. In the Tro-Cortesianus and Dresdan Codices there are clear Atlantean representations of Kukulcan seated in a boat composed of serpents coming from his home of origin, Tlapallan. Tlapallan was the location that Kukulcan returned to every year to regenerate and restore his youth, and the fountain of youth legend was brought to the Spanish as existing in or near Florida in the Atlantic from the Mexican and Yucatan legends. Ponce de Leon and many others searched for such a locale, but never found it. Edgar Cayce referenced Bimini as a possible location for the fabled fountain of youth with its hot thermal offshore ocean springs with their therapeutic sulfur value. Tlapallan means “Land of Writing” or “Land of Black and Red Stones”, which were the colors of the inks used by Mayan scribes. It is interesting to observe the Western portion of Cuba with its rich red and black soil and wonder if this Greater Antilles island mass is merely a mountaintop of the Western Atlantean broken island mass called Antilia. Spanish Colonial interpretations of the Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl legends state that he must return to Tlapallan every year, as it is only there that he can receive his intended magic by the Kings. Wuthaneau felt that Kukulcan went to a number of Atlantean locations for regeneration, which included both Bimini and Cuba. According to Wuthaneau, The Temple of the Violet Flame existing off shore in present day Cuba was an Atlantean center for regeneration that utilized advanced laser technology with the ultra violet color frequency focused through a giant amethyst crystal. Wutheneau stated that the legendary Tliapanes, who came from Tlapallan, were the Atlantean High Priests and guardians who accompanied Kukulcan to colonize the Americas. Nunez de la Vega, the Spanish Bishop of Chiapas burned manuscripts and books that were purported to have been written by a Mayan King named Votan, which was the Quiche name for Kukulcan or Quetzalcoatl. In the stories recounted by Nunez de la Vega, the Mayan culture was first colonized by Votan from an Eastern location, having arrived through the Gulf of Mexico up the mouth of the Usumacinta River in Tabasco to the Huehuetan River, where he built a subterranean temple named “The House of Darkness”. Votan built the city of Huehueta, which is now the city of Soconusco, and buried a vast treasure that came from Tlapallan. According to Nunez’s account, that treasure was burned in 1691. Wuthaneau claimed that the treasure from Tlapallan was a cache of Atlantean records that according to another 17th Century Franciscan Mayan Indian scribe in Campeche were in fact removed and hidden in a cenote cave in the remote jungle further into the interior somewhere near the present state of Campeche and the Guatemalan border. He discussed his failed expeditions to legendary Cenote de los


Tliapones on the Campeche-Guatamalan border in 1945 and the sudden and unexplained deaths of 9 people on the expedition, which is another story in itself full of many parallels of curses to the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the 1920’s. Wuthenau also discussed the Egyptian reference to Aalu, known as the Isle of Flame, which was described as a vast continent in the Western ocean. A 1200 BC New Kingdom History chronicle of Aalu was discovered in the tomb of Pharaoh Set I, at Abydos, described the story of the Great Flood in The Destruction of Mankind. Wuthenau pointed out the French Mayan Anthropologist August Le Plongeion’s findings of both the Egyptian Aalu and Maya Alau use of the identical name arising from same source, oceans apart in separate continents. In Von Wuthenau’s dissertations, he referenced the 16th Century Spanish manuscript Vatico-Latin Codex of the Aztec story of the destruction of four previous world cycles. He pieced his Mayan clay tablets together on a long wooden kitchen table in the class, translating the hieroglyphs into how both the Maya and Toltec descended from the same mother civilization in Atlantis. The Mesoamerican indigenous groups today say, “The Sacred Calendar of our ancestors the Maya, Mixtec, Toltec, Olmec, and Aztec came from a continent which had become the home of a super race of wizards and sorcerers. These superior beings became lost, forgot the Earth Mother and they were destroyed by fire and their continent sank beneath the rolling waves of the ocean. The Sacred Calender was all that survived.” Additionally there are Mesoamerican legends that speak of the time after the Atlantean destruction and migration, “In days now long forgotten, a ship came; not from the sea, but from the sky. It came from another world, perhaps even another galaxy. And these Space Beings delivered this perfect mathematical formula to the indigenous people of Mexico and to other ancient worldwide cultures. It was hoped that the ‘Light Formula’ of solar regeneration of the body and resurrection of the soul would help the people of the Earth find their way into the light of the Creator. The space beings left, but they vowed they would return from time to time to see how mankind was doing, and to help him find his way.” In 1977, The American Scientific Review published the results of research made by a group of archaeologists headed by Norman Hammond on the Swasey Slope in Belize, which showed carbon –14 testing of the Mayan site at one area at 2,700 B.C. These findings changed Mayan archaeological and anthropological dating. Since 1977, those discoveries have become outdated with more ancient findings. In response to the above finding, on January 15, 1984, the renowned Mayanist author Jose Diaz-Bolio gave a press communiqué, stating that Mayan civilization was the oldest on Earth. The next day, Diario de Yucatan published the following quote from Bolio: “The archaeologists who worked at Swasey did not realize that such art, which is contemporaneous to Egyptian art or even older, goes back 5,000 years before our time. Due to recent discoveries, “Olmec” culture derived from Mayan civilization and not


otherwise.” Bolio continued on January 16, 1984 in the same article in Merida, Yucatan, which is stated in his book The Mayan Natural Pattern of Culture, “I believe that Mayan art is older than Egyptian art because rattlesnakes have existed in the American continent since 2 to 3 million years agoa, a fact which allowed the ancient inhabitants of our continent – and especially the Mayans that lived 5, 6, 7, or more thousand years ago – allowed, I say, to discover intuitively the geometric forms and other cultural implications of such reptile. The famous Mayan author Bolio of Merida wrote about the early religious foundations of Kukulcanism and Quetzalcoatlism, “Zamna, the main Mayan god-hero, appears to be the original pattern or model for the Quetzalcoatl Toltec deity. Being earlier than the Toltec invasion of Yucatan, he has the same attributes as the latter. Zamnaism was a non-bloody and non-violent religion. Human sacrifices were introduced into the Postclassic period of the Maya in the Yucatan by Tula’s Quetzalcoatl-Topilzin-Ce-Acatl, who left here, as also among the Maya-Quiche of Guatemala the flourishing practice of beholding the tribes sacrificed in his presence.” Edgar Cayce held a different viewpoint as to the introduction of human sacrifice in the Americas. The renowned American psychic Edgar Cayce stated in numerous readings in 1933 “that the Mayan culture is only one of many civilizations that have been present in the Americas and that these other civilizations will be discovered as research progresses”. Cayce identified the Atlantean colonization of the Yucatan and three additional cultural influences in the Yucatan that included the arrival of the Lost Tribes of Israel around 3,000 BC, who he claimed introduced human sacrifice to Mesoamerica. Cayce described a conflict and struggle between two primary opposing groups in Atlantis, the Sons of the Law of One, who believed their bodies to be the temple to the living God, and the Sons of Belial, who opposed the Law of One, using their creative forces for self-glorification and the destructive manipulation of others. Cayce attributes the destruction and catastrophes of Atlantis from the toxic and negative belief-systems of the Sons of Belial, who separated them into pure science and away for a connection with God into manipulative self-glorification. Cayce stated that during the era of the destruction of the primary continent of Atlantis that occurred 28,000 years ago, there were three Atlantean colonizations established that were named after the priests who founded them: 1.) Temple of Atlan – Bimini Island, Bahamas that was according to Cayce the last landmass of the Atlantean island Poseidia, 2.) Temple of Isis – Sphinx, Egypt, and 3.) Temple of Iltar – Yucatan. The records of millions of years of historical activity of the ancient continents of Oz, Zu, Og, Lemuria, and Atlantis are stated by Cayce to be buried on written stone tablets in these three geographical locations. Among these records are the scientific data for the firestone machine that harnessed solar energy through large crystals that were used as lasers to restructure atomic molecules and applied to the laws of quantum gravity with applications to natural gas that created a


super power for machine propulsion with planes, boats, and building equipment. He further stated that the final destruction of Poseidia was approximately 10,500 B.C., fifty miles off the coast of Miami, Florida in what is today the Bimini Islands of the Bahamas, West Indies. Cayce predicted that these records would be revealed in the late 20th to early 21st century as historic evidence of the history of humankind’s choices to co-generate with God or to alienate themselves from the creator. In addition, it is the belief of the Mormon Church that the Maya are descendents of the Lost Tribes of Israel, which the Maya disagree with. Alexander Von Wuthenau’s theories on the racial foundations of the Americas coincided with the well-documented readings of Mr. Cayce and that of the Mormon’s archives at Brigham Young University. Archaeological research, including advances in the interpretation of Mayan hieroglyphs and the decoding of mathematical equations hidden in art, architecture, and astronomical observations is beginning to substantiate Edgar Cayce’s Spiritual and scientific story. According to the Maya, these Mormon claims of identifying the Lost Tribes of Israel with their culture are false, but some of the decoding is indeed accurate. According to the Maya, the world has been destroyed and recreated four times. The Maya believed that the last or fourth destruction/creation cycles of the earth were on August 13, 3114 B.C, when Venus (Kukukcan) rose in the Eastern sky. Numerous existing stelae throughout the Yucatan, Guatemala, and Honduras are inscribed with the final destruction of our present Fifth world is to occur in a time frame from May 20, 20012 to December 23, 20012. The 5th World ends when Venus (Kukulcan) as the Morning Star will sink in the Western sky and 6th World begins on Sunday, December 23, 20012 with the Mayan prophetic focus of humankind’s Light Body integration for the next phase of Earth’s evolution. The Mayan’s predicted the return of Kukulcan (the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl) with the birth of The Sixth Sun represented by Venus rising in the Eastern sky as The Evening Star. With the Mesoamerican cultures, each fifty-two week calendar began exactly when the Pleiades crossed the Fifth Cardinal Point represented as the Sun zenith of heaven at midnight on the November 20th for the Maya and November 16th for the Aztec. Additionally, the Mayan priesthood coordinated their paramount rituals to occur on the solar zenith passage dates and sun-Pleiades conjunctions. Additionally, the astronomical events of the Pleiades alignments, the zenith Sun, the solstice axis, the equinox, and the setting extremes of Venus with conjunctions to Jupiter have historically woven a fabric of prophetic maps. The Venus-Jupiter conjunctions in alignment with the Galactic Core represented the source of creation as they conjunct the Moon. Venus-conjunct Jupiter is reflected in the Hero Twin s Creation Story of the Popul Vuh. The Fifth World has been operating with all five human senses in a quincunx formula that symbolizes the four cardinal directions of the Earth and the fifth direction of the Sun zenith point, which has been marked with the boundaries of Physical consciousness in

third dimensional space and time. The Fifth World transitions through the etheric communication capabilities of the fifth psychic center, The Throat Chakra. This same formula of five points, elements, or worlds correlates to the physical body chakras as it reflects from man to the cosmos. Clearly, the invention of the Internet at the close of The Fifth World has established an instantaneous global communication vehicle for information transference that operates through etheric wavelengths or in a 4th dimensional frequency – the ‘spider web’ referenced in Hopi 2012 global alignment predictions. The Internet has opened consciousness to the sixth sense of human psychic faculties that has become the ‘connectivity prelude’ to The Sixth World. An acute awareness regarding the visionary and intuitive capacities of humankind will occur as the unification of both cosmic centers is established between the Earth’s relationships to the sixth Brow Chakra nadir point (The Sun- Moon -Venus conjunct} and the seventh Crown Chakra zenith point (The Pleiades conjunct and direct alignment with The Galactic Center zenith). The serpentine pathway for the Galactic Kundalini through the Milky Way Galaxy will become the Mayan prophesied return of Kukulcan as Venus rises as the Evening Star in the Eastern Sky conjunct with Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun, The Pleiades direct alignment with The Galactic Core, Venus, Sun, to the Earth with the zenith Sun and the solstice axis all taking place in the December Winter Equinox of 20012. The renowned Yucatan Shaman Carolina Xiues Martinez expresses ancient Mayan legend with her remarkable narratives, “Our left hand represents the First World, our right hand the Second World, our right foot represents the glory of the Third World, our left foot the Fourth World of the Prophets, and our Solar Plexus Chakra in the navel is the point of balance of the Fifth World. The Mayan prophecies say that Hate will die and Love will be born in the 6th Sun.” How exactly will that occur? I deducted from my investigations that The Sixth World birth represents the union of polarities of both the Core of Sun of our solar system and that of the Core of our Milky Way Galaxy, this shall fuse human dualities, exactly as an individual’s physical body kundalini works when the Ida and Pingala Nadis rise from the combustion in The Root Chakra to meet in The Brow Chakra. The end result is a pure I AM or Soul Consciousness where humanity will begin the process of individuation. The association with individual Higher Power, or Soul Consciousness that is grounded in the Physical Body will be the global blueprint. Outworn religions and dogmas created for hieratical control of mass consciousness will in time become obsolete as the true nature of man founded upon his personal identification with his Soul and that Soul’s purpose will bring the dawn of this new era. This Galactic Kundalini circuitry will occur within the sixth nadir point or Brow Chakra of humankind’s physical body when the Sun conjuncts The Pleiades and aligns with the


Galactic Core on December 23, 20012. The Brow Chakra is the sixth nadir point (the solar system). My spirit guides came to me from the 4th and 5th parallel dimensions of the ancient galactic vortex of the Olmec site of La Soledad de Maciel or La Chole that extended into the sierra of Potrerillos, Guerrero, Mexico near Zihuatanejo during my apprenticeship as a Spiritist 1977 – 1979 and ignited my painting and writing of THE RELAXATIA CODEX in 1980. They provided a stellar vision that there will be a divine light transmission into the Sun Core that will create the The Solar Logos of The Seven Rays, which shall come via The Seven Pleiades stars that hold The Seven Rays of the Monad from within the Galactic Core. The Seven Rays of the Monad represents the unified triad and the immortal part of man in the prismatic scale of the light spectrum. The Monad reincarnates in the lower kingdoms and gradually progresses through them to Man and then to the final goal of Nirvana. The Seven Pleiades or stars each transmit and filter a color ray of the light spectrum with a specific function from the core of the Milky Way Galaxy known as the Galactic Core or Great Central Sun of this galaxy. The Galactic Core operates much the same for the galaxy as does our Sun for our Solar System, with a differentiation existing in The Seven Pleiades Stars acting as the monadic filtering agent of light transmissions into our Solar System from the God-center of the Galaxy, The Great Central Sun. The seventh zenith point is the Galactic Center, which is a God Center represented as The Great Central Sun. The Galactic Center appears as a black hole, but is not a hole as such, yet an invisible fourth dimensional force field that looks the same as our Sun in this Solar System when accessed interdimensionally. This Galactic Kindling flow through The Brow Chakra of mankind will manifest the sixth sense of spiritual awareness that will evolve into the rapture of The Crown Chakra (Atmic) The concept of time as we know it will end at that point in The Brow Chakra where Past, Present, and Future will become one timeframe. Additionally, the doors of the Fifth World and third dimensional space will be opened into a fourth dimensional consciousness that will occur. Human consciousness will be forever transformed with the infusion of Astral Light in the Sixth World that will enable all of humanity to enter the etheric portals of spiritual consciousness in The Crown Chakra. The Mexican Surrealist Painter Pedro Friedeberg introduced me in 1970, at the age of 20, to the late British Art collector of Mayan Antiquities Edward James. Edward James was an illegitimate son of King Edward VII of England by Mrs. Dorothy Fields, who patronized many French, American, British, and Mexican surrealist painters such as Dali, Leonora Carrington, Max Ernst, and Magritte. He chose to leave Europe during World War II and reside in Mexico like many other artists and eccentrics of his time to write poetry and collect Pre-Columbian antiquities.


In my first trip to Mr. James surreal jungle palace Xilitla near San Luis Potosi, Mexico in 1971, I was invited to spend two weeks. We spent languid days and nights sharing common interests in the esoteric arts and stimulated one another’s intrigue for solving many unanswered questions concerning the Mayan Olympic Spiritual Athletes. Edward James’s mother Mrs. Marshall (Dorothy) Fields had been a friend and benefactor of the British Colonel James Churchward’s lost continent investigations. Mr. Churchward’s manuscripts and art were left to Samuel Weiser Publishing, but a portion of his pre-Columbian collection, which included the Naacal Tablets, was left to Mrs. Field’s estate. Mr. James had inherited from his mother and had personally amassed a spectacular and rare esoteric collection of Mayan artifacts into one of the most highly secretive collections of its kind in the world. As Edward James showed me his collection, he told me the stories of the lost books of Wotan, explaining to me the sacred meaning of various gold sheets he pointed out in his collection that were fragments of those ancient sacred records. The author Tony Shearer in his Beneath The Moon and Under The Sun, Sun Book Publishing, 1975 states so beautifully, “Following the murder of the Toltec Tezcatlipoca at Teotihuacán, the four books of prophecy became the studies of the Nonualca (Sacred Wisdom sect of Priests). The books were3 guarded in the Temple of the Jaguar where they were kept in secrecy. Around 700 A.D. the books were moved to the ceremonial city, which had been built and dedicated to Tezcatlipoca. This city was in the jungle lowlands. Its name was Xbalanque (Small, Swift Jaguar). Here, as at Teotihuacán, the sacred books were studied and tested. A number of copies were made of them so more students could share in the wisdom found within their folds. Then in the mid 700’s a great lord came to Xblaneque, from where he came no one knows. He was an unusually tall man, considering the Mayan is notably short. This Lord or Priest was 6 feet tall and very strong. His name varies from tribe to tribe as Uatan or Akabal, Akbal or Wotan; we will call him Wotan. Wotan was a great scholar and teacher of astronomy. He himself became venerated as a prophet. He was a devoted follower of the teachings of Tezcatlipoca. By following the examples established by the Dark Lord, Wotan solved many social and religious problems of the people of the Mayan area. The Books compiled by Tezcatlipoca were written on deerskin, and Wotan feared they would be destroyed by wear if a more lasting surface was not found for the sacred words. At last, and by way of a Mixtec Artist, a suitable surface was found. The Mixtec was a master of the lost wax process of casting gold, and he had learned a way to pour melted gold into sheets, paper thin and capable of lasting forever. On 22 sheets of gold Wotan copied the sacred prophecies laid down by Tezcatlipoca. Carefully, he duplicated every glyph, every astronomical correlation. These 22 sheets of gold represented the prophecies of the 5th World of the 13 Heavens and the 9 Hells. When


the tablets were finished, Wotan sent them to the Temple of the Jaguar at Teotihuacán and kept the originals and the copies. ‘Soon the Nonualca of Teotihuacán will be in great need of these books,’ said Wotan. And so it was done in that way. By 735 A.D. the golden tablets containing the mysterious prophecies were back at Teotihuacán, returned to the Temple of the Jaguar. Wotan died in 739 A.D., having totally committed his entire life to his Lord, Tezcatlipoca. His accomplishments as a man were phenomenal. During the last 20 years of his life he erected the “Dark House” mentioned by Bishop Nunez de la Vega in the 17th Century Spanish book Corazon de los Pueblos. Within that “House” he placed the history of his four past worlds and the great instructions he had tested during his lifetime, for a world of great peace. The story of the saintly life of Wotan was carried far and wide by his admirers. And, as is always true of culture heroes, the story became fused with the histories of other culture heroes; the story became fused with the histories of Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, and others, until at the time of the conquest it was indeed very difficult to find the true history of Wotan.But, because of his “Dark House”, his epitaph, the truth of his life and devotion would one day be made known.” In 1836, Xbalenque, now known as Palenque, was discovered my John Loyde Stephens, who authored Incidents in Travel in Central America with the exquisite illustrations by Catherwood. It amazed me that so much Mayan esoterica was held privately and away from the scrutiny of museums and science. Was it because the Mayans directed their future sacred artifacts to be guarded as such? That answer was given to me when I poised the question to Mr. James. Mr. James said to me, “Zachary, the knowledge that is held in these pieces that adorn my walls could destroy the world in one flashing second if obtained and calculated correctly by the ‘forces of darkness’. You have seen other great PreColumbian Mayan collections from Fifth Avenue libraries in New York to Porfirion mansions on Reforma Boulevard in Mexico City or homes such as mine here in the middle of the Mexican jungle. It is all common stuff to many of us who specialize in it. My dear boy, you should know by now that most of the recorded secrets of the Maya are held privately, and if you did not know this to be fact, you do now! To the diggers from University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Princeton, Carnegie, and Peabody these are just more fired-clay pieces of dirt that cannot be figured out. A portion of the Rockefeller pre-Columbian Mayan collection that is housed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is fake. When JD Rockefeller brought Standard Oil to Tampico and Veracruz in the early 20th century, his surveyors were bombarded with both real and fake Pre-Columbian terracotta that ended up in Rockefeller’s possession. Most of these archaeologists have not got a clue as to the advanced knowledge of the Mayas, as they cannot even figure out how to interpret the mounds of clay and stone they left behind!”


Very little has changed in terms of public viewing of such Mayan esoteric since Mr. James made those statements to me in 1970, yet anthropology and archaeology has come a long way in changing their historic viewpoints of the Maya and how they assemble information. The truth remains that so many of the great stone and clay components to the Mayan’s fractured history are privately held, and not for public access or viewing. Most of the Mesoamerican Sacred Books were destroyed, only a few survive in collections outside their countries of origin. The books that held the great secrets were burned, along with the record-keepers who guarded the prophecies and protected the Sacred Wisdom. It truly is difficult for any one person to be authoritative on the Maya when such a very small portion of their history has even been Spiritually interpreted from their archaeological remnants. What ever has been considered ‘authoritative’ mutates with the latest finding. It is far more interesting and realistic to view compiled Mayan anthropological research as a part of a greater whole than an absolute or finite definitive as in the works of many great living and dead esoteric Mayan Scholars. The Mayans intended it to be that way for very good reasons. According to Cayce, the Atlantean colonists of the Yucatan cremated their dead, and newer temples were built upon older temples. The sacred records were literally hidden. Only a small portion of what was the Mayan culture has been excavated and an even smaller portion of that which has been documented. The Central American jungles are largely archaeologically unexplored. There are great 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th Century Mayan archive discoveries held privately, and there is even more that has disappeared through vandalism. All of the Mayan codices were not destroyed in bonfires ignited by the Catholic Church. The Mayans had gone through worse assaults in their history and were much too clever to have let their recorded sacred knowledge be obliterated from history. Cayce stated that “these records would be found and could be read only when the consciousness of the seeker matched the contents of those records”. The recent evidence of the Americas being settled by people some 40,000 years ago was discovered by a French archaeologist in South American excavations. Throughout the American South and Yucatan, ancient Hebrew writing on stone and clay tablets has been documented in digs since the beginning of the 20th century. There is new archaeological evidence based upon genetic analysis that the Americas were settled in three distinct migrations around 50,000 BC, 30,000 B.C., and 10,000 B.C. In the Yucatan in 2001, there were recent findings of Oleic and Totemic sculptures that were carbon dated 4,500 BC to 6,000 BC, which predates the Egyptian culture. So, where are the remains of the Atlanteans who settled there? Possibly, the recent July 2000 discovery of an extensive sunken civilization full of granite pyramids and ceremonial centers within 7 ¾ mile-square area that is 2,000 feet under the ocean off the


Guananhacabibes Peninsula on the Western Coast of Cuba by Advanced Digital Communications of Canada will reveal these answers in the near future. Zelinksy and Weinzig are the scientists who have discovered this site and they propose that it is perhaps 6,000 years old. Weinzeig, an officer in the Havanabased Canadian company called ADC stated, “In the ancient language of some early Central American Indians, the word Altlanticu means ‘our good father,’ or’ the place where our good father rests.’” This recent discovery was first published in a Reuters, Associated Press article of April 28, 2002 Scientists Probe Possible Sunken City Off Cuba by Andrew Cawthorne. A second story entitled, Man’s doing or Nature’s?, St. Petersburg Times, November 17, 2002 by David Ballingrud. Mr. Cawthorne stated in the first article, “The scientific origins of the American continent and how it was colonized with developed civilizations shall most certainly be changed as such discoveries are examined.” After studying with Von Wuthenau over thirty years ago and being exposed to great esoteric Mayan Antiquity Collectors such as Edward James, I found the literary works of John Van Auken and Lora Little, Ed.D. co- authors of The Lost Hall of Records (2000), along with Edgar Cayce’s readings on Atlantis, to reveal the similar theories that Von Wuthenau had deducted from his sources. Von Wuthenau related a parallel story of Kukulkcan’s arrival by boats to the Yucatan from an island in the East that was destroyed and sank by volcanic eruptions, which is presented in yet another similar Aztec myth in the Codex Boturini. There is an oral tradition throughout Mexico of an advanced civilization of giant white people who came fromthe East, leaving an island that sank in a great natural catastrophe. The mother island culture of Egypt is also presented in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, where the ‘land of Osiris’ existed as an island (Atlantis) surrounded by a body of water to the West of Egypt that had a fortress of serpents. At the American Society of Psychical Research in New York on April 20, 1931 the British author Colonel James Churward expressed his discoveries during the late 19th Century in Tibetan Monasteries’, “ Osiris was born in Atlantis approximately 22,000 years ago. When a young man he went to Lemuria to study for the Priesthood. When he became a Master he returned to Atlantis. There he devoted himself to eliminating extravagances, superstitions, misconceptions, and inventions that had crept into the Atlantean Religion. He then installed again the original religion of love and simplicity. He was then made High Priest of Atlantis. When he passed on the Religion was called after him the Osirian Religion.” This religion was carried to Egypt by Thoth and became the Egyptian religion. During this same speech, Churchward referenced the Mayan Codex Cortesianus in the National Museum in Madrid as having a Mayan record of Lemuria and Atlantis with Osirian references. Much of the Troano MS Codex reveals a record of Mayan mythology, with geological references, to have relationships to Egyptian Osirian mythology. Osier or Oil was the Mayan name given to Coho whose tomb the 19th Century French anthropologist and author Augustus Le Plangent discovered, excavated, documented, and later relinquished


to the Mexican government where the contents are currently exhibited at National Museum in Mexico City.. Oil is a Maya verb that means to desire vehemently. Coho, therefore can be interpreted as someone who was much desired or dearly loved. Isis was the wife and sister of Osiris, which is found in the Mayan word adzing, which means the younger sister. Isis was often called the great mother-goddess Mau; a word suggestive of the name Moo, sister and wife of Coho and queen of Chichenitza. Both Churchward and Le Plongeon reference the Troano Manuscript as the authority for the statement that Queen Moo, the last of the Lemurian founded Can dynasty that preceded other Mayan dynasties, visited the Maya Nile colony in Egypt during the first century of its existence, sixteen thousand years ago. Madame Helene P. Blavatsky stated in The Secret Doctrine of the 19th Century that four great nations claimed in antiquity a direct descent from the Kingdom of Saturn or Lemuria. These were the Phoenicians, Greeks, Egyptians, and Mayans. Von Wuthenau’s renowned racial analysis of the pre-colonial Americas was in itself a fascinating body of work. This clearly stated that New World was not isolated from the rest of the world before Columbus’s arrival in 1492. Once again, three decades later Graham Hancock, in his book Fingerprints Of The Gods (1995), gave an extraordinary racial documentation of pre-Hispanic Mexico that paralleled Von Wuthenau’s scholarly accomplishments. In addition, the internationally successful author Maurice M. Cotterell and Adrian Gilbert, authors of the The Mayan Prophecies (1995) and The Supergods (1997), have made remarkable Mayan mathematical and scientific solar creation/destruction cycles as related to human hormone production theories from Cottterell’s decoding of Lord Pacal’s tomb lid in Palenque, and tracing Mayan roots to pre-existing civilizations with comparative references to that of Von Wuthenau’s reading materials that I absorbed in 1966. It is fascinating that Edward Thompson, who directed the restoration of the ruins at Chichenitza, believed that the Mayans were Atlantean descendents. Over the last thirty-five years, I have spent a great deal of time throughout Mesoamerica and have studied at length both contemporary and ancient documentation of the World Religions. I do not make claims to be an anthropologist, astronomer, archaeologist, quantum physicist, or physicist of quantum gravity. I have never excelled in mathematics or science! I am an esoteric artist, writer, and kundalini savant. My purpose in writing this book is to provide a set of working visual and literary tools for grounding the Light Body into a very real Earth Consciousness. Such a non-dogmatic formula to date has not existed, nor have any prescriptive Mind/Spirit/Body formulas been provided for in any of the remaining Mayan December 21, 2012 prophesy from he beginning of Mayan records on August 13, 3,114 B.C. to present. I adore history of civilization, anthropological/archaeological Mayan Fifth Sun end-date hypothesis, and documented prophecies. The New Dawn Prophecies of The Sixth Sun to be realized, based upon Mayan historical evidence regarding the 2012 end/creation date, have required a model vehicle to transform Mind/Spirit/Body linkages for such


prophecies. With the prophecies of transformations in sensory awareness shall come the evolvement of a higher consciousness as a platform for future generations. My theories are based strictly upon my Spiritual experiences and the astronomical, archaeological, anthropological and scientific interpretations that I relate to you have been substantiated by well-documented treatises that were written by the Maya and great Mayan scholars whose theories I do agree with. My model is a Light Model formula applied to the Mind/Spirit/Body linkage that I have been guided in my life’s mission to restore for humankind’s evolution. What I have assembled in art and literature is merely a restoration of what once existed amongst many lost and ancient worlds. So much of the scientific analysis of the Maya over the last 100 years has failed to arrive at cohesive answers to the Mayan cultures mystery for one simple reason. Science does not engage or embrace the Spiritual component, which is the foundation of the Maya. The spoken word of the contemporary Maya, such as the Mayan shaman Carolina Xiues Martinez, has been my greatest source of knowledge of the Mayan people’s history and prophecies. The sacred truths of the Maya have existed for centuries to inspire this world and the world to come. Their mysteries exist as mysteries only to those who lack respect for the Mayan core belief system. The non-believers are not given permission to enter into their esoteric religious science. Much of the ancient Mayan’s architecture, such as the Kukulkcan pyramid at Chichenitza were built into mandalas or cosmogram structures as human regeneration, rejuvenation, and resurrection machines. The Mayans had Cosmo vision. These monolithic religious structures were encoded with specific mathematical configurations that are astronomical and astrological processional clocks built upon the sacred Mayan religious science. Not only are the structures themselves time capsules, but also they are also strategically placed geographically for galactic alignments with our Earth. Most Mayan pyramids are built upon a sacred cave or a cenote (well of water)), which represents the portal to the Underworld. The sacred caves were the ceremonial attachment- points between both cosmic centers; the Underworld of the Earth’s core with its thirteen levels of human evolution in association with the world of the human ancestors, and the Upper World of the sky that has nine levels of Spiritual evolution to go through in our solar system, the Milky Way Galaxy, and the galactic core. Many Mayans hold the consciousness to this day that mankind was seeded in the Milky Way Galaxy, and that the Sun is the Eye of God to our Earth. It is my belief that the Kukulkcan pyramid’s architectural encoding of The Seven Chakras and The Seven Rays systems is identical to that of the Mind/Sprit/Body linkage of man. The pyramid of Kukulkcan’s transdimentional legend communicates through its elaborate architectural mathematics, that when Hunab K’u, The Absolute Being, directs the Sun to conjunct with the Pleiades, and both zenith with the center of our Milky Way galaxy, the great Kukulkcan, the Mayan winged fire serpent or (life force), will return to Earth, and a new Golden Age of harmonics will be born at midnight on May 20, 2012 and fully


actualize itself when the Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 at midnight. According to my analysis of the Tro-Ano Codex, Paris Codex, the Dresden Codex, the Grolier Codex by the Maya, the post-conquest Chilam Bilam prophecies, the Quiche Maya Long Count, the Popul-Vuh creation myth, the documented archeological encoding of Chichenitza itself as analyzed by the great Mayan Scholar John Major Jenkins in his book Mayan Cosmogenesis (1998), specific stelae at Chichenitza and other Mayan sites that are inscribed with processional dates, and the Shamanness Carolina Xiues Martinez on this December 21, 20012 date that there will be a deluge of higher consciousness that will create a transformation on Earth with a fertile regeneration of life through the galactic Kundalini connection with the Earth’s core. According to the Mayan religion, the Mayan Calendar of Earth calibrations will end, which shall then herald the birth of a new galactic time calibration that is mythically represented by Kukulkcan’s return to Earth. A rare planetary phenomenon shall occur where Venus will be positioned between the Sun and Earth. The Mayans brilliant mathematical astronomy prophesized that Galactic Consciousness would be humankind’s evolutionary “step” towards Heaven on Earth in a Sixth World creation that will take 33 years to entirely form by the year 2049. The most important thing to develop and have in this period of transition is the simple connection of Higher Self, Soul Consciousness, or I AM that will guide you in your personal destiny away from the falsehoods of obsolete religious or authoritative dogma applications with its tandem negative societal and cultural propaganda impact. This will be a new journey for most of humanity to discover who they really are as human beings living exclusively in their personal truths versus being blinded by the last 5 thousand years of collective lies established by manipulative religious and governmental hierarchies for financial gain. ‘The age of the demon’ known in the Vedic Calendar as the Kali Yuga, which parallels the Mayan Calendar of The Fifth World, has been full of strife, discord, quarrel, and contention. This ‘dark age’ period will soon end in the rebirth of the planet in The Sixth World.– Zachary Selig, Uxmal, Yucatan 2002


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