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Brittney Fuller Professor Ingram Eng 1102-024 29 September 2012 Annotated Bibliography (Final) "Benefits of Yoga-Why Yoga Exercise is Good for you." ABC's of Yoga.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sep 2012. This article aims to show the benefits of why so many people practice yoga. As stated in the article that go is supposed to help connect your spirit and body together through this practice which consist of the Ancient theories .There are different categories that break down the benefits. Physiological benefits can include the regulation of hold your breath for a long time, improve sleep, and decrease anxiety and depression. There is also Biochemical benefits as well which can be harmful to the body these include a decrease in sodium levels, total cholesterol, and it can increase vitamin C levels. This article is very helpful because it save another prospective of how Yoga can actually help you. This article is reliable because they sourced their information that was stated in the article and on the website page. Catalfo, Phil. "Is Yoga a Religion?." Yoga Journal. n. page. Web. 21 Sep. 2012. Religion is something that people are now relating to yoga. The argument of yoga being religious isn’t true based on the definition of religion. Religion was defined as worship serves, fasting on certain days, etc. Phil argues that yoga isn’t really religious but spiritual. He argues this because in the ancient yogic text there are scriptures, revelation of truth and wisdom that is meant to guide our lives. Yoga can be seen in other ways as Phil mentioned in the text. He saw that yoga could be a sport, hobby, or something else but not as religion. Also he saw the postures and movements that would represent as teachings that would affect your spirituality. While reading I was actually surprised to see how Phil actually broke down the word religion in many different views. This is helpful because I can relate to why this is such a controversial topic in today’s society. Not only did he quote other people and site them but he used some direct quotes and did an excellent source page at the end of the article. "How can Yoga Help You to Retain a Positive Mental Attitude About Weight Loss.." FITDAY. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Sep. 2012. Many people are trying to lose weight. The perfect body is supposed to be size six for a women and a man is supposed to be ripped and built. So everyone is trying to find a way to get fit without starving themselves. Yoga actually benefits any people due to the fact that it helps with strength and flexibility as well as toning depending on which yoga classes are taken. Your

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energy levels may increase as well since you are not only working your body you are concentrating on your mind as well. Another affect that yoga has is that is can strengthen your mental attitude. When it comes to the correlation of yoga and weight yoga helps you find selfacceptance which helps give you that momentum or determination to lose weight. This particular article doesn’t exactly relate to my topic but rather shows how yoga affects the body mentally and physically. I feel as though this article is not to creditable because it was difficult to source but at the same time, from personal experience I can relate to this article about some of the facts. Lipton, Lee. "The Latest Yoga Research." IDEA Health & Fitness Association. IDEA Health & Fitness Association, n.d. Web. 21 Sep. 2012. Many people are trying to stay away from medicines and they are trying to find other ways to cure their bodies. Many studies are being done on injuries and illness that yoga has been prescribed as treatments for. For example an injury that is very common in all ages, is back pains. They can be lower or upper back pains and the severities may range as well. But many doctors are prescribing that their patents to attend a yoga class that isn’t intense but just enough stretch your muscles out a little and relax. An illness that could use yoga as treatment would be anyone who has Cardiovascular Disease. The doctors most likely recommend this as treatment so that it reduces your cardiovascular disease and it helps with the flowing of your blood. This relates to my research because many doctors are beginning to change their treatments. This source is a reliable source because there are plenty of statistics as well as other documentation of other sources that were used in this article. M, G. "What are the Positive and Negative Effects on Yoga?." YogaWiz.com. N.p., 18 2011. Web. 14 Nov 2012. Yoga is targeted to help the body and mind, both physically and mentally. Many people should know that there are negative and positive effects of yoga. Those who overdo it have negative effects. Over doing means that you stretch too hard or you try to start at an intermediate class when you should began at the beginners because there are many different poses that you have to work up to. Many people think that you can just go in and stretch as hard as you can without loosening muscles and it doesn’t work that way. Positive effects would be relieve stress and learn to control your body and mind so that you are flexible and open minded. Yoga has been known to help with your vagus nerve. After reading this article I felt as though I should at least know a little bit about the negatives so that my audience who has questions can ask about the bad things they heard so I will be able to argue against what is said or why it has been said. This article is very reliable due to the comments and the statistics that are brought in from other sources. Schreiber, James. "Yoga improves mood, reduces inflammation and relieves chronic diseases." Natural News. N.p., 17 March 2011. Web. 21 Sep 2012. More people are becoming educated with yoga and they are finding out that it can really improve your health whether you are very sick or have a little high blood pressure. Many experiments

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were used to test the theory that yoga can improve your mood and reduce inflammation and chronic diseases. One experiment was about take a group of individuals and putting them into two groups. One group walked for 12 weeks while the other did yoga. Those who participated in yoga had decrease anxiety and improved their moods. Yoga is seen to increase gammaaminobutyric acid (GABA) which is an antidepressant neurotransmitter in the brain. Yoga also helps with cancer patients by making them feel happy, and not making them as tired. This author shows credibility by using experiments and statistical information. This source is reliable because there were statistics that were sourced by the author.

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