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his year has had it ups and downs. Dreams were realized and hearts were broken, but overall there is one constant to which I can testify: God is truly good. What I do want to discuss is quite a dangerous subject and very relevant to our times. Its quite ironic because the basis of my discussion is about, RELEVANCE. Recently a large amount of Christians I know, aged between 20-35, have lost their faith in God and Jesus as Saviour. The majority of these exChristians started following a trend very common in the emergent church. They always ask: How is The Bible and God relevant in our times? Then theology and philosophies are debated and the conclusion always ends up the same: God is different for each person and my opinion is just as right as your opinion. At some point people start justifying lifestyles as a result of their opinions of God, and not what Gods word says. These people will often argue, that the Bible was written by men, and that which was written was only opinions too. These people are easily offended by conservative and evangelical Christians. They will get upset when a random stranger offers prayer in the supermarket. Or, they will get upset with people who actively try to evangelize everyone. Or, they get really upset if someone uses Christian jargon, aka Christianese. These people will ALWAYS find fault with the majority of Jesus followers, and then justify it by saying, they are foundation shakers saying they are not fake, just being real. They dont serve in any church or spiritual family. They start their

own gatherings and justify it by saying, Church is everywhere I am. They would mock common Christian practises such as the way people sing or worship God. And the famous one is...LOVE WINS. LOVE IS EVERYTHING. I have found that those people, and I was one of them but I repented, are selfish and trying to create their own god based on their opinions. That god is not the God of the Bible. Their faith is based on the opinions of man and their god will die with the change of their emotions. It is arrogant and unwise to say what God is. It is wise to say what God is not, and He is not a figment of opinion. He IS what the Bible says He is. Stop this nonsense of philosophy disguised as LOVE. It wont satisfy, it will destroy...I HAVE SEEN IT! I choose to believe the Bible to the letter, even when my human heart rebels. My opinion doesnt matter. All I know is, that there is peace in my surrender. There is freedom with the God who chose me to be His son. I am accepted and loved, and my choice to serve Him has resonated with my DNA more so than any opinion or philosophy of God. Through surrender and worship love will flow. Dont preach LOVE, preach God. Preaching love centres around people, preaching God centres around, well, GOD. He alone is worthy. I might be ignorant you say, but I know I am free and filled with love.