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4/3/2012 Race/ethnicity/Segregation/immigration/integration/generational interest (1st, 2nd, 3rd), descent vs. consent Descent: Inherit what you want from your ancestors, involuntary Consent: Desires that revolve around the current situation of someone Blackness, in between peoples, whiteness WASP: white Anglo-Saxon protestants The 2nd generation were children and tended to try to be more American The 3rd generation was not worse than the 2nd generation because the 3rd generation wants to reconcile with the 1st generation The Godfather: Amerigo Bonessera: goodnight America 1st: he speaks with an accent , he is very traditional, there are other clues that give away his first generation status 2nd: he talks about how good America is and “like a good American” 3rd: He wants to be American but wants to return to his routes 4/10/2012 film    TV  Narrative flow  Private sphere of entertainment  Viewer’s Glance Literature   TV    4/17/12 Mass culture Post-literacy Common-culture (broadcast era) High Culture Literacy narrative structure public sphere entertainment spectators gaze

black is hip 4/24/12 Autobiography: And “as told to” story  mediation  Haley. or self Counter and dominant discourse God would control life when people weren’t writing about themselves controlling their own life 5/1/12 Realism. Roots (1973)  Oral  And “American” story  “self-made man” A “Black” story  “American Nightmare”  Middle Class An ”Immigrant” story Agency  2 I. Post-Modernism IMMIGRANT EXPERIENCE  GENERATIONAL INTERESTS  GENDER AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY AMERICAN HISTORY 5/22/12 the 1960s  Civil rights  Free speech  Sexual liberation . Selves. Modernism. advertising RACE/ETHNICITY Whites are the employers and blacks are the servants Whites are educated and the blacks seem uneducated (determined by speech) Culture: blacks and whites with the music (blacks wanted some groovy music) jazz versus classical White is square.Bathrick: Women’s Role in the tv sitcom Ellis:broadcast tv vs movies Marc: Lipsitz: economy in the media.

o Women’s movement Narrative Strategies  Confession (psychoanalysis)  Standup comedy Interraciail Dynamics Generational Interests 3rd generation  search for ethnic origins  homosocial bonding  masculinity there is a lot of weight given to the story even though the story may seem unserious. but there is a lot of meaning . Many may see it’s face value.

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