High yield hybrid oil palm “Probably the best oil palm in the world”

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Max Palm Cultivation Sdn Bhd , officially incorporated in December 2011. We have more than 15 years experience in oil palm plantation and 3 years experience in cultivating Supergene oil palm seedlings. We use our professional knowledge and in-depth experience to help plantation owner to apply scientific and effective knowledge in order to get the best result out of their oil palm plantation. Our own Supergene plantation have achieved an amazing 25 tonnes/hectare/year from 36 months old tree. By using the latest Supergene introgressed hybrid planting material, we can assure that the future of oil palm plantation will be sustainable and highly profitable to all planters.

Introduction of Supergene
The  world’s  demand  for  crude  palm  oil  (CPO)  will  determine  its  market   price,  thus  directly  affect  the  income  of  plantaAon  organizaAon.  Recent   emerging  market  demand  for  palm  oil  conversion  to  biodiesel  is  now  the   hoGest  topic.   WE  ARE  UNABLE  to  influence  the  crude  palm  oil  (CPO)  price,  but  we  can   increase  our  income  by  using  the  latest  INTROGRESSED  HYBRID   SUPERGENE  oil  palm.  Supergene  oil  palm  yield  2  1mes  higher  for  same   size  of  plantaAon  land,  WITHOUT  any  further  maintenance  cost  incurred.  

Key  Superior  characteris1c  of  Supergene  :   •  200%  higher  than  Malaysia  naAonal  average   yield  –  FFB  yield  up  to  60  tones/hectare/year   •  Earlier  harvesAng  –  StarAng  at  22th  month     •  50%  shorter  palm  height,  25-­‐35  cm  growth   as  against  60  cm  normal  growth.   •  Higher  Oil  ExtracAon  RaAo  (OER)  from  Fresh   Fruit  Bunches  (FFB)  amount  to  between  26%   to  28%.  

Supergene  :  Other  SUPERIOR  characteris1cs  
•  Bigger  fruits,  bigger  bunches,  and  more  bunches  per  tree,  up  to  22-­‐26   bunches/tree/year.   •  Longer  harvesAng  period  and  longer  re-­‐planAng  cycle  up  to  35-­‐40   years.   •  Female  (Fruits)  :  Male  flower  raAo  90:10  ,  at  least  DOUBLE  the  normal   raAo.   •  Thicker  stem  and  introgressed  with  more  geneAc  material,  therefore,   more  diversified  in  geneAc  base,  and  more  resistant  to  fungal  disease,   ganoderma  (basal  stem  rot)   •  Thin  Shell  and  small  kernel   •  Beta  Carotene  1000ppm  up   •  More  tolerant  to  drought  

Supergene  yield  compared  to  normal  hybrid  seedlings    
2011  –  Malaysia  average  vs  Supergene   hybrid  


Malaysia  naAonal  average  (Jun-­‐Dec  2011,  MPOB   published  data)   Supergene  (Based  on  our  own  plantaAon   average)   53.9  

50.0   40.0   30.0   20.0   15.4   10.0   4.5   0.0   31.7   41.2   44.6   48.1  



56.0   56.0   56.0   53.0   48.0   40.0  




16.8   18.6   14.4   15.6  

19.3   19.6   19.6   19.6   18.6   16.8   14.0  


2   3   4   5   Supergene   Normal  
Tonnes  per  Hectare  per  Year  





10   11   12   13   14   15  

Period  (Year)  

PloGed  above  are  Actual  yield  data  of  a  few  Supergene  plantaAons  in  Malaysia,  real  data.  

Supergene - Proof of Success

This picture represent the typical appearance of Supergene Hybrid Oil Palm. The Palm is highly homogeneous and the superior characteristics are shown in each plant. The recent study report by reputable and experienced Oil Palm Breeder has confirmed this fact.

Supergene oil palm planted a decade ago (12 years old tree), 4 layer of fruit bunch, shorter tree and highly homogenous.

Supergene - Proof of Success
The Supergene Hybrid Palm compared to the normal DxP hybrid. It is easy to identify the differences between these two palms. The Supergene Hybrid Palm Grows Shorter, Bigger, and Produce Bigger and more Fruit Bunches.

This picture shows up-close view of Typical Supergene Hybrid Palm. The numbers show the quantity of bunches on each palm. The average number of bunches a palm can produce is 20-26 bunches per year.

Supergene - Proof of Success

Picture of Typical 8 years old Supergene Hybrid Palm. Much shorter palm height, 50% shorter than normal hybrid.

Supergene Oil Palm grows big girth, accomodate more fronds, therefore produce more bunches.

Photo  Gallery     Supergene,  27  months  old,  LocaAon:  Gurun,  Kedah  Malaysia  

Photo  Gallery   Supergene,  36  months  old,  LocaAon:  Gurun,  Kedah  Malaysia    

Photo  Gallery     Supergene,  27  months  old,  LocaAon:  Gurun,  Kedah  Malaysia  
Date  12  October  2011,  Average  fruit  size  :  11  kgs   Sold  at  19%  extracAon  rate!  

Photo  Gallery     Other  plantaAon  Supergene  photo  

Photo  Gallery     Actual  Yield  report  

Photo  Gallery     Actual  Yield  report  

Photo  Gallery     Actual  Yield  report

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