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Bryan M Nolasco Period : 1 10-9-12 Ms.

Hampton Nature by : Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson, sees Nature as a good vibe , a place to think and be positive, and have creativity using imagery and a mix of religion to it . The Romanticism was all about nature and religion, a period where new creation came about , and authors/ writers wanted to rise using these terms to write such magnificent poems, such as , Nature.

Nature uses personification a lot , to confuse us and make our brains run like a train running hard to get to their destination , as for us to think and get to the point where we figure out what it really it means. For example : Restraining rampant squirrel , or too impetuous bird. Meaning , the mother protects her children from the bad situations or strangers , that would just roam around looking for trouble. Dickinson tell the audience that mothers are strong and courageous , like nature is strong in any weather or situation and will protect the plant and animal wildlife from intruders , such as bad vibes. Another quote that uses it is in stanza 4 , her voice among the aisles , incites the timid prayer. This quote relates to religion , as in this case, its noticeable ,

because the mother always wants to protect her children and by the help of god , they will always be safe, even tho they might be misbehave or bad. Emily tells the audience how she describes a scene where religion is involved , and with prayer , god can be by your side.

Another literary devices that helps this poem is irony. Emily uses this in stanzas (3, 4, 5,). In stanza 3 , A summer afternoon - Her household , her assembly; and when the sun goes down. Meaning , her children are always going to be safe everywhere or any time , she is not or is around them. Dickinson is trying to tell the audience that Mothers will always be there no matter what , and as nature , it takes care of things. In Stanza 4 the quote , Incites the timid prayer Of the minutest cricket, the most

unworthy flower . Emily Dickinson is comparing it to children that are , sick or small, she will love them however they are , because anything she created is beautiful in many ways as she lets the audience know how nature creates things that are weird , funny, beautiful and outstanding. Stanza 5 quote , When all children sleep , she turns as long away , as will suffice to light her lamps, then , bending from the skystates that the lamps are being the starz, and the children are going to sleep under the light of the moon shining down at them, while their mom puts them to sleep. Emily is telling the audience that , after along day her children rest peacefully without disturbance as for nature its the same thing. The end of the stanza Bending from the sky means they start a new beautiful day in nature as another day with their mom.

After reading Nature, I noticed that you can see, this wouldn't happen if it wasn't for the beginning of the romanticism period. Even though , Emily Dickinson tried to make us think it was all about nature , by using Personification , Verbal irony and rhyme , I tried my best to come up with hypothesis that came to handy at the end , knowing it was about a Mother and child normal life time. They believed that with religion and love anything would be possible.