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Bonge 1 Alyssa Bonge Eaker ENGL 1103 5 December 2012 Project Rationale When I began our multi-genre project,

it was not difficult for me to choose my genres because I had a couple in mind that I thought would relate directly to my research and be simple to discuss as well as create. My intentions, when I began choosing genres, were to focus on the message that I am presenting to my audience. I wanted to send a message that was clear, easily understood, and memorable. I wanted my audience to think, but also act according to the message they receive from my genres. My audience includes children, because they are impressionable, and men because they are stronger, but not in a stereotypical way. My vision for this project includes appealing and funny images, but also a serious approach that informs the public of scenarios that occur in violence crimes. If this assignment went public, or nationwide, I would hope to see people making a change because of what they have been taught. I want to teach people about the seriousness of violence crimes in an interesting and welcoming way. I expect people to remember the change that I hope to see by using genres that are appealing to people, such as humor. I would like certain scenarios such as hazing, gang violence, abuse, and murder, like the ones discussed in my research, to be recognized as serious issues and that citizens as well as authorities need to step in and take control of the situation. The way I plan to connect all my genres is with a two-line rhyme that is presented in a childrens storybook. My main focus is to inform people of what they should do when faced with a violence crime and give them an example of what happens when they do not interfere. A line

Bonge 2 from the storybook is gong to be my repetend: dont turn a blind eye, when you hear an innocent cry. It is easy to memorize; and men, as well as children, will be able to comprehend the central idea behind my humor and rhyme. I chose this rhyme because in the majority of my sources the victims are begging for help or begging for the violence to stop; therefore, there is an innocent cry. I will connect my genres with this repetend, or two-line rhyme, by stating it at least once in each of my genre pieces. I will incorporate the repetend in my comic strip by having the term blind eye as the title because in a comic strip there is not typically a lot of writing. As far as my email goes, I plan to have the police officer start a new phrase that he or she hopes will spread across the UNCC campus. My ideas with my genre pieces came about because of the audience I was trying to present it to. I am focusing on children and men because children can be influenced more easily and men are more capable of stopping a violence crime. After reading each of my sources, I realized that with the gang violences and violences in general the victims were screaming and begging for it to stop; and with the hazing incidents that were obviously too sick to continue, therefore they were physically begging for the crime to stop. I started thinking of ways I could incorporate someone begging for violence to stop in a rhyme and a way that is appealing and not necessarily gory and disturbing because it is aimed at children as well. The basis of my project will be a video that started my entire project and made me question society and these issues. I would like to start off by showing a clip of the video I watched, The Human Behavior Experiment, just to let everyone know what started my questions about society and my topic. I plan to begin my presentation with my email just to get my audiences full attention and present it in a way where you do not have to interpret the meaning, like you do in my comic strip and storybook. I will just show and read the email out

Bonge 3 loud and hopefully, since everyone in the room goes to UNCC, they will recognize my emergency email. This will be my first genre and it will be first in my presentation because I realize it is not as appealing and interesting to most people because it is just an email. Then I plan to present my comic strip, which would be printed in a newspaper; therefore, it would be appealing to men more than children because most men read the newspaper. This will start the more interesting part of my project because it has images to depict ideas and scenarios that happened in some of my sources. The ideas the comic strip is supposed to present are how people do not expect to be a victim and yet they become one whether they chose to be or not. I will present my storybook last because I want the class to fully understand the message I am trying to present. My storybook will be more interesting to look at and I believe it will be more memorable because it rhymes and hopefully some of the lines will get stuck in their heads, similar to song lyrics. My first genre is an email. This email is supposed to be presented to students and faculty members across campus to let people know of the incident that has occurred; and it is also to let them know to be aware of their surroundings in case it happens again. I wrote the email to UNCC students and faculty and used the same format as the campus police use to inform students of crimes committed on or near campus. I expect this email to be read by students so they can be aware of the things that are happening around them and to know what to look for if someone else is being attacked. The sources that dealt with the police not interfering or preventing the gang violence helped me with this genre piece because I want people to realize that the police are there to help, not to ignore attacks. The police are supposed to be a support system and a safe force people can count on, even though it was poorly portrayed in my examples and sources.

Bonge 4 My second genre will be presented as a comic strip for a humor relief and for my audience that includes men. I would want this comic strip to be presented in a newspaper, which is what most people never seem to miss in a newspaper. This is to get people, especially men, to realize the effects of violence crimes on everyone, but to have a little humor as well so people remember it. The comic strip does not have very many words; therefore, I think that people will be more open and interested in reading a comic strip that is not taken over by paragraphs and paragraphs of words. I laid the comic strip out in a line and then realized it was not going to work, so I made the comic strip a front and back to make it look more professional. The one source that helped me make this comic strip was the Kitty Genovese murder because I laid out the comic strip the way her murder occurred with just slightly different ideas. I had the same scene except the murder process was wrapped up to be a little condensed so the strip did not go on forever. I want people to understand what happens in this source and show the importance of stepping in on the crime and stopping it. I want people to realize how many lives they could possibly save just by stopping the crime they witness instead of being a clueless by-stander. My third genre is a rhyme and a storybook, which is supposed to be appealing and taught to children, and possibly read to children by men. My message is that they should always call for help, or attempt to call for help when witnessing a violence crime, as it is occurring. I have used the rhyme to be appealing to children, because it is simple, and easy to remember for men. I am informing my audience of what they should do, who it will benefit from their help, and what to look for. A storybook for children is usually used to portray a story or a moral and teach a lesson or moral. A book can rhyme, it can be short or long, and it can be about pretty much anything. I designed this genre to be memorized and the most impressionable audience is children because they can be taught easily. I had to dumb down my thinking and not use big words so children

Bonge 5 would nor have difficulty reading it. I had to make sure it was understandable to any education level. I had to research words that rhymed, as well as making sure it made sense. I had to make sure the directions to stopping or preventing a violence crime made sense and were clear. My sources influenced my storybook because they helped me realize that everyone is going to call for help and innocent by-standers may not know how to respond. I wanted to let people know how they should respond in situations like this. In all of my sources, hazing, gang violence, and murder, no one thought of what to do; most everyone reacted, but not in the proper way, such as leaving the person by himself or herself to recover, ignoring the cries, etc. The main reasons I used these audiences and these genres are to show the affects of not stepping in on a violence crime. I want people to visualize what happens when people do not help and what could happen if they do help. My repetend helps incorporate what people are doing when they hear or see a violence crime, and I hope my storybook shows what could be done to save the lives of many, like the victims of hazing crimes, gang violences, and murders. My main goal of my project and genres is to show what is happening, what is not being done to stop violence crimes, the affects of not doing anything, what could be done, and what I hope will happen in the future.