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When we are dreaming, we are capable of having our 5 sensory perceptions, yet we don't actually use our eyes,

nose, ears, etc; thus reality gained from the senses can only be proven to exist solely in one's mind, not as physical reality. Also qualities of matter change with the perceiver. To me, something could be hot, but to you it could feel cold. Matter cannot be both cold and hot, therefore qualities can only be proven to exist in ones mind. The universe is infinite; we know this to be the case because numbers are infinite. One can count numbers for eternity, in both the negative and positive spectrum. One cannot say that the universe has an end where numbers come to a finite stop. When we view our world, we see a chain of infinite causes comprising of the universe, much like this set: {...cause->effect->cause->effect...} We can only figure out what the entire set, as a whole, is made of. You cannot find the first cause, as the causes are infinite; the universe is infinite. Ockham's Razor is a principle stating that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions, and is the simplest explanation, should be selected. We know one cannot prove the existence of any physical substances one perceives with our senses, because of the dream argument. But to doubt the existence of thought requires thought itself, thus the only substance in existence, or the universe itself as a whole, must be mind; also known as thought, perception, or consciousness. Still using Ockham's Razor, we must realize that the simplest form of consciousness is self-perception, which these notes will examine. Ergo, we are a consciousness perceiving our own consciousness. [In the Gospel of John, it states: In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. "The word" was translated from the Greek word Logos, today that is best understood as consciousness.] We can even understand that we are self-perceiving beings by opening a Physics book. If you reversed all "time" (time is an illusion), the universe would be as one infinitely dense singularity (the universe is always a singularity). You are a part of the universe, therefore you are a part of this singularity. The universe and you are as one. If the universe and you are as one, then you do not perceive a universe, you perceive yourself. Do you not create your dreams? Reality is no different. It is just like in a dream, in which we consider self as separate from the dream. In actuality, our very mind is forming that dream as we experience it. When we describe what this real self then looks like, we get an image similar to that of God. God is one (there is only one consciousness), God is infinite (we can perceive ourselves in infinite ways), God is the alpha and omega, (our consciousness will always exist, since it is self-perceiving), God is omniscient and omnipresent (we are all perceptions in the universe, because in reality there is only one perception), etc. In short, reality is only one conscious being in existence. We call this being God. God perceives himself. God does this by separating his perception into two: the self and the universe. However, as we examined earlier, the universe and self are actually one in the same. Ergo, three forms of consciousness exist as one. [Christianity refers to this as the Trinity.]

How you perceive the universe is how you perceive yourself. If you perceive the universe to be warm, you will feel warmth. The mind's interpretation of itself also creates how the mind is able to interpret, so if I perceive self to be infinite, I can then interpret in infinite ways; thus self is infinitely interpreting one infinite perception; having all this occur in the now is our true being. Just as our heart is our self yet separate from the body; our self is God, yet separate from him. We have forgotten who we really are, and subconsciously we are trying to wake ourselves up to the knowledge of self through religion, science, philosophy, and every other perception of reality. Every single moment of reality is symbolic to the Truth, because all perceptions follow one simple rule. Ockham's Razor suggests there is but one rule for how we must perceive ourselves. This rule applies to all levels of existence, including God. That one rule is to love-self. Love-self is the reason God perceives himself in the first place, and the reason God loves all of existence. If God did not love-self, he would turn away from himself, and thus not perceive any existence. Perceptions of finite existence cannot be contemptment for ones self, as this would mean the finite self is unchanging. Love-self is the same rule applied to us here now on Earth. We do not love that which we perceive separate from us, thus the problem of evil arises. Example: If you perceive yourself to be connected with ones family, you will love your family, etc... Heaven and hell is the changing of perceptions from a higher sense of self or a lower sense of self respectfully, and are not actual places, but states of interpretation of self. The symbolic nature of hell being fire is because fire consumes all for the growth of itself. In hell, self, and thus the universe, desires to consume all for ones own benefit, disregarding the rest of existence. The snake is of the same symbolic nature. The snake lives solely for itself and perceives itself separate from the rest of existence. The devil/evil can never be destroyed. It is necessary for ones own existence. The devil is symbolic as the separation of self, it is the ego. God needs the ego, or self, to perceive his self as form. The ego can be restrained by perceiving it as one with the universe, but it can never be destroyed; only fully realized as one. What we perceive now as the universe is our own personal Heaven or Hell. We do not go to these places when we die; we are experiencing them now as part of separation of self.

Consider all space, or that which we perceive, as self. Of course space is infinite, yet we are bound by our own interpretations of self, thus the illusion of time becomes part of space itself. The illusion of time is our very finite interpretations of space. There is but one present, where all space exists as one, yet our limited perception creates separation, causing the illusion. In reality, all thoughts conceivable are occurring in the now infinitely fast. Since one only perceives one limited thought in the present moment, an illusion of reality is created when finite interpretations of space are perceived in the now. The infinite is a void. It can never be realized as a form, as there are no limits to its nature. We are a void, never having structure, not a "whole" really as we come to know. It is like imagination. Imagination is a void, intangible. It is limitless. One can describe one's self as the imagination itself, except even we interpret our own imagination one finite thought at a time. So truly, we are like an infinite imagination realized at once. One becomes all conceivable thoughts in the present; that is oneness with God. Since

there is nothing left to perceive, a form is never realized. It is so that we are infinitely trying to become one with God, while never viewing a form of infinite perceptions as one, yet still one is infinitely pursuing such, and does obtain said being. One becomes God, but no longer has anything to view. One will never experience infinity with form; thus it is like the state of unconsciousness. Realize God is just another term for something infinite. Quantum Physics states that one particle can exist in two places at once, until it is observed by an observer. We can only observe something as finite or infinite in quantum physics. Something that is infinite is a void; it has no form, for it is intangible. To deny intangibility is to deny a thought, and one can never doubt a thought as existing. The observing is a thought. One can never really observe something without form, so a finite self is forced to come into existence and witness matter. A conscious observer is forced to witness some type of form, whether it be a dream or in the waking state. The conscious mind is self, and the subconscious mind is the universe. We know this through our interpretation of dreams. When perceived as one, they are limitless. This happens at the exact moment of the bodys death; however, death is not an actual physical event, nor is it really the end of all consciousness. The ego becomes one with the universe at the exact moment of the bodys death. Death is necessary, since one must perceive all perceptions of self; and since one is not truly a body, it must be realized. Death is referred to as the Judgment of self. For the mind who perceived self as separate from all existence in life, it is the subconscious mind which is the one perceiving ego as one, not the conscious mind. There is only one ego that can realize itself as all of existence with the conscious mind, but just before the whole is realized, that ego has the ability to manipulate 99.9% of reality with a single thought, just as Jesus did. When one becomes completely one as the whole, one experiences death of body and ones Judgment. During the time of Judgment, since one is whole, one no longer exists with form; for to perceive form is to be perceived, and there no longer is a separation of self that allows this. This is the reason for the bodily death. During this time, one is resting; becoming all infinite perceptions of self at once, never making new perceptions. This is just as God was doing after all creation was made on the 7th day. This is when oneness with God is fully realized. Quantum physics states that one particle is in two places at once, unless observed by an observer. Since there no longer is anything left to observe at death, one no longer is separate from God. Since one is God at this point, one starts creation a new once more. This is done after Judgment, where one receives a new perception of self, based off ones infinite perceptions of the previous life. This is the first perception of existence, or as the Bible calls it, the first day. On the first day is the creation of the first thought, or intellect, symbolically known of as the light. From this, all other thoughts can be perceived, but in reality all thoughts are created at that exact moment. If one achieved oneness in the previous life, by using ones conscious mind, their new perception after judgment becomes an infinitely greater reality than the previous. This cycle continues on forever. God being infinite, and capable of anything, can be all existence at once. We are all perceived existence at once; however a finite self will separate the different perspectives of the egos into separate, yet connected beings. To return to a singularity it is necessary for all existence to perish. This is done with the death of the ego.

What is the point of life? The point of existence is to realize self, as this will lead you on the path to oneness with God. It is an infinite pursuit, repeating forever. Thus, you must learn to love the entire universe. Perceive yourself as one being. That is our true nature. That is reality. We are infinite perceptions perceiving one infinite perception. One must share this with others, because to keep it to one's self is ego perceiving itself as separate from existence. Sharing it with others, is really sharing it with self, thus making ego achieve oneness. That is why I share it with you now. Know thyself, and you will be set free.

*Note: God is portrayed as a male in these notes; however, God is all things as one. God is neither male nor female exclusively.