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Cameron Straughter Hampton Eng.

Amateur Miniver Cheevy Essay Miniver Cheevy is a poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Robinson uses a lierary device to excite emotion in his audience, uses the emotion to deliver a message to the audience, and reflects the beliefs of the time period in his message. The author uses a few literary devices to help provoke emotion in the audience but one will suffice right now. One lterary device is personification. Miniver Cheevy, child of scorn(line 1) is an example of personification because it infers that scorn itself had a son which is Miniver Cheevy. The emotion audiences are suppose to pick up from this is sympathy because finishing up the poem its stated that he merely wishes he was born in another time and hates the era he lives in. The emotion sympathy helps deliver a message to the audience. The message is related to the 8th stanza Miniver Cheevy, born too late,.... This shows that the message being conveyed is that the past is the past sadly and that you have to keep moving on. Sympathy helped the audience get this message because through sympathy may come understanding through that one can get an idea of how he feels but he still has a life to live. This message does indeed reflect the beliefs of the realist time period. Personally, the last two lines Miniver coughed, and called it fate, and kept on drinking kind of sums up my idea or realists. But for the people of that time, the message reflected the beliefs that characters in these stories or poems should reflect life and Miniver Cheevy definitely sounds like a real person. This is how the poem Miniver Cheevy uses a literary device to provoke emotion, how he uses emotion to deliver a message to his audience, aand how the message relates to the beliefs of the time period.