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ABI Gradebook Script

1. Create gradebooks for each period a. Start/end dates are for gradebook, not necessarily for class b. Description and term fields should be clear for parents 2. Add students a. Enters/Leaves vs. Manage Students b. Students cannot be added until school starts c. Low assign/high assign d. Drop, delete, transfer (gradebooks must be linked before students can be transferred from one to another) 3. Link gradebooks (optional) a. Documentation says gradebooks cant be linked once assignments have been added can actually link after assignments have been added but get error message 4. Add assignment types a. 0-9 and A-Z b. Weighted vs. unweighted 5. Add Assignments a. Documentation says if Type is blank, assignment wont be counted in students final grade; if Type is blank, also causes problems with some of the reports b. Max Score (required) c. Max # Possible (optional) 6. Set final marks and scales a. Final Marks can be set schoolwide, if desired b. Scales -- straight letter grade, pass/fail, credit/no credit

7. Enter scores a. By Student, Assignment, Class, or Quick Data Entry i. Class 1. Links to multiple pages 2. Reset Changes works only if Submit Changes has not been clicked ii. Student and Assignment 1. Display only missing assignments 2. Can manually adjust Max Score for one or more students 3. Comment fields 4. Can mass set Score, Max Score, Date Completed, Comment on Assignment page option to overwrite existing values iii. Quick Data Entry -- easily go between different assignments and students b. BE SURE TO SUBMIT REGULARLY! c. # Correct works only if Max # Possible has been set d. Exclude student from assignment by entering NA e. Extra credit option f. Color codes i. Red = missing assignments once Grading Completed has been checked ii. Green = more than max points iii. Pink = N/A that assignment not counted for a particular student 8. Gradebook Reports a. Assignments by Student i. Shows grades for individual assignments and summary for assignment types ii. Can print just for specific students (i.e., students with missing assignments or students with grade averages above or below a certain point) b. Gradebook Roster i. Prints student name, address, phone, parent name, and blank boxes c. Gradebook Summary i. Shows assignment scores for all students ii. Can print by student perm ID instead of name if it is to be displayed in class d. Progress by Student i. Shows only summary data for assignment types ii. Does not show scores for individual assignments

9. Extra Goodies a. Options i. General e-mail address ii. Current Gradebook range of assignments to count in total grade iii. Grading Rules b. Access Log c. Trends trends for student grades for a given assignment range