fo, Common Ailments
VALERIAN/or stress and anxiety
PASSION FLOWER for insomnia DONG QUAI/or PMS and menopa,use SAW PALMETTO for prostate problems
FEVERF"EW for he adache s GINKO/or heart disease ANISE/or asthma GARLIC .for diabetes

NETTLE for allergies CAYENNE for colds







is intended as a reference volume only, not as a medical manual. While the information is based on material provided by researchers, the book does not presume to give medical advice. Be sure to contact your physician before beginning any therapeutic program.

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Since the beginning of this century, we've had rather limited choices when it comes to curing what ails us. Basically, the choice has been between over-the-

counter and doctor-prescribed medications. We weren't even aware that there were other options. But that's finally changing. Herbal products, homeopathic remedies and other alternative medicines are -becoming popular once again. Once only available to those willing to deff the medical establishment, they are beginning to take their place on pharmacy shelves
alongside aspirin, cold remedies, antacids, etc. But change conies slowly, and pil1s are still the fust things that come to mind when we think of treating an illness. It's no wonder we have such faith in the power of the pill. When you consider the stunning success of antibiotics for the treatment of infections, why wouldn't we believe in pills? Pneumonia, fuberculosis and other serious infections were the leading causes of death 60 years ago, but today they are rare, thanks to antibiotics. But ironically, because we've come to rely so heavily on antibiotics, the bacteria that cause these illnesses are quickly becoming resistant to them. According to the Public Health Service, we're facing a health care crisis in this country due to our continued reliance on drugs and surgery. The biggest health problems we face today are debilitating chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, chronic pain, allergies, diabetes, viral infections, depression, mental illness, colitis, multiple sclerosis, cancer and cardiovascular (heart) disease. For these ailments, standard medicine is not very effective. In the 1994 report Alternative Medicine: Expanding Medical Horizons, the Public Health Service stated, "many health problems today require multimodal treatment and prevention approaches." In other words, there is no "magic bullet,' for what ails us today. We have to try a number of different approaches in order to achieve results. That means going beyond pills and operations. This helps explain the growing popularify of alternative medicine and natural healing methods. Americans are demanding non-drug remedies that take mental, emotional, and spiritual factors - in other words, the whole person into account.


Although they were considered to be on the "lunatic fringe" a few years ago, acupuncfure, massage, guided imagery and homeopathy are just a few of the approaches now receiving serious attention and respect from the scientific community. Early in the 1990s, the National Institute of Health created the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) to establish the worth of these and other treatments.

can perform the same heart-protecting functions and inhibit cancer development.reishi. For example. In India. There's an impressive list of natural products known to protect against these killers . and fungi.::j:: . Japan. Medications do little to prevent or correct these conditions. A key concept of alternative healing is prevention. Research studies have proven the effectiveness of herbs (and other nafural substances) for health problems from life-threatening cancer to the cornmon cold. England. Experts say the best use of herbs is for the prevention of illness. they have been and are being used successfully abroad. respiratory disease. regular checkups. and China recognize herbs as valid healing remedies. Herbs are no longer the stuff of folk medicine and o1d wives' tales . Foreign medical journals are z continually reporting new healing powers of plants. and boost levels of "good" IIDL cholesterol while lowering 'bad" LDL prenatal care. Although America turned her back on natural remedies and herbs. medical authorities recognize the medical properties of more than 5. herbal remedies and over-thecounter drugs are sold side by side.and the Food and Drug Administration - - -€! . The German medical profession recognizes 300 healing herbs. liver disease. maitake. Ginger root dissolves the type of blood clots responsible for heart attacks and stokes nearly as weil as aspirin . Valium. The leading causes of natural (not accidental) death in this country are heart disease. acid-blockers and motion-sickness pills are the only compounds we have that stop conditions before they develop. cholesterol testing and following reconmended dietary and exercise guidelines. there are very few. The medicinal mushrooms . France. And in Germany. viruses. Medical authorities in countries such as Germany. blood pressure screening. Some of the mainstream techniques of preventive medicine a. cancer. Herbs might. In Europe and Asia. and shiitake . As far as conventional preventive medicines are concerned. a physician jrr Germany could prescribe the herb valerian.500 official1y recognized medicinal plants. we don't have the luxury of choosing an alternative treatment because govemment regulators and scientists did not take them seriously until a few years ago. garlic powder helps prevent heart disease because it can lower total cholesterol and triglycerides. Garlic also can kill a number of germs. he could then prescribe the traditional drug of choice. In China.and much of the research confirming their value has come from American researchers in American laboratories. In our country.modern science is proving that folk healers were right all along. including bacteria. For example. l[ a stronger medication is needed. there arc 2. Sunscreens.: Even the American Cancer Society says alternative therapies are no longer questionable. when treating anxiety.800 plants. and diabetes. people can choose from a large number of preventive medicines.

In general. which herbs work. alcohol. and a wide variefy of legal and illegal drugs. . In this book. Al1 you have to do is turn to the specific illness you're interested in treating. and in sorne cases. It's set up in an easy-to-use fashion. astragalus. we're going to examine. Saw palmetto and pygeum have been proven to prevent and stop prostate disease. you can be confident they are safe and gentle. ai'lpe11t by ailment. 5 F One of the major advantages of herbs is there is their safefy. how and why. when you use herbs. F'inally. If you do this and use herbs according to the instructions. you will buy products prepared for retail sale and they alrnost always come with easy-to-follow directions. look up which herbs provide the best treatment and follow the directions on how to use them. Unless you grow your own.) Most of the herbs we will examine in this book are available to the American public through health food stores. (Please note: Some herbs are dangerous and should be avoided. grocery stores. you are choosing to take personal responsibility for your own health. they have an excellent safety record and you can take them with confidence. and ginseng can strengthen the immune system. Remember to treat herbs with respect: Th"y are powertrrl medicines. environmental chemicals. Echinacea. A list of these herbs ts available at the back of this book. mail-order catalogs. Use them only when you're sick.(FDA) has approved aspiring for both the prevention and treatment of coronaries. Milk thistle extract protects and heals the liver from damage due to pollution. Discover what possible side effects there may be before you take an herb. unless you know that the herb in question is intended as a preventive tonic. The list goes on and on. toxic side effects are rare.

it's not just a teenage problem. . sting.Acr. some anti-acne chemicals are so strong they've been known to cause birth defects. and dry the skin. They are effective in the treatment of acne. Most of the traditional acne medications include messy creams Bacteria in and around the hair follicles have much to do with the formation of blackheads and whiteheads. and almost all of those adults are women. In fact. They will also improve the effectiveness of any herbal remedy you are using: Vitamin A . There are genuine risks to clearing up your complexion. When topically applied. the following nutrients are helpful for preventing acne from occurring in the flrst place. This nutrient helps restore normal levels of hormones. 4 -9. but luckily you have choices.000 to 15. Native American researchers have successfully used it to treat acne.Studies show it can reduce sebum production. or you can apply an infusion to your skin. but they lead to many side effects. To receive the full benefits of the basil. This sebum mixes with dead cells on the surface of the skin forming a paste that clogs pores and leads to blackheads.000 IU of pre-formed vitamin A (not beta carotene) per day. . You can use a ready made oil available in health food stores or herb supply Acne occurs when the skin produces too much oil. put two to four teaspoons of dried basil leaves in a cup of boiling water. especially testosterone and estrogen. For safety sake. and pimples. you must apply it directly to the affected areas.' Although acne is most coiltmon during puberty. For maximum effectiveness. To make an infusion. basil kills bacteria. and ointments. Take 50 mg three Vitamin 86 - times a day. which contribute to acne flare-ups. also called sebum. Half of all acne cases are adults. do not exceed this intake.Although they aren't herbs. BASIL - NUTRIEI{TS . Steep it for 10 to 20 minutes and let cool before applying. whiteheads. Flucfuations in hormones can aggravate the process. therefore reducing the likelihood of pimple formation. They burn. you should take 10.

The proper dose is between 50 and 200 mcg (micrograms) per day. men and women acne sufferers noticed improvement after taking 400 ru per day. fruits. chips. Avoid all foods containing trans-faffy acids. Don't eat fried foods and stay away from chocolate . margarine. - Qi1 from the leaves of the native Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree contain antiseptic compounds that act as a highly effective skin TEA TREE OIL disinfectant. processed flour and foods.but some experts recofirmend a stronger tea tree oil solution . shortening.This trace mineral is a powerful antioxidant on its own. Eliminate refined sugars.Iew South 5 Wales. Follow the directions on the package. 3E =4. Take 30 to 45 mg per day. = Selenium . but it boosts the potency of vitamin E when the two are taken together. change your diet so it is rich in natural. As an additional measure. - In one clinical sfudy.10 to 15 percent).Vitamin E * This antioxidant boosts the effectiveness of certain enzymes needed for good skin health. Australia. and hydrogenated fats. wholesome foods such as vegetables. found that a five-percent tea tree oil solution was just as effective as the traditional five-percent benzol peroxide solution . whole grains. and beans. . You can buy tea tree oil in health food stores and herb supply houses. researchers at Royal Prince Hospital in l. In clinical studies. Keep your fat intake to a minimum.the high fat and sugar content make it doublely dangerous. Zinc This essential mineral has been shown to be even more effective than antibiotics for good skin health. These include cookies. and baked products.

"y". and in the brain. three or four times a d.It can greatly relieve . popular in oriental cuisine. in the air passages the result is asthma. In a study at the National College oi l.lurrropathic Medicine. In the naial passages' they cause sinus congestion.This folk remedy for hay fever and other allergies really works. Allergies happen when the immune system perceives a normally harmless substance.or". but at a high price. Srudies done in China and Korea indicate it has a strong antihistamine action that can help control allergies. or 16 percent of the population. 57 percent of patients who took nettle found it to be moderatety to nigruy effective for relief of allergy symptoms. You can take it internally (one capsule up to three times daily or 15 to 40 drops of extract every three to four houis) or apply it externally as an eyewash.. which bombard the foreign . You can find already prepared eyewasher . in the joint linings. hives and eczema.invader. raspberry leaves and other herbs. itchy du" to allergies. NETTLE ... Histamines cause swelling and inflammation as well as a number of allergic symptoms. It relieves inflammation and clears up teary eyes.ontiining eyeurilnt (also called euphrasia) plus goldenseal. runny nose. This prompts thl immune system to initiate a defensive chemical reaction thit leads to the release of powerful chemicals called histamines. according to the Centetr fot Disease Control and Prevention. arthritistevelops. . bayberry. in the skin.s as good as.ay as you need 2+ WARI{ING: Do not take nettle if you huve high blaod pressure. over-the-counter hay fever medications they had taken. lt. Many of those interviewed said it w. REISIil MUSHROOM . suffer from one type of allergy or another. The following herbs ian help: EYBBRIGHT . It. scratchy throat and chest congestion. as a dangerous germ. has powerful medicinal properties. There are many over-the-counter and prescription drugs that relieve allergic reactions.ArrpRGrES Over 40 million Americans. depending upon where in the body they are released.This delicious mushroom.s especially good for those who suffer from hay fever. or better than. headaches. such as dust or pollen. The proper dose is one to fwo tablets.

There are many different kinds of anemia. Take one capsule three times daily or 10 to 30 drops of extract mixed in juice or water once a d'ay.s causing your anemia and to determine if there is a serious underlying problem.You may consider this flowering yellow weed the curse of your lawn' but it has a number of beneficial medicinai qualities. Dol{G QuAr NETTLE WARNING: Do not take nettie if you have high brood pressure. folic acid. It is high in folic acid' which prompts the production of red blood.iiaE. B tz."tt. This leads to a wide vyigrY oi symptoms io. or vitami n812... . for example. certain rr"io. iimay prevent anemia in both men and women.ururl you. Eat 12 spears per day. For this reason. ulg:uppressinj pMS (p"remenstruar syndrome). and pale skin. a natural diuretic and digestive aid. it helps to promote the formation of red blood cells. or dried herb. inrofuoia. ASPARAGUS . a .il. Have a doctor check you periodicaty to ro. It i. DANDELTON . Take according to package directions. That means that their blood isn't able to carry as much oxygen as it normally should. it can c and iron. headach".I AlrsMrA People who suffer from anemia don't produce enough red blood cells. easing cramps.This"tasty vegetable is a nutritional powerhouse. . _ cHrvES . dizziness.This easy-to-giow herb is rich in vitamin raw. It is esfeciarly good ior regulating the menstrual cycle. since it's arso rich in vitamins A. you can arso rose your appetite and suffer from an unsettled stomach and irregular heartbeats. capsules. but the most corrunon is nutritional anemia.This is a chinese herb best knowl for treating a wide range of gynecological or menstrual problems. Eat is fresh and iron-defi ciency anemia.Dandelion products are available in health food stores. prevent and treat anemia due to folic acid deficiency.""1'. If you suspect you are anemic.Because it is so rich in viiamin c and iron. q'vrllrcr' caused by lack of iron. Nettle is available in the form of extract. Take one capsule three times daily. have a doctor examine you to find out what.tuoiog difficulry brearhing during act|ity. progress. It is also extremely rich in minerals and can help prevent .

kill geflns that have already infiltrated a wound and prevent scars. smear the ge1 directly on the wound and let it dry. scrapes.500 years. You can reuse the aloe leaf until there is no more ge1. Many of the plants we are going to examine in this section have been used for healing since the dawn of time. cut off an aloe 1eaf. The others are available in health food stores. flafulence. bruises. clean the affected area well. That's when investigators learned the herb could ease burns caused by X-ray (radiation) treatments. You can find many in your garden or at a grocery store. and sunburn. Modem science has proved that these ancient healers knew what they were talking about all along. scalds. Egyptian physicians used it in the treatment of infections. others were used by Native Americans.rusEPTICS Every house needs a frst-aid kit for cuts. Scientists flrst discovered aloe's ability to speed up the healing process of flrst-and second-degree burns in 1935. skin disorders. When treating a burn or wound. In recent years. form a protective barrier that keeps geflns out. It reaily takes the sting out.Ar.Known generically as Melissa. seal them and heal them. Aloe also forms a protective barrier that genns can't penetrate. ALOE - E+l . this herb has traditionally been used as a treatment for headaches. asthma. Here are the herbs you need in a first-aid kit: For over 3. Cut a leaf off the aloe plant. The following herbs promote skin repair. and as a laxative. You may not need scientists telling you that aloe gel is an excellent treatment for burns. but it may comfort you to learn that science confirms what you already know. people have held the healing powers of this plant in the highest regard. If you've ever had a bad sunburn. and slathered the ge1 over your skin. Nature has supplied many of the remedies you need. aloe has proven effective in neutralizing many of the bacteria. For even more cooling relief. Some of those listed below were popular with the ancient Egyptians. Stanford University researchers have recently shown that keeping a wound moist is the best way to promote healing. bronchitis. Appty every three or four hours. BALM . slice it open lengthwise. burns. and other wounds to stop the bleeding. stress. there's a good chance you've gone out into the garden. lf germs have already invaded the wound. What they learned was that aloe keeps wounds moist yet sterile. sliced it open. keep the cut aloe leaf in the refrigerator. high blood pressure. University of Texas investigators have tested the use of aloe on a wide variety of burns and found it highty effective.

and viruses.This spice is good for more than just toast and cookies. a nafural numbing agent for pain relief. an ingredient that prevents harmful genns from attacking wlnerable tissue and accelerates healing by triggering the formation of new tissue. Echinacea is good for cuts. eczem4 genital herpes. Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs (Morrow. says naturopathic 'WA. many of which are particularly good for the skin.This amazing plant is one of the best antibiotics available. German studies show balm can combat herpes and other viruses. pharmacies sell an ointment for the treatment of cold sores and herpes infections with balm as its active ingredientNatural healing expert Michael Castleman says the best way to treat a wound with balm is to crush some fresh leaves and apply them directly to the wound. and insect bites. Like . The Native Americans used it externally to heal wounds. Let is cool slightly. The herb contains echinacoside. Make a compress by boiling two teaspoons of the root in a cup of water. then saturate a clean cloth with the mixture and apply to the wound. at the same time You can sprinkle cinnamon directly on cuts once they have been thoroughly cleaned. ND. Taken internally. CINI\AMOI\ show it's a powerful antiseptic. When it's applied directly to the skin. herpes. *4fl € ECHII'. Chemicals in bahn called phlyphenols repel several types of bacteria. it has documented some powerful antiseptic and healing properties. psoriasis. black walnut acts as an antiseptic and is capable of ngtrting bacterial infection. fungi. leaves. burns. Balm also contains eugenol. it combats colds and viral illnesses. $zs.{ACEA . it contains the antiseptic it eases discomfort. In Germany. then . burns. Studies eugenol. BLACK WALNUT The fruit. It is also helpful in cases of eczema. so while balm. 1994. - Rub extract of black walnut directly on a properly cleaned wound two to three times a day and cover the wound after each application.. F and skin parasites. Let the tea cool slightly.& € and co1ic. and author of physician Michael T. of Bastyr College in Seattle. abscesses. and cold sores. including streptococci and mycobacteria. Munay. it is preventing infection. Clinical studies have since confirmed echinacea's value as a topical antiseptic. and bark of this tree are loaded with healing agents. capable of killing bacteria. Or make a hot compress by putting two teaspoons of dried leaves in one cup of water and boil Jor 10 minutes. Turn the heat down and let it sirnmer for 15 minutes. While modern science has not been able to confirm all those actions. psoriasis.

Put a slice over the sore and hold it in place with a bandage or pour a teaspoon of onion juice directly over the wound.) There have also been reports that applying garlic in this manner to skin cancers (held in place by a bandage) will kill the tumor and restore healthy skin.{ . Onion also combats fungal infections. the typical oral dose of penicillin contains 500. and must be seen by a doctor. Garlic.Anything that garlic can do. it is still cancer. Historical mention of it dates back to 3000 BC. is the most thoroughly researched and best understood natural medicine in the world. Even if your skin cancer is the most curable malignancy. and promote healing. . and therefore dangerous. There are also many over-the-counter preparations available. Or put a mashed clove over a cut or scrape. It's a cardiovascular tonic capable of fending off heart disease. WARNIIIG: Do not try this without the knowledge of your doctor. says Earl Mindell. mash a clove of garlic. Applied TEA TREE OIL disinfectant. an immune system enhancer. OMON directly to the skin. mix it with water to form a loose paste and spread it over the affected area. cover it with a bandage and leave it on overnight. making it useful in treating athlete's foot. good for everything frorn ear infections to minor skin wounds. To make onion juice. Simply rub onion juice between your toes. author of EarI Mindell's Herb Bible (Fireside.This oi1 contains antiseptic agents that act as a highly effective houses. GARLIC - Modern studies have confirmed nearly all the traditional folk uses . it is safe to say. (It has the same antibacterial power as 100. You can buy tea tree oil in health food stores and herb supply Follow the directions on the package. high blood pressure and stroke. Th"y are a good antiseptic. It's a broad-spectrum antibiotic. a possible anti-cancer agent and more.000 units of penicillin. onions can do (almost as well). It's also a blood-sugar regulator that may keep the lid on diabetes. PhI). puree one raw onion in a blender or food processor.and more. RPh. Simply follow the directions on the label. . 1994).000 to 1 million units.soak a clean cioth in the mixture and apply to the affected area. The garlic will kilt genns. they have special healing properties. prevent infection. Strain through a cheesecloth and refrigerate. The term "wonder drug" is not too strong a description for this aromatic bu1b. For minor skin infections. r i' s*.

and if left untreated. see a doctor. it may cause fuither problems. Infection is nothing to take lightly. :5 * F .It is important to keep an eye on any skin wound as it heals. If you see pus at the site or inflammation and redness spreading from the wound.

without severe narcotic effects or adverse reactions. and Placodil are some of the more popular ones. a"re This herb contains chemicals called nepetalactone isomers that are the chemical cousins to the sedating chemicals found in valerian. You can safely drink two or three cups per day. Simply follow the package directions. Xanax. Tie a handful in a piece of cheesecloth and toss it into the water. damage your liver. Balm tea is easy to make . Another way to take advantage of its calming effects is to drink it as a tea. Herbs provide an effective.even in our fast-paced world.In Germany. researchers have shown that balm oil is capable of calming you down. These are addictive drugs that can impair your mental abilities. Sometimes. you may need extra help. slow your reflexes.use two teaspoons per cup of hot water and steep for 10 lo 20 minutes.It's not just for Kitry anymore. but it's most effective when taken at night before retiring. Commercial preparations available. however. the result of too much stress. though. But at a very high. There are many ways to accomplish this. Valium. It is widely used as a tranqurlttzet and sedative.AxxIErY It is the modern American ailment. and leave you in generally poor shape. CAT|{IP . But what we don't realize is that anxiely is not natural and we don't have to accept it. And they do indeed relax you. {g \. Perhaps the best is to learn how to meditate or practice fuil-body relaxation. It is so pervasive that we accept it as a normal part of life and even make jokes about it.- BALM . We're all acquainted with tranquilizers. because it has provided such an abundance of plants capable of calming us and making a moment of serenity possible . Many experts believe that the antidote to anxiety is a period of relaxation and tranquility. For many years they've been mainstays of modern medicine. Each of the following herbs can sooth yonr frayed nerves and cdm you .cost. where scientists and physicians take the powers of herbs seriously. A fascinating way to cash in on the tranquilizing properties of balm is to add it to a warm bath. natural alternative for those times you need added protection from anxiety. Nature must have foreseen the era of modern stress. that there's nothing funny about anxiefy when you are in its grip. . Its lemony aroma wiil quickly put you at ease. The realify is.

It also helps with insomnia or 'Jittery nerves". The body converts this into hormones cal1ed prostaglandins that are crucial to many different body functions. When making this tea. It also has the added benefit of easing the indigestion that may accompany your anxious state. Evening primrose comes in capsules and is available at most health food stores. . Canada.b' :3 Those catnip chemicals are the ones that drive cats wild. You can drink lavender tea for a mild sedative effect that will also relieve a "gassy" stomach. drink one or two cups of tea per day. Another option is to buy an aromatherapy lamp. It is safe to drink up to three cups per day. headaches. it may also lower cholesterol. As an added benefit. CHAMOMILE .. an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid. Studies in England show it really works. For total relaxation. As an added benefit. particularly rheumatoid arthritis. have concluded that evening primrose can alleviate anxiety. Catnip's pleasant. minff taste is best enjoyed as a tea. Modern science has proven it does indeed sooth frayed nerves because it actually slows down the central nervous system. Simply add two teaspoons catnip to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 10 to 20 minutes. EVENING pnfVfnCiSE OIL The National Health Service in England prescribes this nutrient-rich oil as an effective treatment for arthritis. MOTHERWORT . put five drips of the essential oil in wann bath water. Use one or two teaspoons of dried herb per cup or mix 10 to 15 drops of extract in warm water. Try it in your bath or sip a cup of chamomile tea when you are feeling uptight.) For the ful1 effect. People who sit in a room filled with lavender fragrance show physiological signs of relaxation.This popular fragrance is a staple of aromatherapy for relaxation. Researchers at Dalhousie University in Newfoundland.This herb has a long history of use as a tranqurltzer. put a few drops of lavender oil in with water. Studies show that it's also capable of reducing high blood pressure and easing symptoms of PMS. such as irritability. and bloating. people who took it daily for three months saw their cholesterol drop by 31. breast tenderness. In one study. LAVENDER . Take 254 mg up to three times a day. it may lower your blood pressure (if it's high to begin with.This herb has mild sedative properties. but experts suggest they also account for the traditional use of catnip as a mild tranquilizer. don't boil the water. heat and 1et the lovely fragrance fil1your bedroom. Investigators attribute the therapeutic value of evening primrose oil to its high content of gamma linoleic acid (GLA).5 percent.

Take one capsule up to three times a day to relieve anxiety. valerian has been the treatment of choice of herbalists around the world for both anxiety and insomnia. This herb has a calming effect on the body. containing at least three tanqurLrzing or sedating compounds . Mix 10 to 15 drops of extract in liquid to make a cup of tranquibzingtea. ethylmaltol. jangled nerves. But this herb is one of nafure's best tranquilizers. but the end result is the same . Skullcap counteracts that with its antispasmodic properties. It relieves muscle tension and insornnia. SK[ILLCAP - ST. not only is it effective for treating anxiety and emotional problems. You can find commercially prepared capsules. the drug and the herb are not related. stress-induced muscle pain and insomnia. JOIII{S WORT . You can also make a hot tea from one teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. but it can also effectively treat depression.PASSIONFLOWTR . Make a tea by mixing one tablespoon of dried herb with wann water and steep for 10 minutes.It was from valerian that scientists came up with the name for the A- ga . The truly great thing about valerian is that it is much milder and safer than pharmaceutical tranquilizers. and studies prove those herbalists have been right all along. It is also a muscle relaxer with no dangerous side effects. steep for 10 to 15 minutes. It has also been used successfully for menstrual cramps. then steep for 15 minutes and drink.This herb has been used as a mild tranquilizer for centuries. Chemically. You can also mix three to 12 drops of extract in cool water and drink. Many times anxiety leads to muscle tension. and flavonoids. WARNING: Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after asing passionflower.they both soothe frazzled. not seffle you down. For centuries. Herbalists recommend this remedy if you are having trouble sleeping and experiencing emotional turmoil. you may also gain some headache relief. or you can mix 15 to 60 drops of extract in water and drink it once daily (at night before bed). or make yourself a iup of tea by mixing two teaspoons of dried herb with boiling water.You would expect an herb with a name like this to rev you up. Take one capsule up to three times daily. . E:' VALERIAN prescription drug Valium.maltol. Accordiag to German researchers. As an added bonus. Drink one cup before bed.

Improving your health overall will give you the energy and stamina to enjoy yourself when love comes about on its own. But there's a lot more wishful thinking than fact available. but a powerful. (Viagra is not and aphrodisiac.ApnRoDrsrACS Since the dawn of history. people have searched for something to enhance their love life .The flowers of this plant make a delicious and refreshing tea. It boostsphysical endurance. all of which are safe. you'll be doing your health a favor. drug that counteracts male impotency. . there's no scientific evidence to prove that any aphrodisiac works. increases energy. sometimes dangerous. ARTICHOKE . One thing is for certain. helps the body adjust to stress and reduces cholesterol. you will reap several other benefits. Folklore holds that jasmine oi-l can arouse sexual deske when it's rubbed on the body. or mix 10 to 30 drops of extract in a glass of water. and Japanese researchers have shown it improves the function of the liver. Try one capsule up to three times per day before meals.As a folk remedy. and a body massage with any oil (especially one as pleasant smelling as this) is . it relieves excess water weight.. It . The American Indians used ginseng as an aphrodisiac. DAMIANA . No one has ever studied this scientifically. and that's always good for the libido. To this day. And you never know where they might lead.The flbwer or head of this edible plant enjoys a reputation for enhancing sexual desire. That has never been scientffically proven. as long as you don't douse your artichoke with high-fat sauces or butter. First. so it couldn't hurt to try. potions. Studies show eating artichokes reduces cholesterol. It sharpens concentration. this herb is both a sexual stimuiant and a remedy for impotence. . improves memory and enhances learning. You could also mix five to 10 grams of powder in a liquid such as water or juice daily and drink it. GINSENG - JASMINE calms the nerves and settles the stomach. Who knows? It couldn't hurt. but if you eat them. Modern herbalists use it as a gentle laxative and say it relieves anxiety and acts as a mood lifter. Ginseng can produce a wide array of benefits.) We've listed several intriguing possibilities. as did the Chinese and Japanese for thousands of years. Take one capsule three times daily or drink a cup of tea in the morning (ginseng tea bags are widely available now). if you will. but reports of its stimulating effects have been consistent over the cenfuries.

bound to be stimulating. Try it. it. you might like cofilmercially available. w-' -d Fl . Jasminetea is also E_t ft f.:' !i. €* .

People with arthritis suffer from painful. . sometimes called the "wear-and-tear" arthritis. they may acfually promote the progression of arthritis and joint destruction. such as the knees and hips. usually of the toes. especially rich. and knees are the usual targets. swollen joints that make normal functions very difficult. Aspirin is such a drug. The hands. Some studies indicate that a vegetarian diet alone may be therapeutic for rheumatoid arthritis . Osteoarthritis. such as herbs. But did you know it is a derivative of the bark of the white willow tree? Or that you can obtain this bark and use it instead of aspirin? The reason you may want to do that is because there is evidence that even though NSAIDs may produce short-term benefits. No matter how common and simple is may seem. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition. inflamed. It affects the entire body.AnrHRrrrs This disease requires little introduction. and enable the system to cope with arthritis more effectively. can strengthen and tone the body. is a good idea. improve general health. wrists. it is highly effective at relieving pain and inflammation. To stifle arthritis. At the same time. vegetables.and it may be beneficial for osteoarthritis too. and gout. and cause excruciating pain. Some 60 million Americans may suffer from one form or another. according to the Arthritis F'oundation. The cumulative effects of stress and use cause the joints to break down. rheumatoid arthritis. ankles. feet. The name itself means joint inflammation. as well as the joints in the hands are most often affected. Include a wide variety of fruits. This leads to the formation of hard crystals that settle in joints. Some 14 million Americans may be afflicted. The usual triggers for gout are excessive consumption of food. The weight-bearing joints. without adding any toxins to your system. Gout is a highly specific form of arthritis caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood and lymph fluid. Specialists call it an "autoimmune disease". fatty foods and alcohol. which means the immune system manufactures antibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue in the joints. but shows up mostly in the form of joint pain and inflammation. and whole grains. there's other evidence to suggest that proper nutrition and natural therapies. you should make sure your diet is extremely low in fat and high in fiber. afflicts more than 40 million Americans. That's why trying white willow bark. or any one of a number of other herbs. There are three types of arthritis: osteoarthritis. The standard treatment for most kinds of arthritis involves taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

young spears. Here are some of You should also realtze that cefiain foods can provoke allergic reactions and aggravate arthritis. Mix one teaspoon daily in juice and drink € !-. Flaxseed oil. herring. There are also many herbs that can ease arthritii suffering. inflammation. it can relieve arthritis - This herb enjoys a reputation as a purifier it increases the flow of urine and promotes sweating. In the process. all of which rid the body of toxins. drink three cups a day. Take one to three capsules daily or mix 10 to 25 drops of extract in liquid and drink daily.In Asia. It's the bark of this North American native that contains the active properties. The worst are wheat. and ANGELICA compounds. it may also soothe the swelling. canola oil. As a result. Modern Japanese researchers have since discovered it contains anti-ilflammatory .This vegetable contains compounds called steroidal glycosides that have an anti-inflammatory action. so it's good for combating water retention and slightly elevated blood pressure. corn. on ASPARAGUS . BUTCIIER'S BROOM . Make tea by boiling two teaspoons of dried bark in one cup of water for 10 minutes. and pain of artbritis. which is closely related to salicyclic acid. you should eat more fish . Asparagus is also a strong diuretii. tomatoes. but not a good idea to eat it if your kidneys are ailing. E E' e. of use as an arthritis remedy. is available in powdered form. Studies indicate the high content of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) in cold-water fish such as mackerel. and prirnrose oil supply similar benefits. Be warned the taste is very bitter so have some honey and lemon or maple syrup on hand to sweeten it. and other datry products. the main ingredient of aspirin. ':lr BLACK IIAW inflammation and pain.up to three times per week. At the same time.:. this plant has a long tradition Drixk lwo cups of angelica tea a day or simply follow directions cornmercial packages. and salmon reduces arthritis inflammation and pain. eat fresh. beef and vegetables from the nightshade family (including eggplant. Have yourself tested to make sure you are not allergic. To reap the benefits. milk. sardines.French scientists have discovered that this plant contains steroid-like compounds that can relieve inflammation natuially. Asparagus seed. It contains the chemical salicin. . BURDOCK - confirming its value as a fold remedy for arthritis inJlammation and pain.the best: potatoes).

Take up to five grams daily. In one clinical sfudy. For your information: Ginger ale. WARNII{G: Do not take eucalyptus oil internally or rub irritated skin. provided it acfually contains real ginger. It also stimulates production in the body of two nafural steroids. mainly to ease arthritis pain. one to three times daily. glycyrrhetinic acid. chamomile has also been used to ease the pain of arthritis. It quells nausea and eases motion sickness. not artiflcial flavoring. greater joint mobility. all you have to do is buy some chamomile tea bags at a health food or herb store and follow label directions. GINGER . producing a feeling of warmth. This herb is so widely available today. including less pain. chamomile tea certainly couldn't hurt. and decreased swelling and stiffness. it contains fairly potent anti-infl ammatory substances. drink three cups or more per day. It draws blood to the affected area. and aldosterone. it on broken. Laboratory studies indicate it can relieve inflammation in animals. or GA.500 mg of ginger per l2-ounce serv-ing. Take one capsule three times a day. which counteract arthritis. and while no one can say for sure it will do so for people. LICORICE * It's good for more than just candy. seven rheumatoid arthritis patients who had failed to get significant relief from conventional drugs took either one gram of powdered ginger or five grams of fresh ginger daily. supplies up to 1. cortisone. Take it in capsule form. =. Recent sludies in France and Germany have confirmed it has anti-inflammatory compounds that are almost as strong as the drugs cortisone and phenylbutazone. has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. It also relieves arthritis pain when rubbed on the skin. Th"y all reported substantial improvements. Commercial ginger tablets are a convenient way to take it.The oil of the eucalyptus tree is a mainstay of coughsuppressing formulas. But for our purposes. but without any side effects. Drink fwo cups a .This kitchen standby has some amadng healing properties. - EUCALYPTUS OIL . DEVIL'S CLAW This herb has been used for over 250 years in Africa and Europe. or make a tea with one-half teaspoon of powdered herb per cup of boiling water (steep for 10 minutes).An all-around soother. among other things. Its main active compound.t CHAMOMILE .Take one to three capsules per day or mix 10 to 20 drops of extract in liquid and drink daily. .

high blood pressure. which sfudies show is able to relieve the pain of inflammation. protecting the liver and heart. . or heart disease should not use this herb. and anyone with diabetes. capable of treating wounds. instead of the real thing. where it is an indispensable feafure of everyday cooking. Drink ! :!' € :. Fr A*. A major component of this herb is the chemical curcumin. But it's also a healer. stroke. .This herb is very well known in India. glaucoma. and easing arthritis pain. drixk.-: TURMERIC . aiding digestion. Use a teaspoon of powder in a cup of warm milk to make a healing up to three cups per or take one-half to one fuil teaspoon of tincfure (more diluted than fluid extracts) twice a day. which does not combat arthritis. WARNII{G: Pregnant and nursing women. most so-called licorice candies in the llnited States are flavored with anise. Sadly.

brought on by strong exertion There are effective prescription medications. and breathlessness. wheezing. Problems arise when the airways become too narrow due to muscle spasms in the lungs. so tt may provide gentle stimulation without the nerve-wracking drawbacks. Traditionally. and bronchitis. Intrinsic asthma is a non-allergic form of the disease that usually starts later in 1ife. Researchers have discovered ttris herb relaxes the windpipe. that loosen bronchial secretions. non-drug alternative. smoke. German researchers have uncovered'another gem. a buildup of excess mucus or inflammation. dust'particles. aerosols. Two chemicals. Anise contains compounds. making it easier to clear them. and swelling of the airways. . This chocolaty-tasting substance is actually good for you. . which may make it useful for asthma sufferers as well as other respiratory ailments such as colds and - Drink two cups of tea per day. Pollution. That's the stuff used in inhalers. creosol. There are several types of asthma. Allergic asthma comes about from breathing an allergen (an airborne substance that triggers an allergic attack). so add a bit of honey and lemon. Here is a selection of the best: ANGELICA flu. ANISE - properties. The taste may be bitter. It just so happens that both caffeine and theobromine are chemically related to theophylline and can open the air passageways in the lungs. Prepare it by adding a teaspoon of powdered seeds or leaves to a cup of boiling water. Another form is exercise-induced asthma. gentle. give cocoa its healing COCOA How does all of this relate to asthma? A standard treatment for the disorder is theophylline. It contains only about 10 to 20 percent of the caffeine you would find in coffee. but herbs offer an effective. Once again. It tends to be chronic and long-lasting rather thaii episodic (coming in attacks). coughs.Rejoice and be glad. then let it steep far 2A minutes. and strong cooking odors can trigger symptoms.Asrrrnna This is a cofitmon lung disorder. caffeine and theobromine. Modern studies show there's something to that advice. folk healers have recommended this flavorful herb for asthma. Use one-half to one teaspoon of tincture twice a day. Affacks range from mild to severe and involve coughing. and alpha-pinene.

{G: Pregnant women should avoid parsley juice or oil. Remember. ginkgo can prevent bronchial constriction. Drink up to three cups per day.Enjoy two cups a day. coffee may give you the jitters and cause an increase in your blood pressure. PAF is also a central player in asthma attacks. because children like them better than KOLA - !l medications or coffee.This herb is a good expectorant and helps combat coughs and asthma.The healing action of this herb comes from its ability to block the action of a nafural body substance called platelet activation factor (PAF). Even the Journal of the American Medical Association recommend.When you need the big gun. This tropical nut has enough caffeine in it to prevent attacks. Caffeine also causes insomnia and irritability so don't exceed the recofilmended amount. . you can make a tea by placing one or two teaspoons of powdered nuts in a cup of water and bringing it to a boil. It contains many times more caffeine than cocoa (65 to 72A mg per cup. If you don't want to drink a carbonated cola drink. WARNII.s cola drinks for the management of childhood asthma. By blocking PAF. and heart and respiration rates. This substance plays an important role in many biological processes including organ transplant rejection. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Simply follow package directions. use one to two heaping teaspoons in a cup of hot water or milk and sweeten to taste. This herb is widely available in commercial preparations. PARSLEY . COFFEE . turn to java. versus 10 to 20 mg per cup of cocoa). F . -' i_ 89'. blood flow. cholesterol. Studies show coffee is higtrly effective at opening up air passages. Eat it raw or steep the chopped leaves and stems in hot water for 10 minutes. and the formation of blood clots in arteries that induce heart attacks and strokes.-1 € :|' T GINKGO . Even doctors recofl]mend it. Drixk up to three cups per day.

It might sting at first. recurrence is common. this "wonder bulb" can't do? In addition to being an excellent antibiotic. it's not that bad. but don't be alarmed. Apply garlic directly to severe outbtreaks by rubbing a raw clove over the atea. and several sfudies show it can effectively fteat the particular fungi that cause athlete's foot. The antibiotic griseofulvin is the most cotnmon treatment and there are several anti-fungal drugs that are also available.Is there anything TEA TREE OIL . However. GARLIC . the stinging will pass. Two or three applications for three to five days should be sufficient. eat a clove or two daily. even with treatment. To prevent recurrences. because it really works. You'll be glad you did. garhc can also hunt down and kil1 fungi. .ATSLETE. Stick with it. Swab some oil on the affected area with a cotton ball.This granddaddy of folk medicine has just the right acid and mineral composition to do wonders for athlete's foot. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR . There are a couple of nafural remedies that can clear up the condition and spare you the side effects.Tea Tree Oil attacks fungi.'s ^Foor Athlete's foot is a long-term fungal infection of the foot that shows up on the skin between the toes and on the soles of the foot. making it a perfect natural remedy. Rub it on the affected area several times a day.

' . Do not use undiluted oil because it can cause serious skin irritation.. But for painful flare-ups. thereby bringing lasting relief. and sciatica.This herb has diuretic action and helps rid the body of excess water weight. Certain herbs can ease your discomfort. backache.. Don't leave it on any longer or it may burn or irritate your skin. Th-y are excellent for arthritis pain.The main use of this herb is for relieving stress and calming a Drink three cups of tea daily. and enjoy.BecxacHtr This vague but painful condition afflicts over 37 million Americans. . Spread inir purl"tn u clean cloth. teaspoons of dried herb per cup of boiling water. Place it on your back for 10 minutes. It can also soothe the pain of arthritis and backache.: k_. arthritis. Fr . create heat a greatdeal of it. you coulO always reach for aspirin but that may upset your stomach. (Buy cornmercial tea bags or use two MUSTARD .Mustard seeds. . Those you can control with exercise and proper diet. F. you need immediate help. neuralgia.) Or take one capsule three times per day or mir 10 to 20 drops of extract in water and drink up three times daily. and insornnia. in fact . then cover the paste with a layer of gauie (so the mustard doesn't touch the skin directly).. But Europeans have been using it for nearly four cenfuries as a remedy for backache. strain.l. Steep for 10 minutes.when applied to the skin. you could make a mustard plaster by mixing prepared mustard powder with cold water to make a thick paste. Dilute it with rubbing alcohol and apply it to the painful area of rhe back (or any painful joint). CIIAMONtrLE nervous stomach. both white and black. Alternatively. The fundamental causes of backache are muscular weakness (due to inactivity) and obesity. Take one to three capsules daily or mix 10 to 25 drops of extract in liquid and drink as tea.The best way to enjoy the healing properties of mustard is with mustard oi1.i E3' BURDOCK .

Simply chew a few fresh. per se. FENNEL . .Fennel is great for bad breath. they end up making bad breath worse. but in the long run. gums. but alfalfa has in particular abundance and in a form that is readily accessible.BaoBnearH It's embarrassing for most of us. Saturate a cotton ball with some of the solution and rub it on your gums. Simply add one or two teaspoons of dried leaves to a cup of boiling water and steep 10 to 20 minutes. allowing your saliva to become coated with the femel's various properties. Even if it's not an illness. ALFALFA A11 plants are rich in chlorophyl1. heavily laden with sulfur compounds. These genns then produce waste products. Slowly chew a few leaves. it certainly leads to some very painful and awkward social needed" basis. nafure has'supplied several herbs that can help contain the odor. Peop1e have used it as a breath freshener since the days of ancient Rome. or on an . You can also find alfalfa leaf tablets in herb stores or health food stores. Repeat every few hours. Fluid extract can also be used. Bad breath is caused by a buildup of germs in your mouth. . and tongue.. Another way is to empty a fennel capsule onto a small plate and mix it with an equal amount of baking soda. then brush your teeth. It has one of the highest chlorophyll contents of any herb. PARSLEY to dress up a plate. but for some people it can be so bad it almost qualifles as an ailment.This pretty green leaf is more than a decoration WAfuNING: Pregnant and nursing women should not ase this herb. They come from decaying food and beverage residue. They may help freshen your breath and can also confer protection against heart attack and stroke. Most corlmercial mouthwashes contain a lot of alcohol and may offer temporary relief. Chlorophyll happens to be the - it active ingredient in many breath freshening products. Wet your toothbrush and dip it into the mixture. raw sprigs. For[unately. teeth. and tongue. Sip alfalfa tea several times a day to keep your breath fresh.

Who hasn't heard the old saying about an apple a day? Well. Modern shipping techniques make it possible to have apples year-round in most parts of the United States. disoriented. Animal studies indicate it can also lower blood - i't . Here are some herbs that can help you keep your glucose levels in balance. APPLES . WARNI^IG: If you have diubetes and are under trestmentfor this disease. in your blood regulates how you function and feel. do not discontinue your medication. stuffy nose. This plant is especially good for allergies.and hundreds of afflicted people .Sucnn 4lt The amount of sugar. watery eyes. or glucose. among other things. Corusult yaur doctor before taking any herbs. You are also in trouble if it's too To get the most out of apples. but today. NETTLE sugar. .BvooD. you are in serious trouble because you're flirting with diabetes. These delicious fruits are rich in soluble fiber that regulates blood sugar levels. it can chase blood sugar problems away. many doctors . when used h a gargle. Its main benefit is to prevent rapid blood sugar drops that can leave you feeling irritable. eat one or two a day. The best way to take fenugreek is orally in capsule form up to three times a day. FE|{UGREEK . and sick. pectin.This medicinal plant has long been used for coughs and colds and. it can relieve sore throats. also lowers cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of heart disease. Nonetheless. and other hay fever symptoms. Researchers gave insulin-dependent diabetics pulverized fenugreek seeds and discovered that the seeds lowered high blood sugar and also brought down high cholesterol and triglycerides. Low blood sugar was the "disease of the decade" in the 1970s. Native American researchers have shown it may be useful for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.will te1l you that blood sugar levels that are not low enough to qualify as true hypoglycemia can stil1 leave people feeling lousy. conventional medical authorities say genuine hypoglycemia is rare. If it's too high. One type of soluble fiber. that leads to a condition called hypoglycemia that causes a wide range of very unpleasant symptoms.

WARNING: Do not take nettle if you have high blood pressure.Take one or two capsules four times daily or mix one tablespoon of dried herb or five to 10 drops of extract in eight ounces of warm water daily and drink. This herbal remedy is actually the bark of a BrazIltan tree. PAU D'ARCO - . Take one capsule three times per day or you can drink your pau d'arco as tea or by mixing 25 to 40 drops of extract in eight ounces of water three times daily. Research shows it contains immune-stimulating compounds capable of fighting certain kinds of cancer. It also lowers blood sugar levels.

But so it is. abscesses.This is one of the best infection fighters around. This herb contains a substance cailed berberine that possesses remarkable infection-fighting properties. This effect may enable you to get the rest you need when you are down with bronchitis.Bnoi\cHrrrs E \. or you may be one of those unfortunate types who gets chronic bronchitis. Toss % teaspoon of powdered root bark into a cup of boiling water and simmer for 15 to 30 minutes. it's a mild sedative for humans. or large white blood cells that gobble up BARBERRY - germs. release of sputum. giving you an extra edge against infections. nature has supplied a variety of herbs that can help. German researchers have used it successfully to treat colds. it's uncomfortable. Symptoms include congestion. and even back pain. and herbal experf at Purdue University in Lafayette. . In Europe it is a popular bronchitis remedy. meaning your lungs are infected at least three months every two years. PhD. bacteria. but by any name. But in this day of failing antibiotics and drug-resistant genns. CATMP people medicine. This medicinal plant also stimulates the immune system. flu. and other disease-causing genns. And even though it sends felines into a frenzy. Le it cool before drinking. You can take it in capsule form. Studies show it activates macrophages. This ailment probably needs no introduction. a virus-killing chemical produced naturally in the . fungi. wounds. Bronchitis means inflammation of the mucus membranes in the air passages that lead to the lungs beyond the windpipe. Mask the bitter taste with sugar or another flavoring you enjoy.:l Drink one cup of barberry tea per day. You may get a bad case of it that clears up in a week or two. fever. bad cough. or mix on-half to one teaspoon of extract in warm water and drink it. Who hasn't had a touch of it at one time or another? You may refer to it as a chest cold. it's best to seek alternate remedies whenever you can. Antibiotics and cough medications are the usual treatments and they work weil. It has a littie something extra too. one to three daiiy. and other ailments. bronchitis. tuberculosis. ! . Studies show it can kill bacteria and viruses and therefore it's of great value against bronchitis. ear infections. Sfudies show it ki1ls many different viruses. accordirig to Varro Tyler. Indiana. Test-tube experiments indicate it may behave like interferon. Fortunately.It amuses folks to think that the herb that drives kitties crazy is also ECHINACEA .

[Jtah. it's quite helpful. It is an expectorant. during the mid-1980s. meaning it clears out congestion and opens air passages. eat several cloves of raw garlic per day. but if you use it in the early stages. Take one capsule or a teaspoon of tincture three times per day. boil two teaspoons of dried root per cup of water and simmer for 15 minutes. it contains berberine and attacks bacteria. Eat a teaspoon or so of freshly prepared horseradish a few times a day.When it comes to flghting infections. GARLIC weapon against germs. Researchers found garlic pulverizes viruses. It's probably not strong enough for a really bad case of bronchitis. MD.This potent antibiotic is one of the most important medicinal plants native to North America. mix 15 to 30 drops in liquid and drink every three hours. and fungi with nearly 100 percent effectiveness. it will liquefy bronchial secretions and help you pass mucus. Cells bathed in Echinacea were able to resist infection when exposed to the flu or herpes viruses. Natural Medicine (Houghton Mifflin. That is. To fight infections. garlic is nature's most potent GOLDENSEAL . says Andrew Weil. Perhaps the most intriguing experiments occurred at Brigham Young University in Provo. Steep for 10 minutes and drink two cups aday. WARNIIT{G: I)o not give this herb to children under two years of age. and other bugs.This tangy herb can make your cough "productive". Or make tea with one tablespoon if dried herb in eight ounces of boiling water. MULLEIN This is an old-time remedy for bronchitis and dry coughs. viruses. bacterta. Drink up to two cups per day. To make tea. 1990). Mix 25 to 40 drops of extract in water or juice and drink it three to four times a day. Like barberry. Or take one teaspoon of tincture twice aday. author of l{atural Health. Make tea by adding a teaspoon of powdered root to a cup of boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. If using an extract. The studies that attest to its effectiveness are too numerous to mention.body. Drink three cups per day. . - . HORSERADISH .

then slather it directly on the burn. By accomplishing that. But did you know there's such a thing as chamomile oil? It's a great topical treatment for minor burns. . the better. in other words. Studies show that chamomile oil applied to the skin speeds the healing time. Use the knife to loosen and score the gel. Bu for the everyday variety. renowned for its soothing. you can also apply a calendula tincture or lotion.You may be most familiar with chamomile tea. cut off the spines. it will soothe inflammation and slow the swelling process. These medicinal plants are meant for external use only. then two or three times per day. ALOE VERA may be no better home remedy for burns. then applying a ready-made calendula skin product. Doing so will reduce the leakage of fluid into injured tissue.The sooner you place a cold pack on a burn. or the sun can leave your skin screaming in pain. stress-relieving properties. After that. Refrigerate the leaf because you can reuse it until the gel is gone. it prevents swelling. CHAMOMILE . or creams.Bunxs f']'' Minor burns from fire. There CALENDULA . or becomes infected needs irnmediate medical attention. tinctures. hot appliances. MD. Any burn that covers a large area.and seconddegree burns. chars the skin. The bright orange flowers of this plant make a great skin treatment and is especially soothing for burns. and split the leaf lengthwise. you reduce the threat and spread of infection and make way for healing to occur. If you do this within 25 minutes of the injury.This succulent is a long. Andrew Weil. turn to herbs. spiny leaf filled with juicy gel. and'thus. To cash in on its healing powers. Evidence indicates that chamomile neutralizes certain genns and prevents infection. It also works for other kinds of wounds and poison ily rashes. Some experts recornmend you keep a potted aloe plant in your kitchen in case of an accident. To speed that healing process. . of the University of Arizona in Tucson recommends washing your skin in a tea made of leaves. steam. scientific studies have documented what regular folk have known for thousands of years: This plant'speeds the healing of frst. select a large lower leaf near the center stalk. Keep applyilg it every half hour for as long as you can. You can buy it in lotions. pain. You can find it at most health food stores. It shouid provide immediate relief. immediately immerse the affected area in cold water for five to 10 minutes. Starting in 1935.

stinging sensation out of the injury and spurs tissue repair. Echinacea is available at a1l health food stores. - This is an infection flghter like no other. Unrelated to the cola nut used to make soft drinks. It takes the hot. you need the whole ginger root. but you can make your own remedy by simply applying crushed leaves and flowers to youf burn. just brew a strong pot of chamomile tea and let it cool completely. then soak a clean cloth in the liquid and apply to the burn. Put a few drops on a sterile gauze and apply to the wound. JOHIVS WORT . For a gotu kola poultice. Let rt cool completely. ST. A German sfudy showed an ointment made of herb substantially cut burn healing time and lessened scarring. It contains a nafural antibiotic called echinacoside and a compound called echinacein. GOTU KOI-A - . It kilis a broad GII.When using ginger as a healing agent. Leave them on for 10 to 20 minutes. which neutralizes the ability of many genns to dissolve the protective barriers around cells and keeps genns out of body tissue. Applied directly to burns and other wounds. sterile cloth in the tea and then apply it as a compress. Studies also show it contains other substances that repel bacteria and fungi while counteracting inflammation. There are no products cofi]mercially available in the lJnited States. says a report in the Journal of New Chinese Medicine. which boost the effectiveness of immune cells. fungi. If ECHINACEA spectrum of can't find chamomile oil. We all know its uses for quelling nausea. and hypericin. make an infusion with one-half teaspoon of dried herb per cup of boiling water. and other genns. Among them are flavonoids. which suppresses the activity of viruses.This herb contains a variety of healing chemicals. The best application when using echinacea for burns is to apply it directly to the injury. Just crush the ginger root. the hypericin and other antibiotic compounds in St. John's Wort oi1 help prevent infection and the flavonoids reduce in{larnmation. squeeze the juice out and apply to the burn. Soak a clean.IGER . This same chemical also speeds up the repair of damaged tissue by improving the efficiency of tissueforming cells called fibroblasts. viruses. but it also helps mend burns and skin inflammations. It has astringent qualities and draws fluid out of tissue. A study published in Annals of Plastic Surgery indicates it speeds the healing of burns and reduces the amount of eventual scarring. gotu kola makes an excellent poultice for minor wounds.

This helps loosen phlegm in the chest. 1994).This is a traditional Gypqy cold remedy. Elderberry is loaded with vitamins A. Put a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil in water and boil or put it in a yaporrzer to make your own inhalant. . The vapors from eucalyptus oil can temporarily clear a sfuffy nose and sluggish brain. or take a teaspoon of tincture three times per day. Earl Mindell. reports Dr. three cups a day. professor of -nutrition at Pacific Western University in Los Angeles. It also increases levels of infection-fighting T-lymphocyte cells by 30 percent. Try elderberry tea with honey. make Echinaceatea (boil two teaspoons of root pef cup of water and simmer for 15 minutes). ELDERBERRY . There's evidence it may mimic the action of interferon. You can also boil eucalyptus leaves and inhale their healing fumes." says Mindell. it's what give Vicks Vap-O-Rub its distinctive fragrance. It also relieves coughs. EUCALYPTUS . WAKNING: Never take eucalyptus oil internally. It is a standard ingredient in many over-the-counter cough drops. At the first sign of a cold. and author of The Herb Bible ffireside. according to German researchers.ECHINACEA . a natural chemical of the human body that is capable of shielding ceils from viral invasion.This proven immune booster is a real plus when you have a cold. and C. Srudies done in Russia indicate eucalyptol can kill the influenza virus.The leaves of this Australian tree are not just a favorite of the koala bear. B. In fact. at the first sign of a sniffle. You may also find coilrmercially prepared capsules or extracts. "The hot tea promotes sweating and is soothing for upper respiratory infections. Simply follow label directions. Th"y are a storehouse for a healing oil containing the chemical eucalyptol.

oh. say European researchers. but they bolster the immune system and speed the healing process. or as a tea. WARNING: Do not eat fresh boneset because tn high doses it contains toxic chemical thut cuuses n&usea. This will enable you to sleep . one to three per day. The only cure for a cold is. it stimulates the white blood cells to ral7y against invading genns. In Germany. but it works. and other types of peppers their "zip". q CAYENNE . so you may wish to add honey or sugar. For people with no history of alcoholism.and sleep helps you hea1. . It clntains . As you're probably aware. Steep 10 to 20 minutes and drink three cups a day. doctors BONESET - . vitamin C. You can take it in a capsule form. You can purchase cayenne teas in health food stores or make it out of dried herb. weakness.. It also cleanses the digestive tract. use one to two teaspoons of dried leaves per cup of boiling water. Maybe not quite as well as aspirin does. acts as an anti-inflammatory. but who knows what side effects they might cause? After all.:. More importantly. wheeze. none of the over-the-counter cold remedies available are any better than the others. Capsaicin. the compound that gives cayenne. aspirin. Otherwise. splutter. vomiting. about eight days. Most of them work well enough. calcium. kills a couple hundred people ayear. and even coma and deuth. Quite a few may be of help. carccer or liver disease. the best you can do is ease symptoms so you don't cough. This means it's valuable in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections. where herbs are so much a part of mainstream medicine that people can go either to a regular pharmacy or an herbal pharmacy. iron. and blow your nose so often. To make a tea.. and who ure not pregnant.CorDs This is one ailment that needs no introduction. chili. further helping to rid your system of genns. it is considered safe in recommended amounts. sneeze. and B-Complex vitamins. Herbs won't suppress symptoms quite as intensely. phosphorus. a major ingredient in many of these preparations. Cayenne tea is excelient for a cold and chills because it heats you up and forces you to sweat out toxins. Here a"re some of the better ones: -Fnr -::' frequently prescribe boneset for colds and flu. This amazing herb suppresses fever. The taste is bitter. muscle tremors.This spicy item is loaded with nutrients.

yo. by increasing the amount of bu1k. then press on the colong wal1. If you do. bowels). and beta carotene.CoxsrrpATror{ Being constipated is usually a sign that you are not eating properly. To make a useful tea of cascara sagrada. potassium. This triggers natural bowel contractions. or fiber. and only after flust trying a high giber diet and regular exercise. It then becomes so Lazy it stops working on its own. Keep the foilowing herbs in mind if you are having trouble. This increases the size of stools *m"f. you need a little help to rees tablish regulariry. Let it cool and.This is an ingredient in numerous over-the-counter constipation remedies. Herbs offer you relief with far less risk. Sometimes. Th"y contain several types of fiber. Commercial laxatives can create many well-noted problems. _ APPLES .An apple a day can keep many things away. two cups before CASCARA SAGRADA . magnesium. The herb contains compounds called anthraquinones that stimulate intestinal contractions (these are what give you" the urge to move your ! . the colon comes to rely on thesl artificial aids. but only in consultation with a doctor you trust. and after continued use. including solubie fiber and pectin.r'tt eliminate the problem and it's unlikely to recur. Apples are an excellent source of fibrous "bulk". including eight essential amino acids. It is not an illness. then turn to these others. Take six alfaifa tablets daily when constipated and add alfalfa sprouts to - salads. buckthorn an6 rhubarb. It's a nasty cycle. ALFALF'A This planr is loaded with nutrients. in your diet. It's also a hightly effective nalural laxative. bed. All vou need to eat is just one a day. If you exercise regularly and eat the right foods. Th-y work by stimulating the colon. Turn to them last. boil a teaspoon of dried bark in three cups of water for 30 minutes. including constipation. though. Th"y work. To help the increased fiber intake relieve constipation. calcium. it will soon be smooth sailing. If that fails. Other herbs that contain anthraquinones include aloe vera. drink on" o. more often than not. but they are harsher than cascara sagrada. you must drink more fluid up to eight glasses of water per day.

a fibrous material that absorbs an incredible amount of water. It may also protect you against diabetes. it's best to buy these products in a health food store or herb shop.It's good for your heart and an excellent laxative. For its laxative effect. Simply follow label directions. The coatiag of the psyllium seed is extremely rich in mucilage. drink one or two ounces per day. Taking psyllium seed regulary will also lower your cholesterol. Studies show this natural. OLM OIL .There are also many cornmercial preparations available that can help you. constipation by promoting contraction of the bowels. It relieves - This is the main ingredient in Metamucil-type guii}my commercial laxatives. high-fiber bulking agqnt can end the misery of constipation tout de sui. University of Kentucky researchers have found.te. One teaspoon three times a day produces relief. For the most natural action. NOTE: It's very important to drink a lot of water when taking psyllium. PSYLLI{IM . Not only does it enlarge and soften stools and stimulate bowel contractions. but it also helps to lubricate their passage.

Another popular herbal remedy that has a proven track record is rosemary oil or crushed rosemary leaves mixed with olive oil. GII\GER ROOT . let it sit 15 minutes. Apply it before you shampoo. you have and old-fashioned but quite effective dandruff remedy.DA]'IDRUFF OLIYE O[. allow the mixture to sit for 10 to 15 minutes. If your dandruff is really bad.Combine these two common ingredients and t ROSEMARY . Work it into the scalp. i1! F-" "rj .

Other foods extremely rich in soluble fiber are all beans. This is a tropical fruit. The second. Having said all of the above. and oat bran." BITTER MELOI{ - . But dietary modification is of primaryimportance and.Earlier we mentioned them in connection with constipation. This condition absolutely requires medical care. soluble fiber. If you notice these symptoms on a persistent basis. I{D. and lentils. "The oral administration of fwo ounces of the juice has shown good results in clinical trials. Murray. can control the problem. It's a leading cause of death and disabiliry. Diabetes increases a person's risk of heart disease. also known as Type II. stroke. Never discontinue your medication without your doctor's say-so. has proven abilities to normalize blood sugar levels. and there are medications to treat it. see a doctor for a blood glucose test. The classic symptoms are insatiable thirst and frequent 'urination. and under no circumstances should you diagnose and treat it yourself. Diabetes is a severe and chronic disorder of carbohydrate. There are two forms of diabetes: lnsulin-dependent and non-insulin dependent. I{ever substifute these herbs for your medical treatment and discuss the use of them with your doctor. Their high fiber content made them useful for that condition." says Michael T. fat. is by far the most common. non-insulin dependent.l)rentrrES This disease afflicts nearly 20 million Americans. and protein metabolism that produces dangerously high levels of blood sugar (glucose). oats. author of Natural Alternatives to Over-the-Counter and Prescription Drugs (Morrow.but only with a doctor's approval. One type of fiber in particular. "The blood sugar-lowering action of the fresh juice or extract of the unripe fruit has been clearly established. One or two apples per day is enough to provide a protective effect. nature's medicine cabinet is full of plants that can help you keep the lid on this potentially deadly condition. along with weight loss and regular exercise. Kentucky. Nine out of 10 diabetics have this form of the disease. 1994). But here's what they are and what they can do for you. has shown soluble fiber such as that found in apples works so well on blood glucose levels that it may enable patients to reduce their medications and in some cases discontinue it . It's shaped like a cucumber and covered with green bumps. peas. kidney disease. Dr. and blindness and can lead to loss of nerve function and loss of limbs. APPLES . James Anderson of the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Lexington. also known as balsam pear.

Drink up to three cups per duy. - Add blood sugar control to the list of this amazing bulb's healing Li E-. although further research is still being conducted. You can make a celery seed tea with one or two teaspoons of freshly crushed seeds steeped in a cup of boiling water for 20 minutes. The most convenient way to take it is in capsule form. The good thing about it is that it will lower your blood glucose only if it is high.The fruit is available in Asian grocery stores. it is best simply to plug your nose and take a two-ounce shot. "If you desire the medicinal effects. Again. FT: qJ- CELERY SEED . In tests. Scientific sfudies at medical schools in India have confirmed its blood sugar-loweing ability." he recommends..VESTRE . GARLIC properties. Discuss this with your doctor./.This highly versatile herbal remedy has proven itself capable of reducing blood sugar levels in tests done by researchers in the former Soviet Union. Follow package directions. Take one teaspoon three times per day. and type II diabetics have been able to decrease or discontinue their oral medications. either in liquid or capsule form. has long served as a diabetes "medication" in that part of the worid. GINSENG . You may wish to incorporate it into your treatment regimen. Chinese researchers have shown it prevents intemrptions or blockages or circulation to the brain.Several studies indicate that this herb can reduce blood glucose levels. the garlic will reduce your risk of heart disease (which is a real problem for diabetics) and protect you from infections. The recommended dosage is 400 mg daily. It's very bitter. G\TVINEMA S\T. Gymnema sylvestre extract is available in health food stores. Make sure you let your doctor know you are taking it. it's important to state that this is not a substitute for diabetes medication. It works for both type I and type II conditions by controlling blood sugar levels. Celery seed tea may also protect you against stroke. chew parsley or fennel. Tinctures are also available through most health food stores. If nothing else. but it is a useful addition to your current treatment plan. It will not touch normal Y . two well-klown herbal breath fresheners. says Murray.This plant native to Indi. To eliminate garlrc breath. Taking a couple of cloves of fresh garlic per day is definitely good for your overall general health. Garlic has been shown to lower glucose levels in both animal tests and human trials. it has enabled fype I diabetics to reduce their insulin dosages. and even a spoonful of sugar won't make it go down easily.

. Drink up to three cups per day. that wilt drop normal blood sugar to dangerously 1ow levels. place one or two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. To brew an infusion.blood suga"r levels. unlike diabetes drugs.One German study showed that sage tea lowers blood sugar in diabetics who drink a cup on an empty stomach. steep for 10 minutes. strain and serve. SAGE .

let cool. CATNIP - MEADOWSWEET This is a traditional folk remedy for diarrhea. make a cup of tea by mixing one tablespoon of dried herb in a large cup of boiling water.A chemical called myricitrin in the bark of this tree can fight many different gefins. so too is sure to eat the entire apple including the skin. . It also contains tannins. Make a healing tea with one or two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. A variety of herbs can knock out those genns and bring an end to your suffering. E4 - it good for diarrhea. Just be BAYBERRY . Here are a few examples: APPLE Just as it's good for constipation. strain. A tincture will help you avoid the taste problem . Boil one teaspoon of powdered root bark for 10 to 15 minutes. including many bacteria responsible for diarrhea.DrenRF{EA This unpleasant condition is often the result of bacteria doing their nasfy work in the large intestine. .take one-half teaspoon twice a day. As we mentioned e--. When you have diarrhea. Drink as many as three cups per day during a bout of diarrhea.Both black and green teas are rich sources of tannins. A modern European study shows it can kill one particular bacteria (Shigetla dysenteriae) responsible for the problem. these compounds have astringent qualities that can stop diarrhea. steep for 10 milutes. You'll probably have to sweeten it since the taste is very biuer. This is a popular and proven remedy in Europe. - TEA earlier. &. Just make a cup of your favorite tea and drink it whenever diarrhea is a problem. steep for 10 minutes. Drink two cups of tea per day until the problem goes away. which exert a drying or astringent effect that can be helpful in relieving diarrhea. and drink.

it will dissolve. drug-free ways to relieve the pain of earaches. the more wlnerable you become to these super bugs. Another option is to place a few drops of warm garlic oil in the ear. There are better. At the first sign of an ear infection. At least that's what many doctors seem to be implying when they quickly resort to prescription antibiotics. To make the the ear. then close it off with a cotton wad. Echinacea contails a natural antibiotic called echinacoside and a compound called echinacein. Apply it to an aching ear with a cotton swab to soothe the discomfort and promote heaiing.It combines a mild pain-relieving action with germ-killing proper[ies. drinking one cup of Echinaceatea. close the container and let is stand a few days at room temperafure. An earache is a sign of infection. But in this case.German doctors prescribe Echinacea as often as they prescribe antibiotics. strain and serve. you are playing Russian roulette every time you or your child takes an teaspoon three times per day. however. three times per day. As it does. will help. . Bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.EarucHE What parent hasn't awakened in the middle of the night to care for a crying child complaining of an earache? While earaches are hardly limited to children. Strain and refrigerate to have on hand for just such infirmities. Here is the wonder cure once agarn. it will release all of its sulfur-rich. I{OTE: Do not give this herb to children under the age of two. ECHINACEA . you put the garlic right where it will do the most good . they are far more cofilmon in kids than grown-ups. If you keep it in there long enough. however. and outer and middle ear infections are so cornmon in childhood that we view them as nonnal. natural. These neutralize the enzymes produced by geilns that attack healthy tissue and invade cells. antibiotic compounds that will soon declare war GARLIC - on genns. These days. In general. You could also use a tincfure or extract . Here are some to try: CALENDTILA OIL . boil. Place a small clove or piece of a clove in the ear and keep it in place with a wad of cotton. Echinacea works by cranking up the immune system. crush a few cloves of garlic in olive oil. Use two teaspoons of chopped root per cup of water. then simmer for 15 minutes. and the more of the drugs you take.

Mullein is a common roadside weed that also happens to be a F . make an oj-l by steeping the leaves in olive oil. Then simply wafin it up a bit. fri IJ MULLEIN OIL powerful bacteria killer. .At the first sign of an earache.! b-+ . Simply puncfure it with a pin and squeeze afew drops into the ear. As a treatment for ear infections. put a few drops in the ear catal and close the passageway with cotton. working much the same way garlic does (although it's not nearly as powerful). wann up a bit of the oil and apply it every four to six hours as needed. Another source of garlic oil is from a garlic capsule.

that product is not available in the United States. You can buy commercially prepared herbal eyewash products containing eyebright (also called euphrasia) in health food stores. perhaps even cayenne pepper. it kil1s genns. EYEBRIGHT . Within 24 hours the itching. that these time-honored herbal remedies are exactly what the doctor would NOT order . Not long ago. inflammations and other ailments. I had a full-blown eye infection. GOLDEI{SEAL give the herb antibiotic properties. it is the main healing substance in a preparation used for the treatment of pinkeye. By the time I got home an hour later. berberine and hydrastine. In Gerrnany. For minor eyestrain. If your problem does not start to clear up within 24 hours.With a name like this. and pus were gone. or if it gets worse. how could it not be beneficial in the treatment of eye ailments? Eyebright has served as a folk remedy for minor eye ailments since the Middle Ages. Another friend who is a very knowledgeable amateur herbalist recofilmended I add goldenseal to the tea. These products are likely to contain other herbs such as goldenseal. Use an eye cup to rinse the eye three or four times a day. but you can soak a clean cloth with barberry tea and use it as a healing eye compress. see a doctor immediately. redness. it's worth trying these herbs frst before you go pay to see the doctor and fil1 prescriptions. It cost me about 50 cents to treat it instead of the $50 I would have spent with the doctor. Yet most of us recognize that the occasional bout of "pinkeye" is not all that serious. as I did recently. and it does so on . that . recornmended I bathe my eye in plain green tea.I discovered it was the red eye in more that just name. as I was getting off a plane . Any inflammation.but should. which is an active constituent of several other herbs. redness. You may find.ErEAII-nnEI{TS You can't fool around with eye problems.This contains two compounds. bayberry. Here are a few herbal eyewashes worfh your attention: BARBERRY . In 48 hours my eye was nofinal again.This herb is rich in a natural antibiotic compound called berberine. swel1ing. Unfortunately. In other words. A physician I know who practices traditional Chinese medicine (which relies heavily on herbs). once an hour.the "red eye" from California to Florida . or irritation could be a sign of infection. raspberry leaves. and that is a potential threat to vision. My eye was itching and tearing.

infected tissue and reduces swelling. You can add dropperful to saline solution or green tea and apply it four times a day. bathe your eyes with it once an hour. After it's a GREEN TEA . This is important because the fluid in swollen tissue provides a perfect place for bacteria to colonize and reproduce. This means it draws out fluids from swollen. To use. and let the tea brew.!i %t . boil up some leaves or tea bags.The main value of green tea in the treatment of eye problems is its astringent quality. EJ E . That's why it is an important addition to an eyewash.

English researchers took 72 sabjects. with milder nausea. FEVERFEW - PASSIONFLOWER . At the end of the study. It is reported that feverfew cut the frequency of migraines by 24 percent and made attacks less violent. and ease menstrual discomfort. right? Unforfunately. Doing so can digestive "uos" troubles and stomachache. For migraine relief. and. strain and drink. It can prevent them frop happening in the flrst place and make them less severe when they do occur. and other symptoms. Neither group knew which compound it was taking. vomiting. you take a pill and usually the pain goes away. Don't take it more than once daily. if you rub it on your temples. Make atea with two teaspoons of dried herb in boiling water. Reach for g' WHITE WILLOW BARK . salicylates. as does aspirin. aspirin is a more concentrated source of these compounds. especially of migraine. Take two as needed or mix 15 to 60 drops of extract into liquid and drink as needed WARNII'{G: Do not drive or operate machinery after using passionflower. nature has supplied a few herbs to ease the pounding in your head without drugs. divided them into two groups. It contains the same active ingredients. this herb is highly effective. those who had taken feverfew had strikingly better results. It eases stress by relieving muscular and nervous tension . a study appeared in the medical journal Lancet. it's just that it any time . You can find it in capsule form.This is one of nafure's best tranquilizers. For migraines. chew two frozen ieaves or take a pill or capsule containing 85 mg of leaf material. freeze'dried feverfew (containing the equivalent of two leaves) ind another group took a placebo.HneDACHE When you have a headache.the prime causes of the majority of headaches. and migraines only.This herb is commonly called 'herbal aspirin". headaches can be a chronic problem and it's not a good idea to take aspirin a1l the time. During the late 1980s. for some people. aid digestion. Feverfew tea may also lower blood pr"rrur". simmer for 10 minutes.The essential oil of rosemary can ease the pain of headaches. Luckily. gave one group a powdered. Rosemary tea eases nervous tension and defuses tension headaches. ROSEMARY .

F-: E'j ts { . It is also available in tablet form . Strain and drink as many as three cups a day (it's-bitter so add honey and lemon). soak one teaspoon of powdered bark in a cup of cold water for eight hours.take two every three hours. Don't expect the herb to be as have pain and would use aspirin. To -uf" ateaof white willow bark. but you can expect it to be safer and gentler.

This is the leading killer of American men and women. While medical care is absolutely essential for known heart disease, we could still use ail the help we
can get.

Certain herbs are parttcularly healing for the heart. Th"y work best as preventive and protective agents before heart problems start. Prevention of heart disease is relatively easy with proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle, but treatment with drugs and surgery is a less certain prospect. Make sure you have regular checkups from the age of 35 on and discuss heart disease and what screening you should have and when with your physician. Then do it. Meanwftile, it couldn't hurt to fam]Tranze yourself with these plant medicines and put them to work for you. WARI,{I\{G: If you are currently tuking any heart medications, do not use herbs until you first talk to your doctor.


serves primarily as a rejuvenating tonic. Tests indicate it may increase fertility enhance strength and vitality. There is a possibility it has anti-tumor activity too. But of greatest interest is evidence that it may protect against heart disease and

- This is a Chinese herb, known as ho shou wu in that country. There it and

prevent heart attacks by reducing blood pressure and keeping blood clots from forming in the arteries. It's available in health food stores in capsule form. Take one capsule three times daily.

GARLIC - This is nature's blood thinner par excellence. It keeps deadly clots from forming and promotes tip-top blood circulation. It also decreases blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels. No medication can match the stunning versatility of this simple bulb. Two chemicals - allicin and ajoene - are
responsible for the cardiovascular benefits. Three cloves of garlic per day, up to 10, are what you need benefits.

to enjoy the

GINKGO - The principle action of this herb is to improve blood flow, especially to vital areas such as the heart and brain. It blocks a substance called platelet
activation factor (PAF), that can trigger the internal blood clots that lead to hear
attacks and strokes. Many studies have established that ginkgo can improve blood flow to the brain and prevent strokes. It even helps after a stroke and may speed recovery. In

the same way, ginkgo improves blood flow to the heart muscle and may reduce the risk of heart attack by preventing the blood clots that cause them. Ginkgo is available in commercial preparations. Simply follow the package directions and take it daily for preventive purposes. The flowers, leaves, and berries of the hawthorne plant have acted as valuable heart tonic for centuries, and modern scientists have shown that its reputation is valid. It seems to open coronary arteries, thereby improving the flow of blood to the heart. This improved blood supply dramatically reduces the likelihood of angina pectoris (severe chest pain associated with heart disease). The herb also strengthens the beating/pumping action of the heart muscle, making it more efficient. Hawthorne works ONLY if it's taken regularly and consistently over a long period of time. LJnlike nitroglycerin and other heart medications, it does not act instantly in the event of an angina attack or some other acute problem. No toxicity from the herb has ever been discovered so you can be assured it is safe to use. Consult your doctor about integrating it into your regimen. Take one teaspoon of tincture upon awakening and just before bed for about a month, then take two weeks off and start again. To make a tea, add two teaspoons of crushed leaves and berries to a cup of boiling water, steep for 20 minutes, strain and drink - up to two cups per day.



- About 10 years ago, headlines shouted Oat Bran Is I{o Good. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Admitedly, the oat bran craze of the mid 1980s got out of hand with people claiming it would do everything, including
make you young again. But the study that supposedly disproved oat bran's healing value was itself unproven. What the second study did was merely compare oat bran to other forms of fiber. Researchers then concluded that it worked no better than other forms of fiber. Subsequent tests have shown these tests were in error. Oat bran is one of the most effective ways to prevent heart attacks. It works by reducing cholesterol - in some tests by up to 20 percent and that translates to a 4A percent reduction in heart attack risk. If you incorporate it into your diet, just two to three ounces a day, you can expect to reduce you can expect to reduce your cholesterol by five to 10 percent (a 10 to 20 percent drop in heart disease risk). One large bowl of oatmeal with oat bran sprinkled on top for breakfast will give you all you need.


EE tt


What garlic can do, so can onion. Research at Tufts University in Boston has shown onions can raise "good" HDL cholesterol (preventing the formation of plaque deposits inside your arteries) almost as well as exercise can.






Eating onions also lowers total cholesterol and thins the blood, preventing internal blood blots. Half araw onion per day should do the trick.


We mentioned this herb earlier as an effective laxative. It has the added effect of lowering cholesterol. In some tests, it lowered total cholesierol by as much as 15 percent (when it was very high to begin with). There is also evidence it may elevate levels of "good" HDL cholesterol. Mix one tablespoon in a pint of water and drink two or three times a day.


* A scientific study in the Journal of Urology showed that ginkgo :! improved blood flow to the penis in men who had narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to that area of the anatomy. half of them were healed. is proof of how widespread the problem is. Help and effective treatments are available. There a-re many causes of impotence.It has a reputation as a sexual tonic for men and is safe to take up to capsule form at health food stores. An erect penis depends upon proper blood flow. One thing is certain. Buy it in . some hormonal. By the end of ayear./vrporENCE EI * Although a male problem. or one of the new men's health specialists. . see a male specialist. Anyone experiencing even occasional bouts of impotence might consider giving ginkgo a try. some psycholo gical. though. DAMIANA GINKGO three times per day. If blockages impair circulation. Arteries supplying that part of the body are subject to narrowing and blocking just like arteries elsewhere. Some 20 million men or more may suffer from it to some degree. They were unable to achieve erections. The incredible success of Viagra. There are certain herbs that have positive effects on this intimate function. The men in the study took 60 mg of ginkgo per day. But if the problem persists. It is simply the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for a iong enough period of time. it certainly affects a man's partner. it hampers the ability to have an erection. a urologist. the sometimes dangerous prescription drug.

ethyl-maltol. Weiner. it relieves muscular pain due to stress and eases menstrual cramps. PEPPERMINT - SKULLCAP . Drink a cup before going to bed. get to the bottom of it. and flavonoids.that is. Make skullcap tea with one tablespoon of the herb in two cups of boiling water. see a doctor.take one or two capsules at bedtime as a sleep aid. Steep 10 to 15 minutes then strain. But it is also good for insomnia. It can take several forms. strain and drink before bedtime. Steep for 10 minutes.e machinery after taking The menthol in peppermint is especially healing. people usually think of this herb as a digestive aid and decongestant. Simply follow label WARNING: Do not drive or passionflower. A cup or two of peppermint tea before bed or in the wee hours should put you right to sleep. Examine your circumstances. which indeed it is. 1980) says passionJlower "may be our best tranquilizer". and no more than three per day. For the occasional episode of insomnia. a little help may be all you need: PASSIOI{FLO\4IER . the abilify of peppermint to sooth stomach upsets adds to its value as an insomnia buster. is also available in packaged form. Mindell. and if something is troubling you. Should the problem continue after this.This herb is primarily an antispasmodic . Make a cup of passionflower tea with one teaspoon of dried leaves per cup of boiling water. and can help with insomnia. author of Earth Medicine. says Dr. Since indigestion is a common cause of sleeping difficulties. If the problem persists for more than several nights in a row.This herb contains a variety of chemicals that exert calming and tranquilizing effects./xsoMNrA Everybody has the occasional bout of insomnia. . j WARNING: Do not drive or operate machinery after taking skullcap. tension. Take it easy on the coffee and caffeinated drinks. Use a relaxation exercise or try meditation. operat. because the insomnia iould be a symptom of a deeper. You might have trouble falling asleep or wake up in the middle of the night and have a rough time returning to sleep. PhD. You can also find skullcap capsules . It relieves muscular tension. Michael A. it may be a signal that you are suffering from unresolved stress. more serious condition. They are maltol. Earth Food (Fawcett. or woffy in your life. Passionflower directions. however.

But they are potent. For centuries. steep for eight to 12 minutes and drink before bedtime. WARNING: None of the above herbs are addictive and they have few. You can also take up to three capsules daily or mix 10 drops of extract in liquid and drink. stress (nervous tension). unpleasant side effects. it . Make a cup of tea with two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. and sleeping problems. they are both used to accomplish the same thing. Th"y calm you down. ease muscular tension and relieve insomnia. if any.Does the name remind you of anything? How about Valium? Although the drug and the herb are chemically unrelated. this has been the preferred treatment of herbalists for panic affacks. so use them only as directed and VALERIAN - never exceed the recornmended dosage.

boil a half teaspoon of powdered root in a cup of water for 30 minutes. Drink three cups per day. but you should discuss the matter with a knowledgeable physician first. But many women experience no discomfort. While our high fat diets and lack of physical activity make problematic menopause more likely. Nature has been generous in its plant medicines for women in later middle age. It is not clear if plant estrogens pose the same danger as synthetic hormones. and soothing hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. BLACK COHOSH This is another plant that contails 'phytoestrogens" (literally. To make a tea. In Japan and other parts of the Orient. I . plant-produced estrogens). Make a cup of tea with a teaspoon of anise seeds steeped in boiling water for 10 to 20 minutes. Yet most Americans grow up believing agony is a necessary part of "the change". It's a good idea to combine it with the hormone progesterone. because taking estrogen alone may raise the risk of uterine cancer. (It is the disappearance of estrogen that brings about many of the typical problems of menopause. You can avoid the suffering.) The mild estrogenic activity of this herb may help relieve menopausal symptoms. easing or eliminating the symptoms of PMS. DOI{G QUAI i j of gynecological problems. What makes it such a difficult time for so many women are the hormonal changes that occur when the ovaries stop producing estrogen. when a woman's menstrual cycle comes to an end. Health food stores carry dong quai in capsule form . suffering during menopause is virlually unheard of and there is no word for "hot flashes" in the Japanese language. Earl Mindell says phytoestrogen compounds are what keep many Asian women from suffering during menopause their diets are high in phytoestrogens (it's abundant in soy foods) and low in fat. having a discomfort-free "change" is by no means unavoidable. Dr. but don't tell that to the women who are going through it. This is a stronger phytoestrogen than anise. ANISE Two chemicals in this plant (dianethole and photoanethole) are chemically similar to the female hormone estrogen.MnxoPAusE I j Menopause is not technically a disease. It is the change from childbearing to non-childbearing conditions. [Jp to a teaspoon of black cohosh tincture per day may ease discomfort.This herb is a favorite in China for the treatment of a wide range has a reputation for quelling painful menstrual cramps. or take a teaspoon of tincture in water or other liquid up to three times per day.

and the recommended dose is one to three form. E.The seeds of this herb contain a phytoestrogen called diosgenin. Do not discontinue other treatments your doctor has recommended. Russian and Chinese researchers say it can increase women's estrogen levels and therefore it is therapeutic for menopause. which means it refurns many out-of-whack bodily functions to their normal levels. GINSENG . Fenugreek is also available in tincture form. it has been said by those who take it that fenugreek tea helps to control menopausal symptoms. but it wouldn't hurt to give fenugreek atry.This herb perfonns a long list of wonders. and let it simmer for 10 minutes. It is technically called an "adaptogen". RED CLOVER . Drink up to three cups per day. Make a tea with two teaspoons of seeds boiled in a cup of water. Although it has yet to be proven by medical research.This is another herb that is rich in phytoestrogens. . daily. It is also available in tincture FENUGREEK . Drink three cups a day. Take one to three capsules daily or drink one cup of tea per day (commercially preparcdteabags are widely available in health food stores). It has a rather bitter taste so you may want to flavor it with a sweetener. steep for 12 minutes.l . Make atea with two teaspoons of dried flowers per cup of boiling water.

teaspoon of borage oil in juice and drink it daily. and be especially intent on performing aerobic exercise. WARNING: Pregnant and nursing women should not use this herb. Dr. it "scientific investigation has shown that dong quai produces a balancing effect on estrogen activify and a tonic effect on the uterus.Just as this traditional Chinese herb is useful for menopause. GLA is an effective anti-inflammatory agent that has no side effects. Or take fwo teaspoons of tincfure three times a day. and joint pain are common.These are both excellent sources of gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Mix a BUCHII - DAINDELION . . Symptoms such as mood swings. but they don't work instantaneously. Drink three cups a day. This is an excellent diuretic and is usefu1 in relieving the bloating that is characteristic of PMS. You must take one or the other treatment for six to eight weeks before it takes effect and you notice changes. Most nafural health experts say certain measures can help. bloated feeling. To make a cup of tea. WARNING: Pregnant and nursing women should not use this herb.This another diuretic that helps relieve that uncomfortable. Make atea with an ounce of dried leaves per cup of boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. Weil recommends 500 mg of black currant oil twice a day as the most economical form. In addition. In addition. Both of these oils are an effective treatment for PMS. Steep 20 minutes and drink three cups per day. these herbs and herbalproducts can help: BORAGE OIL and BLACK CURRANT OIL . Combine them with tea or tincture for maximum effectiveness. DONG QUAI can also relieve the unpleasant symptoms of PMS. you can add dandelion greens to a salad but don't rely on greens alone to counteract bloating. Or take a teaspoon of tincture three times per day. eliminate caffeine from all sources (including chocolate)." says Michael T. Black currant oil and borage oi1 also contain an abundant amount of GLA. and avoid polyunsaturated vegetable oils (they can aggravate symptoms). For example. headaches. bloating. Many experience painful cramps during their periods too. exercise regularly. . mix two teaspoons of dried leaves per cup of boiling water. irritability.Pnns a Cnnnnps Many women suffer a great deal during certain points in their menstrual cycles. depression.

WARNING: Pregnant and nursing women should not use this herb. Make a tea with two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. To make atea. The herb also happens to be rich in vitamins A.Add this herb to your list of diuretics. WA. Or mix 10 to 15 drops of extract in warm liquid and drink - three times a day. It may come in handy for the bloating that occurs in the days just before your period. Drink one cup a day. MOTIfiRWORT This is excellent for cramps as well as the irritability and headaches associated with PMS.Here's a diuretic that will also leave you with fresh breath. WARNING: Pregnant und nursing women should not use this herb. of Bastyr College. Drink three cups a day.This is an excellent anti-spasmodic that alleviates cramps. He says it is great for PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps. Mix two teaspoons of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. PARSLEY . JIJNIPER . Mindell. says Dr. E: . and E Murray. One teaspoon steeped for 10 minutes in a cup of boiling water makes an excellent tea. a fully-accredited school of naturopathic medicine in Seattle. BIZ. Drink only two cups a day. place a teaspoon of bruised juniper berries in a cup of boiling water and steep for 15 to 20 minutes.I{D. RASPBERRY LEAVES .

motorcycles. and spicy foods. try the following alternatives to prostate medication. it activates testosterone (which is good for prostate health). Discomfort is extreme. They all irritate the prostate. In older men the gland enlarges (a condition called BPH. The point is to take pressure off the area. o o . is common in young men. The drugs are relatively ineffective and surgery is highly painful and fraught with risks. There are herbs that can help but the most important thing a man can do is make the following lifestyle changes: r . These activities jar the perineal (seat) area and irritate the prostate. Take 2. For prevention.European healers have been using this flower pollen extract for a This compound comes from alarge evergreen tree native to Africa. alcohol. Don't spend long periods of time on bicycles. Finally. or benign prostatic hyperplasia) and interferes with normal urination. If you are currently having trouble. First. Prostatitis. Do not diagnose yourself. Studies have shown it to be safe and effective. (Be sure to see a doctor. making it very dfficult to treat. as many as one in three men over age 65 have this condition. Get up and walk around every 30 to 40 minutes. it has been proven helpful in reducing inflammation. It is available in health food stores.PnosrArE PuoBLEMS The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra which carries urine away from the bladder. tobacco.000 mg of vitamin C twice a day. try 60 mg per day. less than a minute will do. Increase water intake to flush the urinary system. red pepper. Take PYGEUM - . . Doctors have 1itt1e to offer beyond antibiotics or surgery. Pygeum is available in capsule form at most health food stores. Take two 500 mg tablets three times per day. or inflammation of the gland. This condition often turns chronic and the gland becomes subject to infection. Second. or horseback riding. try 25 or 30 mg. Once you've accomplished the above.) CER|{ILTON nearly 30 years as a prostate treatment. it blocks the prostate's unwanted absorption of cholesterol (which clogs up the works). The bark has been shown to reduce prostate enlargement in clinical trials. o Eliminate caffeine. Zinc picolinate can he1p. This ailment is extremely common. There are natural means that can give you relief. Avoid prolonged sitting. In fact. You don't have to walk for a long period of time.

but it also keeps the hormones from locking on the prostate cells. The herb is completely safe. says Dr. SAw PALMETTO BERRY EXTRACT - E: . Not only does it block the formation of the hormone.100 mg lwice a day. the herb has proven its worth by greatly improving symptoms of BPH . Saw palmeffo acts in a simila-r manner to the expensive drug Proscar. Studies have shown the herb to be effective in nearly 90 percent of patients. a hormone that causes irnchecked multiplication of prostate ce11s. whereas Proscar works in fewer than 50 percent.'' But the herb actually outperforms the drug. Take 160 mg twice a day. The berries of the plant are a traditional folk remedy for prostate problems. The pharmaceutical agent Proscar does not have this blocking action. This plant is a small. In modern clinical trials. scrufr' palm native to the Atlantic coast of the United States from South Carolina to Florida. Look for an extract standardizedto contain 85 to 95 percent fatty acids and sterols. Both slow down production of dihydrotestosterone. Murray.

and non-irritating. a cream made of gotu kola healed psoriasis lesions in five of seven patients within two months. Psoriasis occurs when something . red. qnd anyone with diabetes. nonallergenic. It may help people with psoriasis. It softens the skin and promotes normal skin growth.cuts.although what that something is isn't certain . It is useful for psoriasis welts and is safe. NOTE: Pregnant and nursing women.are legendary. called silymarin. This is a popular skin treatment in Europe. versus 83 percent using cortisone. This causes thickened. and scalp are where the lesions usually crop up. cold - sores. The elbows. and derrnatitis. 93 percent of psoriasis patients who applied 18-beta-glycyrrhetinic acid improved.This common q I roadside weed contains a nafural chemical. glaucoma. experts say. . In one study. Beyond that you may find some relief by using some of the following herbs: ALLANTOIN . or heart disease should not use this herb. says Andrew Weil. eczema. Exposure to sunlight is more helpful than anything else. MD. MILK THISTLE . that has a direct and potent healing effect on the liver. Its healing effects on skin problems of all types . but herbalist Michael Castleman recommends soaking a clean cloth in gotu kola tea and applying it to the affected area twice a day. CHAMOMILE EXTRACT - ECHII\ACEA Applying an extract of this healing herb directly to psoriasis lesions is worth a shot. The extract contains compounds called flavonoids as well as essential oils.A compound in licorice called 18-beta-glycynhetinic acid acts like cortisone when applied to the skin and is therefore beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis.PsomASrs This is a strange disease but not a life-threatening one. and herpes lesions . Slather it with a cotton swab. GOTU KOLA . knee-s. scaly patches that itch and cause embarrassment. LICORICE EXTRACT . high blood pressure. There is no such product as a gofu kola cream.In a small study. eczema. But this cortisone-like compound has none of the adverse effects of the synthetic cortisone. stroke.makes the skin grow too fast.This compound comes from comfrey root. both of which have anti-inflammatory action. He recommends taking two capsuies a day for at least three months.

this is a traditional folk remedy for colds and sore throats. HYSSOP . and antiallergic properties. Studies show it also has antiviral properties. dry. Take one capsule up to three times a'day for general protection and add a pinch of powdered licorice to any herbal tea and sip. Nafure has a treasure trove of herbs to relieve that scratchy. You cannot call a sore throat a disease. It's a symptom of a wider-ranging illness. such as a cold or the flu. it also helps relieve minor coughs so you don't continue irritating your throat. a rype of fiber that coats the throat.. Place two teaspoons of smashed seeds in a cup of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. Gargle with this three or four times a day for a sore throat. It hetps because it's rich in mucila1a. has anti-inflammatory. lemon. it is capable of kiliing Streptococci bacteria which is responsible for many sore throats. R'* .s1mix it with anise or peppermint. Let it steep for 10 minutes. colds. antiviral.This traditional cold and sore throat elixir has several active chemical constituents that make it the real deal. But a sore throat can be so uncomfortable that treating the symptoms can become a priority. or flu and sore throats. It contains several camphor-based compounds that soothe sore throats and an expectorant chemical (mamrbin) that breaks up congestion so it can be coughed up and expelled. glycyrrhizin.. per se. To use as a gargle. Make a gargling solution with one tablespoon of pulvenzed seeds in eight ounces of hot water. FENUGREEK . LICORICE - 6. maple syrup (the herb has a faint maple flavor).Sons ZnnoAr Sore throats are one of the most common complaints of childhood but they are no strangers to adults either. The taste is kind of bitter so add honey. Modern sfudies show the primary active compound in licorice. mix a teaspoon in one half cup of warm water. Strain and gargle every three to four hours. making it very effective as a remedy for coughs. Another option is fenugreek tea. painful feeling in your throat that makes it so tough to swallow. therefore giving it a chance to heal.One of the oldest known medicinal plants. At the same time. It is a superior expectorant and it numbs and soothes sore throats and eases hoarseness.

MARSH MALLOW This plant is rich in mucilage and can therefore reduce that feeling of rawness that accompanies sore throats. Take one lozenge up to three times per day. a - it also contains so rnuch soothing. sore throats. and the flu. stroke. NOTE: Experts w&rn that if you hqve a persistent cough that lasts two weeks or more. high blood pressure. Marsh mallow is an herb . flowers and roots in a cup of boiling water and steep for 10 minutes. coughs. Drink two cups per day. glaucoma. LTNGWORT .There is an extremely high level of mucilage in the bark of this tree. . and chest congestion. mix fwo teaspoons of dried leaves.= = NOTE: Pregnant und nursing women. cooling mucilage. hoarseness. and anyone with diabetes. Lozenges are available at most health food stores.. You can also make licorice tea by boiling one half teaspoon of powdered herb in cup of water for 10 minutes.The rather unpleasant sounding name of this herb suggests it is good for coughs. MULLEIN - This is another good treatment for sore throats because SLIPPERY ELM BARK .it js not the sugary treat (marshmallow) kids love to toast over campfires. Mix one tablespoon of the herb in a cup of hot water. stop trying to self-medicate and get to a doctor. colds. To make a tea. Take a teaspoon of tincture up to three times a day or drink three cups of tea. drink one cup daily. or heart disease should not use this herb.

These compounds are closely related to the sedating chemicals in valerian. you give you give your body a break from the corrosive effects of stress and that provides time to name it. CATNIP - CIIAMOMILE central nervous system.Srnsss This is the dtsease of the ZAth century. Put two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. the same chemicals that drive cats crazy. not a tranquilizer. Or mix five to 10 grams of ginseng powder in eight ounces of liquid and drink it once a day. but if it's too low. Drink up to three cups per day. In Germany bakn is one of the most widely used nafural sedatives. The Harvard Medical School estimates that stress-related complaints prompt over half the visits to the doctor's office. In herbs you can find effective natural tranquilizers that are non-habit forming. It is safe and gentle. - Nepetalactone isomers. But technically it belongs to a class of compounds cailed adaptogens. Studies link stress to heart disease. Normally you think of this herb as an energizer. But if you can calm down. it will lower it. BALM Studies show bahrr oil has tranquilizing properties. Take a teaspoon of tincture three times a day or make tea with three teaspoons of flowers per cup of boiling water. Mindeil. called valepotriates.000 years. and psoriasis . diabetes.The Chinese have been using it for 5. . which means it normalizes the body when it's out of balance. Up to three cups a day is fine. and have a mild tranquilizing effect on people. says Dr. if your blood pressure is high. cancet. In the same way. Try a cup of catnip tea when you are tense. eczema. Take one teaspoon of tincture three times a day. Or make a tea with two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling wateq and steep for 20 minutes. stress can make it worse. it will raise it. It can affect almost any organ of your body. Steep for 20 minutes. ginseng helps the body adapt to stressful situations. or drink a cup of ginseng tea at night (many cofirmercial preparations are now available). strokes. Take one capsule up to three times a day. can actually calm you down. For example. upholding its traditional use as a natural sedative. Steep for 15 minutes and strain. no maffer how. - Modern researchers have shown this herb can depress the GINSENG . Drink up to three cups per day.

Older children and people over 65 should begin with a weak preparation and gradually increase the strength if needed. Skullcap has a bitter taste.PASSIONFLOWER As we mentioned earlier. there is evidence valerian may lower blood pressure (if it's elevated to begin with). Finally. That's good news since stress is known to send blood pressure skyrocketing. drink three cups a day. WARIr{ILIG: Children under two shouldn't be given the above herbs. Steep for 15 lninutes. European researchers have validated long-standing claims that it can put a body and mind at ease. It will not cause grogginess the next day or lead to dependence and addiction. . use one teaspoon of dried leaves per cup of boiling water and steep for 15 minutes. It appears SKTLLCAP - in many commercial sleep preparations in Europe. To make atea. Take a teaspoon of tincture before going to bed or make a cup of tea with two teaspoons of powdered root in a cup of boiling water. Otherwise. we'll add that you should never drtve nor operate machinery after using skullcap or sny of the tranquilizing/sedating herbs. For insomnia. this herb contains - three tranquilizing chemicals and is an excellent natural sedative. These produce a safe and gentle yet highly effective sedating effect. so it's a winner on two fronts. This is a traditional tranqurbzer. so add sugar or other flavoring. Researchers have discovered unrelated chemicals in the plant with additional sedative properties. you should use this and other stress-busters at night before retiring. steep for 15 minutes and drink before bed. As a side bonus. Make skullcap tea with two teaspoons of dried herb in a cup of boiling water. as a primary ingredient VALERIAN .Valerian is an effective sedative capable of improving the quality of sleep. While we're at it. drink before going to bed. This herb owes its action to chemicals called valepotriates.

you can cash in on the healing powers of aloe right now whenever you get a sunburn. Scientific sfudies in the United States and elsewhere have confirmed its ability to promote burn healing. Just cut off a frond of the plant. It soothes the stinging sensation. It works for sunburn too. . Excessive sun exposure can age your skin prematurely and lead to several types of skin cancer including the deadly serious malignant melanoma. Almost everybody has had u oip of ALOE VERA . soothes irritated CIIAMOMILE - nerves.A liquid extract of this herb has anti-inflammatory action and is very soothing for sunburn or any minor cut. this plant has had a reputation as one of nafure's best moisfurizers. when used extemally. but it's nice to know the herb will repel genns anyway).This herb heals both internally GINGER the pulp to the area. including sunburn. Apply it several times a day directly to the burned area with a cotton ba1l. ECHINACEA and externally. then apply IVITCH HAZEL. Currently scientists atthe University of Texas are actively exploring the full healiag potential of this plant.StrxsuRNr sunburn at one time or another. Earl Minde[. or soak a cloth in cooled Echinaceateato make a soothing compress. Then soak a clean cloth in the brew and apply as a compress to the affected area. says Dr. but how to deal with the sting of a nasty burn despite your best efforts of prevention. Even as they try to learn more about its powerful effects. Refrigerate the portion you don't use because you can reuse it until it's gone. Apply Echinacea tincfure or oil directly to burned skin. It stimulates the healing process. . . and prevents infection (rarely a problem with sunburn. Earlier we recofirmended it for common burns. But we're not really here to talk about how to prevent skin cancer. This soothing herb is great for skin problems. A chemical in the herb called echinacein not only repels germs but stimulates skin cell repair. scrape. Brew three or four teaspoons of flowers per cup of boiling water and let it steep fot 2A minutes. split it up the middle. or bruise.Since the days of Cleapatra.Pour the juice of crushed ginger root on the burned skin. spread the leaf wide open and smear the inner gel liberally over the burned area.

. A little temporary relief can help you until you get an appointment. ALLSPICE - rich in eugenol. They are a signal that you need professional attention. then get to the dentist. Toothaches are extremely unpleasant and often very painful. Here Ne afew herbs you can use as lrst aid: The oil of this herb contains the chemical eugenol. dentists use eugenol as a local anesthetic on teeth and gums. Rub it on the affected area until you get to the dentist.IoorHAcHtr . CLOVE .Like allspice oil. but sometimes you can't get in to see the dentist immediately. In fact. Apply directly to the spot(s) where it hurts. clove oil is extremely it j1 . which studies show is an effective pain reliever. Dentists use as a topical anesthetic.

and without antibiotics. Juice of this b"rry has been noted for its ability to prevent bladder and other urinary tract infections sirrce 1840. A thfud property of uva ursi is allantoin. The taste is unpleasant. the herb contains several diuretics that help flush the urinary tract. Then simmer one teaspoon per cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Urinaty tract infections are no exception and. Drink up to three cups per day or take one half to one teaspoon of tincture three times a day. Modern studies show it works by preventing germs from burrowing into the lining of the urinary ftact. Drink a couple of glasses of cranberry juice (available in supermarkets) per need to monitor any you develop. IIVA URSI - . then put it on low boil for 30 minutes. see a doctor. If symptoms do not go away within a week. BARBERRY infection fighter. arbutin. It also has several tannins. To make a tea. For this herb to be effective. which act as powerful astringents. Make a tea with one half teaspoon of powdered root bark. has the ability to fight genns in the urinary tract. which promotes lhe growth of new cells. But it is possible to treat them with the right herbs . Don't even take vitarnin C supplements while using it.fJruwaRYTrucr Ixpncrrorvs Any infection is serious. Its main ingredient. soak the leaves in water overnight (to reduce the unpleasant taste). so you may wish to add natural sweeteners and flavorings. - The chemical berberine found in this herb is an impressive CRANBERRY - Ei _a= Studies show the traditional use of this herb for urinary tract infections is valid. In addition. If the irfection does not clear up in a week. you must not eat or drink anything of an acidic nature such as citrus fruits or juices. infected tissue. drying out swollen. see a doctor without delay. Studies show it kills the bacteria responsible for urinary ftact infections (Escherichia coli). leading to faster healing.

Some claim it helps prevent or treat cancer and arthritis and promotes longevity. gout.HnnnsToAvon It's easy to understand why so many people are interested in herbal remedies these days. Impersonal doctors. the following herbs require special precautions: CHAPARRAL . And considering statistics from the American Association of Poison Control Centers that show roughly 500 people die from medical drugs for every person killed by * herb. In the past for colds. Some healers still use it externally for minor cuts and scrapes. asthma. and hay fever. it may be tempting to overuse them or misuse them in a dangerous manner. EPIfiDRA (MA HUAI'{G) . - Although it is widely used in Europe for coughs. This herb is banned in Canada. Certain herbs can cause harm if you misuse them But just because herbs come from plants does not mean they are automatically safe. It's precisely because they have the power to heal that you need to use them with caution . Canada has banned its use. Generally they are safe but remember. it seems like a very good idea to take the herbal remedy route. However. asthma. Before you consider using herbs to treat any condition. A study in Japan determined that it caused liver tumors in rats. which cause serious liver damage. Comfrey contains the chemicals allantoin and pyrrolizidines. coltsfoot contains dangerous chemicals that can cause liver damage. While most herbs are completely safe when used properly.the same caution you should use with any medication. COMFREY - purposes and to provide an energy boost. it contains the chemical NGDA and the Food and Drug Administration warns that internal use could lead to liver damage. they work because they are powerfril. the bureaucratic nightmare of managed care and soaring prescription costs. Herbal remedies can and do promote healing. have us yearning to go back to basics. In our rush to embrace herbal healing. make sure you educate yourself or consult a qualified professional. and Some people take this herb for arthritis. COLTSFOOT other respiratory conditions. and infections.This herb is commonly used for weight control it was used as a decongestant .

Never use it for more than two weeks at a time. or red wind. says Michael T. While it's safe at prescribed levels.The FDA considers it an herb of "undefined safety" and has received over 400 reports of adverse reactions. of Bastyr College in Seattle. loosens secretions in the respiratory tract.This herb is a strong stimulant laxative. palpitations. PENI\TrROYAL . and the FDA has approved it as safe when it is properly labeled. and - bronchitis. Washington. YOHIMBE It has been said that the bark of this tree has noted effects on male sexual performance. therefore helping to expel congestion and improve breathing. or colitis should use it at all. cause rapid heart rate. It has been attributed to 15 deaths. But using senna for extended periods can leach your body of vital electrolytes (minerals) and disturb the heartbeat. it can depress breathing.The crushed leaves of this herb are relatively safe and hfusions (teas) have been used for years to treat coughs. If you choose to use this herb. In extreme cases. . ND. No one should use the oil' Fa "-':- SEI'{NA . including liver failure. cheese. elevated blood pressure. and even lead to coma and death. taking too much can cause sever nausea and vomiting. LOBELIA The herb acts as an expectorant because lobeline. No one with chronic digestive problems such as ulcers. do so only under the care and guidance of your doctor. the active ingredient. But pennyroyal oil is a different matter. Yohimbe also causes rashes when mixed with liver. It is highly toxic. asthma. It is widely available in heaith food stores. hemorrhoids. congestion. and upset stomachs. and strokes. Lobeline is chemicalty similar to nicotine and has been used as a smoking deterrent. the small amount needed to stimulate uterine contractions is extremely close to the lethal dose. The trDA attributes both - seizures and death with this herb. Murray. IJsed to induce abortions for over a century. But the ingredient that makes for its aphrodisiac effect also raises blood pressure and causes nervousness and fatigge. It's effective for pneumonia.

IrfY .The information provided in this handout was taken directly from Herbal Cures for Common Ailments by Globe Communications Corporation Boca Raton. FL New York.

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