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Purpose: To provide student nurse with information necessary about prenatal care.

Goal: The student nurse will be able to gain knowledge about prenatal care. Objectives Content Outline Method of Instruction Following 1 hour of teaching session the student nurse will be able to: 1. To know the definition of prenatal care within 5 minutes with 90% accuracy. Definition of Prenatal Care Lecture


Method of Evaluation


Pen & Paper

2. To Identify the Signs and Symptoms of pregnancy within 15 minutes with 100% accuracy.

Signs and Symptoms of pregnancy Probable Sign Presumptive Sign Probable Sign



Oral Recitation of Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy and the Nursing Intervention for it.

3. To know about danger signs of pregnancy within 10 minutes with 85% accuracy.

Lecture Danger Sign of Pregnancy;

Vaginal Bleeding Persistent Vomiting Chills and Fever Abdominal/Chest Pain Pregnancy Induce Hypertension Swelling of face, fingers, and legs.


Verbalization of different types of Danger in Pregnancy and the Nursing intervention for it.

4. To know about prenatal assessment within 15 minutes with 80% accuracy.

Prenatal Assessment
Health History Demographic Data Chief Concern Family and social profile Gynecologic History Obstetric History Review of System Baseline Data System Assessment Pelvic Examination

Pen & Paper Instruction Handouts

5. To Identify about health promotion during prenatal within 15 minutes with 800% accuracy.

Health Promotion
Self Care Needs Bathing Dental Care Perineal Hygiene Clothing Sexual Activity Exercise Sleep Employment Travel



Post Testing