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Submission Cover Sheet* to ANFC USC Department of Political Science

Students details:

Type of requirement submitted: TAKE HOME ESSAY EXAM Date due:


From (students surname, initials):

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Submission policies: 1. All work must be submitted by the due date. 2. Expect deductions for late submission. 3. No assignment can be accepted after more than 14 calendar days unless the reason/s for delayed submission is/are duly documented and merit/s consideration as determined by the instructor. 4. Improper and/or incomplete accomplishment of this cover sheet can be deemed as non-submission. 5. You are expected to keep and/or have acknowledged as received a copy of your assignment.

Students Statement: 1. I have been duly oriented about plagiarism. 2. This output is original and has not previously been submitted as part of another unit/subject/course. 3. I have made all reasonable effort to ensure that this work is not copied. 4. I acknowledge that my instructor may, for the purposes of assessment, reproduce the assignment for plagiarism check. 5. I understand the nature of and consequences for engaging in plagiarism as discussed during the course/department orientation and/or stated in Sections 2.5.7 and 2.5.8 of the USC Student Manual (2006 ed.). 6. I certify that I have not plagiarized the work of others or participated in unauthorized collusion when preparing this assignment.

Students Signature Date: ____________________

Submission Checklist

Take Home Essay Exam Grading Sheet

Criteria Format requirements Answer outline in Toulmin Model Grammar & punctuation Responsiveness (to the question) Quality of argument Aptness of example(s) cited Application of readings/discussion Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

Have you: Prepared a (soft) back-up copy

Followed the requirements on:

Paper size (short bond paper) Font style (Calibri/Times New Roman) Font size (not smaller than size 11) Spacing (at least 1.5) Format clarity/legibility Word count

Edited/proofread your output Attached other documents as may be applicable (e.g. excuse letter) Written all required information on this Submission Cover Sheet Signed this Cover Sheet Have the box below dated and signed as received by receiving PoSc personnel before detaching this side of the paper and keeping it as proof of submission.

* The making of this cover sheet has been inspired by the Assessment Cover Sheet Politics of the Faculty of Arts, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

For ANFC / PoSc Department use only: Date received: By: