Provided by the Technology Education Department, Information Technology Services Last revised September 2014

Listed below are a number of tools you can use to develop an interesting, interactive, engaging, and
visual presentation. All examples can be found at
Video Recording & Hosting
1. Record video via digital video recorder, digital camera (switch to video mode), or a smart phone.
2. Use the free video editing tools already on your computer: iMovie on Apple computers and Windows Live
Movie Maker on Windows. Or, try a web based editor such as or
3. Store video in a free web site (YouTube, Vimeo, WeVideo, etc.) or save the file to your computer to edit
or add to a PowerPoint presentation.

Audio Recording & Hosting
1. Record audio via smart phone, telephone, portable game devices, or various MP3 players. There are
dozens of apps for mobile devices and tablets that you can use to create audio clips. See link at the top.
2. Vocaroo is a browser based audio recording service. Plug your microphone into your computer, click the
Record button and create your audio file (WAV format.) Export the file out of your account to be used as
part of the presentation.
3. Use to create an audio file via microphone or cell phone by calling a toll free number and
recording your message. Link to audio clip within the presentation
4. Audioboo is a free audio hosting web site where you can create an audio clip in your browser, upload
audio creations (MP3 format), listen to them live, or embed into other sources.
5. Other great sites and/or apps to try: iPadio, Pocket WavePad, Highlight, and Animoto

Capturing, Editing, & Presenting Pictures
1. Snap pictures via smart phone, digital camera, tablets, and other devices.
2. Use various online image editing tools (,,,, Flickr, etc.) or
app editing tools ( ... ). Use the online sites full screen, gallery, or slideshow mode to show the images to
the audience.
Enhanced Presentation Tools
VoiceThread is a browser based tool that allows you to create a multimedia slideshow that holds images,
documents, and videos. The site provides a collaborative environment where visitors can leave text, voice, or
video comments on your slideshow. Users can doodle on the slideshow to illustrate and narrate key points or
simply watch and listen as you narrate the slideshow. You can create 5 Voicethreads using the free account. and account details here
Prezi is a browser based tool that allows you to create non-linear presentations based on two concepts: size and
zoom. You start with an open canvas, add your content, position items into frames, and set a path. During the live
presentation, you can follow the path or zoom in/out to show specific areas. Try this tool for a different
presentation experience for both presenter and audience.
Glogster is an online multimedia poster and presentation tool. Glogster supports the addition of text, images,
video clips, and audio files to help you create the perfect, attention getting, online poster. Make sure you look at
the EDU version instead of the regular web site version.
Mindomo is a web-based concept mapping tool that allows you to create free flowing maps with connected
topics. This is a great alternative to a PowerPoint presentation.

Provided by the Technology Education Department, Information Technology Services Last revised September 2014

Using Apps
There are many good apps available on both Apple and Android devices to create a presentation, work with
pictures, make and edit videos, or record drawings and animations on your screen. Search in your device app
store for a few options or check out the Apple iPad specific ones below.
Presentation apps: Haiku Deck and SlideIdea are good apps to create a nicely designed presentation using your
photos, text and voice. Export the presentation to email, a cloud account or elsewhere for viewing in a classroom.
Screen Recording apps: Educreations, ScreenChomp, and ShowMe
Live Audience Polling
Poll Everywhere is the easiest solution for live audience polling via text message, Twitter, and/or a web browser.
The free account allows you to create an unlimited number of polls and receive up to 40 responses per poll.
Questions can be viewed directly online.
Video Collection Tools
YouTube Playlists are a great way to collect videos for presentation to an audience. If you have a number of
videos to show as part of a presentation, this may be the tool for you. For details on setting up a playlist, see the
YouTube help article here
PowerPoint 2010 Tips
If you decide to use PowerPoint, do not feel that you have to use just text in your slides. PowerPoint 2010 has
some nice image editing tools and does have a simple interface to use to create a presentation. If you have audio
or video you’d like to add to a slide, make sure you save both the audio/video file & the presentation in the same
folder before adding it to the slide. Then, bring the entire folder to the live presentation (via flash drive).
YouTube in PowerPoint 2010
Directions for adding YouTube videos directly in your slides (embedded) can be found directly in the Help section
of PowerPoint 2010. While on a blank slide, click the Insert tab  Video  Video from Web Site. Then, click the
Help and examples link in the dialog box that appears.

Preparation Tips
1. Look for presentation design inspiration on various slide sharing web sites (,, etc.) and public speaking examples on TEDTalks (
2. There are many online tools to use for diagramming, comic creation, timelines, and more.
3. There are many tools for interviewing someone online (,, Google Hangout)
4. If possible, test your final creation on one of the classroom computers.
5. Have a backup plan if you run into technical problems.
6. If you are using a particular file during the presentation, make sure you have a copy of it in multiple
locations you can quickly access (flash drive, email, Google Drive, DropBox, etc.).
7. The visuals you use during the presentation should supplement your message, not be your message. You
are the presenter, not the slides, animation, or video.
8. Speak to your audience and engage them in the presentation. Try not to “read the wall”…that is,
whatever is projected behind you.
9. Have fun!

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