The Iowa State Daily at Iowa State University is looking for a Sales/Marketing Director to oversee advertising, marketing

, services and events offered by the ISD agency. The Sales/Marketing Director is responsible for helping create, manage and staff a new type of sales and marketing department. This new department will embody an agency structure and workflow. The idea behind this shift is necessitated by the changing needs of the Daily’s clients and readers. By effectively using the resources it has at its disposal—in the form of the diversified skill sets of its student staff—the Daily is in a unique position to offer a multitude of products and services (well outside the scope of print advertising) to its community. The Sales/Marketing Director will have an extensive understanding of this need and develop strategies to help transition the existing staff to this new departmental change and capitalize on the additional revenue opportunities it affords. The Sales/Marketing Director of the Iowa State Daily has the primary role of giving creative, energetic, cohesive and effective direction to the sales, public relations and marketing student staffs. The Sales/Marketing Director is responsible for recruiting, training and advising student staffs in print and digital advertising sales in the consultative method, promotions, sales management, project development, organizational marketing, social media and the local market conditions. The Sales/Marketing Director is responsible for fostering a creative and collaborative atmosphere while maintaining industry standards and meeting marketing, promotional and sales goals. Qualifications: Four-year undergraduate degree in business, advertising or a related field. Minimum requirements include three years advertising and digital media experience/plus two years managing or training salespeople, with some combination in media sales/sales management including digital. Applicant should have thorough understanding of print advertising, digital media sales and product development, media sales landscape and familiarity with collegiate student media operations. A thorough understanding of branding principles and tactics through multimedia including everything digital is expected. The applicant must also have a comprehension of marketing and event planning. An emphasis will be placed on applicant who knows digital, mobile, tablet and app development. Experience with agency model is a plus. Function of position: To direct the ISD advertising, public relations and marketing departments in accordance with the policies and revenue goals set by the General Manager and the Student Publications Board. The Sales/Marketing Director is responsible for all print and digital advertising matters of The Iowa State Daily, and its affiliate operations and agency including direct contact with clients as necessary. The Sales/Marketing Director will supervise all student sales, public relations and marketing representatives and reports to the GM. Principle duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Supervising the sales, public relations and marketing staffs composed of sales representatives, public relations, marketing staff and student directors, and any advertising support people. This includes overseeing the hiring, training, scheduling and firing of the advertising and marketing staffs. Setting and assigning equitable sales and digital territories and quotas for the sales representatives. Coordination of regular advertising, public relations and marketing staff meetings where problems are addressed, motivation is enhanced and a training environment is provided for the staff. Improving the quality of advertising in ISD products, increasing sales, coordinating events and overseeing services available in an agency model. Developing strategies for increasing revenue, including creating and handling special sections and promotions, identifying potential markets and advertisers, developing promotional campaigns, including sales tools, ISD promotional ads and making sure leads are adequately followed through. Utilizing strong project management skills with ability to multi-task and set priorities within tight timelines and high client expectations. Being familiar with and abiding by the ISD policy handbook, operational procedures and bylaws of the corporation. Reporting to the GM on revenue opportunities, sales and projected sales and making suggestions on how to improve the ISD with regards to advertising policies.

Making sure the sales staff adheres to credit and other financial policies set forth by the GM and business office. Projecting sales, services and marketing expenses to aid in formulating workable budget. Working with the production department in schedule inserts, paper size including color positions and special advertising sections. Organizing and traveling to training conferences for the sales/marketing staff. Performing other duties as assigned by the GM and Student Publications Board. The Iowa State Daily is an independent national award winning student newspaper serving Iowa State University since 1890. The Iowa State Daily publishes five times a week with a circulation of 12,000 during the fall and spring semesters and once a week with a circulation of 7,700 during the summer. The Iowa State Daily has a robust website, a weekly tablet edition and a growing digital media presence. Please send cover letter, vision and philosophy for sales, marketing and public relations position and resume to or Sales / Mkt. Director Search, Attn: Laura Widmer, General Manager, Iowa State Daily, 108 Hamilton Hall Ames, IA 50011. Deadline for applying is Jan. 10, 2013. Position is open and seeking immediate hire. Start time is somewhat negotiable.

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