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Reentry Corporation

Dear Potential Partner:

P.O. Box 35123, Louisville, KY 40218

New Legacy Reentry Corp is seeking to partner with your organization in order to provide needed programs and services for ex-offenders and homeless veterans, as they find substantive ways to integrate, successfully, back into mainstream society. We believe that solid partnerships will assist us with the following; reducing recidivism, providing integral services to our local veterans, and building stronger families and communities. New Legacy utilizes seven core components to address the societal stigma and challenges ex-offenders and homeless veterans face, as they deal with the issue of reentry.

Here are some facts to consider

o Kentucky has percentage wise, probably the highest number of people in prison and in jails than any state in the United States. So we've got to change our mindset. We've got to do more intervention programs where we can do something on the front end... (Mike Simpson, President /Kentucky Jailers Association). estimated 3,500 Kentucky veterans are at-risk of being homeless or have unstable housing...(Volunteers of
America Expands Veterans Services in Kentucky/WFPLNews)

Parents reentering society need supports if they are expected to parent: many prisoners have few skills with which to find and maintain employment. This issue, coupled with restrictive hiring policies and stigmas associated with possessing a criminal history, makes it difficult for parents to provide adequate support to their families. (National Resource Center on Children and Families of the Incarcerated).

If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided, all will failWinston Churchill
New Legacy believes that a partnership will create an excellent opportunity for our organization to leverage our resources, while providing integral social services minus the high costs associated with servicing the community. Below, are just some of the benefits that come with partnering with New Legacy. Shared visibility via our local marketing efforts Networking and information sharing at our community gatherings and events Provides an opportunity for resource sharing/ Developing collaborative projects and programming Align with an organization whose goal is to support families and communities, by assisting ex-offenders and veterans who are focused on being productive citizens

For more information about becoming a partner, please contact Gisela Nelson at or call 502-2760660. Our partnership level guide is attached. ~ Confronting The Past, To Redesign The Future ~ (502) 276-0660

Partnership Guide
Legacy Partner 10,000 Home Page Logo Banner/Link (Website)- One Year Mention on all event marketing venues, publications, and efforts 10 complementary attendance passess for annual fundraiser 6 complementary attendance passes/ community events

Hope Partner- 5,000 Partnership Page Logo/Link (Website)- Six Months Mention on annual fundraiser marketing venues, publications, and efforts 6 complementary attendance passess for annual fundraiser 4 complementary attendance passes/ community events

Community Partner -2,000 Partnership Page Logo/Link (Website)- Three Months 2 complementary attendance passess for annual fundraiser 2 complementary attendance passess/ community events

Change Agent-1,000 Partnership Page Logo/Link (Website)- One Month 1 complementary attendance pass for annual fundraiser 1 complementary attendance pass/ community events

Supporter-Various and In Kind (Under 1,000) Mention on Partnership Page (Website) ~ Confronting The Past, To Redesign The Future ~ (502) 276-0660