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Digital Re-print November | December 2012

Delivering world class roll chill technology and service

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Delivering world class roll chill technology and service

by Neil Reedy, Service Engineering Manager, Satake Europe Ltd, United Kingdom

ven new materials need regular refurbishment. From both a safety and performance reliability point of view, it is essential that mill maintenance is carried out to a pre-determined schedule. However, when delivery dates need to be met and staffing levels are stretched, this can prove difficult. At such times, a resource such as the Satake Europe Site Services Team can help.

Re-fluting, using tungsten carbide fluting bits, restores the profile to the exact specification required for the clients application. In Satake Europes experience, one in ten rolls sent for refluting displays defects, which would have a fundamental effect on mill performance and safety such as a damaged spindle, less than the recommended chill diameter, or chill quality, which could affect roll performance.

Quality and safety

The quality of the grinding and fluting processes, whether being carried out on a new roll or during refurbishment, determines the performance of the roll and, thus, the quality of the end product. An integral part of each refurbishment is the careful inspection of each roll or roll pack module before any work can begin. This exercise is followed by the compilation of a complete inspection report, detailing the findings, recommendations for action required and associated costs.

State of the art roll grinding technology

All of these would be identified and reported on, supported by relevant data compiled using a combination of engineering skills and high-tech instrumentation. From its flour milling Centre of Excellence in Bredbury, near Manchester, Satake Europe offers a standard roll refurbishment turnaround of three weeks and an emergency service of 72 hours. Many of the defects can be rectified, and Satake Europe offers the full range of remedial operations, including re-gudgeoning, reducing the need for such defective rolls to be scrapped. Once the completed report has been emailed or faxed to the customer and work instructions agreed, rolls are ground until a smooth, parallel surface is obtained. Re-fluting, using tungsten carbide fluting bits, restores the profile to the exact specification required for the clients application. A profile shadowgraph is used to examine the pitching, depth, angle and land of the flutes, as well as for checking thread forms and fluting tools within the Bredbury facility. The optimum number and profile of the flutes, relevant to the application of the roll, have been developed over many years and are specified to high levels of accuracy. Satake Europe offers a standard range of more than 100 different flutes profiles, with other bespoke arrangements available.

microns over a diameter of 250 mm. The frosted finish, necessary to ensure immediate grip when the rolls go into grind, is achieved by blasting highly abrasive particles at the surface using automated shotblast equipment. Before despatch, each roll undergoes testing which, in the case of roll packs, includes an optional running period on a roll bearing test bed. This ensures the shortest possible interval between delivery, installation and regaining full production in the mill. Custom-built machinery laid out in a cellular style and standing on four metre deep foundations to eliminate transfer of vibrations, provide the capability of produce 1,500 new and 4,000 refurbished rolls per year for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Delivered on specially designed pallets

To ensure that refurbished rolls arrive back at a clients mill in the same precision-ground condition as when they left the fluting section, Satake Europe has devised a special pallet design. On completion, the rolls are coated with rust preventative food safe oil, covered in rust preventative paper and sealed in a protective plastic sleeve before being mounted on the pallet, accompanied by documentation detailing destination, flute specifications and a unique roll number. This ensures complete traceability for each individual roll and enables a statistical history to be maintained which can prove invaluable when monitoring mill throughput.

Innovative use of modern materials

As the largest roll chill supplier in the UK, Satake Europe offers new and refurbished rolls for all makes of rollermill. With a portfolio of four different types of roll Satake Europe has an in depth knowledge of a range of those featuring new materials available from leading manufacturers. Extending flute/corrugation life and enaGrain

Grinding and fluting

Smooth rolls are ground with either a taper or camber to a tolerance of four
26 | november - december 2012

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bling chills to be refurbished up to 15 times, modern metallurgical developments have extensively widened the millers range of options. Whatever the material and chilled cast iron rolls remain the traditional choice for break and reduction work the outer surface of fluted/ corrugated rolls needs to be resistant to abrasive wear in order to retain the required profile. The surface must be hard but not brittle to avoid chipping, and it is important that the roll chill can machined with conventional tools avoiding unnecessary cost when re-

fluting. Smooth rolls require an outer surface that can be frosted creating a matt or nonglazed surface which will effectively grip the product and be resistant to abrasive wear.

Site services
To compliment our projects and machine sale capability, Satake Europe also offers a full range of maintenance and spares services. Our aim is to become the number one choice for process and mechanical support in the milling industry. Building on our long history we can offer tailored support

by experienced engineers for all aspects of millwork, roll changes, airlocks to sifter maintenance and frame recovering services, we are here to help. With many mills running 24 hours seven days a week, it has become even more important that mill equipment is kept well maintained. Mills however do not employ more maintenance staff than is necessary for the day-to-day running of the mill so during the down periods, additional staff is often required to assist with the extra maintenance and process work on the plant.


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november - december 2012 | 27

FEATURE able to carry out this work and in addition to this, we can assist in the development of planned, preventative maintenance programs Standard rolls - chilled iron, centrifugally cast and dynamically to ensure greater balanced for greater precision, providing a consistent uniform plant performance and hardness. efficiency, giving customers less downtime, C12 rolls high chrome alloy, giving an average life twice that resulting in improved of a standard cast iron roll, resulting in reduced mill downtime efficiency and producfor roll changing. tion. Self mating rolls with a material composition formulated Milling engineers to maintain a heavier frosted finish for special reduction also require staff availapplications. able at short notice to assist with emergencies Water cooling - Water-cooled roll options are available for with all types of equipall of the above types. ment; Satake Europe Fluted to your individual specifications. has a team of mechanical engineers familiar Spindles are machined or ground as required. The available with many types of roll size is up to 450 mm diameter and extends to 1500 mm milling equipment who in length. can respond to these requests. With the use of It is common practice to have inde- preventive maintenance programmes and pendent contractors in flourmills working service agreements, it is possible to create along side or independent to the mill a schedule well in advance of the shutdown maintenance team, to tackle such tasks detailing the tasks required and ensure the as roll changes and sifter maintenance. necessary resources are in place to complete Here at Satake Europe our professional all the planned tasks on time and help conmechanical and process teams are avail- trol mill running costs. New rolls manufactured for all major rollermill types to customer requirements

Sieving solutions
We have sieve a re-covering department that can meet the demands of the industry and ensure the covers for process work are available when required; our pneumatically stretched screens have a controlled tension that allows for consistency across the entire sieve surface. With the use of our own adhesives, these also secure all of the threads unlike stapled sieves, and the sanitary bond helps eliminate the threat of insect infestation in this area. The sieve cloth stretching equipment and new binding techniques have improved he quality of the sieves and when done in conjunction with sifter maintenance have helped dramatically improved the efficiency of the sifting operation and could increase throughput by one percent. Whilst maintaining good chill roll condition can increase initial yield and reduce the rework of product giving a saving in time, power consumption and cost per tonne of final product.

More inforMation: Satake Europe Limited

Tel: +44 161 406 3800 Fax: +44 161406 3801 Email: Website:

Die and roll re-working machines


The capacitive proximity switches in the DOL 40R series are now available with ATEX approval for use in areas with constant danger of dust explosion.
Phone: +45 75 14 22 55 Fax: +45 82 28 91 41 mail: O&J Hjtryk A/S rnevej 1, DK-6705 Esbjerg CVR.: 73 66 86 11

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