Vikki (serial killers abuse animals) sexually abused our pet parakeet when we we re children living at 14 Roxbury St.

apt., 6B. We were given the bird by our Mother while we lived in Harlem (2nd floor, Mrs. M eadows owned the building) (he was a female and we didn't know this). Our Mother had Vikki give her a first name and Val gave her a middle name and o f course, I had wasn't allowed to have any input. I think Vikki named him Jerry after the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Valli gave him the middle name McDello. I suppose she heard this name or it was the name of somene at school or on TV.. Our mother insisted that the relatives accept Jerry as a member of the family an d we would bring him with us to visit them (in Ct). I loved her and spent time with her and she loved me. We would kiss eachother through her cage and I was teased for loving her as if " I' were abnormal. Jerry would shock people when they heard her cuss like a sailor, which she picke d up from our Mother. I think Vikki also sexually abused Valli as they slept in the same bed together from 1966-1974. *more on why we only moved to a larger apt. in 1976 *more on why I slept with our Mother in a double bed from 1966-1974 Valli being a bedwetter (serial killer) until she was well past 10 years old may have saved her from it. Vikki used a pencil and attacked her with the eraser end of it and I was really outraged, but I couldn't save myself from their assaults. Our Mother told those half sisters of mine to attack me and she wouldn't stop th em no matter how much I would plead, so I stopped pleading with her because I co uld see her eyes light up with sadistic pleasure. *more to this story that I prefer not to ever write, but may have to just to be clear and thorough Jerry liked me the best because Valli would hit her cage and say she was irked b y Her looking afraid. She had done this so often that Jerry would scoot as far away from the front of her cage as she could as soon as she saw her approaching. They knew I loved her and they resented it because they are violent retards. I'm certain that Valli killed (serial killers kill animals and pets) my pet turt le, Sleepy by taking him out of his container and he was found under Vikki's pia no dead and dusty. I knew it was too good to be true that he was bought for me in the first place. Our Mother most likely bought him just so Valli could kill him and they could de rive the sadistic pleasure they sought from everyone and not only me. I named him Sleepy because he was so mellow. Anything I loved they tried to harm or kill. Even the children they forced me to breed. I never had the desire to write about them because they are so cruel that it is hard to believe anyone could be this evil. I sometimes think this is a method to their madness. To be so entirely outrageous that no one would believe it. I had decided to write my autobiography when I was being held captive as a sex s lave. I figured I'd take a lie detector test and publish the results in the beginning of the book to prove everyting I write is true. I have no joy in writing about them and I know there's a Hell and they will be t here being punished for an eternity; for the crimes they commit against everyone because everyone is negatively affec ted by the ripple effect of their evil. My aversion to violent retards is justfied by their behavior, their destruction and total disregard for life. I know they can't stop themselves and no one loves them enough to try and stop t hem.

They were supported (aided and abetted by too many people and some of them may h ave actually been sincere thinking they were victims instead of the violent victimizers they are and have always been. Vikki used to squeeze my right hand, rolling my knuckles together after our Moth er complimented me on my playing classical guitar (1970). She beagan assaulting Val like that also. I feel a little sickened while typing this, but I know Jerry, Sleepy and all of their victims will be avenged. Vikki told me she had a boyfriend who had a daughter (1980's) and when she told me that, my blood ran cold because I knew she was abusing her. My cousin Leroy told me that Vikki practices beastiality with her cat (1990). It made me remember the Great Dane she had. I nicknamed him Nightmare (St. Mark's Place, St. George, Staten Island NY). She was all black and just a puppy, but she looked fully grown. She didn't take care of him or feed him because she could barely feed herself an d her live in boyfriend, Eric. She most likely sexually assaulted that beautiful dog also. She was probably pimping that dog to tricks because once she was no longer under age the White pedophiles abandoned her and she had to face the reality of her li mitations. If those White tricks would fuck her they'd fuck anything. The stupid Black females are so proud of servicing their White tricks and delusi onally think it means they're desriable. It's evident when they wear fake hair that looks nothing like their own. They have a serious problem with definitions as well as facing reality. Those dumb, Black bitches don't realize that White males brag about and take gre at pride in the ability to "fuck anything". It's about them feeling powerful and having control. Like their frigid females who manipulate them to degrade themselves by having se x with those Black Beasts as a punishment. It serves them to give those Black retards a false sense of power so they can pl ay the Alpha baboon with eachother and Willie Lynch Slave. The Black Bitches feel powerful by having their White cohorts target people that are doing constructive things. It makes it easier for the Whites to be artificially promoted along with their B lack Mammies. Ruling over us with their brutal iron fists. *1978 Orene's (lived across the street from the West Indian Club in Hartford, Ct .) sister loaned my Mother a yellow paperback. I think was entitled A Woman A Bo y and A Dog, something like that. I read some of it and it was about a woman who had a son and a dog. They traveled around having sex with eachother and group sex with men they'd com e across. Orene was a Black woman who seemed nice. She was married and had a pretty new ba by girl (I think she looked just like the Gerber Baby). I was visiting her when I first heard Jesse Jackson's motivational type speaking on her TV. I had never heard of him and I had her figured for a pro Black person. She was a neighbor I met while I was forced to move to live with my Aunt Violet. It was one of the 12 times I had to move in 1 week. It was part of their slander campaign to try and make me not graduate from the h igh school I was in obtaining college credits and earning my way into The Who's Who of American High School Students. They should have been wise and allowed me to obtain my PhD in Psychology, as I'd been working towards because they don't have Dr. patient confidentiality. It doesn't matter to me because I have the knowledge and they no longer get free psychological therapy and counselling from me. *Al the dental student, Al, who Lorraine liked (whores have crushes on everyone) and Vikki fucked, who offered to give me flying lessons (Is anyone else thinkin

g 911? Flying lessons to try and woo a teenage girl?) told me he was also in The Who's Who of American High School Students. I didn't tell him that, so Vikki must have told him. She told him in a way that made me seem bad and she the victim when she is the victimizer who plays on people for sympathy and revenge for offe nces that never happened. *more about me being in The Who's Who of American High School Students Vikki only fucked Al "after" he asked me out to dinner (in front of Lorraine). *I think the young males Dot and Vikki had orgies with preferred Dot because th is is a recurring theme in these forced, fake hand picked losers who "I didn't a nd wouldn't choose". The jealous apes are jealous because they are not preferred. Most of their orchestrations are about punishing those that God himself has "fav ored". Favored means beauty in the Bible and we are hardwired to naturally find symmetry appealing because it's an indicator of good heath (mental as well as physical). No matter how much they try and devise systems they consider equal when it's really about inbreds trying to outbreed, desperate for superior genetic material. Who else would (unwittingly) help them except the most unfavored among them? Bla ck Bitches and other Brute Beasts Twice Dead. *more about that story This how the hand picked losers ALWAYS play it : 1-our meeting eachother is an obvious orchestration and their first words to me are not what normal people say to someone when they are trying to get to know a person. That's because they already think they know me 2- they tell me something about themselves that's supposed to mean that we have something in common which it never is anything except some stupid bread crumb clue that indicates th at the jealous Black bitches are orchestrating this encounter 3- they offer me something I don't want or need and behave as if I am supposed to want or need what they are offering They don't have anything to offer or they would be married to an inbred for gene tic material because they think they are entitled to the opposite of what they are and they "need" someone superior to themselves to marry and breed with So they're clearly rejects 4- they always play it the same way and expect me not to see through their bulls hit with their scripted compliments or critiques 5- they have to stick to the script and will not deviate and when I direct the d iscussion into areas about the evil Black bitches, they become defensive and con firm what I already knew, that they were sent by them. 6- I continue the tell the truth about myself and them and then it's time for th e hand picked loser to abort the mission and cut to the chase, the real reason f or the orchestration in the first place 7-the hand picked loser will then clumsily criticize me or does something the je alous whores subjected themselves to because they are desperate losers and they think they've given me a taste of what it's like to be them, inferior and reject ed. Thus, the "broken hearted losers" and "beggars who can't be choosers" "that ain' t shit and will never be shit" think they've succeeded in degradong me, but they forgot one simple fact I DIDN'T CHOOSE THEM! I can't feel bad about something I did not choose for myself and what was "force d"onto me. Most of my encounters with them are funny because they are such bad actors and can't deviate from the script that promotes their actual age nda.

One of the funniest encounters I had with them, was when they had one of their h and picked losers brag to me about his many sexual interactions with Black femal es (not a selling point, at all!). He'd had sex with a 1st cousin of mine (not blood, but by marriage) and he seeme d to really not believe we were be related (no resemblance). I think he may have been slightly aware he was being used for purposes other tha n what he had originally thought or agrred to. I liked him, but for his interactions with Beastly Black females which meant he' d never like me or be able to appreciate me. He'd be forever contaminated because he debased himself to the point of being wi th the most evil females on the planet, by choice. I don't knock a person's preferences, but we all know that no one prefers those violent misfits and having "no standards" is not exactly the same as having a preference. I will not view them as a "good catch" simply based on the fact that he is White and a male. They can't expect me, of all people, to prefer them when they prefer my sworn en emies. This is why masturbation is a good thing and may have saved plenty of "real men" from entering into a place of no return (Black prostitutes). The kind of man he is matters to me and he clearly had no self respect to fuck a rtificially promoted, undeserving of anything good, Black Bitches. He has to be cheap and lazy because Black bitches are retarded, desperate, cum d umps. They are just losers who need to feel superor to someone and the Black Bitch Bea sts (all whores in general) will pretend to worship them solely because they are White males that they can manipulate and wield power through. They really don't prefer White men and are only trying to compete with the White females who are just as frigid as they are. It's a fact that so-called nymphomaniac females are actually frigid. Vikki told me she was unable to have an orgasm and I think that is one of the reasons why they can use sex as a tool to manipulate men. What woman can devise a plan to manipulate a man with sex unless she has no sexu al desire? It can only be done by frigid females. That's why once they're reformed they'll admit they had no genuine feelings and had to use drugs to get through the sex they only pretended to enjoy. They like to think of themselves as actors instead of deceivers. Black men and boys rejected and teased them because they are stupid and ugly. Servicing White males helps their delusion of thinking they are physically attra ctive and on control. What is an insult to normal women is ego stroking for Black females already over inflated egos. They are conceited and spoiled and expect everyone to spoil them based on them b eing inferior and undesirable. They mistake being a cum dump with being worthwhile and desirable. Those types deserve eachother and no one is trying to come between them. No one with any sense is trying to get involved with them either. They can try and wear their shameful emotional begging as a badge of honor, but they have no integrity and are so lazy they've given up on themselves. I'm practical and realistic unlike those pampered pets who have the luxury of ha ving a soft place to land while being engrossed with acting out their deranged f antasies. Having no self respect they could never respect me. *more about this persons orchestrated fact finding mission and my biological Father's involvement in it I'm a good judge of character and can discern if a person is sincere. I didn't bring myself into this world and "they" wish they were not born.

The wanna be, alpha baboons have an obsesseive need, an animalistic need to comp ete with me when they are no competition for me. I would never lower myself to compete with them for male attention, affection or anything else. If males prefer Beastly Black Bitches, then they won't like me. It's plain and simple to me and I'm not the type of person to try and force some one to prefer me over them. They were the ones "needing" our Mother to enforce an unatural rule that they, t he ugly, violent retards have to be preferred over me, at all times. I never cared about it because everyone is going to prefer whatever they prefer and no one can change my preferences and I would never want to change anyone's p references to prefer me over anyone. I always figured that if they like them then they could never like me because we are different in major ways both inside and outside. It bothers them that they don't bother me. It bothers them because they know I think so little of them that I reject people based on their liking them and no one will change my mind about them. I don't like them and God never commanded me to like them. I'm not supposed to try and force people to accept me. "I" ACCEPT ME! "I" LIKE ME! "I" LOVE ME! I love me enough not to deliberately associate myself with people who I don't ha ve anythng in common with. Their leftover, turned out, sexual deviant, throw away, rejected by them, males raping me "is not us having anything in common" like the violent retards think and use to lure unsuspecting desperate people into their games. They trauma bond victims into their games because they are losers who no one can truly love, they just feel sorry for them. I know it's hard for some people to accept the fact that they've been victimized , especially when it's those beastly Jezebels who are doing the victimizing of m ales who are better than they are, but only truth can set a person free. Only truth can give us the tools we need to make informed intelligent decisions. Everyone hasn't given up on themselves just because some people are afraid to fa ce the truth about how they are pawns in a game that they play that puts them fu rther away from where the beasts deceive them into thinking they are going. I understand that it must be infuriating to come face to face with the truth abo ut how they were helping the very people who were responsible for their original problems (work related or personal relationships) in the first place and offeri ng them a solution to the problem they created for them thus making them the mid dle men and their being perceived as vital to their lives and well being. They were always the bullies and extortionists and they never matured like norma l people do because they are retarded and can't. They know they're inferior and rejects and that's why they take great pleasure i n trying to deceive the minds that they know are better than theirs. It's no crime to not want to believe the worst in people especially since they h ave a propagada machine wotking 24/7 to aid them in their deception and the brai nwashing to control the minds of unsuspecting people. If people knew their self worth and stopped trying to make straight what God mad e crooked they wouldn't be cohorts. I know they can't change and I accepted the fact that they are the way they are because I accept myself and can accept others based on my accepting myself. They want to make it out as if I'd lower myself to compete with them physically when the idea of it is preposterous on so many levels. My Mother's words of wisdom ring true "pick your people, don't let them pick you." It's not my fault that our Mother was able to spend quality time together becaus e I'm not a violent retard and am teachable. Our Mother said the same words of wisdom to the 3 of us (my half sisters and me) and they didn't heed her words of warning and were disappointed.

It's not my fault that they gambled on themselves and lost because they are unre alistic in 'their" expecttions and evaulation of themselves. They "need" to displace aggression onto others because their Masters armed them with a lie and mantra "you have to take it out on somebody" bullshit, so they wo n't take their fury out on them, their Masters who hurt them or encouraged the t easing they endured. I'm expected to turn the other cheek and forgive. I do, but there's no sense in being around people, willingly and know that they will do somethng that will require me to turn the other cheek and forgive them. I think they really were brainwashed by my Mother saying "a friend is someone wh o knows your faults and loves you just the same" This is true to a certain extent, but in my case "a friend is someone who knows all of my gifts and loves me just the same" I didn't have the luxury to have faults and because of their constant possessive attempts at controlling me I am practically perfect.