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“Electric operation also makes it easy ally dustless, vibration-free cutting ability clients and projects. In fact, J.P. Hogan
to use indoors and keeps operators and of a wall saw has made pneumatic break- was enlisted to assist in the Ground Zero
crews safe. [We are able to] retain old ing obsolete,” J.P. Hogan explains. “Another cleanup efforts in New York City. The
facades while renovating with the inside added benefit of the wall saw is that it company reinforced the slurry contain-
of buildings and demolishing concrete causes no structural damage while cutting ment wall for the project.
with a concrete crusher, day or night. openings in concrete walls. The conven- “J.P. Hogan’s skilled professional opera-
“In addition, we provide recycling of ience of sawing and completely removing tors completed core drilling using 12-inch-
the material resulting from the demoli- many openings in one day cannot be diameter cores on a 48-inch heavy rebar
tion, which must be disassembled into its accomplished by any other method. Speed, wall,” the company explains. “Skilled oper-
component parts and sorted,” the compa- efficiency and silence of cutting are an ators are trained to cut at any angle,
ny explains. “Our equipment operators invaluable asset when modifications are including 45 degrees.”
are committed to excellence and perform required in occupied structures.”
tasks with no exhaust fumes, no vibra- Wire sawing has become a preferred Healthcare Experience
tion injuries, have good operator visibili- method for cutting thick concrete struc- In addition, the firm says it performed
ty and an insignificant risk of serious tures. “The wire has a steel core of strands work for a major hospital in Queens,
injury from falling objects.” and can be almost any length,” the compa- N.Y. Steel I-beams had to be drilled out
J.P. Hogan also specializes in core drilling ny explains. “Beads are separated by either to retrofit emergency room fire sprin-
methods, it says. “Core drilling methods are small springs, plastic or rubber, depending klers. “Due to their location, the I-beams
widely used in underground utilities con- on the type of wire and manufacturer. The could not be burned out,” J.P. Hogan
struction, most commonly manhole taps, wire is positioned over the pulleys and fed explains.
underground vault taps, and wherever through pre-drilled holes in the concrete “Specially designed diamond core bits
sewer, water, steam, air or communication that is being cut and back over the drive were used to drill the holes. It was vital
lines pass through a concrete or brick struc- pulley.” that skilled technicians do not compro-
ture,” J.P. Hogan explains. “Drilling depths mise the integrity of the existing I-beam.
are virtually unlimited with the use of our Project Showcase Utilizing a special adapter to center and
barrel extensions.” The company’s history in the industry stabilize the core bit, technicians drill per-
The company performs a variety of and diverse capabilities allow it to per- fect six-inch holes through two-inch steel
concrete sawing work, as well. “The virtu- form work for a number of high-profile I-beams.” ■