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The excavation of the stormwater detention pond on the Interchange 17 Reconstruction project is only one example of A. Servidone and B. Anthony’s talent.

Two Firms, One Mission
A. Servidone Inc. and B. Anthony Construction Group – A Joint Venture Company works as a team to produce quality results on prominent heavy highway projects across the Northeast.
Servidone Inc. and B. Anthony Construction Group – A Joint Venture Company has performed quality work on high-profile heavy and highway construction projects across the Northeast for more than 20 years. A. Servidone Inc. President Mark Servidone says his company and B. Anthony Construction Group work extremely well together and will continue to team up on high-profile projects for many years to come. Both firms are derived from parent company Servidone Construction Corp., which is owned by Joseph Servidone, Mark Servidone’s father. They were incorA Servidone Inc./B. Anthony porated two years apart – B. Anthony in Construction Group – A Joint Venture Company 1983 and A. Servidone in 1985 – as al contractors and construction managers HQ: Castleton, N.Y., and Oak specializing in heavy highway construcRidge, N.J. Employees: 75-100 tion. The two companies merged into a Services: Heavy/highway conjoint-venture partnership in 1988. struction Today, A. Servidone and B. Anthony Mark Servidone: “We are a very hands-on group of owners.” operate as siblings, sharing everything


By Kathryn Jones

from overhead costs to equipment and personnel. They are bonded together under the same bonding company, and the two firms tackle all awarded contracts as a unified group. This means neither company bids on its own work, Servidone notes. The two operate exclusively as “a team of experienced professionals who manage and build every project in a timely fashion,” he says.
‘Personalized Attention’

Although the two companies work as a team, Servidone manages A. Servidone Inc. as the president and owner, while Robert Cavaliere holds the same leadership roles at B. Anthony Construction Group. Servidone says the No. 1 thing that sets A. Servidone and B. Anthony apart from other contractors is the personal attention given to each project, thanks to some dedicated owners. “We are a very hands-on group of owners,” he states. “We are heavily involved in day-to-day activities of scheduling, management and procurement. We are a company that’s able to perform high-value projects but still provide the personalized attention that’s needed.”


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