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That same mentality is carried through to the companies’ internal operations. Both Servidone and Cavaliere strive to create “an atmosphere that is enjoyable,” Servidone says. “The upper-management has a strong presence within our companies and their input is invaluable. We treat everyone like they are an integral part of the company.” contract requirements,” he says. The project began in March 2007 and will conclude in the summer of 2009. A. Servidone and B. Anthony also participated in Contract 2 of the Interchange 17 Reconstruction project. The two were responsible for performing the site work for the new interchange facilities as subcontractor to Rochester, N.Y.-based The Pike Co. The project scope included site clearing and excavation of soil on approximately 105 acres of land, including two large detention ponds.
Middlesex Landfill Expansion

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Interchange 17 Reconstruction

A. Servidone and B. Anthony are working on a $67 million heavy highway project in Newburgh, N.Y., called the Interchange 17 Reconstruction, Contract 3. The project is for the New York State Thruway Authority and encompasses reconstruction of the Exit 17 Interchange on the New York State Thruway in Newburgh, as well as the construction of six new bridges. The project also entails: I Drainage; I Earthwork embankment construction; I MSES wall construction; I Concrete/asphalt pavement; I Wetland construction; I Drainage improvements; I Electrical and lighting improvements; I Guide rail installation; I Bored pile installation; I Sign installation; and I Miscellaneous site improvements. Servidone says the most challenging aspect of the job was completing the six bridges and meeting the milestone dates in the contract. “We had multiple crews working on these six bridges simultaneously to complete them in a timely fashion to meet the

In March 2007, A. Servidone and B. Anthony embarked on the Middlesex County Landfill Phase 2 Expansion project in New Jersey. The companies will construct three new cells – known as Cell 7, Cell 8 and Cell 9 – on top of the pre-existing cells. “Our work includes, but is not limited to, sub-grade preparation for 95 acres of land disturbance of which approximately 76 acres will be under liner,” Servidone reports. A liner is a composite of plastic materials used to prevent leachate, produced by the garbage, from infiltrating the ground. The liner system A. Servidone and B. Anthony are using consists of HDPE liner, GCL and geocomposite drain. “The total liner system includes 6.6 million square feet of 60 and 80 milliliter liner,” Servidone says. “It also includes leachate correction and leak detection piping.” The sub-grade preparation includes placement and compaction of approximately 1 million cubic yards of import fill to bring the new cells up to sub-grade, including separation berms and parameter berms, he notes. “Work also includes tying in to existing landfill cells and installing approximately 13,000 lineal feet of trash netting and inclinometers and approximately 8,600 lineal feet of gravel parameter roadways,” Servidone adds. A. Servidone and B. Anthony have partnered with Barbella Construction Services, an environmental remediation company, on the $75 million project. Servidone says it should be completed by December 2009. I