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Texas BBL is constructing Austin’s Midtown Commons at Crestview Station, which will feature 316 residences.

Midtown Convenience
Irving, Texas-based general contractor Texas BBL is building phase two of a residential complex in midtown Austin centered around MetroRail, the city’s new commuter train system.
exas’ capital city is getting its first commuter rail system, and Midtown Commons at Crestview Station is one of the city’s first transit-oriented developments. General contractor Texas BBL is completing phase one of the three-phase project. Phase one commenced in May 2008 and is on track to be completed in September 2009. Project Manager Chad Courty says Midtown Commons is in central Austin’s first wave of redevelopment, and he predicts the area will see even more change when the rail system opens in March 2009. The MetroRail will run on 32 miles of existing freight tracks between downtown Austin — home of the University of Texas BBL — Midtown Texas — and Leander, a city of approxiCommons at Crestview Station mately 30,000. Future lines and connecwww.texasbbl.com tions are being studied. Site: Austin, Texas Employees on site: 105 Courty says building Midtown Scope: Residential construction Commons presents a challenge because of Chad Courty, project manager: the tight spaces around the site. “Like any “Like any project in the city, we’re limited in space and accessibility.” project in the city, we’re limited in space and


By Kelly McCabe

accessibility,” he explains. “Coordination and scheduling were [the] biggest challenges.” Texas BBL is building three three-story buildings with two parking garages with urban form and design. The project will include 316 residences on 296,000 square feet and approximately 62,000 square feet of commercial space, which will house both retail and office spaces. The residences have one or two bedrooms, their sizes ranging from 600 to 1,100 square feet. The development includes “a variety of unit designs with unique finishes,” Courty says. Among the various unit types, Midtown Commons will include flexible live-work units designed to allow residents to operate small galleries or home-based businesses and studios. Midtown Commons also will feature loft-style units that have a contemporary metal staircase with white oak inlayed treads leading up to the secondfloor loft area. Midtown Commons offers four unit schemes from which residents may choose, including a variety of flooring, such as colored, stained concrete and vinyl wood