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As a freshman, starting a new phase of life numerous questions arise in my mind regarding the fast pace of change in the

world economy today and the relevance of the norms that were considered standard ten years ago. Is college education worth the price we pay to earn a degree? Hasnt the success rate for a graduate to be employed in their field of study, depreciated? Do four years of college effectively instill confidence in us? Does the cost of a college education outweigh the benefits provided after graduation? As a college student and the speed with which the world is revolutionizing over the past couple years it raises a question- are social norms that were standard 10 years ago, still typical today? When looking at this question, the topic that is most prevalent to me is if a college education is truly worth what we perceive it as. Some other questions that enter my mind when thinking about this topic are has the success rates for those with a degree when looking at obtaining a job depreciated substantially over the past couple of years? Furthermore, does graduating from a college just give you confidence which is essential when wanting to reach for success or it is the actual degree? Do the benefits outweigh the cost is a question that is asked often in todays society for a multitude of different reasons which will be presented throughout my multi genre pieces. My ideas all revolved around the idea to not establish an unbiased opinion on this topic so the read has the ability to be open minded throughout. When thinking on a repetend for this project, it gave me a lot of trouble. I wanted to try and establish both viewpoints of my topic towards the reader, specifically provide examples for those who attended college and those who didnt. The idea came to me to establish two main characters at the beginning of my project and include them in all my genre pieces. This idea was the foundation of my whole project because after I was able to establish my

repetend, the project essentially created itself. I started with a prezi to display my project. I found this to be creative and unique but still keep the reader attentive. Sadly, I thought I was suppose to present the prezi to my class; therefore, my multi genre project is the form of a presentation. My first genre piece was a cartoon that I created to convey to the reader the different opinions in our country today regarding this topic. You will see the two main characters arguing over the unemployment rates, lifetime earnings, and obtainability to get a job for those who attended college and those who didnt. I found this important to display at the beginning of my project because it shows the reader that you cannot believe everything you hear; moreover, there is an abundance of evidence out there supporting both sides of my line of inquiry. The cartoon strip was meant to open the eyes of the reader and expand his/her eyes so that they can view the rest of my project with an open mind. My next genre piece is a pros and cons list looking at the non monetary benefits of both the character that attended college and the charter who didnt. My reasoning for not including statistics in this pros and cons list was to allow the read to understand the basis of why I chose this topic. When looking at the non monetary benefits, it is evident that the battle between going to college and not is quite even. If you dont go, you are able to gain more work experience, but if you do go you are able to possibly make more money. The arguments vary from all different aspects; however, one thing is common. The communality these two sides share is that something is gained from taking both pathways. When most people look at this topic, they look at the ability to get a job, the amount of money one makes and stuff like this. I wanted to steer away from this aspect

initially solely because it is important to look at the aspects of a questions as oppose to just one. By providing the reader first with the non monetary benefits, it allows to reader to think more about personal benefits that come out of college as oppose to a salary. My last piece of genre was a top tens list looking specifically at the statistics of a college education or just a high school diploma. I saved this piece of genre for last because it is the most confusing, contradicting piece in my project. Interestingly enough, due to the type of society we live in today there are so many different opinions and pieces evidence regarding everything in the world. This topic is one of those examples. As you look through my top tens list, some contradictions are evident; however, the principle still stands. The principle behind my top tens list isnt to help the read make a decision, rather to look at all the diverse pieces of evidence that revolve around a seemingly simple topic. My intention for my multi genre project was to help the reader become a critical thinker. This was something taught to me in my English 1102 class, and felt like it would be necessary to teach it to others. My multi genre project was meant to be argumentative to present the reader multiple different aspects of my line of inquiry regarding monetary and non-monetary benefits. My reptened was meant to present both main views points regarding my topic. Specifically, a character that wants to attend college and a character that is sick of public education taking over ones life. My reasoning for my character names was to keep the audience attentive and add a piece of comic relief, which is just a part of my personality. All in all, my reasoning for using the three genre pieces for my multi genre project wasnt the inflict views onto the reader, rather to expand the readers horizon.