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Defensive tactics • General • Weapons • Slowing down the enemies • Objectives Teaming up • Fire team • Teams • Specific tricks Moving a vehicle Useful tricks • Reloading • Play dead • Offending/defending strategy (works for both) • Surviving • Landmines • Hurting the offence • Catch the panzer • Repair a vehicle Disclaimer Thankful words

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What is this document?
This is a document provided by the DTDM clan. DTDM short for Do The Damn Mission. This is a guide to provide and share information on how you could do the mission in Wolfenstein Enemy Territory in order to actually win the match/map. This guide isn’t intended to be like a lawbook or something, but we just hope everyone who reads this, will actually start doing this mission, instead of caring about their death/kill ratio. Let everyone learn.

Who is this document guide for?
This document is meant for everyone who knows the basics of ET and wishes to discover/improve the joy of real team play.

A quote
Quote: SirNoobALot As many has stated before, persons rarely win maps, teams do. As many has stated before, Soldiers rarely win maps, Engineers do.

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Before even starting to play it is quite handy to know what classes are available and what their possibilities are. We therefore have created a guide for each class.

The Engineer
Weapons: Abilities: Pros: M1 Garand, SMG , M97 Shotgun, grenades Constructing, Dynamite, Landmines, defusing + You are mostly involved in wining the map + You have a variation of things you can do + Great adrenaline factor for the player + You are the man ☺ + You don’t give medic packs or ammo when you die - You are the lynchpin in most maps - You are mostly out in the open and defenceless - Not the easiest class to use - Without help of your team mates you will most likely get a losing spree ☺


Basic info: The engineer class is THE class if you are on offence. I don’t know a lot of maps were the attacking team doesn’t need an engineer. Almost every map needs something constructed/repaired/blowed up. One of the most basic and yet frustrating mistakes a team makes is not having enough engineers. Even if your team is on defence it’s always handy to have a few engineers just in case they need to disarm a dynamite or rebuild a construction. Timing is crucial in being a good engineer. Blow the right stuff at the right time. Same goes for constructions. One of the few things u should get up as soon as possible is the command post. As it will give you a shorter respawn time. It is also handy to get your priorities in order. It’s useless to blow a tank barrier if you haven’t even fixed the tank. However it’s better to let a tank sit by a barrier and wait until it gets blown then blow the barrier too early. Barrier destruction 30 sec minimum, tank repair 2 sec, barrier repair 3 seconds do the math Make sure you stay busy! For example on fuel dump, when the grate gets blown and you get through as an engineer don’t just hang around and wait until a covert ops with a uniform gets through. Plant some mines and stuff. But you have to keep in mind that the moment u construct something the enemy will know they have an engineer behind their lines and if they are any good a few will come and hunt u down. Engineers aren’t the best class to take out a bunch of enemies. This however is no excuse. As an engineer you need to learn how to handle yourself. You can’t just go plant a dynamite and expect from our team to kill everyone. They will do their best to support you, but you still will be in constant danger. For example if you go to the objective and there are 8 enemies defending it, it’s your teams fault for not clearing the way. If you go to the objective and there are 1 or 2 guys, it’s your duty to kill them. Try to take a medic with you, or better try to take a couple of medics with you. If you have a medic with you, he can revive you while you die trying to plant/construct. That way you still get the job done.

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Blowing stuff up: The idea when planting a dynamite is to plant as many as possible and defend them as long as possible. The second part is very important in this matter. No point rushing off to another task. Better one dynamite planted and detonated then 10 planted and diffused. It’s very useful to let your team-mates know when the dynamite is going to blow ( one of the purposes of the game clock ) A few tips on planting your dynamite: • • • • know were the good dynamite spots are. Either by experience or by example. places that are difficult for you to reach are also difficult for the enemy to reach if you have no cover approach the area with the dynamite already in our hands as you approach the area, throw the dynamite and get your smg out. Scan the area for enemies. The dynamite will stay for about 15 seconds so you have a time window to move in. This has the advantage that you don’t get killed the second you get to your dynamite ( you can’t kill anyone with your pliers in your hands unless you stomp ) and if you are with a bunch of engineers, they can arm your dynamite so you can cover them. know were the good dynamite spots are. Either by experience or by example. if you can plant multiple dynamites, try to plant the most difficult to diffuse first. Since defusing is mostly done in order of the easiness, you are sure diffusing will happen in the wrong order. try to get your engineer skill up to level 3 as soon as possible, it will help you plant multiple dynamites way easier

• • •

A few tips to protect your dynamite: • • • Communicate with your team-mates so they can help throw grenades on the dynamite, distract enemies, and kill the engineers. if you run into an enemy engineer try to lure him away from your dynamite, every second counts. if you can plant multiple dynamites, try to plant the most difficult to diffuse first. Since defusing is mostly done in order of the easiness, you are sure diffusing will happen in the wrong order.

Planting mines First you have to realize what mines you should use. More info about this in the ‘weapon’ part of this guide. A few things to keep in mind. Since we are playing with xp save most of people will c the outlines of our mines (battle sense lvl4 I believe ) so its no use to plant them in open spaces where they are easily spotted and cleared. It is a nice trick to plant some mines in sight, but where there is a lot of traffic going on. Most people will jump over them, now it’s up to you to figure out how far they can jump?..... Mines are to be placed at object points of the enemy like barriers, gates etc. it makes the dynamite planting harder and if the engineer fails to dodge all of your mines you will hear the hit sound and have an early warning. Mines at doorways are very useful as there is no way to jump over them. Good spots to plant mines are also in bushes or just under the water surface where people will most likely walk over. More on this in the tricks section.

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Constructing This includes barriers, bridges, command posts, mg’s ,etc. for the most of these things you have construction materials which u can use as cover. Try to have the materials between you and the enemy. There is no point in trying to build something without a full gauge bar unless you are with a few engineers. If someone of your team gets killed in your construction madness…. Well stuff happens, buy them glasses. If your are going to build vital things to the missions (bridges and stuff) don’t be a wuss about it: just go in like a mad man. The idea is every little repair will get the damn thing fixed after some time. Repairing vehicles After you repair the vehicle try to get someone else to escort it while you take cover at a safe distance. Let someone else eat all the bullets. If you die while escorting the tank as an engineer, your entire team has to wait until you respawn. In the mean time you lost pressure on the enemy and defences could have been set up, which makes your job harder. If you need to fix the tank/truck and it is mined, you got 3 options. 1. You jump over the mines onto the vehicle and repair it from there. Has a surprise element, but you make a hell of a target for the enemy. But you can try to sit into the smoke coming from the tank. If you can’t see the enemy, they most likely can’t see you either. Unless both have wolf particles turned off. 2. You spot and nade the mines. This is a time consuming method and is best used with a quick repair. You must try to spot at a good hiding spot cause when looking through your binoculars you can’t observe your surroundings. 3. Go kamikaze. Just sprint jump into them and get as many as possible, so that the next engineers can repair it. Ofcourse it is preferred to let someone else do this for you. As for repairing vehicles in general try to be covered while repairing, go prone or keep the vehicle between you and the enemy. In some occasions the enemy is everywhere, keep moving, run in circles, jumping around the vehicle, while fixing it. There are two things on an engineer’ wish list but these apply to all the other classes: 1. if you see an engineer performing his duty, help the guy out, offer him some support, and cover him. 2. if you see "tank repaired" on screen, at least touch the tank to get it moving some more. So often have I repaired tanks to see them get squished by arty minute or so later because no one goes near it.

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The Medic
Weapons: Abilities: Pros: SMG, M97 shotgun, grenades, poison needle Reviving, healing, giving adrenaline + Easy class to use + Can determine the factor of winning a map + You can stay in the background a bit + You can help team mates by reviving/healing + More hitpoints than other classes. - You start with fewer bullets than any other class - You give medic packs when you die - small choice out of your weapons - Without help of your team mates u will most likely get a losing spree ☺


Our server doesn’t allow/support self healing of medics with packs. This to support team work and not just healing yourself. Facts: When you reach Level 3 Medic you get Full Revive. Meaning when reviving someone, they won’t just get half of their hit points back but all. When you reach Level 4 you get Adrenaline, which comes in useful some times. For every Medic you have on your team you get a HP bonus. Here is a chart that can help you out on how Medics give you a HP bonus. # Medics HP (non-medic) HP (medic) 0 100-100-115 N/A 1 110-110-125 110-123-140 2 120-120-135 120-134-151 3+ 125-125-140 125-140-156 Basic info: First of all medics are very important to a good team and can determine winning a map or not. Main thing Medics have to do is Revive or Heal other players on their team. When revived they do not have to run the whole way from their spawn again and can help again rushing with your team. If you are in a 2 versus 1 fire fight with you having two people, and if the other person happens to die, you should try to revive the person, because usually after that long, your enemy probably has lost most of their health, when the person is revived, hide behind them as they finish off the person, and you manage to stay alive. Ofcourse when having fully health or almost full you can try to kill to person on your own. After all, while trying to revive, 3 headshots and you’re dead yourself. You’re easier to hit when trying to revive. It’s important to know if you have more than 1 medic on your team, its better to keep the Medics apart and in various sections of the map. If all the Medics are together, only the people close to them can be helped by them, which is useless if you have a big team and your only helping 2 or 3 people. If you happen to have the circumstance where you and 1 other team-mate are fighting an enemy, don’t just sit there and wait for your team-mate to get killed, and maybe even you get killed. Jump in the fight and try to help out your buddy so neither of you die. But if you are in the situation that you have 3 or more people in your group, it would be

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more helpful to hang back and support your team-mates, but if you happen to have more than one medic in your group 1 Medics can help in the fight, while the other Medic(s) support you and your team-mates. If there is nothing to do at the moment in your certain area, you can try to find some team-mates that need help, or just leave some medic kits at a high traffic area (a place where a lot of players pass through or by). Additionally, as counter measures for enemy medics, when you plug someone, give them a couple more rounds on the floor to make sure they stay dead. You have to make sure they won’t revive any other enemies. Common courtesies: 1. don’t scream your head off if a Medic happens to pass you by if you are dead, and are waiting to be revived. Medics are also players, they aren't always able to revive you or heal you. If you’re smart, you will try to look around your area and see if there are enemies, which can save the life of a Medic. 2. If you need some med kits, do NOT always rely on Medics, there are always a medic kit stations around some where in the map. Try to be familiar with these places, so you don’t have to go looking for them. 3. If you need medic kits and you see a medic farther back then you, try to get to a safe location where the enemy has a likely chance to attack you while you are getting healed by the Medic. Adrenaline: You get this when you get level 4 first aid. Basically, for a period of 10 seconds, you get full stamina (meaning you can sprint the entire time), and attacks against you only inflict half damage. Yes, that's right, half damage. So if you have 3+ medics on your team and you have level 3 battle sense, then instead of having just 156 HP, with adrenaline it's like having 312 HP. Add to that the fact that you can heal yourself once your charge bar fills up again, and it will take a mighty force indeed to bring you down. When you have the capability to use Adrenaline, don’t be an Adrenaline Junkie. You should use it in certain places and certain times. There's so many ways you can use adrenaline: • • • • • • • After you steal an objective, use adrenaline to help you safely secure the objective. Use it when you see an enemy coming along. Use adrenaline right before going to revive someone so that you don't get killed while you're trying to revive them. Reviving people is always dangerous- whoever killed them may still be there! If your path is blocked by artillery support, use adrenaline so that even if you get hit, you'll still survive. If you're going into any dangerous area (either from people guarding it, or from mines), use adrenaline. You can defuse mines with adrenaline (just step on them and jump off!) This is a neat tactic once you have level 4 battle sense. If you need to get somewhere right away (say some dynamite has been planted) to help out, then sprint as far as you can until you're out of stamina, and then use adrenaline, so you can continue sprinting for another 10 seconds.

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Annoyances: 2 absolute annoyances as a medic are: 1. Calling for medic when injured only to run off (generally in direction of fire fight). I’m sorry, but if you call me and I turn up and you run off...your running alone pal.. 2. Revive versus Respawn. When you die, always take a look at the respawn time. If you've got less than 5 seconds to go, join the respawn queue. If there is more than 5 seconds, wait for a medic. However DONT wait for a medic to revive you and before they do JUMP into the respawn queue. That often gets us killed as well. I’m forever running into the middle of a fire fight to revive someone, only for their revive signal to disappear as I’m on their body, only to get plugged by the same damn person who took them out.

Field Ops
Weapons: Abilities: Pros: SMG, M97 Shotgun, grenades Ammo packs, artillery strike, support fire +Never need ammo +give ammos to the team +easy kills -Lots of xp whores/ spree whores -Everyone wants to sit back and use arty -When u tap out you most likely provide ammo to the enemy


Basic info: Congratulations! You have accepted the critical role as a supporting actor during your team’s mission! Field ops is a seducting class since you might think it's the easiest way to get frags without putting yourself in danger, but in doing that you may be doing your team a disservice. More then any other class, a crappy job as a field ops can hamper your team’s ability to win a map, so pay attention. A good field ops can give ammo to the team which is a huge advantage. Providing ammo is crucial ( we all have had our ears spammed with ‘I need ammo’ ). It is very sad and frustrating for your team mates if they are losing fights they should have won, because they ran out of bullets. Airstrikes and arty can also be devastating to the enemy team. As a field ops, you have to find the balance between calling artillery/airstrikes and providing ammo. On one side, you really need to focus an artillery/airstrikes the enemy to lessen their numbers or disable a vehicle ( like the tank or truck). However, people constantly need ammo and they will dislike you if you don’t give them some bullets ( but hey it is YOUR job ).If you want to take out a vehicle, its better to use an airstrike instead of artillery. Artillery is not good because it takes some time before the first strike occurs, the vehicle can have moved out of the line of fire. Even if you decide to play it smart and ‘fire for effect’ in front of the tank, there’s always a chance that it will only damage the vehicle instead of disabling it. Using the airstrike is also very good because the blast occurs pretty soon after you threw the canister, this way the tank will not be able to move. Once its disabled it’s better to ‘fire for effect’ on the vehicle, because the arty will last longer then the airstrike, you will be able to hold off enemy engineers much longer this way. Note: if people start shooting you and you see a yellow symbol with a bullet above their head …… well lets say they aren’t saying hi ☺

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Ammo packs: Make sure you pay special attention to the voice chat, and check when someone says “need ammo”. Then try to locate them on the command map and give it to them. A good idea is to throw ammo packs out when leaving the spawn. Try to look upwards so the ammo packs will fall behind you and you won’t pick them up. This is usually easier then walking backwards (with your back to the enemy ) . This way your team mates will have an additional supply of bullets and they can last a little longer without your services. The main people that need your service are medics ,mg’s and mortars. They spawn with limited ammo. So make it your business to drop by these people at least once per life (this goes for mg’s and mortars mainly ). A job for you as a field ops is to throw ammo packs at a deployed mg. If you do this you will block his view and he will have to leave his good spot, and might get compromised and killed during his relocation. Try to aim for the legs. Mortars are the greatest ammo junks in the game. If you are one of those dedicated field ops’s who keep them supplied, try to give them ammo in bursts, this way you can keep your smg out and protect your mortar buddy. But you should only do this when you’re not needed at the front line. In some situations every gun counts. Note: You can be social and say in the beginning of a map something like “I am a field ops, mg’s ,mortars let me know when you need bullets”. This will be much appreciated by those people. Now you can be extremely social and stay in the spawn and drop ammo packs there. But it’s kind of lame no? Besides what is the fun in that? What to do: • Use artillery instead of airstrikes. Your team can call max 2 arty/airstikes per minute (this limit does not change whether your team has 1 or 10 field ops). Airstrikes last all of 3 seconds, leaving the target area open for the rest of the time. Arty provides a much more consistent and effective weapon and 2 well timed arty calls can keep an area clean of enemies for almost the whole minute. Arty kills also get you 4 XP per frag as opposed to 3 XP for airstrike frags. • Use team chat and the map in your display to locate your team’s mortar and MG. Feel free at the start of a map to say "I'm a field op - if we have an MG or mortar, please let me know where you are." At a minimum, you should provide ammo to them once per life on your way by them (and you should make it your business to run by them). If you do not do at least this minimum duty, your team will quickly lose it's mortar and MG and be significantly less effective. At a maximum, make it your duty to continually shuttle between them, keeping them fully loaded at all times. Provide cover so your team-mate can mortar. If you decide to be that rare breed of dedicated field op that will stand by a mortaring team-mate and keep him supplied, switch to your weapon after you give him ammo since if anyone comes close your mortar buddy is a sitting duck. You might just save his life. Use the recharge meter to know when you can next call an arty/airstrike. Wait until the recharge bolt is white before you try. Otherwise you'll just get a constant stream of 'insufficient fire support' and exploding canisters. Withhold ammo from any team-mate who shoots or pushes you to get your attention. As I'm trying to teach my own children - use your words instead of shooting each other.

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What not to do: • Be a Field Ops if your team already has 2. As already mentioned, your team only gets 2 artillery/airstrikes calls per minute. 2 field ops are more then enough to use both of those calls and keep the team well supplied. Leave ammo in front of the sight line of a team-mate who is aiming - specifically in front of a mobile MG or a sniper. Nothing is more annoying then finally getting settled in to a nice spot and having a well intentioned but sloppy FO drop ammo right in front of you. Arty the opponents spawn if there is a way to use arty to achieve your team’s objective. A good example of this is during Goldrush where the allied arty should be used to clear an area for engineers to fix the tank but instead often gets misused outside the axis spawn since it provides easy frags. Such misuse not only doesn't help the team in the appropriate spot, it also stops any good field ops from using the arty in the right place. Call airstikes or artillery if you have not yet achieved signals level 3. Signals level 3 (and above) FO attacks last twice as long. Since your team only gets 2 FO attacks per minute, it makes sense to leave those attacks to someone on your team who can make best use of them. Arty/airstike an area where your own team will suffer as a result. While, on our server, friendly fire is disabled, you can still kill your team-mate with bad field ops work. One example of this malady is allies artying the bridge construction area in fueldump so that your engineer can't lay there long enough to build the bridge. Another is allies calling airstrikes by the tower on the lighthouse map - sure you might kill a hidden axis, but you'll most certainly knock off the tower any team-mates defending the top. Stay in your spawn and keep throwing ammo. I know this allows you to rack up XP without any risk of death, but really, what fun is it?

Covert Ops
Weapons: Abilities: Pros: FG42, M1 Garand, sten, grenades, poison gas Smokescreen, satchel, gain an enemy uniform, open enemy doors +Very sneaky +don’t have to go in direct fire fights +helpful in finishing a map more quickly + You don’t give medic packs or ammo when you die -Needs lots of training to be a good covert op -No time to sit still.


Basic info: Avoid any contact, move through the shadows, make sure you don’t attract any attention to yourself, and try to be covert to any enemy. Yes! Covert ops! As covert op you are meant to sneak through enemy lines unnoticed or kill people unnoticed. Ofcourse you have your tools and techniques for this.

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Moving unnoticed: When running (default), enemies can hear your footsteps and now know you’re coming their way so they will be prepared. You can sneak when pressing c. Your footsteps won’t be heard anymore. This is step 1 in becoming a good covert ops. Ofcourse the enemies are very active and it might just happen you walk into someone, you will be glad to have an enemy uniform then! When an enemy is killed you can pick up their uniform with holding F and you will be disguised. Ofcourse when taking such a uniform, make sure no enemy is around you, because he will shoot you or will let other in his team know there is an enemy in disguise. You will be noticed more easily. When you successfully gained an enemy uniform, destroy its body, with a nade. When you are taking a uniform of someone and he is already getting into the ground, don’t give up, you still can get it! Just hold F. One warning: when shooting with your gun, your disguise will disappear and you’ll have to search for a new one. When you have a uniform, try to act as if you are an enemy, when you’re walking to their spawn, walk backward as if you are going to take cover. Never look at the enemies for longer than a second. With this new uniform you will have lots of new possibilities: • Open enemy doors for team-mates. Most likely engineers so they can finish the map faster. • Walk through enemy territory without being noticed. (Too bad some enemies will see ‘enemy in disguise’ when they see you. So you are not 100% sure about that) • Kill enemies in the back, first thinking you were their team mate. • In jaymod there is the possibility to play dead which can come in very handy. Esc>Jaymod->misc and set a button for playdead. Tools in your inventory: There probably is more info on these in the weapon section, though will get through them in short. Satchel These satchels can be used to destroy certain objectives very fast. Usually a dynamite takes about 30 sec to destroy it. A satchel takes about 2 sec! So definitely worth using! Object which can be destroyed are often Command posts, generators and certain walls. Smoke screen Use this to provide cover for team-mates in heavy defended areas or to disorientate your enemies Poison gas Don’t get poison gas on edges were team-mates are, they don’t get poisoned but they will move each time when they would get hit when tk would of been on. Your gun In short: m1 Garand is used for accurate sniping, FG42 is used for close-combat fight (too in-accurate for sniping), sten is very powerful but you need a bit of aim for it.

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Weapons: Abilities: Pros: Cons: Panzer, Mortar, flamethrower, MG-42, SMG, grenades none (just killing crazy) + powerful weapons + You don’t give medic packs or ammo when you die - You’re considered a noob when using these weapons too often. - no brains nor skill needed to make kills - new players shouldn’t use them, although they use them

Basic info: To start with: we do NOT recommend you to use this class if its not 100% necessary. Have fun with them, but don’t waste heavy weapons and share them. When you start as new player you start with a heavy weapon and a single colt. They are kinda forced to use the heavy weapon then. (well they could have chosen a different class) Start using this class only when you can use wear a SMG smg together with your heavy weapon. Furthermore basically all you have to know is how to use the weapons. This can be found in the weapon section. To end with: just go zero tolerance! It doesn’t matter if you die, aslong as your more important team mates don’t die. You can call yourself the bullet catcher…

M-mines: You never really know when they're coming until they're right under your feet. The best defence you have is to be suspicious of high-travelled areas. In the case that you do trigger a land mine, don't immediately get off of it, expecting it to miss you. The smartest thing you can do is to wait, alert any near-by team mates to leave the area, and then what you do from there is your own choice. You can try to jump off, wait for the Engineer who planted it to get close to you and then jump off (getting him/her in the explosion as well), or (my personal favourite) disarm the dang thing. [Defusable] S-Mines: These are similar to M-mines. They bounce upwards and explode. A disadvantage is that an S-mine needs to bounce before exploding; this delay makes it relatively easy for a skilled player to disarm a whole load of it before getting killed by the mines. [Defusable] Poison Gas Mines: These are different. You should treat them like any other mine until you step on them. When/if you do, just haul buttocks. [Defusable] Sten: This is the must accurate gun in the entire game. They have a larger clip than other sub-machine guns, but work off of an overheat bar. In order to master your Sten, you need to learn how to keep it from overheating. Do not fire it the same way you would an SMG (by holding the trigger), but rather by using burst shots.. When going up against someone with a Sten, you want to try to get them to overheat. You can't expect to run, since it's extremely accurate. Your only moment to strike is during their overheat or during their reload time.

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FG42: It has the fastest rate of fire out of all SMGs and has practically no recoil when sniping with it. However, it has the smallest clip of all SMG's (barely more than your dual pistols) and has the worse accuracy of all weapons. When using one of these, it's best to be up in your opponent's face (or back). Be careful! Having a high rate of fire and a low clip is not a good combination. Your weaknesses are during your reloading time and if your target is farther away (not enough for sniping to be practical). *Please note that, you will always lose your uniform when firing one of these. Garand/K43 [scoped]: The sniper rifle of choice. Learn to deal with it's recoil and there's no flaws with this weapon. When sniping, a head shot is the way to go. You'll know when you're getting head shots when you hear a metal pinging noise, higher pitched. It has a moderate reload time, but just be sure to listen to your surroundings. You don't want to be focused on a target 400 yards away, when you should be worrying about the enemy behind you brandishing a knife. MP40/Thompson: There's really nothing to say about these weapons. There are no strategic strengths or disadvantages of these two weapons. They differ in sight, sound, damage, and accuracy. The Thompson has a lower pitched shot with higher damage, while the MP40 is more accurate and higher pitched than the Thompson. The only way you can help yourself when going up against one of these is your death tango [The term I have given to the defensive strafing/jumping/crouching/proning/running motions two, or more, combatants make in a fire-fight]. *Thanks to Snake for pointing damage and accuracy differences* M-97: Simply put, stay the hell away from these (when your opponent is holding them). As Nexus stated, you really should be up close, in tight corridors, hallways, and corners, for these to be efficient. Get up close to your enemy and aim for anywhere between the chest up to the helmet. At close range, this is extremely lethal. Your weaknesses when using these are your high spread, slightly slow reload times, and sometimes limited surroundings that benefit your gun. Satchel Charge: Think of these as remote controlled grenades. Just be sure that you are within the range of your Satchel Charge (The remote will have a solid green light, versus a flashing red one) before you detonate one. These can be destroyed and disarmed, so be careful with these. Dark colored Satchel Charges are from Axis Covert Ops and brighter orange Satchel Charges are from Allied Covert Ops. Just don't run into these when you see them on the floor, and you should be fine. Covert Ops have a tendency to throw these at you from behind for amusement. [Defusable] Poison Gas Grenade: These are nifty, because they can serve as a smokescreen, offensive weapon, and as an alert. Toss these down (preferably near the objective and not on it). Your opponents will have a hard time seeing through (As will your team), every one of them will be hurt when they touch it (versus just you on your team), and you'll be instantly alerted to enemy presence from the sound of coughing and (if far away) that higher pitched metal pinging noise [which indicates that you're hitting someone, although you may not be aware of it]. You can't possibly miss these (unless you're running backwards). Just stay out of these to avoid dying. Multiple PGG's can cause some solid damage. Smokescreen: This is a defensive weapon. It can be used to obscure vision and deny Air strike planes from seeing the canister (might as well throw poison ones). Knife: Solely a melee weapon. Has a high rate of fire (or.. stab), and deals moderate damage per stab. These work well underwater, when you can't fire a practical weapon. These can also be used to gib and to break obstacles, without having to waste ammo. As a Covert Op, always aim for your prey's back. These back stabs will have higher damage,

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and will usually spell instant death. Just don't get close enough to anyone holding a knife. Throwing Knife: All players hold 4 Throwing Knives. Be sure to have alternate fire set to a key before trying to throw these. These fly through the air similarly to grenades, and can also bounce to some extent. If you're a level 5 Covert Op, these are laced with poison. Just hit an opponent once with one of these, and they'll die for sure, as long as they don't find a Medic in time to reverse the poison. Their screen will begin to wobble and they'll start losing life. You should be able to tell when someone's poisoned because their character will periodically make weird lunges (as if vomiting on the floor). [This weapon may be taken out in the next version] [Reversible] Luger/Colt: There's nothing much to say about these. Use two, if you can. They fire really fast and have great accuracy (once you've a proper Heavy Weapons stat). Their reload time isn't too bad either. It's most practical to use these as a disguised Covert Op. You wouldn't want to spoil your disguise by dressing up as a Medic holding an FG42, would you? Holding a Knife every where you go isn't too convincing, either! Clicking these repeatedly has a faster firing rate than holding down the fire button Air Strike Markers: These are the little cans with colored smoke coming out of them. When thrown, the air strike will hit the mark at an angle perpendicular to the thrower at the time the air strike comes. These markers also explode. When going up against a Field Ops below level 3, you can go prone on these markers to block the plane's view of the target. Be sure to run when you hear the planes, because that can is explosive. Die-hard engineers can also defuse these. However, it's often best to just shoot the darn thing, causing it to explode. Best if you stay the heck away from these until you're really familiar with them. [Reversible, if smoke is blocked] Artillery: Use this by going into Binocular mode and clicking. Artillery strikes will hit the area for a limited time. Best used to deny access routes. Just don't be a fool by running through these. Yes, it's possible to run through an area under fire, but more often than not, you're quite unlucky. Stielhandgranate/MkIIA1 grenades: Allies carry the traditional "pineapple" grenade. Axis carry the stielhandgranate. When using these against players, it's best to cook these grenades by holding down the fire button for a little bit before letting go. These explode when they are hit, so be careful with these. They will also trigger all other grenades within range. These are nice to bank off of walls and around corners and can easily take out many people. Run away if one of these land near you. [Defusable, but tiny window of opportunity] Garand/K43 Grenade Launchers: These are the only weapons that give Engineering points, but only if you kill someone with the grenade. The grenades you attach to it are different from your normal stock of grenades. These weapons are best used to counter situations favouring your opponent. It's also good for clearing out rooms and launching grenades long distances. Since they're launched, they'll fly farther, and bank off of walls harder. After the grenade is fired, the gun relies on its normal clip to carry on the rest of the fight. They have a small clip, but are stronger than the average bullet. When using these, you really want to kill/severely hurt your target with the grenade, and then finish them off. Keep in mind that launching the grenade takes up your charge bar, and may interfere with planting Dynamite/Land mines or repairing/building objectives. If you can avoid getting hit by the grenade, there's a good chance you can take down whoever's using one of these.

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Dynamite: Usually only used for objectives. Some objectives can only be destroyed by these. They have a big blast radius and cause massive damage. Consider planting these on vehicles that need to be kept away from enemy control. If an enemy Engineer is brave enough to come fix the vehicle, it poses as a big distraction. "Should I fix the tank or disarm the dynamite first? If I fix the tank, it might blow up and kill me, not to mention hurt the tank. If I disarm the dynamite first, I waste time and may die." [Defusable] Pliers: These magical Pliers do everything, from fixing battle-scarred vehicles, to making MG's out of boxes. These arm/defuse land mines and dynamite. I'll eat my computer if you manage to kill anyone with just Pliers. Building something on top of someone else not included Poison Syringe: These are in the same weapon slots as your grenades. It's a melee based weapon. This is a blue needle. Sneak up on someone and inject them with this poison. Their screen will begin to have a slowing effect and their horizon will become blurred and out of focus. They will constantly lose life and will have trouble running straight. Make sure they don't find a Medic in time. It's pretty embarrassing to die by one of these, since they have to come up to you. [Reversible] *There's a heated debate about what's more practical: Knife or Needle? Although the needle only needs one shot before the target is expected to die, it has a rather slow rate of fire and your target will most likely make every effort to kill you before they die. You're basically putting a live bull to sleep and risking it being pissed off. The knife has a higher rate of fire, but may require more than one swing. Also, the Poison Syringe can be used underwater. It's really your decision as a player.* Reviving Needle: These are used on wounded (not just hurt) team mates. One poke of this needle and they're magically back on their feet. A yellow/orange needle will revive someone with half of their maximum health. When promoted, the green needle will revive someone to full health. Keep in mind; this is your primary function as a Medic; to revive people. Although it's common to clear the area of enemies before reviving a downed ally, it's usually best to just sprint out there, revive them, and sprint out/use them as a shield. If they die, you can always just revive them (unless they're gibbed), and that temporary spawn invulnerability is pretty nice 8 ) Med Kit: Magical boxes that disappear upon touch and instantly mend wounds, heal organs, fuse bones, and remove blood stains without a trace. Hand these out generously, because everyone's going to need them. These can be used to reverse poison effects, although there's some kind of exception to this. Apparently, when hit by a poisoned Throwing Knife from an enemy Medic, you can't pick up their Med Kits to reverse the poison, much less pick them up at all. Just be careful that you don't start healing a Covert Op in disguise, or leave them somewhere that the enemy can get to them. Adrenaline: A red needle used to inject yourself with adrenaline. Your stamina bar is instantly maxed, glows/pulsates, and stays so for 10 seconds. During this time, you will receive half damage. Rambo Medics use these all the time. When holding the red needle, right clicking will reverse the direction of the needle, so that you can inject others. Keep in mind that it will drain your entire charge bar and may interfere with handing out Med Kits. Panzerfaust: I label this weapon as an OSB weapon [One shot, bang]. This means you shoot and something dies. These are handy when needing to remove an MG in your way, or right into a group of people. However, these are often frowned upon and is also why I call it an OBS weapon (Pronounce the letters to get that joke). These are excellent at removing someone from play with no fuss. A direct shot (or near) will result in instant splatter. Close shots will usually kill, but not destroy the body. When going up against

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one of these, try and keep your range. Remember that gravity affects the trajectory of the rocket. Once the rocket is fired, the Panzer Soldier will need to wait a little bit before another rocket can be used. Use this brief window as your primary attack. Be sure that you kill them before they fire off another one. Also, they have limited ammo, so keep that in mind. [Panzer rocket can be destroyed in mid-flight] Flamethrower: An awesome weapon that can inspire fear, confusion, and pwnage all at once. Ammo for this weapon can run out pretty fast, so don't go wasting it. For best results, sweep the gun as you fire it. It's pretty short ranged, so run towards your enemy with your SMG (or if you're not high enough, pistols), and then pull it out. It's pretty nasty to stand next to an ammo rack and just keep firing. Keep in mind that you will instantly set off any grenades with your flames. When going up against one of these, sprint back the nanosecond you see that flame. Keep your distance, and fire at the brightest flame. The flame is brightest at the nozzle and grows darker as it dies down and spreads away from the nozzle. Listen for any higher pitched metal pinging noises to know if you're hitting him or not. You can also try lobbing grenades over/under the flames. Since they tend to sweep their flames, there's usually no ground untouched by flame. Mobile MG42: These are defensive weapons. I can not stress that enough. These have poor accuracy and high recoil when unmounted, but can function has the older brother of FG42's. When using these, go prone and set up its stands. Your accuracy will dramatically improve and your recoil will be almost non-existent. Keep in mind that you'll have a very narrow window of targets. You are restricted to about a 20 degree angle and are prone to flanking. It can also take a little while to set up/take off your stands. Also, you can't reload until the entire clip is over. When going up against one of these, it'll be a hard battle. Unless you can work your way around to the side, you'll have to use an explosive. A grenade is best, but grenade launchers and panzers are just as good. If you really want to humiliate one of these guys, sneak up from behind, and slowly walk into their sight. Not towards their 20 degree window, but just into their peripheral. When they notice you and try to pull off their stands, start stabbing them in the face. Using one of these from the field (ones you build or are attached to tanks) will net you Heavy Weapons points, even if you're not a Soldier class. *Please note that any constructed MG's or MG's on a tank take on the same characteristics. However, they're permanently mounted, improved accuracy, and have unlimited ammo, but they tend to overheat faster. They can also be broken/destroyed (unless on a tank)* Mortar: It takes great skill to use these effectively, so never ruin art in the making. Set these up by right clicking. The numbers listed are degrees. I made the mistake of assuming "90" meant "90 power", whatever that meant to me at the time. If you've taken a geometry class, you can imagine what happens when you send a Mortar up at a 90 degree angle. Don't get me wrong, I didn't do that the first time I used a Mortar. I shot five up before the first one hit me, and the other 4 confirmed what I had discovered. After you launch one, open your command map [Default is G]. A small bull's-eye will show where you've hit. If you see any brown/orange cross hair marks, those are the targets that friendly Field Ops have targeted with Artillery. You can run out of ammo pretty fast, and losing your coordinates and bearings can be a pain. Try and get a new Field Op to stay near you. You can't do much when going up against a Mortar. They have the advantage of range. They're the snipers that never have to see you to kill you. Their windows are also pretty limited, and their mortars take some time to land. Try sniping these, or sneaking up from behind. If you really want to humiliate one of these, you can try the same tactic I mentioned against MG's. That's it for now. I can't possibly think of anything else to talk about, unless someone wants to see a section on "How Constructions Can Kill".

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Offensive tactics
Protection the fella (the guy with the objective): With some maps, as team you have to get an objective and bring this objective to a truck for example. Since it is mostly difficult already to pick up such an objective, it is of great importance to protect this fella when he gets the objective. What NOT to do: * Block him and avoid him from escaping the room quickly and being rather save. (this is most annoying) * Shooting panzers inside where the guy is walking, maybe causing him to get bumped back into the room and losing the objective. * put arty at the entrance of the exit of the building where the objective is. He might get launched into the air and fall to dead. (especially not at the place where to bring the objective) What to do: *When you see the fella running up to you, move out of his way and protect his back from any enemies. *Try to stay rather close to this fella in case he gets shot and the objective dropped so you can pick up the objective. *When with 2, one run in front of the fella killing every enemy on your way and one protect his back. *Smoke the exit so the fella can run through, providing some cover and when enemies are running out of the smoke you can more easily shoot them. Rushing: Rushing is maybe one of the most important points in your offence. You have to put constant pressure on your enemies. This way their defence will break and you will be free to attack and they can’t build up their defence well again. If you get the hang of this as a team, this could lead you to victory. Well how can you get to some good rushing? I personally suggest going with a group of like 5 people and just run and attack. Run and attack, run and attack...... run and attack. And a same group of 5 does the same constantly. Just keep constantly attacking the same point with a group. What NOT to do? * being a coward and try to get as much kills as possible and gaining xp. If you are scared to die, rushing won’t work out. Everyone needs to give everything they got in order to do the objective. Just protect what is needed no matter what. * Walk in one by one, because you will definitely get killed. Killing yourself for the team: Ow no I might get killed! It will hurt! This is not real life and except from that: real man do not act like this, like little cry-babies. As team you get a certain mission to do. Nothing else matters but this mission. So it doesn’t matter how much kills/deaths you have. Although ofcourse have a good kill/death rate WHILE doing the mission is rather handy. Ofcourse you’re shooting and so have to be good for that. But get back to our points. It is all about the mission so if you can sacrifice yourself in order to complete the mission, you will feel good yourself and other players will appreciate that too. So Do The Damn Mission and if you get killed, rush in again and finish this mission with your team.

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Medics and Adrenaline: This is not a medic tutorial, but using Adrenaline in fights. Medic is the only class which can give to you or themselves. Adrenaline is the red needle. When you get to the slot of adrenaline (7), the needle will in first place point at yourself. This way you can give adrenaline to yourself. If you hold secondary attack the needle will change and will point forward now and you can give adrenaline to other people now. Unfortunately this feature is not used very often by people, although it can be very handy in use. Adrenaline makes sure your bar of energy fills up till 100% and stays at 100% for 10 seconds. When using your energy bar, you can run harder which means when trying to pick an objective it will cost you less time to run in and out so less chance to get shot. Ofcourse some back-up is needed. Though that’s mainly the point of Adrenaline. It is very useful if you give adrenaline to a soldier with a flamethrower. Since soldiers with a flamethrower walk rather slow. But when you give them adrenaline they can run into a room and in combination of some good jumping and dodging, they can make loads of kills and kind of clear the room for others to run in. Also in personal fights it gives you an advantage. Dodging bullets is much easier with adrenaline and/or having much energy. Timed assaults: Most maps are built on a way so that you can attack the enemies on different way. As team you should use this gratefully! Let me give a few examples how to use this on a good way. Lets say fireteam A attacks via way 1. The enemy will rush to fireteam A. At that moment fireteam B could rush into via the other side and attack them via the back or sneak quite easily to the objective. Another way is first attacking via one way and suddenly with the whole team you attack via the other way. The enemy will be surprised and most highly will lose this way. These are just two ideas on how to use this. The fact is that this is rather easy to use if you know how to work in a team. More about this in 'teams' section. Distraction: In some cases on certain maps distraction is very good offensive attack and can sometimes if executed with around 2-3 people result in finishing the objective real soon. On certain maps an engineer has to blow up an objective that can’t get in without the help of a covert ops. If the rest of the team rushes the enemy via way 1, the covert ops and engineer might just sneak past the enemies and get to the objective. The enemy is mostly helpless in these cases and your team will win. (poison) smoke: Covert ops can use smoke and soldiers can use poison smoke. Both have to be considered. Although this technique is used a lot on a defensive way it can definitely be used on an offensive way too. If you really want a big smoke screen and disorient the enemy a covert ops should throw in smoke. This mostly used to give some cover when attacking. For example when a mg lies on the ground. The smoke will give the necessary protection and you can run through and shoot the mg. The poison smoke can be used for this(although it might also hurt yourself when running through), but could be used also to inflict damage to the enemy. This therefore works really well in small rooms with loads of enemies. They will walk away from the gas and if you rush into with your team, they have no chance in defending.

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Defensive tactics
General: While defending you have the choice out of a few weapons, each having it's advantages( and ofcourse disadvantages). It is of most importance to choose the right weapon, together with the right class. But mostly importantly probably, choosing the best technique. Technique always wins from weapons (if ofcourse the best technique is chosen). Weapons: There is so much choice in weapons, which one should you choose??? Although the panzer is probably the most used weapon, and called the noob weapon of them all, it isn’t the best weapon to defend either. You only have one shot and then you are like helpless in defending. This especially counting for people who only have a small pistol with the panzer. Panzer shouldn’t be aimed on just one guy, but 2 or more of them. Shooting in a room where the objective is and where engineers went into does help a lot then! The flamer, easily in use and rather easily to defend with it in small rooms. Just flame around in the room when enemies are coming in, but watch out for grenades! Nothing more to tell about this weapon. Mg42 which is very handy in use when defending. Lie down on a one way road (meaning the enemy can only come from one side). Preferable not in the middle since you will be easier to get hit. Then shoot the enemies hard when they walk in. Ofcourse there should be a field ops supplying ammo from time to time. Also some back up for when you have to reload would be good. Hard to beat you there if aimed well. Mortar is hardly used, which isn’t that strange, although it can be an awesome weapon since it inflicts loads of damage. Spots where to use them are spots where they have to plant a dynamite. Just mortar that spot and it will be impossible to plant a dynamite. Again here: a field ops is necessary to supply ammo for you. Loads of ammo! Artillery/airstrikes are used a lot! Though I recall this personally as noobish if you only use artillery/airstrikes as field ops. You can also supply team mates with ammo (like the mortar and mg42). They will help defending then. Plus if you wouldn’t just stay in the background waiting for your artillery to kill people but get in the fight yourself, the defence will be better. Ofcourse you have to choose good spots where to use your artillery (yeah artillery and not airstrikes. More info in the field ops strategy). Good spots are NOT spots where the engineers of your team have to put a dynamite OR spots where there is just ONE enemy. Spots where to use them are: spots with lots of enemies which are defending, spots where the enemy have to get through in order to defuse the dynamite and spots where you can blow off enemies of high walls so they fall to their death. Slowing down the enemies: The actual thing you’re trying to do is slowing down the enemy. They have objectives they need to blow and to slow them down, you will have to prevent them from blowing them or rebuild them. Tank barriers are the best example here. Aslong as the tank doesn’t pass the barrier, the barrier can be constructed. If you can’t manage to construct

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the barrier because it’s full of mines, or grenades thrown at, or artillery, you could always try to destroy the tank instead. This will give you some space to rebuild it. Furthermore try to build up some strong defence at certain areas. Putting a mg-42 in a hall way, supplying him with ammo and med packs, most likely will hold them for quite some time. Also throwing poison-smoke at the entry will slow them down. People are less likely to run in. If they even decide to run in, they will be hurt by it and you will have an advantage in the fight. Also every second shooting a flame to the entrance as flamer, will slow them down. Ofcourse a field ops should be close to provide you ammo. Also a mg can shoot bullets once in a while, although be careful you have enough bullets left for when they really rush in. Objectives: There are a few kind of maps with different kind of objectives: pickable objectives ( grab and take it somewhere), blowable objectives, and multiple objectives (UJE_00 for example). If the enemy happens to pass your defence, don’t be worried, there is still something you can do. pickable objectives: Most likely they enemy will run in very fast (using adrenaline) and grab the objective. The first option when he grabbed it, is block the door. He can’t run through you and probably gives the time to shoot him, instead of him escaping. If he passed the door, all you can do is probably run after him, find a faster way, since he probably isn’t going through the most crowded way, though can you and kill him. Rather pick up the objective and die than leaving the objective for the enemy. blowable objectives: If the enemy gets to plant a dynamite, the best thing is probably to send in some soldiers. Yes the zero tolerance guys! Let them sacrifice them and fight with the enemy while an engineer defuses the dynamite. multiple objectives: When having multiple objectives, it is very difficult to divide your attention over all of them. If you (really) think one of them can’t be saved anymore, let it go and go for one of the other objectives. Those can probably be saved though!

Teaming up
So now we are at a point were you notice that by yourself, you’re not going to get the mission done. Time to team up! Before we get to that, let’s take a closer at the fire teams. Fire team (FT) You might have wondered what those fire teams are all about. Well the first thing is: you can see how much health your other fire team members have, if they are shot, if they are waiting for a revive or are already in the limbo. This is indicated by a red asterix behind the zero indicating they’re dead. Asterix means they’re waiting for a revive. No asterix means there in the limbo.

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The second thing: FT is handy for you to see where your FT-members are located, either by the coordinates behind their names ( this is a setting you must set at your hud in the options menu ). If you’re not familiar with the coordinates or the names, you can always look at your map and you will see the names of your FT-members next to the dots. Another advantage of FT’s… The third advantage: This advantage is really great. You can put shield above your FTmembers. This is pretty handy if you play with a large team. You can do this by pressing your numpad keys. Numpad 0 highlights all FT-members. Ok we have our fire team now; let’s look at some tactics. Teams First of all communication is key to being a successful team. The first time you play with a person or a group, you will be doing a lot of typing. But communication is the key; this cannot be stressed enough. There is o use of being a team if you don’t know what’s going on. If you get used to playing with a person or a group of persons the typing will be less and less. You will feel what to do automatically. As for the typing; vchats are good if used correctly. Imagine you’re defending something which must be blown up with a dynamite. While guarding, you get capped by 2 engineers and a medic. Since no medics are near you tap out and start yelling “incoming” over the voice chat. If you would be yelling “incoming” and typed after it “2 engys 1 medic” your team knows what to hunt for. But you will learn this as you play the game as a team. Another thing in communication is that you need to keep it short and clear. As for teams, try teams of 2 first. It’s small easy to communicate. A good combination to start with is medic and engineer. With the medic preferably staying at the back since he will be the one doing the reviving. And it’s a good way to get to know each other. Don’t be afraid to wait in the spawn and type some FT-messages to each other telling each other what you are planning to do and which route you take. In most cases the easiest way to do this, is when 1 person takes the lead. Mostly the engineer. And the other follows. After a while you can swap if you want. Now some basic idea’s if you’re working in couples. While in narrow long area’s, like tunnels. If you open fire get down into prone or crawl so the person behind you can fire too. Otherwise it’s possible he would empty his clip on you. You die, your team mate reloads and get capped to. You both die because you didn’t work together. In wide open spaces, if you take fire instantly strafe to one side, let your team mate strafe to the other side. That way he will most likely not get noticed/shot. While you are dodging bullets your team-mate will have the opportunity to spot and take out your attacker. If you die in the process, do NOT tap out as your team mate will most likely revive you. So far for teams of 2. This only covers some basic principle. Once you play with some people a lot as a team, you will discover the joy of real team play and pwnage will follow cause of the simple fact team play > skill. This doesn’t mean skill has nothing to do with it. But you will be able to take on better skilled players by using some team-play and some of your graymatter. Now for bigger teams, it’s important to appoint one person who will decide on the tactics used. He preferably is a more experienced player who knows the map and the players in the team. A good feature of a leader is the ability to stay calm and keep oversight. No need for yelling if someone messes up, that’s focussing on the problem. A good leader needs to focus on the solution. It’s handy and very easy to agree on a couple of voicechats indicating something. Keeping in contact ALL the time is also a key to a successful team. If you cleared the way, say so. No need for the others to be on the hunt if you already took them out. If your team is large enough, it’s best to have some drop point, were med- and ammo packs are just dropped in case of. If someone asks for something let him/her know you want to give it to him/her. For example one or two persons are in charge of supplying the team of ammo. The moment a person of that FT asks for ammo.

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One of the 2 field ops just state something like “I am a field ops”. That way the person knows a field ops acknowledged his request for ammo, and the other field ops knows he doesn’t need to go there. The same goes for medics, but they have an easier job because they can see the amount of health each team member has. Specific tricks Engineer rush In the event you are on offence and you need to blow something, make sure 80% of your FT is an engineer and the rest are medics. Before rushing in decide who plants ( mostly the guy who arrives last ). Let everyone throw his dynamite, but not arm it. Just throw and pull out the SMG again so they can kill incoming enemies. Swarm the place. This has a couple of advantages: • Only one engineer is vulnerable while planting. • You got a bunch of dynamites at one place. • All the others were vulnerable for only 1 sec and the rest of the time they can shoot enemies. Zone patrol If your team is big enough, assign some members to patrol certain areas the whole time. If you got an ‘incoming’ from one of them, you know where the enemy is coming from and start defending there. The only thing they need to state is how many and what. If your team is big enough you can have some loose patrolling people who just rush in an area if needed. The downside of this tactic is that some peeps can get bored and wander off, giving the enemy the possibility to sneak by through the other side room. Snatch This is nice if you need to take an objective from a well defended spot. Assign a medic to run in with adrenaline and take the objective. The rest of the team just gets between the attackers and the runner. NEVER block the runner his way, since he’s juicing, he will be building up some speed, and you don’t want to ruin that. Also don’t be afraid to kill yourself if you find yourself in the middle of your team mates, with low health, chased by angry opponents. Just kill yourself and let a fresh one make the run. Ofcourse you shouldn’t do this when the previous spawn time just occurred. Note: if you die and respawn and no-one of your team is around. Just wait until you are with a few. No need to wander around alone, and get killed for nothing.

Moving a vehicle
There is nothing more frustrating than sacrificing yourself as engineer to repair a vehicle and next give the chance to the enemy to destroy while it hasn’t moved 1 inch, just because your team-mates are too scared to run into the fire fight and touch the vehicle for less than 1 single second. That’s all an engineer probably wishes for at that moment. Most vehicles have a mg on top of the vehicle. Ofcourse this is a powerful gun, though it also makes you the largest victim in the whole battlefield probably. It therefore isn’t the best choice as engineer to climb on top of it and start firing at enemies, because you most likely will end up dead and won’t be able to repair the vehicle again when it is destroyed. Instead a soldier should climb on it and filling the enemies with lead. It doesn’t really care if he gets killed. He sacrificed himself to kill another 1-3 enemies or when lucky even more. When the tank is destroyed, the engineer can repair it again and we can get back to moving it again!

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Ofcourse it can happen you’re on your own. As you probably will understand, standing in front of the tank will get you shot extremely easy. Instead try to find cover behind the vehicle. Or in the case you’re surrounded, it is probably the best to move around the tank. Just keep moving. Also when its getting to hot under your feet, meaning too much enemies are around, it is probably the best just to touch the vehicle causing it to move and then walk away around a corner and just before it stops moving, touch it again. It will keep moving. And if there is no choice left at all, just touch the vehicle and sacrifice yourself for your team. It might save yourself a lot of time. Especially when it is to pass a barrier! Always when a vehicle is in front of a barrier, the barrier is destroyed and the vehicle is repaired, touch the vehicle in any way you can! Rather jump to death causing it to move, than doing nothing.

Useful tricks
Reloading Everyone needs to reload once in a while. While reloading this person in case isn’t able to shoot and you can take advantage of this. When you are in a 1 to 1 fight run around a corner. Most probably the guy will take his time to quickly reload. Listen carefully and when you hear him reloading (yes you can hear that) attack him and kill him! Also counting for yourself. If you have to reload, run somewhere where you can temporarily take cover so you can reload without being shot. Play dead There is a possibility to act death aka ‘play dead’. You will lie down as a death person and enemies might consider you as a killed person and walk passed you. More experienced players are less likely to fall of this trick, although even they could fall for this trick. In order to make this work out well you will have to find good places to lie down. When lying down, you are unable to shoot so better make sure you do it ok at once. There are a few spots where to use them: • When in a fight and you are about to die. Just press play dead. Some people might think you’re death and start shooting other people instead or run away. Although this seems to work, out of experience I can say this only works if you’re fighting less experience players. But if you’re low on health, who knows, it’s worth a try. • There are a few spots on the map where loads of fights occur. If you get to pass these areas a few feet, play dead and wait for the enemy to pass this area. You will probably be able to get through their lines easily now since all reinforcements have just pasts and next reinforcement will probably be in 15 seconds. • When you are in an objective room, which ofcourse is a room where lots of fights will occur, you can in some cases play dead. Ofcourse when it is a pickable object, you rather pick it up and run than playing dead. Though if it is blowable object and a dynamite is planted or something and no enemy is inside, play dead. They will think you are already killed and will go to defuse the dynamite. You can stand up now and shoot them. This can be called the best way of using playing dead. As last I want to mention that doing this too often will only lessen your chance in making this a successful trick.

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Offending/defending strategy (works for both)
One trick that you can use which you'll be surprised at the people you can take down with this. Take a common entry point for the enemy into your base...for example the archway near the south gun on oasis. a few feet to the side of the archway(pref tank side), put your back to the wall that the archway is on. | = wall X = you O = enemy F = point at which you fire. -> direction facing This is a top down view | |X-> |

| | | ----------------------------------------------| |X-> | O---------F> | | | When people are running through doors it’s so rare to get them check their behinds when running through. They are usually mind set on the objective. That’s when you strike. By the time they turn to engage you they are either dead, or nearly dead. I’m in the habit of letting them get a few feet away before firing. That way multiple people rushing through the doors are going to feel my wrath (they often move close together) And it works for multiples as well This tactic can work for any situation, i.e. attacking/defending. just put your back to a solid surface and wait till enemies have passed if you’re attacking.

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Surviving How do I get from point a to b with as mince damage? Look to all walls and caves etc. take cover behind them, when it’s clear run at the right or left NOT IN MIDDLE. Make a planning, when you see a box and our standing 10feet from it, go to it and make new planning. How do I get from a to b when there are too much enemies? Try to take another way; don’t be scared to go alone. Locate enemies when you lean around corners, crouch when opening doors. Observate and take your time. How can I locate and kill enemies the best way? Always try to get to their back when they are camping. When it’s a distance combat lay on the ground, especially when it’s foggy. Look around bends and try to see where they are or are going to. Think where you would be as enemy and from which side you wouldn’t suspect they’ll come from and attack from there. Wasting ammo Just don’t. Don’t waste ammo, that’s the only real important thing I can say. Surviving Don’t be a rambo! Only shoot at people who try to shoot you, afk's aren’t important when you are getting killed by another! When using rambo-style, always move even when healing or repairing ... surviving artillery is sure you are not in an open air area, and don’t stand near the entries of doors, since these are the most likely spots where you will be hit by artillery. Think that you are in a war and you are trying to survive armies with just a revolver or something. Be smart to survive. Landmines You have 3 different landmines, but several different techniques to use the landmines. We wont go in detail about there landmines, but the techniques, where to put them etc. When you reach field ops level 5 you will be able to see landmines. Well you will white transparent landmines. These can warn you when you are the one attacking you, but annoy you when you’re the one planting them so better find good spots to put them at. Spots to put your mines at: • Just around corners, so they will walk around the corner and will into them • Spots where people wouldn’t expect them and where they would go through with high speed. • Around the objective. People will have to go through that and probably will step on one of them if you plant enough. • In bushes where people walk. (No use in planting them in bushes where people wont ever walk) • Just under the water surface. Also in this case where people walk. We have another spot where to plant mines which will be explained down here. People with field ops level 5, which lots of people have on our server which is xp forever, will see the white glow of the landmines (see above). A bit experience user will jump just in front of it to pass it. Ofcourse this user will have to land someone else. So the thing to do, is to plant mines at the spots where they would land. Ofcourse the other mines, the dummy

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mines also need to be planted. It’s an effective way of killing enemies, though takes quite some landmines. In some maps it definitely comes in handy. Most players assume that mines which are destroyed once, won’t be there again on the same spot within a small period of time. So if you plant a mine on a spot where one of your mines just has been destroyed, the same person will most likely walk over it again. Whoops! 2 kills that is. Another quick tip, if you land dead and in need of needle on a group of your own landmines (and they prime/shoot smoke out, not sure what the term is), look around before you tap out. If you see an enemy coming your way, wait until they're close to the landmines THEN tap out. If they get caught in the blast it gives you a kill, and them a nasty surprise. Also works if you land on a group of enemy mines, and the enemy engineer is nearby. Hurting the offence With one or two player you can really hurt the offence’s plans. In maps like the current Goldrush we have on the server right now you could sit in the mg by the allies' second spawn and open the doors when you hear them running away from the spawn. You'd kill about 3 people and watch as the defending players take out the weaken ones. Of course if your going to do that you have to be very sneaky and time it right and if its a mg (not mg42) your using to weaken the offence its best that you be engineer because they will for sure blow the mg after you kill them a few times and we guarantee that they won't be expecting you to repair it. Also when doing this be careful not to over-use your attack, always move around a bit because whenever you used that mg in Goldrush you have to keep jumping down and make the panzers and nade-throwers outside believe someone already killed you after they bombarded the mg. And of course you can do this many ways like planting mines outside the offence’s spawn or just waiting around with a flamer, of course you may not kill many but you will sure weaken them for your friends defending down the road and also cost them valuable time. And it might be good to know (or maybe bad) that most likely you will be the one attracting like atleast 5 enemies trying to kill you. This causing them not focusing on the offence anymore. So if you constantly keep doing this, they won’t be able to build up their offence properly. Catch the panzer Quote: nae’blis My favourite on to do is to sacrifice myself for the objective. I remember I one time turned around to protect the engy planting and saw a panzer coming our way so I ran straight into it and we won cause the engy took out some of the enemies and reinforcements arrived. Repair a vehicle in parts When you get killed while repairing a vehicle, the percentage you repaired of the vehicle will still be saved for some time. So if a second engineer can get to it and repair the last part of the percentage, you might get the vehicle moved another 6 feet even though the vehicle might be heavily protected.

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Thankful words
Special thanks to: SirNoobALot for mentioning the idea of this document and writing loads of the strategies in this document LifeNoLong for compiling this document and writing quite some strategies. SnakexDude, colio, ravi, trooper and MSW for writing an enormous part of the information in this guide. Nae’blis and pihi for trying to improve and mentioning new strategies/tactics for this document. Everyone else of DTDM for supporting us and helping out.

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