PRESS RELEASE: The Majority Tax Stabilization Plan

CONTACT: Albany County Legislative Majority Leader, Frank Commisso 112 State Street, Albany, NY 12207 | December 6, 2012—The $568 million budget for 2013 was approved by a 28-11 vote on Monday night. The Albany County Legislature positioned the County on a responsible, solid and conservative financial plan for the coming year. The Albany County Legislature worked collectively and aggressively to provide to the County Executive a balanced budget, the proposed 2013 Budget cut the County Executive’s tax increase from 8.9% to 7.6%. In addition, the Democratic Majority is making efforts to reduce spending and is determined to find ways to continue lowering County taxes. The work is just beginning for the Albany County Legislature. In fact, Chairman Shawn Morse, Majority Leader Frank Commisso and Deputy Majority Leader Sean Ward have begun tackling an aggressive agenda as a result of the 2013 Budget. Talks have begun and “The Majority Tax Stabilization Plan” has been established. The following list includes issues that will be closely looked at, researched and decided upon in 2013:                    Management Audit, Similar to audit performed in the 90’s. Develop a well-organized attrition plan. Looking at Overtime – Overtime was already cut by 10% in the 2013 budget. Re-establish a Hiring Freeze. Re-examine the Community College Chargebacks and/or sales tax distribution. Aggressively pursue video-conference at Albany County Jail and Court House. Consult an Advisor regarding Albany County Nursing Home: Current & Future issues. Capital Plan: Install Boiler and Roof at Nursing Home. Set up meetings with County employees at Nursing Home to discuss plan decided upon. Request Sheriff to review the Inmate’s Services Program: What services can inmates provide. Review shared services: snow plowing, salting, etc. Review results of The Regional Waste Study. In-House concept dealing with vacant properties: County, City, Towns & Villages working together to develop county plan, develop own “Land Bank”. Revitalization effort to invest in energy efficient vehicles for County fleet. Charter Revision Commission is established and will begin meeting in January. Review of tax-exempt properties current and potential PILOT agreements. Creation of an in-house lobbying group, made up of members of the Albany County Legislature. Review of NYS Grants: Private Sector vs. Public Sector. Albany County, “The place to shop” campaign.

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