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LeConte Elementary Latino Heritage Celebration

Dinner 5:00pm 6:30pm Dance Performances 6:30pm 8:00pm

Friday, December 7th 2012

Welcome and Acknowledgements

Welcome to LeConte Elementary Schools Annual Latino Heritage Celebration! This celebration recognizes the diversity and rich cultural Latino heritage that flavors our daily life in the United States. This event was brought to you by LeConte ELAC parents and committee members. We would like to thank the following people for all their help and support: Principal Singh, LeConte teachers and staff, Community Kidz, and the dance teachers: Natalia Bernal, Marbella Ros-Duran, Dyana Delfin-Polk, Liliana Aguas, Pablo Paredes, Fabiola Muoz & Yasmin Carretero, Graciela Hernandez Zaldivar, Charity Johnston, Awilda Logan and Sylvia Torres A special thanks to parents helping with food, donations, costumes, decorations, etc.: Alicia Villanueva from Tamales los Maya, Luis Huerta, Irene Leja, Rafael Canales, Guadalupe Guerrero, Leticia Gonzales, Yasmin Carretero, Elvia Orozco, Carina Chavez, Paola Torres, Luis Martinez, Estela Perez, Lorena Cach, Tania Ortega, Maribel Martin, and Catarina Negrin and all the volunteers that helped to make the event a success.

A very special thank you to the organizers for this event

General Coordination Publicity
Paz Alejandra Melndez-Canales & Elena Topete Paz Alejandra Melndez-Canales

Dances & Costumes Set-Up

Paz Alejandra Melndez-Canales, Josefina Rico Anglica Gonzales

Carol Perez

Stage Design & Installation

Jos Valencia

Decorations Sales Food

Fabiola Muoz Araceli Salgado Antonia Alba


Shiori Akimoto

Master of Ceremonies Photography & Video

Angelica Prez, Mr. Henderson Jose Valencia, Pablo Paredes, Cesar Perez, Chris Martin

Program Design & Translation

Kyle Cornforth & Maria Rabinovich

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LeConte Elementary Latino Heritage Celebration Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Performances in order of Appearance Opening Remarks
Principal Singh Pablo Paredes

Opening Ceremony El Permiso

Performed by 5th grade girls, Traditionally El Permiso or the permission is always done before dancers perform. The dancers ask the gods for permission to dance. Their feet mark the four cardinal directions, east, west, north and south that represent our universe. These four directions also represent the elements in our universe, earth, air, water, and fire. Fire will be danced at the end.

Danza del Maiz (Corn Dance)

This dance represents the planting and harvesting of this grain that was and still is so important for Mexicans and other Latinos. The feet movements represent how the grain is planted, then it is covered with soil by the feet. You will also see harvest movements, and the dancers extoling toward the sky, giving thanks for a good harvest. origin: Aztec dancers: 4th grade Mr. Henderson & Ms. Cross dance teacher: Ms. Rios-Duran

Los Estados Unidos tiene muchos latinos

(please follow along with the song, lyrics are at the back of this program) singers: Kindergarten classes- Ms. Bernal & DonaldsonFletcher, Ms. Diebel, & Ms. Bull Songwriter: Natalia Bernal

El Rascapetate

origin: Jalisco, Mexico dancers: 1st grade Ms. Barer dance teacher: Dyana Delfin

Baile del Gorila

origin: Pop dancers: 1st grade Ms. Lambert-Yank dance teacher: Fabiola Muoz, Yasmin Carretero

Jesusita en Chihuahua

origin: Chihuahua, Mexico dancers: 2nd grade Ms. Louie dance teacher: Dyana Delfin-Polk

Bachata Rosa

origin: Bachata, Dominican Republic Interpreters: Juan Luis Guerra dancers: 1st grade Ms. Torres dance teacher: Pablo Paredes

Las Chiapanecas

origin: Chiapas, Mexico dancers: 2nd grade Ms. Perez dance teacher: Dyana Delfin-Polk

El Sapo

origin: Traditional Song from Nicaragua dancers: Cheila Paredes & Angel Martinez dance teacher: Reyna Jasso


origin: Veracruz, Mexico dancers: 2nd grade Ms. Aguas dance teacher: Ms. Aguas & Graciela Hernandez

The Tango

origin: Argentina dancers: 3rd Grade Ms. Logan dance teacher: Ms. Logan

La Habana me Llama

origin: Salsa, Cuba Interpreter: Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco dancers: 3rd grade - Ms. Johnston & Ms. Tyshler dance teacher: Ms. Johnston

Club Destructores

origin: Quebradita/Banda , Northern & Central Mexico dancers: Javier Paredes & Members

Fuego /Fire

Fire represents one of the crucial elements that keep humanity alive origin: Aztec dance dancers: 4th grade - Mr. Henderson & Ms. Cross dance teacher: Ms. Rios-Duran

Estados unidos tiene muchos latinos The United States has a lot of Latinos Por/By: Natalia Bernal
CORO/Chorus: Estados unidos tiene muchos latinos, muchos latinos, muchos latinos Estados unidos tiene muchos latinos de las americas Latinos del caribe, sud amrica, centro amrica y norte amrica Latinos africanos, europeos, asiaticos e indigenas CORO/Chorus Latinos en el mundo somos muchos y sentimos orgullo Latinos aqu Latinos all y gritamos paz y libertad! CORO/Chorus

The proceeds from the sale of food and art will go towards the academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and cultural enrichment of the students and LeConte community. We thank the following local businesses for their donations to this event: