What we really are One chilly full moon night a fourteen-year-old teenager named Alex was

doing his homework until his mom knocked on his door. She asked, "Alex can you please come help your brother and father with cleaning the garage?" "Yes mom," replied Alex. He went downstairs to help when their fur ball of dog ran right past him and almost made him trip. He then went to the garage were his brother and dad were moving old dusty boxes to the left side of the garage. Alex helped move all the boxes when his brother Tom told him to go get the lift, Alex then ran to the back of the house just as he got to the shed he heard a noise from the forest but he wasn't afraid. There were no dangerous animals in the region just deer, rabbits, and elk, Alex grabbed some grass then went over to the source of the noise. Alex then said, "Come on fella I won't hu..." Suddenly a huge animal jumped up, grabbed him, and slammed him into the ground as Tony was about to scream for help but the beast put its furry hand on his mouth. Alex then stopped screaming but continued to struggle free from the beast. With a snarl it said, "I will let you go if you don't run away and don't scream." Alex thought to himself that he had no choice and this thing could catch and kill him if he tries to run and scream so nodded in agreement. The beast got off of Alex, Alex looked closer at the beast it had dark brown fur, red crocodile eyes, and scruffy fur. "My name is Ronald a friend of your grandpa and I already know your name young man," said the beast "How does my grandpa know you? And why are you here?" replied Alex. "Your father never told you; your mother and father are werewolves just like your friends Tom, Rose, and you." “I’m what... that's impossible, that can't be true." "That time you found those chains and restraints in your grandparents basement, Yeah I know you father told me when he found you in there." "But..."

Just then Tom hollered out to him to hurry to up Alex looked then looked back at Ronald be he was gone all that was there was a piece of paper saying that he'll be back in three days to come for Alex then put it in his pocket then ran back to help. Later that night he went down stairs to the reading room where the family ancestors' books and records are kept. He went to his dad's families section when he found four interesting looking books he put them on a table near him. He then began looking through a book titled in Latin translated read "The start of The Hybrids" which contained all of the knowledge of how his father's family became werewolves and that they helped villages and towns. After reading it for a while he started reading another book called "Blood Kin" and as he looked through it he saw one picture of his mom, dad, grandpa, uncle and twenty others human looking and another picture when their werewolves. The title for both pictures and the story called "Warriors of the red river Battle." He read about a bloody battle between them against a group of humans who hated that they were friends with beasts soon became Hunters of this beasts. From that, point Alex spent four hours reading all four books he then put them back and went to Tom's room to ask him about it. He knocked on the door and his brother said come in. His brother was sitting on roof in front of his window Alex climbed out the window and sat next him. Alex then asked, "Hey, did you know about what we really are?" Silently tom replied, "Yes... I did." "What about Rose does she know?" Alex angrily replied. "Yeah she knows," replied Tom. Just then Rose came out of her window. Rose asked, "Why are you guys talking about me?" Tom said, "He knows." "Oh." "Oh why "Oh" why didn't anyone tell me?" Alex angrily asked. "Because I and Rose were supposed to tell you when you were ready," replied Tom. "Ready! Ready for what!!?" said Alex. "We can't say sorry Alex," said Rose. "Forget it then," said Alex.

Tom and Rose watched as Alex them then they silently went to their rooms. Alex stayed up for the rest of the night wondering and questioning all the things that had happened.

The next day he went to school still thinking about what happened last night his friend Nick was waiting for him. He asked, "What happened to you man you look horrible?" "I spent the night reading about things and talking to Tom and Rose," replied Alex. "You need to learn to get some sleep and be happy it's the last day of school before our seven week spring break," replied Nick. "Yeah maybe your right," replied Alex. Nick nodded in agreement but Alex couldn't he was thinking about what he should do his friends Violet and Ashley were also worried so they and Nick all agreed to take Alex up on his offer two weeks before about going to his grandparents' house for spring break. The next day on the way to his grandparent's house, he felt angry that his brother and sister never told him about it, scared if he answered no, and worried if he answered yes and might die. Two hours later he woke still half sleep but as he looked out the window he noticed a herd of deer he sudden became hungry but the urge quickly went away a couple minutes later. When they finally arrived at the enormous house it was night and his friends were already there talking under a tree. When Tom, Rose, and he were done unpacking their parents said their goodbyes then left. While Tom and rose went to go talk to Nick, Violet, and Ashley Alex went to talk to his grandpa he was reading in his study just as he was about to ask his grandpa a question he put the book marker in the book then set it down on the high table next to him. His grandpa said, "You know don't you not just from what Ronald told you but you got curious and looked at the four books am I right?" He stuttered replied, "y-y-yes grandpa I read all four last night." "Fast reader just like your Grandma well at least you know I bet you want to know what your brother and sister meant by ready," replied Grandpa. "Yes, why did Ronald come to me?" asked Alex. "Both questions can both be answered by one answer, your mom, dad, brother, sister, Ronald, grandma and me were seeing when you'd be ready to join the war." said Grandpa "Bu...” BOOM! BOOM! Two explosions shook the earth as the ground shook as more hit around the house one finally hit the back of the house. Grandpa and Alex both quickly went

downstairs to see if the others were hurt but luckily, they weren't as they went to the back of the house there was a section gone. Then from the destroyed section of the house they saw in the field that the buildings that held tractors and other machinery, the barns that held cows and horses were destroyed. Everywhere else had huge holes in the ground suddenly four jeeps came zooming out the woodwork firing at the house as if they went insane. "Follow me!" yelled Grandpa. They went to the basement where Grandpa unlocked a door inside was an escape route just as they went in it they heard footsteps and shouting above them a sudden explosion made the tunnel collapse. They were trapped in the basement the only thing they could do was fight. Grandpa, Grandma, Tom, and Rose instantly turn into werewolves from seeing the full moon before retreating into the basement and were holding it back. However, Grandpa and Grandma were old, Tom and Rose never fought the Hunters before, I couldn't turn into one for some reason, and my friends were human. "We'll by you some time to escape while you kids sneak out the front and take my car," said Grandpa. Then threw the keys he had taken from his jacket pocket before transforming to Alex. "Alright we'll wait here for a while," said Alex. Then the four werewolves used a secret passage to another room, Alex and his friends started hearing screams and monstrous noises they quickly ran upstairs to escape. As they entered the final hallway going to the front door they saw a couple of Hunters shredded apart on the floor and laying against the walls. One had their face ripped right off, another person had their torso ripped open showing their intestines and ribs as they ran past the dead bodies two Hunters suddenly appeared from around the corner. They couldn't hide so they knew they were going to die, just then Rose came crashing through the floor above them hit both to opposite sides of the wall finally clawing both Hunter's throats. As the dead woman gargled blood as she lay on the floor Rose signaled them to follow her when they got to the car on the side of the house. Rose looked back after blood curtailing howls then yelled "Alex you get your friends out of here!" He knew that he couldn't help nor could his friends help so they got in the car as he left he looked in the rear view mirror and saw his sister in human form sad, and he knew that he may never see her again. Then she had transformed back, ran and jumped through a window. Alex had thought of where to go then he remembered that his mom's brother lived in the mountains in a huge castle. Then he thought "I wonder how old he really is?"

he realized that he was a fourteen year driving without a license, but he had known choice thankfully his grandpa had shown him how to drive a couple months earlier to help pick up and drive things that needed to be delivered to other farmers. A day later they had reached their destination his friends were amazed and in aww they were quickly greeted by a butler who had shown them the way inside the castle. As they walked through the hallways they saw paintings of historical figures who were werewolves and stands of old weaponry and clothing that were used around the 1800's and maybe older. They soon came to a door when the butler had opened it, when they walked inside they were in an enormous room. There were candles that were near the throne and on both sides of the room that were light up, the curtains had covered the windows, so that the only thing lighting the room were the candles. Alex saw someone sitting on the throne but could not see their face, the figure stood up and walked to the center of the room the lighting soon showed the face of the mysterious figure. Alex joyfully said "I can't believe it's you." They smiled at the person but the person did not say a word and just stood there smiling back at him and his friends.

It’s time my boy Standing in front of him was his sister that had bandages on her arms and going around her torso she slowly walked over to Alex. She calmly said "How are you and your friends?" Violet quickly answered "Us what about you? You’re the one who was fighting the people who were trying to kill you, Alex, Tom and your grandparents besides I doubt that they expected humans to be there." "Where are they anyway?" asked Alex There was a moment of silence. "Tom's here getting bandaged up, he got it worse than I did and about....they didn't make it but me and Tom made sure that the Hunters could not take their bodies and do something to them." The room that had been filled with smiles had turned to frowns and shock, Alex did not say a word but left to find Tom to see how he was doing. Rose took Nick, Ashley and Violet to their rooms where they would stay for the duration. As Alex was walking the halls questioning why he didn't ask Rose where Tom was, he came to a sudden halt to just acknowledge that he's grandparents were killed. He leaned against the wall then slumped down now sitting on the ground then thought of how they died but as he did it brought tears to his eyes and soon began to cry. Eventually he stopped, he looked to his left after hearing footsteps and standing almost next to him was his uncle. "It's been a long time since I saw you going on to five and half years," said his uncle with a smirk. Rubbing his tears from his face then quickly stood up "Yeah it has, so how have you been Uncle Robert?" “Good but let us talk about you, you know what you are but you wish you could have saved them so let me help you become one of us because as I see it you’re ready. You have learned of your family history, seen our enemy, and know what it feels to lose your kind. But it's up to you so what your answer is?" "Yes" "All righty then" The next morning Alex would begin his training starting first with being able to control his anger so if need be and there is no full moon he can become a werewolf. His uncle had asked Alex's friends to pretend to be kidnapped or hurt by his uncle. The results his

uncle thought were confirmed and better than thought of and continued to improve. As the days past his uncle taught him how to control his cravings and showed him and gave him substitutes. The last thing that his uncle would need to teach him was how to fight as a werewolf using himself and Rose though sometimes there would be a wolf that would stay at the castle and would partake in training. A week had pasted and on a foggy and chilly Saturday night as Alex was practicing his fight his uncle came up to him and asked if they could talk and he agreed. They sat on a hill overlooking a lake with the moon right above it away from the fog. "It's a nice night isn't Uncle," Alex saying with a soft tone. "Yeah it is but I need to talk to you about something important." "What is it?" Not knowing how to approach the topic he just said "It's about your Friends."

Fight or Flight "What about my friends?" "You know that since you decided to join us it's going to become a whole lot dangerous." "Yeah I know now stop beating around the bush what about my friends?' "They have to make a choice to either fight with us or they have to leave to go back to their homes." "I'm sure they'll join...” "That's not what I mean!! They have to become like us!!" “What are you talking about I can't turn my friends into werewolves!!" "You have no choice they either fight or leave now because if they interfere more than they have already the Hunters won’t let them live. They will kill them to make sure this doesn't get out so even if your friends said they wouldn't say anything the Hunters won’t care." "So if they join us they would be like us?" Alex said quietly. "No not necessarily they would be weaker since they would be half breeds and not pure blooded like us, so do you want me to ask them or do you want to ask them?" Alex got up and said "I'll do it," and walked away as his uncle remained seated. Meanwhile the new arrival Ronald, friends, his sister and now healed brother were talking around a fire place drinking hot chocolate. Alex busted through the door then said "Violet, Ashley and Nick I need to talk to you." They were all surprised seeing him look like heard some sort of terrible news but they agreed following him still drinking their hot cocoa. They were all quiet as they followed Alex wondering why he wanted to talk to them then they came to his room he let them go in first then shut the door behind him. Ashley asked quietly "Why did you want to talk us Alex?" "The reason is Ashley is that you know how I have decided that I will join the fight against the Hunters but there is something that my uncle had brought up." "What would that be?" replied Ashley.

"It's that you guys have to either join us or leave to go home." "What are you talking about joining or leaving of course we'll be here for you man," replied Nick. "That's not what I am talking if you guys join I'll have to bite you to make you like me." They looked at Alex with surprised expressions then turned to each other nodding as in agreement. "Then we gladly accept the bite," replied Violet. "But why? Why not just go home and not be involved in this?" "Well we're your friends plus we were concerned before when you were acting different and lastly you can't have all the fun," said Nick. "It not going to be fun and games guys you could die but for me it's different I was going to be a part of this." "Then we'll take that chance," Ashley said quietly. Alex walked up to each of them and bite them, they all screamed in pain as Alex's sharp canine teeth left each of their neck he then took them to see Ronald to explain what he did and to ask for help healing them.

Dealing with new Pups After weeks of training his friends to become strong, savage, stealthy and cunning killing machines Alex's uncle decided they were ready to become part of the serving clan. He had collected them all to the throne room for the acceptance ceremony to make them part of the clan. He told them that the service clans of the family are bitten to serve the family and have the respect and certify of the family. "It will be my honor to serve your clan," replied Nick after Alex’s' uncle had finished the acceptance ceremony. After all three of Alex's friends had gone through the ceremony and left to Alex's room he asked them how they felt after all that had happened. "PAIN!!" all three said. "But it was worth being a part of an ancient ceremony but what about the tattoo that appeared on all of our arms?" asked Nick. "I don't know about ancient ceremony maybe old but I don't know how long the wolves have been around. For the tattoos if I remember correctly uncle said it was a sign of loyalty to the clan. He also said that it was on the side that are I guess by if you are right handed or left handed," Alex answering Nick. As all four were heading back to the throne when a explosion had happened right in front of them knocking them back. When they all got up they quickly noticed that the remaining half of the hall was destroyed. "Well you guys wanted to see real fighting nows your chance looks like the Hunters finally found us," said Alex. "Yeah but do they have to BLOW THINGS UP!! This place has historic value!!" Ashley yelled. Violet replied "Yeah But it would get destroyed on the inside." "But still," replied Ashley. "Well ladies first," Nick quickly added interrupting them. "For what?" Asked Violet. He said "For jumping over the forty foot space between us and the door." What! Why us?" she replied quickly "Because Alex and I are gentlemen." he replied

"No you’re a scaredy and don't bring Alex into something you started," Violet said angrily with an angry look to Nick. "Can we just go," Alex said. They all agreed and jumped over the long distanced gap. Ashley opened the door to find the Hunters and other werewolves fighting all ready. She quickly stepped in and moved to the side so the others could get in and when they what was happening they realized how real the fight was. "You guys ready for a fight?!!" "YEAH!!" all replying. They all transformed then separated knowing they could cover more ground and be more of help. The gory battle continued with both sides losing men and women neither losing nor gaining ground. The four wolves were doing the best they could to get ground for the other werewolves. Ashley was helping the werewolves in the courtyard she would grab some Hunters by their faces and smash them against the wall until blood and some pieces of brain were left. Nick was helping in the library where many book have been damaged or destroyed from the fighting he tried his best to kill the enemy fast in his effort he succeeded and kept a large majority of the books from being destroyed. Violet was succeeding in pushing back the Hunters in the back of the castle fighting on the hills. Alex was defending the front of the house with his brother and sister, uncle and Ronald with others as well. Unrenowned to the Hunters they did not there so many in one place though enormous had not had much activity around it. Soon Violet and the wolves had been done with the enemy in the back of the castle and went to help the others inside but she went to find her friends. She easily found Ashley Finishing what remained of the Hunters then devouring one of their bodies that were still alive. As Violet got closer she could hear more clearly the Hunter screaming in agony begging to be killed Violet grabbed a head piece of a broken statue and smashed his face until he did not move or speak any longer. Ashley had seemed dominate over what were male werewolves astonished violet thought of how quiet and innocent Ashley had once been. When they both went in search of their remaining friends they had stumbled upon Nick eating a human body as well. As they tried to communicate with him he looked at them as if a dog was defending its' bone. As he regained his composure he apologized for almost wanting to hurt them then the three set out to find their friend and his family. They ended up finding them fighting outside where a lot of wolves had been killed and the Hunters had surrounded what remained of the Werewolves fighting. Among them they could see Alex, his uncle, Tom, Rose and Ronald surrounded by bodies of man and wolf. The three knew they couldn't fight them all with the few number of wolves following them but they had no choice time was running out for the remaining warriors. The group jumped from windows that were on the first floor surprising the Hunters grabbing the human bodies and throwing them at the enemy. The group that was

already outside used the distraction to their advantage and attacked the Hunters. Alex and his sister picked up a jeep and threw it at small group who had stood their ground in front of another jeep. "Oh F..." said a Huntress but quickly interrupted by the blood curdling screams of her and fellow Hunters being smashed by the jeep. After two hours of fighting around the castle the fighting had stopped and any surviving Hunters retreated in what remaining functional vehicles were left. The wolves did not pursue them instead they surrounded the castle from the roofs and areas that they could conceal themselves in the trees and underground. Alex, his family and friends went to what was left of the throne room to discuss the result of the battle. In the end seventy of the werewolves had been killed while the Hunters had lost ninety of their people. Alex's uncle had told the remaining wolves to go into hiding until they are called for and to warn any others they may come across.

Who Are We? Alex strolled on all fours to a crawling Hunter who seemed to be bleeding heavily from the front of his torso and was trying to crawl away from the monster behind him. Alex crabbed the man and flipped him over to see that part of his heart, ribs and other body part inside of him were showing. Alex put the man out of his misery by biting his throat. "I'm surprised it took them so long to find us," Alex said walking back to the others. "It was going to happen eventually," his uncle said. "It was a good that so many werewolves were living here when this happened," Ashley said as she was chewing a human arm. "But were hey just after us or something inside the castle?" wondered Nick. "Of course they were after us and why would they go after something inside that castle," said Violet. "Think about this castle is very old and probably has something of real importance to attack a werewolf stronghold," explaining Nick. I might know what they were after," Alex's uncle said. To past the time they talked about their first fights as werewolves. "So how was it Nick you enjoy being a werewolf?" Alexed asked. "YEAH! Man it was awesome i was slaughtering those Hunters and I got a little hunger so I would take a quick battle snack of human," he said with a smile. "How did you feel Ashley?" "It felt so good and I felt so powerful releasing all that anger and hatered built up inside of me and humans taste so good." she replied with a creepy smile. "What about y...” Violet had begun to cry. "Hey Violet what's wrong?" Alex asked worried. "I can hear their screams as I had killed them they won’t get out of my head the screaming oh god what have I done." She put her faced in his shirt burying it snot and tears now on his shirt.

"Hey listen it will all be alright now once we're done finding whatever the Hunters were after I'll take you to your room and I'll tuck you into bed I will even throw in a bedtime story how does that sound?" "Shut up I don't need a bedtime story I’m not a little kid anymore...well maybe a bedtime story but n tucking me in and no funny ideas got it." "What does that mean?" "Uhh huh boys these days would try a lot to do something given the chance." "You know I wouldn't do something bad to you." "Yeah your right," she said with a smile wiping the tears and snot from her face and giving Alex a hug. Sorry for getting snot and tears on your shirt," she apologizes. "It's alright I'll get it cleaned," he replied with a smile. They continued their way to the location of interest to them while seeing the damage the attack had done on the areas outside and inside. While walking through some parts of the castle there were walls that had big holes in them from satchel charges that were set to maneuver through the areas easily and cut through rooms faster. Paintings that were on the walls seemed to have been moved by the wolves to make sure they would not be harmed. Then Alex's uncle begins to speak. "Alex," his uncle said with a somehow calm voice. "Your Mother side of the family is Black Furies a very dangerous female tribe with very few men and your father's side is Fianna a tribe of those who seek good fights such as your friend Nick who if a wolf would mostly like be as one of them." "Your friend Ashley was it? She is quiet and though she has you, Violet, your brother and sister as friends she still seems distant to the point of being a Stargazer. “Your friend Violet would obviously be a Black Fury do to the fact that she is scary when fighting and doesn't give up easily." And finally you, your brother and your sister are half Black Fury and half Fianna but are natural born leaders as if Silver Fangs." "The group you fight under is called Unity for all tribes who want to join and live in peace though it is not always like that." We are sometimes attacked by other tribes. they come to a stop in front of a painting of George Washington. There were two of him one was the human Washington we all know and the other must of been his real form. It was him in his blue uniform but torn from probably being in a fight. His uncle reached for the painting with the help of Ronald and lifted the painting and set it gently on the ground. Behind it was a vault Ronald unlocked it and grabbed the contents of the vault though what was inside the young wolves did not anticipate. It was a book though not

large must have had some importance to the Hunters. Ronald handed the book over to Alex's uncle he seemed to shocked looking at this old book holding it with both hands as if it were the most important thing in the world. "This...this is the book of the first werewolves...they were called Quileute the only existing werewolves back then," his uncle said.

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