Title: Teen Advisory Board Description: The Teen Advisory Board for teens in grades 7-12 at [Public Library].

No more than 20 applicants will be accepted for each year. Goals/Objectives: [Public Library] seeks to increase their visibility as a viable community space for all users, but especially teenager. With that goal in mind, [Public Library] has created a Teen Advisory Board (TAB) to facilitate staff with feedback, suggestions and input in planning programs. TAB members also serve as visible teen volunteers to teen patrons during programming and by hosting/sponsoring their own programs throughout the school year. Program Plan: Applications to join TAB will be accepted during the month of August (see attached). Applications will be accepted in person, though an online version will be available via the [Public Library]’s website. The members for the year, to run from September-August , will be contacted by the Teen Services Librarian at [Public Library] to schedule the first meeting. TAB will meet monthly starting in September and the schedule for the rest of the school year will be decided then. Each month thereafter, TAB will compile the surveys and quizzes that [Public Library] uses to gauge patron interest on any given topic into a monthly newsletter. The newsletter will also feature articles and reviews created by TAB members. Part of each meeting will serve to create the newsletter. Each month will have a different topic/theme and relate to programming plans for each month at [Public Library]. The meetings will also allow TAB members to offer suggestions and voice concerns about issues they see at [Public Library]. Examples of topics or issues to discuss include books, movies, music, programs such as Summer Reading, etc. TAB members will also have allotted space in the library to promote their activities through bulletin board creation. The first 5 months of meetings could serve these purposes: September – Introduction of members, schedule meeting day for rest of year (i.e. first Monday of month), outline of established programs for through January and goals of TAB for the year, begin Newsletter assignments for reviews and articles and create roster for bulletin board designs October – Compile and produce first Newsletter November – Suggestions/Improvements, Newsletter creation, allow TAB members to create a low-key December program December – Have TAB members look into feasibility of a Valentine’s program they can run with supervision, Newsletter responsibilities January – Newsletter, discussion of anything they want to talk about – how the holiday

break was, what they want to accomplish in the new year, any ideas, etc, begin the discussion of sponsoring a t-shirt design contest for Summer Reading Marketing/Publicity: Application for TAB at the Teen Services desk at [Public Library] and in other information stations in the library. On [Public Library]’s library webpage, a complete section relegated to TAB – members, activities, calendar, newsletter pdf. Contact the middle school and high school libraries that are in the [Public Library] community to spread the word about TAB and the application deadline. Contact local churches, private schools and homeschool groups so that all potential applicants are aware of opportunity to serve on TAB. Initial Program Budget: Applications/Flyers ($0.10) x 100 = $10 Paper/copy Budget ($0.10) x 300 = $30 Bulletin Board budget = $200 Food for monthly meetings = donated by local restaurants Plates, cups, napkins, utensils = solicit donations from Walmart or similar store Binder (with copies of applications, flyers, newsletters, budget, etc) - $7 Total: $250 For this program, TAB will have an additional reserve budget of $300 to use throughout the year. Other Considerations: Collect email addresses to remind them of once a month meetings. Meeting will need to be staffed by the Teen Services Librarian. Could the outgoing members help select new TAB members in August? Need to be very organized with calendars and rosters to help implementation of the various activities the TAB have been assigned. Program Evaluation/Assessment: Have outgoing members fill out evaluation of program – suggestions of improvements, what they liked/disliked, etc.

Teen Advisory Board [TAB] Application for Membership
Date of application ___/____/____ Name _______________________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________ Phone _________________ City, State ________________________________ Zip ________ Age _______ Grade ______ School ______________________________________________ Birthdate _______________ E-mail Address _______________________________________________________________ Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s) ___________________________________________________ Emergency contact: ____________________________________ Phone _________________
The mission of TAB is to promote library services to teens at [Public Library] by: o Advising, planning and implementing teen programs. o Writing articles, reviews and creative works for the newsletter. o Promoting ideas, reading, and programming by and for teens by creating bulletin boards and displays in the teen area. o Recommending books, movies, music CDs and magazines for the teen collection. o Creating an inviting teen area in the library.

Please answer the following questions as completely as possible. 1. Why do you want to become a member of the Teen Advisory Board?

2. What are you interested in (check all that apply)? ___ Writing ___ Arts/Graphics/Crafts ___ Computers/Web design ___ Picking out library materials ___ Programs ___ Clerical/Office 3. What TAB activities are you most interested in working on? ___ Programming ___ Collection development ___ Newsletter ___ Teen-friendly space design ___ Bulletin Board/Displays 4. What types of materials have you used at the library? ___ Fiction Books ___ Music CDs ___ Non-fiction Books ___ Magazines ___ Biographies ___ Internet ___ Graphic novels/manga ___ Databases ___ Audiobooks ___ DVDs

Beth Dobson LS 541 Fall 2012 – Monthly Program

5. What good books have you read lately? (Please list 2 or more.)

6. What kinds of programming would you like to see for teens?

7. What do you think is the most challenging issue teens face today?

8. Is there anything else you would like us to know as we consider your application?

Signed (Applicant) __________________________________________ Date _____________ I have read the application form, and give my permission for my son/daughter to be a Teen Advisory Board member. Signed (Parent/Guardian) _____________________________________ Date _____________ Signed (TAB Advisor) _________________________________________ Date _____________

Thank you for your interest in the [Public Library]’s Teen Advisory Board. Please bring this application to the Teen Services Desk at [Public Library]. The TAB advisor will contact you soon.

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