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Holly Jolly Christmas 12 Table Topper

Heres what youll need: 80 1 squares of red and green fabric; 40 of each color 8 square of neutral fabric for background Scraps for holly leaves and berries 15 square of fabric for back 9 x 17 piece of fabric for binding {makes 2- wide binding} 15 square of batting.

Appliqu the holly to the background fabric using your favorite method. I used fusible webbing and

did raw edge machine appliqu on mine. Sew the 1 squares together into pairs of red and green; alternate colors and make two strips that are 2
squares wide by 8 squares long, and two strips that are 2 squares wide by 12 squares long. Sew the 8x2 strips of squares onto the left and right sides. Finish the topper by sewing the 12x2 strips across the top and bottom. Quilt as desired.

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