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100 Years of Hydrodynamic

Variable-speed Turbo Coupling with Operating Medium Water For the rst time, a variable-speed turbo coupling operates with the medium water. Fill-controlled Coupling TPKL Fill-controlled coupling innovation with direct lling and draining cycle Vosycon The Vosycon is introduced to the market. A torque converter with integrated lock-up device for starting large compressors, especially in LNG plants. For outputs of up to 250 MW another impressive innovation by Voith Turbo. Turbo Transmission Voith Turbo builds the most powerful turbo transmission to date the L 620 reU2 for applications in heavy mainline locomotives. Aquatarder

Fascination and Innovation. Solutions

TPL-Syn New output ranges of up to 10 MW for start-up couplings are possible with the TPL-Syn. It is a combination of a ll-controlled coupling and a mechanical clutch. It combines load-free motor run-ups with smooth start-ups of the driven machine, as well as nominal operation without slip.

DIWA .5 The further development of the DIWA transmission reaches a new stage: At the IAA, Voith Turbo introduces the DIWA.5 transmission. Voith-Powerpack Railpack goes into series production. The rst application takes place in the Minuetto railcar in Italy.

Subsea Converter A variable torque converter especially for underwater systems. Application: controlling multi-phase pumps for oil production from of up to 3 000 meters below.

Voith Cycloidal Rudder A pioneering innovation for shipping: the propulsion and manoeuvering system Voith Cycloidal Rudder (VCR). Voith Turbo Fin By a rotating tube at the leading edge of the n, the steering force of a Voith Water Tractor can be increased by up to 20 percent.

TurboSyn A new generation of constant-fill turbo couplings with mechanical lock-up device, which eliminates slip in nominal operation and therefore increases the economy of single drives considerably.


Turbo Split Transmission LS 640 reU2 First Voith turbo transmission in the new power range of up to 4 200 kW for high-speed, six-axle diesel locomotives: two hydrodynamically decoupled bogies driven via two separate impellers improve the adhesion between wheel and rail.

Voith Maxima 40 CC With an engine output of 3 600 kW, Europes most powerful diesel-hydraulic locomotive is intended for high-speed goods trafc (maximum locomotive speed 120 km/h) or high-speed passenger trafc (maximum locomotive speed 160 km/h).

30 MW Vorecon

Platform Supply Vessel First Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) with Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP): for the rst time, the VSPs are able to reduce rolling motions of the vessel. This makes Voith Turbo Marine the rst company worldwide offering propellers that can be used for roll stabilization.

from Voith Turbo

Braking with water for road vehicles? What had not been possible so far, is now a reality with the Voith Turbo Aquatarder, the rst of its kind in the world. It uses the cooling water of the engine as an operating medium.

A drive concept for the wind energy plants of the future. WinDrive a variable-speed hydrodynamic transmission allows particularly efficient utilization of wind power stations. A new eld of application for hydrodynamics has been created.

Voith Turbo develops a Vorecon with a transmission capacity of 30 Megawatt. It is the most powerful Vorecon planetary gear ever built by Voith. The Vorecon in question is used for controlling the speed of compressors.

1905 100 Years of Hydrodynamics Anniversary of a Revolutionary Principle

The hydrodynamic principle revolutionized technology and turned Voith Turbo into a worldwide leading company. For the rst time it became possible to transmit power wear-free and to realize a completely new form of drive technology: efcient, long-lasting and with unlimited application possibilities. And this has not changed even after 100 years on the contrary. All the more reason to celebrate this anniversary in style. Fttinger-Patent Hermann Fttinger develops the Fttinger Transformer and with it the idea of transmitting mechanical power by uid virtually wear-free and converting the power factors torque and speed steplessly the hydrodynamic principle is born.















Voith Schneider Propeller Ernst Schneider develops a worldwide unique marine drive which generates thrust steplessly, precisely and fast into all directions.

Herdecke Coupling Delivery of the rst clutch coupling for the drive of the storage pumps at Herdecke hydro power station. To date, over one million Voith turbo couplings have been delivered to customers all over the world.

First Turbo Transmission Development of the turbo transmission for rail vehicles. To date, approximately 40 000 transmissions have been delivered.

Turbo Coupling with Delay Chamber The development of the delay chamber and the storage chamber makes it possible for constant-ll turbo couplings to start larges masses even more smoothly with improved characteristic curves.

DIWA Transmission The Voith DIWA bus transmission with its unparalleled differential converter is introduced to the experts.

Industrial Converter Voith now also develops and builds torque converters with guide blade adjustment for industrial applications. Voith Water Tractor A revolutionary ships concept which is particularly effective as it incorporates the Voith Schneider Propeller.

Variable-speed Couplings Development of the Voith variable-speed turbo coupling its trademark is a radially adjustable scoop tube for direct control of the filling level. It allows dynamic and stepless speed control, for example in pumps, fans and in energy generation.

Geared Variable-speed Couplings Voith develops the rst geared variable-speed couplings. They combine a hydrodynamic variable-speed coupling with a gear stage in a common housing. Flow-controlled TP Clutch Coupling The rst ow-controlled clutch couplings are built.

Hydrodynamic Brake for Rail Applications First hydrodynamic brake in heavy diesel locomotives. Turbo Reversing Transmission Voith delivers the rst turbo reversing transmission for shunting locomotives.

Retarder The rst retarder marks the triumphant success story of wear-free brakes which operate on the basis of the hydrodynamic principle for coaches and trucks.

Constant-ll Turbo Coupling with Operating Medium Water Voith Turbo develops the constant-ll turbo coupling using water instead of oil as an operating medium. Especially in mining applications, this innovation by Voith Turbo offers safety and environmental friendliness.

Gas Turbine Starter The torque converter conquers a new application area as a starting device for gas turbines more than 3 500 gas turbines from all renowned manufacturers in the world have been started reliably ever since.

Constant-ll Coupling Type TVVS Voith Turbo is again the trendsetter. The turbo coupling type TVVS with an annular chamber in addition to the delay chamber allows start-up characteristics that had previously been impossible for constant-ll couplings. Belt conveyor drives are the main application area.

Multi-circuit Variable-speed Drive Vorecon The Vorecon an intelligent combination of mechanics and hydrodynamics. The power-split principle allows very high efciencies in the range from 1 000 kW to up to 50 000 kW. Today the Vorecon is mainly used as a compressor drive in the oil and gas industry, on and off-shore.