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December, 2012
With heavy hearts, we dedicate this month’s newsletter to Louise Carlton, College Park Church’s Grandma. She told us when we announced our calling to the mission field, “I won’t lie to you, I don’t like it. But who am I to tell you not to do what God said to do. So I’ll pray for you.” And pray she did. All hours of day or night, she stopped what she was doing to pray when God brought us to her mind. We can’t imagine what Greenville, SC, is like without her, but we smile to think of her dancing in the presence of the Lord.

Prayer Focus
The young men of the prison ministry That the youth center will be opened soon Physical healing and protection Financial provision God’s intervention in continuing legal battles.

Christmas in Paraguay
It’s a little tough to think about snowflakes and hot chocolate and Santa with his heavy red coat, as yesterday’s thermometer read 52* Celsius. That’s 126* Fahrenheit, for those of us who grew up above the equator. So sleigh bells and white Christmas don’t exactly come to mind. But we’re filled with joy over our Saviour’s birth and the opportunity to talk about His arrival on Earth to reconcile us with the Father. Christmas in Paraguay will be celebrated on the 24th, with a midnight cookout and fireworks, followed by greeting all the neighbors and sleeping late the next day. Gifts aren’t given to children until Kings’ Day in January, so there’s no

rush to wake up early and unwrap the goodies. Inevitably, our manger scene provides us with the chance to explain the difference in honoring Jesus’ mother without worshiping her. It opens the door for conversations about who our Lord is, and why He came here. In November we celebrated the 4th anniversary of our arrival in Paraguay, and a Thanksgiving lunch with some American friends. We are still reflecting on God’s abundant blessings on our family and on mankind. Our prayer is that you draw close to Him as we close out this year, and find ways to share why He really came.

We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.
1 Thessalonians 2:8

Congratulations to

Health Updates
Christie’s hand
The doctor is happy with x-rays of my hand in the cast, so the plan is now to take it off December 17. Please pray with me that the numbness and pain will be gone by then and no therapy or further treatment will be needed.

Saul and Carolina,
married on Nov 23.
Positive meeting with warden

...And Ken’s foot
About the time we got a routine worked out with my hand, Ken started having pain and swelling in his ankle and foot. Turns out he’d gotten some sort of bacterial infection in his system and the doctors were very concerned about it reaching his heart, which could be fatal. So he was immediately put on bedrest with his leg elevated for ten days, and I learned to drive again. His medicines aren’t available here, so I’m crossing over into Argentina every few days to get the strong antibiotics the doctors prescribed. He has only a few days of rest left now, and his foot is looking much better, thank the Lord.

Juvenile Prison Ministry

I shared with you last month about a new phase of prison ministry we are beginning with the young inmates we’ve been visiting weekly. Well, this month we met with the warden, got our program approved, went back the next week to begin, and found that a new warden was in charge. But God gave us favor and we were able to meet with the new warden that same day. He was excited about our plan, and we discussed what changes will need to be made and how we can best work together to meet the needs of these teens in the justice system. The formal proposal is being sent to the capital to be approved by the national director, who will hopefully give us a green light to begin ministry soon. Two other ladies are working with us on this team-Brazilian missionaries who focus on sports, music, and literacy.

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Thank you again for journeying with us as we minister in this beautiful country. It’s only possible through your prayers, support, and giving. We appreciate your messages of encouragement and reminders that you’re praying for us. May God richly bless you for the part you play in the growth of His kingdom in Paraguay. Your partners in the mission, Ken, Christie, Camille, and Caroline
Donations through our local church:

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