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Department Justice of

Federal Bureau of

November 30,20'12 MR. ERIK LARSON

VULGAR BETRAYAL lgbject:OPERAT|ON FOtpA 1.160517_000 No. DearMr.Larson: The enclosed documents were reviewed underthe Freedom Information/privacy (FolpA),Tiile of Acts 5, Unitedstatescode, section552t552a.Deletions naveoeen-maoe protect io information whichis exemptfrom disclosure, the appropriate with exemptions notedon the p"g" n""it; the excision. ln aooition, deleted a page information sheetwas inserted the fileto indicate in where'pa-ges withheld were entirely. The exemptions usedto withhold information marked are belowandexplained theeicroseo on Lxptanation Exemptions: of Section552

lY F)(1)

f? (bx7)(A)


r (bx7)(B) tii (bx7xc) Rule 6(e), Federal Rules Criminal l? (b)(7xD) of Procedure and 31 U.S.C5311 l?'(bx7xE) r @X7XF) r (b)(8)

r @G) l* tnxs)

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r (b)(4)

(d)(5) 0(2) GX1) ftx2) (kx3) ft)(4)

r (b)(5) B (bx6)

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r (k)(5) r GX6) r (kx7)

1400page(s) werereviewed 591page(s) beingreleased. and are fl Document(s)-were located whichoriginated or contained with, information concerning otherGovernment agency(ies) [OGA]. Thisinformation been: has f* referred the OGAfor review to anddirect response you. to l7 referred the oGA for consultation. to TheFBIwillcorrespond you regarding information with this whenthe consultation finished. is In accordance standard practice pursuant FolA exemption with FBI ancl to (bx7xE)15u.s.c. s 552 (bX7XE)1, response this neither confirms denies existencl yoursubject,s nor the or nameon anywatchlists. Foryourinformation, congress excluded_three discrete categories lawenforcement national of ancl securitv records fromthe requirements the FotA. sce eu.5. C]5's!zt"l (2006 of & supp.tV (2010). This response limited thoserecords aresubject is to that td'ih6requireme"nGthe FolA. Thisis a standard of notification is givento all ourrequesters should o'erarenas that anci not an indication excluded that records do,or do not,exist. 't

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Your appeal must releived olC;id;; rixiroot davs be by from in" Theenvelope theletter.should;i;;;iy ;.rked "Freedom J"t" oitnEGiilln orofio beconsidered timery. and b" oiinrormation ptease theFotpA Appear.,, cite Request Number assigned your to r"qu"ri"'otnatit may J.*irviou-ntin"o. i" f* tn" enclosed material from main is the investigative inwhich subject(s)your file(s) the of request thefocus was theinvestigation' search of our located aooitionit riter.n.ri, intii.r i"i.ti"g to dthe;iiliviJrrrrlo,. matrers, which or maynotbeabout subject(s). experience rr,o*n may your our has *n"n id;"t, ,;i;;;ilffiiliy conrain information similar theinformation to processedthemdtn in Rtels;.Bdu;; oifrr rrgniii";"r;;;il;, il'n"u" given processing themain prior*y ro only investigative file(s).ttyoJ submit separate a request them inwriting, they berevieied a rii6roate, rianine ;"lil";;, youmust for and wiil at astime resouices ano permit.

in thisrelease. Appeals should be in oflnformation (olP)i to Policv u.sld#ilillnior.rrrti..,i+zs V#4y:,, directed writing the Director, office [r"r,* NW, 11oso, suite 20530-ooo1,o,you'm"ysubmjt1!nnL"iiii."gho'|P1sfr,np*ji,1 washinsron, D.c.

havetheriohtto appeal denials any

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See additionalinformation which follows.


David Hardy M. Section Chief Record/lnformation Dissemination Section Records Management Division Enclosure(s) In response yournegotiated to Freedom lnformation (FolA)request, -ot of Act enclosed the is ref easecontaining processed a copy ttrechicagoFieldofficenteiosc-cc -1o1g42,sectionsg, g, firstinterim 6, 10 and 11. cD-Rom. when rhefinal is made forthe fee $5'00 associateo inis retease*"ir ,, tn"Ers.oorelease rle in thiscase,you witn first "r orpi["][. forthe rereise finat Hi'jtg'[? No fee is beingassessed thistimefor the at