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FTUB Press Release

A consultation meeting between the International Trade Union Confederation ITUC, represented by
its Deputy General Secretary Jaap Wienen, the International Trade Union Confederation - Asia
Pacific represented by the General Secretary Noriyuki Suzuki, the Global Union Federations
represented by Asia Pacific representatives from the Building and Woodworkers International BWI,
Danish Metalworkers' Federation, Union Network International UNI Apro, Public Services
International PSI, Education International EI, the International Union of Food, Beverages and Allied
Services IUF, the International Transport Workers Federation ITF, IndustriALL Global Union, The
American Center for International Labor Solidarity (Solidarity Center), the Italian Trade Union
Confederation CISL, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation LO Sweden, the Danish LO FTF
Council, Japan International Labor Foundation JILAF, Japanese Trade Union Confederation JTUC-
RENGO, Union Aid Abroad- APHEDA (Australia), Netherland Trade Union Confederation FNV
Mondiaal, with the Federation of Trade Unions - Burma FTUB and Its affiliated Seafarers' Union of
Burma SUB was held today in Yangon, Myanmar.

The meeting discussed best means to strengthen cooperation between the international trade union
movement and the Burmese trade unions on how to continue the work for the elimination of forced
labor in all the country, particularly in the ethnic states and on how to strengthen the implementation
of the principles of Freedom of Association and collective bargaining through trade union organizing
and capacity building in various sectors.

In this transition phase, the meeting underlined once again the need to support the workers and the
new trade unions to make them more aware of the basic trade union rights and decent work, to
eliminate child labour, any forms of discrimination and strive for a living wage.

The meeting highlighted the need for the government to promote social dialogue through trade union
and employers' participation for the identification of the best solutions to promote sustainable and
responsible investments that benefit all the people and workers and promote good employment and

The participating trade union organizations committed to contribute to build sound and responsible
industrial relations and the implementation and monitoring of effective corporate social responsibility
instruments such as the OECD Guidelines and the UN Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The ITUC Deputy General Secretary, the ITUC – AP General Secretary, the representatives of the
Global Union Federations and of the national trade unions and trade union solidarity support
organizations underlined once again their full support to the work of the FTUB and its leaders and
members and agreed on the need, in this very important historical time, to help unions in Myanmar to
build a unified trade union movement based on independence, solidarity, responsibility and
democratic values.

The representatives at the meeting met also with local registered unions who were members of the
FTUB and underlined their willingness to offer concrete help to respond to the workers' needs and to
build social dialogue, industrial relations and employment opportunities for all the youth, the women
and the men workers in all States and Divisions and to continue to work within the ILO to make these
aims become a reality.

Contact: 95 9 425 029 020
Date : 7 December 2012