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an Encyclopedia of American History used to teach school kids until 1955. Published by Harper and Row. It is 840 pages of a wealth of information. It shows the man who really discovered America . It shows all the land was called the Virginia land company In dispute with the two corporations, the East India company and the Hudson Bay company. All three companies were owned by British business corporations. Remember the American did not know at the time that the Vatican owned and controlled these British corporations and the subjects since the 1214 Treaty the King had with the Vatican 's Pope. However to hide this fact the King was allowed to be the front for the Vatican so as to hide this fact as the modern Mafia has corporations front for them to hide from the FBI and other agencies. So, with that background, we shall see just how far down the slippery slopes of the Corporations of the States and United States are allowed to stifle education so much so that people have no clue who they really are and no clue who controls them. I will not make any comment as it is all from the history books you present day people under 58 never have seen books in schools like this. IF I DO MAKE COMMENTS it will be in all CAPS with [[[around them]]] the bolds are from the book itself and is not by chapters but by the era of the time periods and you are referred to other pages of the book. So one is constantly going back and forth in the book. This sets the stage for the states to operate as they do today. Basically it is to show you all states were and are corporations and not a government created by the common man and women as taught you today. That is one Myth I talk about in the MYTH and The Reality book The reason this book was eliminated from Grade 8 to grade 12, was to keep the young child's impressionable mind closed, so no reasoning powers could develop to ask questions. Basically this is why kids graduating from schools today can read, but they have no comprehension of the words they read. As my kids grew up in the 60's and 70's they did not have this teaching book as I had. In conversing with the Newspaper Guild In Washington D.C. in 1993, I asked, “What are all the newspapers printed at?” They said a stunning fifth-grade level. I asked why? They stated that to write any higher-grade level would turn away advertisers because the people could not understand a word above a fifth-grade level. I asked, “All papers?” They said no, the two papers written at a ninth-grade level are the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal. Now I understand it is down to a fourth-grade level. If you ever wondered why so many adults are NOT smarter than a fifth grader, it should be evident. But in all fairness to some people: The woman across the road home schools her kids. They are very smart and read some of my books and can understand them, while many a person fighting the agencies of the corporations cannot comprehend what a 15-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl can. They, the adults, were corporation-schooled to dumb them down as said by many men and women of 55 and older. When I was in high school reading this very book, I was not educated as to who owned the United States, if all were corporations. And neither mom nor dad could explain. I was told that the Constitution was created to protect the people and was written by the people. So at the age of 16, what is a young man’s and a young girl’s thoughts on? Surely not who runs the corporations.

So the Myth that the owner of all the States and United States was never revealed to me until I reached the age of 43. I pulled out the history book, part of which you will read, then it all started to make sense and why no one could tell me who owned the corporation called State of So and So and the corporation called “The United States.” The book was pulled the year after I left high school in 1954. I graduated 52 out of a class of 170, so I was not an exceptionally smart student. After reading again what I missed in 47 to 54, I got real smart and I hope everyone reading this will remember that everything called government is nothing but a private corporation out to make as much profit as it can at your expense. That's what corporations do to stay alive. Chapter 1 This starts in the book 16 pages in, with the heading , Columbus and Subsequent Exploration It is from 1451 and ends 1635. I NOW QUOTE THE BOOK 1497, 2 May-6 August 1 st Cabot Voyage. Cabot born in Italy , real name Caboto, migrated to England 1484-90 where he lived in Bristol as a merchant Henry VII issued in 1497 to the Cabots John and his three sons, a Patent to discover for England regions to the east, west, and north( avoiding Portuguese claims). In return for a trade monopoly and custom exemptions the Cabots were to turn over to the crown 20% of all trading profits. They left England May 1497 with a crew and prominent merchants. He sighted land June 24 th and took possession of Newfoundland for Henry VII and sailed to Maine . It appears that Cabot's company explored the coast of North America as far south as Delaware or Chesapeake Bay [[[ THIS WAS ALSO CLAIMED FOR HENRY VII]]] 1576 to 1606 English search for North west passage. Martin Frobisher sailed from England (June 1576) and pressed northwest after sighting Greenland until he reached Baffin Island and entered Frobisher Bay, believing it to be a straight between America and Asia. [[[ NOTE THEY CALLED THE COUNTRY, AMERICA ]]] To exploit his discovery the Company of Cathay was organized both for mining operations, which he conducted in Baffin Land . He returned to Bristol with 200 tons of ore. Now it tells much more than this. George Weymouth, backed by the East India Company had to turn back because of mutiny. John Knight, sponsored by both the East India company and Muscovy Cos. Explored the shores of newfound land and LABRADOR. [[[[[[ AS YOU CAN READ ALL THIS WAS DONE BY PRIVATE CORPORATIONS OF ENGLAND GIVEN PATIENTS BY HENRY VII, NOT REALIZING THEY WERE ALL CONTROLLED BY THE VATICAN AFTER APRIL 14, 1214 TREATY WAS SIGNED BY THE POPE AND KING JOHN. THIS CAN BE FOUND IN MANY OF THE INFORMER'S BOOKS AND JAMES MONTGOMERY'S RESEARCH AND IN NUMEROUS OTHER BOOKS OF HISTORY , INCLUDING THE PAPAL BULLS OF THE VATICAN ]]] Chapter 2 The founding of the English Colonies 1578- 1732

1578-83 Virginia Sir Humphrey Gilbert , obtained a patent June 11 from Queen Elizabeth for the discovery and colonization in northwest America . But his plan to establish a colony as a base against Spain had to await financial support. 1584-1602 Raleigh’s Colony, Sir Walter Raleigh, a half-brother of Gilbert and a member of his last expedition was granted a virtual renewal of the gilbert patient Raleigh explored and called his find Virginia. 1605-1606 George Weymouth sailed under the auspices of the Earl of Southampton and the latter's Roman Catholic son-in-law, Sir Thomas Arundel, ostensibly to establish a colony for Catholics who found their position in England insecure. The account of Guy Fawkes arrest ( Nov. 4, 1605) narrated in James Rosier's Relation , prompted two interrelated groups of merchants, from London and Plymouth, to petition the Crown [[[THE CROWN IS NOT THE KING, BUT THE CROWN BANK RULING THE KING AND QUEENS, FOR AN EXPLANATION ONE HAS TO READ THE BOOK THE MYTH AND THE REALITY—JUST WHO OWNS THE UNITED STATES AND JAMES MONTGOMERY'S ARTICLES]]] for a patient Under its TERMS two Virginia Companies — the London ( or South Virginia) Company and the Plymouth ( or North Virginia ) were established Company . The former was authorized to settle in a region between 34 degrees N and 41 degrees N ( present NY City); the latter45 degrees N and 38 degrees N ( present Washington, DC). [[[ YOU SEE THAT THE VIRGINIA LAND COMPANY DID NOT MEAN PRESENT VIRGINIA . IT MEANT FROM MAINE TO GEORGIA AND AS FAR WEST AS THE PA, OHIO BORDER. THIS HISTORY BOOK SHOWS THIS ON THE MAPS. CORPORATIONS RAN THE PLANTATIONS. JUST AS THE DO NOW]]] 1619-24 . Final period of company control The harsh legal code was repealed, A general assembly, comprising 22 burgesses (2 chosen by the planters from each town, hundred, or plantation.) [[[ THE DEFINITION OF PLANTATION HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FARMING. THE DEFINITION IS GIVEN IN BURKES CONCILIATION OF THE COLONIES TO WIT ; "PLANTATIONS. – colonies, the plantings of a new society or race. The term is regularly so used in acts and charters, and has no reference whatever to cultivation of the soil.” page 81 note 12 . [[[ERGO WE HAVE BUSINESS PEOPLE NOW RUNNING THE COMPANY THAT ARE PRIVATE COMPANIES, NOT THE HUGE COMPANIES IN ENGLAND .]]] 1624-42 Sir Francis Wyatt , who had been company governor was appointed governor by James I. He in turn was suspended by George Yeardly mar, 1626, his successor, Francis West was instructed to call the general assembly. Sir Francis Wyatt was instructed to convene the burgesses “ once a year or oftener”.

[[[ WHY DID WYATT APPEAR AFTER BEING SUSPENDED? WHO ARE THE MERCHANTS CALLED BURGESSES? DOES IT REMIND YOU OF THE SAME CORPORATE POLICIES OF TODAY? DEFINITION OF BURGESSES 1828 WEBSTER'S (4) BEFORE THE REVOLUTION, THE REPRESENTATIVES IN THE POPULAR BRANCH OF THE LEGISLATURE OF VIRGINIA , WERE CALLED BURGESSES , AS THE HOUSE OF BURGESSES . IT IS NOW CALLED THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES. SO YOU HAVE THE MERCHANTS OF SMALL CORPORATIONS , THE POPULAR BRANCH, RUNNING THE OLD CORPORATION DESIGNED BY THE VIRGINIA LAND COMPANY BUT NOT CALLED THE VIRGINIA LAND COMPANY. WHERE IS THE COMMON MAN AND WOMEN IN THIS TIME PERIOD , LIKE YOU AND ME?]]] 1642-52 Wyatt’s successor, Sir William Berkeley, introduced a number of reforms, including the abolition of the poll tax. An Indian uprising by Opechancanough was suppressed The Indians ceded all lands between the York and the James from the falls of Kecoughton, but retained the territory north of the York Om Jan, 30, 1649 Virginia [[ THE LAND COMPANY, NOT THE VIRGINIA OF TODAY]] announced its allegiance to the Stuart House after the execution of Charles I and gave refuge to prominent cavaliers. In retaliation, Parliament passed an Act ( Oct. 1650) imposing a blockade on Virginia and subsequently dispatched two armed vessels with commissioners who received the submission of Berkeley and the council (1652) upon liberal terms. Following a new election, the burgesses chose as Governor Richard Bennett, one of the Parliamentary commissioners. Samuel Matthews, threatened to dissolve the burgesses(1658). With the death of Matthews the burgesses asserted “supreme power” until lawful authority might be forth coming from England , and elected the Royalist, Berkeley, Governor (1660). [[[ SO FAR ALL THAT IS RUNNING THE LAND COMPANY, ARE CORPORATE EXECS OF NOBILITY AND NO COMMON MAN IS ALLOWED IN THIS PRIVATE CLUB THAT ALL COLONIES ARE IN SUBMISSION AND THE MEN AND WOMEN ARE RULED BY CORPORATE DICTATES.]]] CHAPTER 3 Settlement of New England [[[ This part is exceptionally long so I will give the highlights only as to the corporate nature of every colony in New England ]]] QUOTE: Plymouth 1606-20 Early Activities of Plymouth company 1624-26 Massachusetts Bay . Dorchestor company 1628, The New England company

1629 The Cambridge Agreement. The position of the Puritans was becoming increasingly insecure after the dissolution of Parliament (1629) and the growing influence of William Laud (Bishop of London), a zealous defender of conformity. Twelve Puritan members of the Massachusetts Bay company signed the Cambridge Agreement, whereby they undertook to emigrate to America provided the charter and government were transferred thither. The company ratified the agreement (1629) 1630-34 Civil government. Was rapidly established. [[[ WHERE IS THE COMMON MAN IN ALL THIS? ALL THERE ARE, ARE CORPORATIONS , SOME PRIVATE SOME OF THE KING. THE SO CALLED “ CIVIL GOVERNMENT” IS NOTHING BUT A GOVERNMENT OF CORPORATIONS IN THE CIVIL NATURE OF THE LAW MERCHANT GOING BACK TO HAMMURABBI IN THE 1600 BC ERA THAT RULES ALL CORPORATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL LAW]]] 1635. Banishment of Roger Williams--- Williams arrived in New England (1631), served in the Salem and Plymouth churches, and became pastor of the former ( early 1635) He attacked the validity of the charter, questioned the right of the civil [[[ CORPORATE]]] authorities to legislate in the matters of conscience, and urged the Salem church to separate from the rest 1635-1638. Attempts to revoke Charter – A Privy Counsel committee( “Lords Commissioners for the Plantations in General,” known as “Land Commission”) ordered the recall of the Charter on the ground it had been surreptitiously obtained and unwarranted overstepped. Georges was ordered to serve a writ of quo warranto on the Massachusetts officials, and the King's Bench ordered the charter cancelled (1637) 1631-60 Founding of Connecticut The Dorchester corporation and Plymouth corporation along with Edward Winslow of Plymouth explored the Connecticut Valley as far north as Windsor. On July 7, 1635 a group headed by Lord Saye and Sele, who claimed rights to settle the region on the basis of patent from the Council for New England assigned by the Earl of Warwick (1631), authorized John Winthrop , Son of the Bay Colony's Governor, to take control at the mouth of the Connecticut River 1636-56. Rhode Island settlements. Roger Williams established his colony at Seekonk ( Providence ), solely on the basis of an Indian deed. Roger Williams Left for England 1643 to obtain a charter which was granted him 1644. The general assembly drafted a constitutional structure establishing freedom of conscience, separating church and state, providing for town referenda on laws passed by the assembly, and giving to towns as well as the assembly to right to initiate laws. 1638-43 New Hampshire . John Wheelwright , established the Town of Exeter . His settlers signed the Exeter Compact (based on the mayflower compact). Wheelwright withdrew to Maine when Portsmouth and Dover conceded the authority to Massachusetts .

1640-51 Maine . A provincial court was established at York . Massachusetts persisted in its expansionist aims . Despite an appeal by Maine government to Parliament (1651), The Massachusetts General Court held that Maine was legally included within the boundaries of the Bay Colony. [[[ HERE IS A CORPORATION TAKING OVER A COLONY, MUCH LIKE WHAT WE HAVE TODAY IN THIS COUNTRY. Is there anything not new under the sun?]]] 1641-60 Massachusetts as an Independent Commonwealth. Robert Child and other remonstrants attacked the Bay Colony for its civil and religious discrimination against nonPuritans and for not observing the laws of England . Winthrop and other magistrates framed a reply, and the General Court declared: “Our allegiance binds us not to the laws of England any longer than while we live in England. ”. Northern colonies with the exception of Rhode Island , whose code of 1647 adhered to the English Common law. Massachusetts , in defiance of Parliament, declared herself an Independent commonwealth [[ CORPORATION]] New England Under the Restoration, 1660-75 Charles II Proclaimed The Restoration imperiled the position of the New England colonies. 1661-63 The Restoration threatened the independent existence of Connecticut ( which had no charter) and Rhode Island (whose charter , 1644, now had no legality. John Winthrop, jr , obtained a Royal Charter for Connecticut (1662) whose boundaries were described. Chapter 4 Settlement of the Middle Colonies New Netherlands [[ New York ]] QUOTE 1610-18 Independent voyages. Following the voyage of Henry Hudson for the Dutch East India Company, several exploring and trading voyages under Dutch auspices were made to that area. The 13 ship owners engaged in trade with the new world organized the New Netherland Co. (1614) June 3, 1621 Founding of Dutch West India Co. Under the leadership of William Usselinx, a prominent merchant, The Dutch West India Co. Was chartered by the States General, which participated in its financing The Charter conferred a trading monopoly and the right to colonize it in the new world and along the west coast of Africa 1624 First permanent settlement. 30 families sailed from Amsterdam . On arrival in New York Bay, a small group was left at a fort on Nut ( Governors) Island, several families sent to the Delaware where they established Ft. Nassau (now Gloucester, N.J.) It is conjectured, but not established, that some members of this third group settled on Manhattan Island and that mother Walloons crossed the East River to Long Island .

1629 To promote farm settlement with a view to making the colony self- sufficient as well as a supply base for the expanding merchant marine of the COMPANY both in Brazil and the West Indies, the Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions , under which the Company was empowered to grant to those transporting 50 settlers estates fronting 16 miles along navigable rivers, and extending inland as far as settlement would permit. 1638-40 The New Sweden or New South Co. was organized as successor to a series of trading companies. [[[ THIS THE PRESENT STATE OF DELAWARE . AND AGAIN ALL SETTLERS WHERE UNDER CORPORATION CONTROL AS MEMBERS OF THE “COLONY” JUST LIKE ALL AMERICANS ARE TODAY]]] 1647-63 The Dutch members of the New Sweden Co. were bought out and the company reorganized with an increase of capital and an extension of control by the Swedish crown. [[[ crown is the exchequer ( bank), not the King.]]] 1661-64 The English regarded the Dutch settlement as blocking westward expansion and interfering with the enforcement of the Navigation Acts through clandestine trade in tobacco. “The Company of Royal Adventures to Africa ” with a monopoly of the African slave trade (reincorporated as the Royal African Co., 1663: lost its monopoly1698. Charles II granted his brother, James, Duke of York , all of Maine all islands between Cape Cod and the Narrows, and all land from the western boundary of Connecticut to the eastern shore of Delaware Bay , with power to govern, subject to the reservation that judicial appeals might be taken to the crown. 1664 - 1668 Nicolls renamed New Amsterdam New York in honor of the Duke of York but permitted the Dutch municipal officers to continue to function and even to name their own successors. New Jersey 1664 1665 The Duke of York granted to John Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret the region between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers . Technically, no governmental rights were conveyed, but the proprietors proceeded to issue their Concessions and Agreements, modeled on the Carolina Concessions, granting freedom of conscience, land on generous terms subject to quitrents, and the right of freeholders to send deputies to a general assembly . 1674-87 Lord Berkeley sold his proprietary rights for 1000 pounds to John Fenwick and Edward Byllinge , fellow Quakers, The province was divided 1676 between East and West Jersey by the Quintipartite Deed between Carteret, Byllinger, William Penn. 1701-38 In 1701 the Board of Trade [[BRITISH]] recommended that the crown [[ BANK OF ENGLAND , NOT THE KING]] resume control of the private colonies. In 1702 the proprietors surrendered governmental authority to the crown. THE COLONIES AND THE EMPIRE 1624-1775 May 16,1624 Revocation of Virginia Co Charter , making Virginia a Royal colony.

1643-59 Parliamentary Commission for Plantations [[[ THIS MEANS ALL COLONIES CORPORATE, FROM MAINE TO GEORGIA WERE REVOKED BY THE KING AND THE KING NOW , WORKING FOR THE VATICAN MIND YOU VIA TREATY OF APRIL 14 1214 , NOW IS IN CONTROL OF ALL THE CORPORATE COLONIES]]] 1649 With the plantations virtually inactive all their functions were assumed by the Council of State, which set up a standing committee to handle trade . The King in council appointed a Committee for Trade and Plantations of the Privy Council [[[ IF ONE READS WHAT WAS FOUND IN NORTH CAROLINA IN 1996 AThttp://www.atgpress.com/inform/gov046.htm YOU TOO WILL SEE THE SAME OLD COUNCIL OF STATE OPERATION. IN FACT IF YOU GO TO YOUR SECRETARY OF STATE, YOU CAN GET THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. PROVING THE VATICAN CONTROLS ALL CORPORATE STATES AND UNITED STATES THE SAME WAY. YOU WILL NOT FIND MENTION OF THE VATICAN AT ALL IN ANY HISTORY BOOKS IN THS COUNTRY], FOR THE SIMPLE REASON IT DOES NOT WANT IT KNOWN IT IS PULLING THE STRINGS TO ACHIEVE IT'S GOAL OF WORLD DOMINATION. IT OPERATES THRU COUNTRIES AND CORPORATIONS AS SHOWN IN ITS ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE, I PUT IN THE MYTH AND REALITY BOOK]]] 1696-1782 The Board of Trade , commissioned by William III, comprised 15 members (7 high officials including Privy Councilors, 8 paid members, including a First Lord of Trade, president of the Board), was empowered to supervise (1) trade and the fisheries, (2) care of the poor,(3) plantation affairs, (4) recommend appointments of colonial officials, and (5) review colonial legislation and report to the Privy Council. 1673-76 The Treasury Board's colonial functions were greatly expanded as a result of the Navigation Laws ( particularly the act of 1673). 1697 Establishment of Vice Admiralty Courts . Under the Navigation Act of 1696 the Privy Council directed the Board of Trade to establish vice -admiralty courts in the colonies, acting under the governors of New York , Massachusetts , Maryland , Pennsylvania , and Virginia designated judges and other officers of such courts. [[[ WE HAVE THE SAME COURT SYSTEM NOW AS THEN, DESPITE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY. IT'S ALL IN THE 1789 FIRST JUDICIARY ACT, SECTION 34 AND IN MANY LEGAL BOOKS SUCH AS PROFESSOR BENEDICT'S ADMIRALTY LAW PUBLISHED BY MATTHEW P BENDER , 7 TH EDITION. IT IS ALSO WRITTEN BY CHARLES WARREN IN HIS TREATISE, THE HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN BAR PRINTED 1966, LIBRARY OF CONGRESS # 66-24357]]] [[[ THERE WERE MANY WARS WITHIN THE COLONIES THAT WOULD TAKE UP TOO MUCH SPACE BUT THEY ARE JUST QUOTED BELOW BY NAMES ]]] 1632-70 New France to King Williams War

1689 King William's War (War of the League of Augsburg) 1702 Queen Anne's War 1739-42 War of Jenkins' Ear 1740-48 King George's War 1754 The French and Indian War ( Seven Years War) ERA OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1784 state constitutions . During the revolution 11 of the 13 states drew up new constitutions. (R.I. and Conn. Continued to use the colonial charters of 1662 and 1663, merely deleting all references to the British Crown.) [[ CROWN MEANING THE KING AS IT WAS CAPITALIZED. OTHER REFERENCES OF CROWN NOT CAPITALIZED MEANS THE BANKERS ( EXCHEQUER) THIS IS WHAT IS CRITICAL IN ANY WRITING, GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REALLY BEING SAID.]] These new constitutions were the work of revolutionary congresses or conventions. Constitutions where adopted by N.H,. N.J., Pa. , Del. , Md. , Va. ,N.C., and S.C. in 1776; by N.Y. and Ga. In 1977 [[[ PLEASE NOTE: AGAIN GRAMMAR COMES INTO PLAY, IN THAT CONGRESS NOT CAPITALIZED ABOVE DOES NOT MEAN THE US CONGRESS, BUT JUST A BUNCH OF MEN (CONGRESS) OR CONVENTION OF MEN, GOT TOGETHER UNKNOWN TO THE COLONIES AND DRAFTED A CONSTITUTION, THEN THE STATES, JUST LIKE THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS DID, ADOPTED SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT THEIRS. THE WORD adopt IS FOUND TO BE SOMETHING NOT YOURS BUT THAT YOU ADOPTED IT AS IF IT WAS YOURS. THAT IS THE MYTHS ALL AMERICANS FELL FOR BELIEVING THEY ( THE COMMON MAN) WROTE ALL CONSTITUTIONS WHEN THEY DID NO SUCH THING.]]] [[[HERE IS WHAT THE AMERICAN NEVER WILL GRASP. THAT IS IN THIS ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICANHISTORY]]] Quoting again the book. 1789, First Presidential Election First Congress under the Constitution met in New York without a quorum (8 Senators and 13 representatives) House of Representatives organized with 30 of its 59 members present Executive Departments. The first executive department created under the new government was that of Foreign Affairs Established 27 July, it was officially redesignated ( 15 Sept) Department of State.

1791 First Bank of the U.S. 1790, Hamilton submitted to the house his report on a national bank. Washington requested members of his cabinet [[[THIS CABINET IS NOTHING OTHER THAN THE COUNCIL OF STATE UNDER THE KING'S CORPORATION LAW]]] to submit written opinions on the constitutionality of the measure . Jefferson 's opinion (15 Feb.) Maintaining that the bill was unconstitutional advanced the doctrine commonly known as” strict constructionist.” Jefferson took as his main ground the 10 th Amendment ( not yet adopted). The incorporation of the bank, he argued, was not among the powers specifically delegated to Congress. Hamilton 's opinion (23 Feb.) Elaborated the powers of “ implied powers” ( the so called “ loose constructionist” view of the Constitution. He contended that the proposed bank was related to the Congressional power to collect taxes and regulate trade. [[[ THIS IS AS LAME AN EXCUSE AS ANY WHEN YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. FOR IF IT WAS THAT IMPORTANT TO SIMPLY COLLECT TAXES, WHAT ON EARTH DOES A BANK HAVE TO DO WITH THE ACT OF TAX COLLECTION? YOU HAVE A DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY TO STORE ALL THE TAXES. AND WHAT ABOUT TRADE? WHAT ON EARTH DOES A BANK HAVE TO DO WITH TRADE? THERE WAS MORE TO IT THAN THAT LITTLE CHARADE. MUCH MORE. YOU CAN READ IT IN THIS ARTICLE ON ATGPRESS HTTP://WWW.ATGPRESS.COM/INFORM/WEP002.HTM.]]] 3 mar. 1791 Hamilton 's 2 nd report recommended an excise tax on manufacture of distilled spirits.. [[[ EVERY THING WE HAVE TO DAY WAS THE CAUSE OF HAMILTON WHO WAS IN THE EXECUTIVE, WHICH WAS FOREIGN AFFAIRS ONLY AS YOU HAVE READ. HE WAS BRINGING IN ALL FOREIGN CONCERNS TO RULE THIS COUNTRY AND CAUSED A FEUD BETWEEN HAMILTON AND JEFFERSON AND ENDED IN A DUEL WHEN AARON BURR KILLED HAMILTON , BUT THE DAMAGE WAS ALREADY DONE. TO SEE WHY HAMILTON DID WHAT HE DID, READ THIS HTTP://WWW.ATGPRESS.COM/INFORM/BA038.HTM]]] End of quoting the Encyclopedia of American history There are much, much more in this book so I cut it short. The idea was to show present day Americans, all that went on in this country that the men and women that came here to settle plantations were hobbled with corporateness and every city town and village was nothing but a traders corporation. Then, when the 1776 war started the corporations of colonies were all a confederation that broke away from the British Rule but were still owned by that treaty of April 1214 when the King signed his entire empire you just read about, over to the Vatican . So the 1776 war did nothing to free the colonies or Americans as they were pledged to the Vatican in April of 1214. The King was nothing but a front man for the corporation of the Vatican and allowed to operate free as he wanted. Just as happened in 1664 to 1668 above in the book. Who actually owns what John Cabot found in the beginning of this book article. The Book was a school text book and The Consultant Editors were the who’s Who of History Professors And then was edited by Richard B Morris Professor of History of Columbia University. This book cannot be found anywhere, Because the Publishers were bought out by the Black Popes

operatives in this country so it was eliminated. So in the long run the Americans are still controlled by the Vatican . And the crowns you read about in the book were not the Kings unless specifically named, they were the Bankers ( Exchequers) of Europe that controlled all as they do in America . In a point of fact, all the owners of the federal Reserve are the Exchequers and are the foreign controlled elite of the Vatican . The same ones, not the same persons that were the First Bank of the United States . Maybe you missed it, but if you reread the article where this is a country named America not the United States . To most Americans they believe the country is United States . Then why, of all reason are you called an American and not a United Statesman or something leaving America out? Think a little. If you know the definition of the word “OF” you will know just what the phrase “The United States OF America” is saying. When the corporate colonies became States they retained their corporate character . But of course the men and women at that time was kept in the dark that they were owned by the Vatican and no longer were British subjects and the Vatican proceeded to take over the States, which all were his to begin with, and created the Corporation of the United States. My book the Myth and the Reality tells how the Vatican did this recapturing of his possessions and why we never won the war against The British. We fought the front man for the owner that's all. We won the battle and not the entire war. That is a religious war still ongoing between the Lord and Satan. The Vatican 's organizational Structure I included in my book shows Lucifer as top boss of the Vatican 's both Black and white Popes. They alone created the Religion of ISLAM for a Distinct purpose. That is now coming to fruition after all these centauries. The Vatican looks 200 to 500 years in the future. Do you look that far in even 1/1`0th that time into the future so your offspring’s offspring will have it better? What were the names, founding dates, and connections to the King of England by the original 13 colonies? [SOURCE: World Book Encyclopedia (WBE)] ANSWER: 1067-Virginia - Charter by King to the Virginia Company of London 1620-Massachusetts - Charter granted by the King to the Puritans 1623- New Hampshire - King appointed Council of New England for settlement 1624- New York - Charter by King to Duke of York 1622-Connecticut - Charter by King to John Winthrop 1634-Maryland - Charter by King to Lord Baltimore 1636-Rhode Island - King granted “Charter of Rhode Island & Providence Plantations” 1638-Delaware - Charter by King to Duke of York

1643-Pennsylvania - Grant by King to William Penn 1653-North Carolina - Grant by King to Sir Robert Heath 1660-New Jersey - Grant by King to Duke of York 1670-South Carolina - Grant by King to Eight “Lords Proprietors” 1733-Georgia - Grant by King to a Corporation entitled: “Trustees for Establishing the Colony of Georgia in America END QUOTE And who sits in the back ground like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind A front, Pulling the chains even tighter and calling himself a Vicar of Christ, when his own structure shows Lucifer at the top of the heap pulling your chains also as a member of his private corporation? That's why no one is a follower of the Lord any more, they follow the dictates of Lucifer's Minions. As the Lord said. if you believe in scriptures altered by the Vatican so many times, And I emphasize part of it that no one quotes it all ; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast refused knowledge, I will also refuse thee that thou shall be no Priest to me: and seeing thou hast forgotten the Law of thy God, I will also forget thy children .” Hosea 4:6 If that be the case then one cannot sit on a fence,. I generally don't quote scriptures but for those that do this ought to hit home for all that clam Corporate State of US citizenship. And claim to be a Christian. Hosea 8:1 & 4... "they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my Law (the Law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus)." Hosea 8:1b (with Romans 8:2 in parentheses added); and, "They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not:..." Hosea 8:4a “And I heard another voice from heaven say: Go out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues: . . .” Revelations 18:4 “Then Peter and the Apostles answered, and said, ‘We ought rather to obey God than men.’” Acts, 5:29. And even these Courts Recognize, even they are not above The Lords law that I have quoted many a time falling on deaf ears . Now all acts of legislature apparently contrary to natural right and justice, are, in our laws, and must be in the nature of things, considered as void. The laws of nature are the laws of God; whose authority can be superseded by no power on earth. A legislature must not obstruct our obedience to him from whose punishments they cannot protect us. All human constitutions which contradict his laws, we are in conscience bound to disobey. Such have been the adjudications of our courts of justice. Robin v. Hardaway, 1 Jefferson 109, 114, 1 Va. Reports Ann. 58, 61 (1772) aff'd. Gregory v. Baugh, 29 Va. 681, 29 Va. Rep. Ann. 466, 2 Leigh 665 (1831) And cited 8 Co. 118. a. Bonham's case. Hob. 87; 7. Co. 14. a. Calvin's case

Many have ignored truth on atgpress when given, to their standing with the Lord. That's all selfevident. Those that want to believe in Myths rather than truth, well, tell it to the Lord if you ever meet him. The Informer September 2010

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