Dear Fellow Republicans: Now more than ever is the time to unite the Republican Party of New Mexico

. I have had the distinct privilege of serving the people of House District 56 since 2009. The district I represent includes Lincoln and Otero Counties. John Billingsley currently serves as the Chairman for the Lincoln Party Republican Party. Despite this, I wholeheartedly support John Rockwell for Chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. We cannot have a state chairman who opposes Governor Martinez, Secretary of State Duran, and our Republican legislators. We have a very popular governor who is doing more to help our party be successful than any governor has ever done. We have the first Republican secretary of state in 80 years. And we have the most Republican house members we have ever had following a presidential election. I have every confidence that John Rockwell will support our current elected officials to put us in the best position for success in 2014. Thanks to an extraordinary effort by the Governor and Republican legislative candidates, we were able to buck the nationwide trend that saw Republicans lose hundreds of local and legislative seats all over the country this election. The unions and environmentalists poured in over $2 million targeting Republican legislative candidates. I am very disappointed that John Billingsley is attacking her for coming to the defense of our Republican candidates. Had she not done that, we would have had the kind of night Republicans in other states suffered. Instead of having 32 Republican House members, we would have 25, like we did after 2008. Instead of gaining 3 seats in the state Senate, we would have lost 3 seats, like we did in 2008. I encourage you to talk to Republican candidates who were in those battleground districts and you will hear how grateful they were for that support. You will hear how our Republican candidates were getting hit on radio and television and being flooded with attack mailers from the Democratic PACs who spent $2 million down the stretch. With Governor Martinez’s support, we were one of only five Obama states to actually gain seats in the legislature. We didn’t win control of

the House, yet we are poised to do just that in 2014 because of the number of seats we did win. It is disappointing to hear John Billingsley criticize the Governor for standing up and doing everything she could to assist our candidates. I have grave concerns that our failure to elect John Rockwell as our next chairman will result in irreparable division, harm and lost opportunity for our Party. I hope you will support party unity this Saturday and elect a chairman who will support our Governor, Secretary of State, and Republican legislators. Sincerely, Zach Cook State Representative Lincoln and Otero Counties

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