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08/17/97 12:27 AM Just a quick note to myself to say we know youre in there come out with your.....................

a change of routine today and thats always good but what happens when we begin to envision with a full knowledge of timelessness of our real being the immortality fo course we cant know that we are immortal consciousness with absolute certainty can we Plato writes that Soctrates was absolutely certain I recall that the foundation realizations came about with visions of things as experienced by a being with a full awareness of immortality another realization I had that is close to external internal sign transformation has to do with the unceratinty that is characteristic of the Ultimate Reality that is even though uncertainty and mystery is fundamental that doesnt mean that we should abandon our awareness of the highly probable there definitely is certainty we know that we are conscious and we know what we experience beyond any doubt or question uncertainty arises when we become aware of other beings and perhaps speculate about their intentions better to emphasize what we know for sure how very clarifying it was to see things in the light of eternity like rather than resent Mary and Gail for what they had done too me by separating me from my children and stealing all my property in the light of us being very ancient allies and compassionate loving friends I saw their interaction with me in life

as part of great love and assistance in the awakening of consciousness with a full knowledge that in the wholeness of time and simulataneity of past present and future we are all awakened beings the simultaneity of past present and future was a very useful and helpful spring board experience to what Ive been calling immortality it was moreso that a full awareness that past present and future coexist that lead to clarity and is leading to clarity Simultaneity seems to be at odds with our way of looking at world in the state of finite consciousness which is a very thin slice of time the metaphor for it is the analogy of a two dimensional slice of a three dimensional object such as say a moose although I hate to think of a slice of moose yet inorganic objects are better when it comes to imagine a slice so lets say a stone carving of a life size moose. If we view just one of the slices of the moose statues (hey man this gives me an idea for a painting a two dimensional representation of slices of a three dimensional object a series of disconnected slices with space in between a spherical; Dao yin yang symbol or some other symbol of spirit and wholeness of course I am quite partial to the greek letter psi and the Egyptian ankh as well as the Dao yin yang symbol but there is also the Buddhist wheel of life and the Christian Cross) When we use our power to envision it becomes very clear to us what this simultaneity things means a single slice of stone moose statue can give us a view of the moose shape but if it a very thin slice than that single slice will not provide us with a very meaningful perception of the whole moose statue when we put all the slices together and view the whole we see that a single slice is quite incomplete So it is with finite consciousness

it is the nature of the finite stage of consciousness that it a very thin slice of our spiritual conscious being which we know from our own experience extends at least through our oqn lifetime and that is much greater than the thin slice of the now moment the metaphor helps us to appreciate the value of envisioning the whole of our conscious being this is our spirit In human society we embody our cultural knowledge of our spiritual wholeness in the form of our spiritual traditions. Religion usually involves only the husk of spiritual tradition which has been institutionalized for the purpose of political power and manipulation One the problems in contemporary society especially in the western industrialized countries is that science has torn apart the spiritual tradition that we once had largely due to the discrepancy between the scientific validation of biological evolution and the creation myth of the bible science destroyed the spiritual tradition of the west and a new spiritual tradition is needed for the Earth for all people if we consider for a moment what constitutes a spiritual tradition we might start by observing what Buddhism is and what Taosim is, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism One of the key elements is sacred literature The Bible Koran Dao De Jing Dammapada Then there are buildings Cathedrals Temples Monasteries Retreats There is sacred music and sacred art

there is preaching and teaching lecturing you might say The purpose of it all is the awakening of consciousness of the wholeness of spirit the integration of slices the finite state of consciousness which is the state that is the embryo of spirually awakened consciousness is a very thin slice of the whole it is a reality that we can be conscious of our whole being existing simultaneously in past present and future and still participate in events in the now the now moment is a slice with a special significance that is quite a breath taking mystery a mystery because it is strange that one slice of the whole seems to attract so much of our conscious energy spiritual awakening doesnt have to mean that we depart entirely from the present and dwell in the past in memory so to speak or in the future in hopes and dreams but it does mean that the energy of awareness expands from the thin slice of now consciousness yet the glow of the energy of awareness remains concentrated in the now moment to go back to the metaphor the now moment is a very bright slice the other slices are not so brightly lit Our experience is of a movement and a process as the glow of the now moment moves continuously along the whole