Requirements to join Research Program

In order to issue financial support letter from SACM to allow applicant to enroll in a research position at any institution, Please make sure to have the applicant meet the following Criteria: 1) 2) 3) 4) Valid scholarship that covers the duration of the research program. Successful completion of USMLE-step 1 with score of 210 and above Passing either USMLE-step 2 CS, or CK whichever applies. Applicant must start the program during the regular admission cycle of the year (from July to June the year after). 5) Remind the applicant that the main purpose of any research program is to strengthen his resume and enhance his application with a recommendation letter from US institution, to maximize his chances to get accepted into residency program the year after. 6) During the research year two research papers should be published either as first author or jointly with other authors. 7) Not all research programs are paid by SACM. The financial terms of the research program depending on the institutions regulations and whether there is grant to cover the research funding. 8) Attending conferences during the research year is very useful, but it will not be covered by SACM due to the scholarship regulations. Please check with your program director for maybe internal funding. 9) During the research, applicant should establish good working relationships with program director, and build an effective network that can serve the goals of getting position into residency program. 10) Application cycle of residency starts on Sept. 15th, and it’s your responsibility as doctor to familiarize yourself with all the relevant procedures and web sites, and prepare a professional dossier to apply.

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