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Newsletter No. 15 November 2012
Hi Jazz Guitar Fans, It’s hard to believe that we are on HJGS newsletter number 15! Apart from a few minor niggles, and the necessary “feet finding”, we think a great time has been had thus far. From the committee’s point of view, it has been great to make new friends and meet so many people with a shared passion and support for what tragically, as the years roll by, is in danger of becoming a lost art. The search is on to find another celeb., like Howard for a HJGS society concert, not forgetting that Howard has promised to come back and play for us again this coming spring. Also we need now as a matter of urgency, to compile a provisional list of players, tunes and approximate timings for our “Christmas Showcase” gig. Tune titles and timings are needed to avoid duplication and plan the spots. Please if you want to play, provide the committee with this at the NOVEMBER meeting. Also we need to know whether anyone requires a bass player and/or a QUIET drummer! The Oct meeting, a club night was very enjoyable with plenty of playing by lots of people. The evening started off with Ian and Martin performing Jobim’s Wave. Fortunately the room filled up quite quickly so Darren was able to give his brief analysis of Afternoon in Paris, breaking it down into its constituent s of which there were many! Ian and Darren played the tune at a relatively medium pace, which allowed another group the opportunity to play it at a faster “be-bop” tempo later. Robin then played Autumn Leaves and I’m Beginning to See the Light. His solo playing is coming on in leaps and bounds. Autumn Leaves for example, featured some interesting re-harmonisations: 9s, 5s and 5 substitution sideslips. Dave and Chris gave their usual polished and highly professional performance with I Thought About You, My Romance and an unusual up-tempo reading of My Funny Valentine. Fine playing and beautiful arrangements with tight, interesting and fresh introductions and outros. It’s always a pleasure to hear and see (those expressions of enjoyment!), the GITS, this time comprising Darren, Richard and Roy. They played a stompin’ version of St Louis Blues with a Texas “Herb Ellis/Harry Edison” approach. They were followed by Dave, Darren, Charles and Adrian performing the earlier mentioned up-tempo, Afternoon in Paris. There were a few surprised glances at Adrian’s count in, but he has played it many times with the Benedetto players in the USA at this speed, which seems to be the favoured pace amongst current US jazz guitarists! Adrian was then joined by Darren and Martin, who called the favourite standard, Out of Nowhere. Robin took the floor once again with an ambitious, but well played, Moonglow, interspersing chords and single lines a la Barney Kessel in a lovely arrangement.


He also played Nuages. Adrian and Darren followed this with Misty and Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, bringing the evening to an artistic conclusion!

HJGS Showcase December 2012
This is envisaged as, as the title suggests, a showcase for “who we are and what we do”. This will feature those who wish to play in whatever format/setting. Remember, however, that it is a general public event, rather than a usual enthusiasts “playing for enthusiasts” club night. Consequently, a certain amount of good presentation, brevity and polish; in short, “professionalism” is required. As yet, we have had no definite submissions and the NEXT meeting will be your last chance to come forward. SO if you wish to play, you must MAKE IT KNOWN. We are envisaging a gig in the main (usual gig room) of the Head of Steam. No entrance fee but a raffle and passing round of a hat. All proceeds to HJGS funds, towards booking a celebrity or two in 2013. Incidentally, both Darren and Adrian have refused to take a fee for their workshops as did Trefor apart form a contribution to towards his travel costs. And, the majority of raffle prizes have been donated by Ian and Adrian. HJGS is a labour of love all round, with all of you contributing in your own way! Remember YOUR suggestions are always required and no more so than when we are planning a major event such as this showcase.

If you require postings in the For Sale or Gigs sections send your emails to If enough are received on a regular basis then separate emails will be sent out. Member’s News
The Monday night jazz/blues gig at the Head of Steam is picking up nicely in fact the 8 week trial period mentioned last newsletter has been extended. Ian the landlord wants the pub to become know as a music venue. Adrian, who helped get the evening going, will continue to appear on the last Monday of the month with organist Ian Rose and guests. The evening has a nice vibe to it with many musicians simply coming along to listen and ‘catch’ up. The two organisers are Brian Jackson aka BJ on Bass and Mike Ledgard on drums. Sitters-in are welcome but you need have a word with BJ or Mike and be prepared to play whatever the band are playing. Darren has created a Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society group on Facebook. This could be used as a forum for further exchange of information, gig news and anything to further the cause. Please consider joining. Darren has also started an interesting series of pod casts. See his website listed in the Of Interest section.


Jamie Holroyd has a short article featured in the 'Quick Licks' section of the December issue of Guitar Player magazine! He has also written a short article on some lesser known guitarists: - Membership
Some memberships are now falling due for renewal, remember membership lasts for a full 12 months from the paid up month and the following benefits are only available to current paid up members. The following deals have been negotiated for members on production of a membership card: Bulldog Pickups (Huddersfield) 15% off all pickups and repairs/rewinds. ElectroMusic (Doncaster) Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased. GTR (Huddersfield) discount on strings and accessories. 10%

The Music Room (Cleckheaton) Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased. Vinyl Tap (Huddersfield) Records, CDs and DVDs Matt Ryan 10% off guitar repairs/setups Customised Equipment Covers On Demand

Frailers Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased.
Foulds Guitars - Derby Variable discount depending on the item(s) purchased. We are actively pursuing other supplier/retailers and will let you know as soon as we confirm them. Remember also that we welcome your suggestions re the future direction of H.J.G.S. Please get in touch.



Following a very fruitful committee meeting, which involved serious discussion, drinking and playing in roughly equal amounts, a strategy for the next few months was panned out. Firstly committee members were allocated specific roles so as not to all be covering the same ground at the same time. These are as follows: -

Martin Chung Publicity, joint treasurer, website/facebook and development Darren Dutson-Bromley Ensembles, education, website/facebook and development Adrian Ingram Newsletter, education, international liaison and development Ian Wroe Host, joint treasurer, artiste relations, events and development



Many of you already know this group but if you don’t they are a Western Swing guitar/fiddle/double bass trio with harmony vocals. Wit Smith plays great George Barnes, Charlie Christian influenced guitar and Eleanor James plays swing style fiddle. As you will see they are playing locally on the 15 & 16th of November. Monday nights Head of Steam. New jazz groove/funk night. Nov 5th Adrian Ingram / Jon Taylor / Al McSween 12th Adrian Ingram / Andy Wallis / Ian Rose (tbc) 19th Adrian Ingram / Stu McDonald / Al McSween 26th Jade Harris / Adrian Ingram / Ian Rose Dec 3rd Adrian Ingram / Simon Peat / Al McSween 10th Alan Barnes / Bruce Adams / Adrian Ingram / Al McSween Nov 7th Adrian Ingram’s Jazz Dawgs; Station Bar, Stalybridge Railway Station 17th Jade Harris / Adrian Ingram / Ian Wroe; The Horse & Groom, Wakefield 25th Adrian Ingram demonstrates Bulldog Pickups at Aintree Guitar Show, Liverpool Other Jazz Guitar Clubs/Societies
(We are 1 of only 4 jazz guitar societies in England)

Here are a few links: ------- Note new website address

The first Tuesday of the month at The Head of Steam : Huddersfield Railway Station (see )

As previously mentioned, in the last newsletter, we are going to re-instate the idea of a selected tune sent out on a regular basis. These will be played, as a group following a short discourse (analysis of harmony, structure, tonal centres etc) by a HJGS member. Adrian, in his seminar on survival skills, will use the tune What’s New to outline several ideas and a copy is included with this newsletter. Remember the society needs YOUR views and input so, if you want to provide a short introduction/discourse for a tune yourself or make any

suggestions for a tune, please speak to a committee member. We have already had some other interesting ideas put forward which we are looking into. YOUR ideas are both vital and welcome. It is YOUR society and the committee is there entirely on YOUR behalf. Please, please get involved if you can!
The timetable for meetings for the rest of the year now looks like this: 2012 6th Nov:*Seminar on Survival Skills part 1 by Adrian 4th Dec: HJGS showcase gig (hope you’re all working on something)

* please note that in order to ensure an effective combination of complete
workshop and some time for playing, these sessions will commence at 8:30

on the dot.
Of Interest, News and Reviews The committee has come across two recent CD releases which should be of interest to our members! GRANT GREEN / The Holy Barbarian St Louis 1959. Uptown records UPCD27.68

This cookin’ live session contains some of Green’s earliest recordings, before his successful move to NY where he was adopted as ‘in house’ session guitarist for Blue Note Records. The group features Sam Lazar (organ), Chauncy Williams (drums) and one-time Woody Herman saxophonist the excellent Bob Graf (tenor). The sound quality is superb, much better than most other live recordings of the period.


Green is on top form with some of his best playing ever to be committed to disc. Yes, the minor pentatonics are there aplenty but so too are quotes and nods in the direction of the Bebop masters, especially Charlie Parker. Green stretches out and, in doing so, demonstrates just what a melodic player he was even going as far as quotes of the famous Habanera from Bizet’s Carmen. His sound too is gorgeous, with a touch reminiscent of Raney his favourite (at that time) jazz guitarist. Graf also plays brilliantly with a muscular tone and Getzian melodicism. Lazar proves perhaps the weak link for although he was a brilliant R&B/Blues player he wasn’t as steeped in bebop as the others. He had switched from piano to organ shortly before this gig which could account for his lack of proficiency an the bass pedals, playing on the 1 and the 4 virtually throughout. The Cd contains 8 tunes a mixture of blues and standards. It is great to hear Green stretch out on changes-based vehicles such as There Will Never Be Another You, Groovin’ High (Whispering) and Out of Nowhere. If you like Grant Green you have to have this CD. Reviewed by Adrian Ingram KENNY BURRELL Trio / A Night at the Vanguard the complete edition. Essential jazz classics EJC 55561 I would imagine that many of you will already know this classic 1959 live recording as it has been issued and revised many, many times and in many formats. Like the Green album, the sound quality is excellent and also, as with the Green album, it contains some of the guitarist’s finest recorded moments. What sets this issue apart however is the inclusion of four additional tracks from the same engagement! Four tracks!! That’s virtually another LP/CD. As such this is a “must have” purchase. Flawless playing, tone to die for and good taste in bucket loads. Whether he soloing in single lines, block chords or sliding about with infectious smears, bends and slurs Burrell’s playing on these sessions is truly inspirational. For those of you who already own the now incomplete earlier recording, the additional tunes are: How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me?, I Can’t See For Lookin’ (a second version), Afternoon in Paris and Tricotism. The CD is beautifully presented and produced with comprehensive sleeve notes and some really cool pictures of Burrell with his D.A. and L5C (Charlie Christian). Absolutely essential!! Reviewed by Adrian Ingram Here is a copy of an email sent by Axel Hagan ( a great guitar player based the The Hague: Dear Adrian and Ian, I hope you are doing fine. I just wanted to inform you that the article about Ronnie Singer is in the November issue of JJG.


I updated my website completely and posted all the material on my website for people to listen to the recordings etc. have a look, I am also in contact with Jon Raney, Jimmy's other son and he made a link to this through his blog, here's the link so the ball is rolling ... anyway, just wanted to let you know, that I am really proud of this and tell you how thankful I am to you Adrian for making this possible, this is really great stuff and important in history of good music and guitar playing. I hope to see you soon take care cheers Axel

Found anything on the web or heard of something which may interest our members, then this is the place for it. Check out Darren’s pod casts Tuition

Please let me know as soon as items are sold to remove them from the list. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60’s Gibson Johnny Smith pickup (neck mounted) : £55.00 Kent Armstrong (pickguard mountable) JS style jazz pickup : £35.00 DiMarzio DP195 - PAF Classic™ Bridge : £30.00


Line 6 DL4 delay modeller and line 6 expression pedal both boxed as new. £145 All prices are negotiable and interesting trades are welcome Contact Ian Wroe ( ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eastman "export prototype"? has no model/serial number. Carved spruce top & Maple with Maccassar Ebony bridge, finger plate and tailpiece. Floating Pup & vol control. Fiberglass pro case. Ex Cond £1100 ono. Enquiries welcome, poss p/ex guitars/amp what have you?
Contact or 07759789853. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Peavey “Ecoustic” model 112 (USA). Instrument and Mic inputs, plus Jack and XLRs.

Excellent condition 1x12” acoustic or electro-acoustic amp suitable for jazz guitar. PRICE REDUCED TO £175 Call Nick on 01706 810324



A faithful recreation of a rare original vintage Selmer guitar as played by and a favorite of John Jorgenson. "I took it with me to Samois...and it held its own in many a jam session, with a lead tone audible over as many as 8 rhythm guitars all playing at once!"
               

Select solid spruce top with a beautiful birds-eye maple back and sides Body is bound in solid ebony with maple/walnut/maple purfling on top and back Bound maple neck with a 21-fret fingerboard of genuine ebony, marked with pearl position dots Genuine bone nut with traditional "zero" fret Dovetail neck/body joint Body size- 14-fret neck joint - Scale length 26 5/8” - Nut width 1 3/4” - Body length 18 1/2” - Lower bout 16” - Upper bout 11 1/4” Horizontal cutaway Characteristic "Oval" soundhole, surrounded with a delicate multi-ply rosette Unique and rare solid peghead design Moustache bridge with, a compensated, movable center Nickel-plated, open geared tuning machines with a 14:1 ratio Adjustable truss rod Trapeze tailpiece Shop adjusted Click image to read reviews

This guitar was set up by the luthier at HobGoblin in Leeds. A new mahogany bridge was made to increase intonation of sound at higher resonances. The guitar has a mike fitted along with a tail piece jack pin. This would enable a higher quality amplification system to be fitted if required. The guitar is basically unmarked and comes complete with fitted hard case .

This is a beautiful instrument and plays withe a lovely action and a very loud mellow tone. I'm selling simply and sadly because I am elderly and arthritus makes playing this guitar difficult. I am now having to play my manouche on my Peerless Renaissance.. These guitars come up for sale rarely and this is a beauty.
Both guitar and case are AS NEW and have never left my house in the 4 years I've owned them Cheers Rod (Scarborough) 07980913390 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------De` Armond `RED` Jazz Guitar pickup . Early 60`s but very little used . Perfect working order . £190 Tel Brian Lewis on 07776 184111 , 01565 653003 or ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Upgraded '62 RI CIJ Fender Tele. (Upgraded electronics, selector switch, knobs and fitted with hand wound Ingram T bulldog pickups) mint condition £570

Contact Jamie Holroyd

Gibson historic 56 Les Paul goldtop p90’s, good condition with black custom shop case £1800 or px against sunburst 335. Boss metronome/ rhythm unit as new, unused £40 ono Contact Richard Ball :




Celestion G12 75watt speaker, tested and working - £20 - SOLD Seymour Duncan Tele vintage spec neck pickup as new - £35 Bulldog Adrian Ingram jazz spec Tele neck pickup as new - £35 (these are fabulous, but I already have them in all of my Teles!!) Polytone Mini-Brute 1. 1x12 speaker, 110 watts near mint condition. This is one of the last true Polytone jazz amps (late 80s) before they started trying to cater for the rock market with additional distortion and distortion eq knobs and circuits - £350 o.n.o. Contact Adrian Ingram

Rivera R55 1x12 valve amp excellent condition : £600 ono Roland GR33 guitar synth + pickup : £200 ono Session Rockette 30 fantastic little jazz amp : £90 ono JMP 50 1980 Marshall head : £600 Pair Lindy Fralin soap bar p90s : £80 - SOLD Pair Lollar p90 soap bars : £100 Duncan jazz neck humbuckers : £35 - SOLD Eventide Time-Factor delay/sampler/loop pedal : £220 Tone Pros locking nickel stoptail (335/ Les Paul etc) : £20 Boss digital dimension (1980s) pedal as new (Mike Stern/Sco/Metheny etc) : £80 Gibson LP Special 1998 Black, Bulldog pickups, gig bag - £550 o.n.o. Contact Hayden Minett on 07967 831193 or

Epiphone Howard Roberts 1965/66 near mint, blond with case : £2500 or interesting px. Contact Paul Wright on

Trades Wants 1. 2. 3. small amp : Polytone (any model considered); Musicman RD50 (1x10 or 1x12); Peterson (Wood cab 10” speaker) AER etc Hiscox cases for Les Paul, 335, 16” jazz guitar/dreadnought Seymour Duncan alnico Pro II neck telecaster neck pickup

If you have of know the whereabouts of any of the above please contact Adrian Ingram


Charts The following chart is included as it will form part of Adrian seminar on survival skills. He thought it would be useful to have a look at it beforehand.

Huddersfield Jazz Guitar Society


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