Testimony of Master Sergeant Dan Morris, USAF (Retired)/ NRO Operative September 2000 Dan Morris is a retired Air

Force career Master Sergeant who was involved in the extraterrestrial projects for many years. After leaving the Air Force, he was recruited into the supersecret National Reconnaissance Organization, or NRO, during which time he worked specifically on extraterrestrial-connected operations. He had a cosmic top-secret clearance (38 levels above top secret) which, he states, no U.S. president, to his knowledge, has ever held. In his testimony, he talks of assassinations committed by the NSA; he tells how our military deliberately caused the 1947 ET craft crashes near Roswell, and captured one of the ETs, which they kept at Los Alamos for 3 years, until he died. He talks about the intelligence teams that were charged with intimidating, discrediting, and even eliminating witnesses to ET/UFO events. He talks about Germany’s re-engineering of UFOs, even prior to WWII. He talks about our current energy crisis — and the fact that we haven’t needed fossil fuels since the 1940s, when free energy technologies were developed — but have been kept from humanity. This is the real reason for the secrecy of the ET/UFO subject. "What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody." In conclusion, he warns against the weaponization of space and the shooting down of ET craft — this could force them to retaliate, and that would be our destruction. I had a clearance 38 levels above top secret, which is cosmic top-secret -it is the top of all of those clearances. It is for UFOs, and aliens, etc. No president has had that level, has ever been cleared for that level. Eisenhower was the closest. Well, there are several intelligence agenciesthe Army had it, the Air Force had it, the Navy had it. And then there were several secret intelligence agencies. One that did not exist, it was so secret, was the NRO. You couldn’t mention NRO. It is the National Reconnaissance Organization. If you’re on that level, then there’s an organization worldwide called ACIO, that’s Alien Contact Intelligence Organization. If you pay your dues and you follow the rules, your government is allowed to benefit from that organization’s information. Now some people call it the high

frontier. The Navy Intelligence refer to themselves that way sometimes. And they all work together. Air Force intelligence, Naval intelligence, and the NRO were at one time all in a certain part of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. And most of the satellite interpreters were there, most of the intelligence interpreters from the Air Force, the Army, the Navy were there, that’s where they worked and interpreted. Now, Eisenhower wanted somebody to be in charge, he tried the CIA Director, and it didn’t work. The CIA was working primarily for itself. Most of the intelligence directors of the services were working for themselves. So he said, "I want it to be independent, I want it to be civilian. I want it to be some of our top scientists." So it was organized but the name of the NRO was kept secret for years. About 1968 was when it came into being independently. Now before that, during the war, we had the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, and that was mostly spy soldiers, you know, men from certain parts of the armed forces formed under the OSS. I never spied for the OSS. I was in Air Force intelligence. And another thing that gave me a high security clearance was I was a CONRAD courier… And so when I retired from the Air Force, they knew that I knew some of this stuff, and so that’s why they gave me the chance to go work for somebody else who knew that too -- the NRO. The National Security Agency- the killers work in that. They’re the guys that, when it becomes necessary for a ‘problem’ to be removed, they’re…if you watch James Bond, they’re double-O agents, if you get my meaning. And Secretary of Defense Forestall was the first real powerful known person that was eliminated because he was going to release the information. And nobody has ever paid for that crime, that crime has never really been thoroughly investigated by forces to see what happened to him. But most people know that he was thrown out the window of a hospital - but he wasn’t killed by being thrown out the window, but he never got up alive… There are other people who have been eliminated for what they know. One was a friend of mine, Phil Snyder, who worked out here in New Mexico building the tunnels- the biggest one that he was involved with was the Dulce underground facility. … And I know that Phil loved this country and he thought these programs were bypassing our form of government. The way it was set up, there were too

many black projects going on, and none were approved by our Congress. [See the testimony of Clifford Stone. SG] No Congress ever voted on any of these black projects, and he believed the American people had a right to know what they were spending their money for and what we were capable of doing. And he started talking, so they got rid of him… But myself, I’m 73 years old and I’ve had a good life and no regrets, and I’ve loved this country and I’ve been a Christian all my life, since I was about 11 years old, so I believe God wants this known, and I believe the cosmos wants this known. And I believe that if we don’t break the secrecy… we’re doing our people a great harm keeping it so secret. And if we don’t break it, I believe somebody else will. Somebody outside of this planet. I believe some of the people who have been with us the last fifty years will break the secret… Now the two guys who were down there, I told them, "You got your cameras - Official Air Force cameras? Go outside and take pictures, go out and tell me what you see." And they came back and said, "There are UFOs sitting out there in formation!" I said, "Well, take pictures, get the cameras and take pictures." And I told the other two, turn the radar cameras on, because we had radar cameras that took pictures, too. So that was all there, and this building we were in had one whole side that was glass French doors, so if you set the radarscope, you’d look outside and see there were UFOs. And so I called headquarters. I said, "Okay, we have a contact." He says, "You mean SAC is running a mission against you?" I said, "Not SAC, not SAC." He says, "What, then?" I said, "Cosmos." He said, "Wait a minute. Describe them on the phone." So, there was a switch you could throw that scrambles everything. "So I said, okay, my phone’s scrambled, is yours scrambled?" "Mine’s scrambled." He says, "What do you mean, you’ve got a cosmic contact?" I said, "I mean there are three UFOs sitting out there." "You taking pictures?" "We’re taking pictures." "You taking radar pictures?" "We’re taking radar pictures, taking real pictures." He says, "Okay, don’t say another word, I will send a courier up there, he’ll get there in about six hours, you turn everything over to him." And I said, "Okay." So, about six hours later, he’s there, we’ve got everything sealed up for him, we give it to him. He heads back to Air Proving Ground Command, and we were never, officially notified that they ever received those pictures- it went secret, it went black, like it never

happened. But, we had copies of the pictures. So I told the guys, the five, I said, "Okay, guys, here’s a copy for all of you. Keep them for your grandkids…" Do you know why we stopped exploding nuclear weapons? We were ordered to do it by those ETs from Orion. Orion - they came down and they told us, "Look, you can destroy yourselves, so we won’t put up with that. And if you do that, if you explode that planet, and you’ve got the capability now…" That’s when we really got their attention and they came down and they said, "Look, we won’t let you destroy your planet." So we want you to stop all nuclear testing. They had already stopped us from using weapons. And then they told us, "No more nuclear testing." Now Russia and the United States, we were firm believers by then that those people could do what they said. And you saw the time they all showed up over Washington, D.C., and we went our jets up after them, and every time the jets would go up, the UFOs would zap out, or they’d go to another dimension. The jets would come back to base and the UFOs would be back over Washington. Scared the hell out of everybody in Washington, what are they going to do? What happened was that we found out that high-powered radar would interfere with their stability, because we could watch the amplifiers and stabilizers come down when they were low and slow. Radar affected the UFOs when they were low and slow. We already knew that, we knew it before ‘47, before they came down. And where was most of our radar? White Sands, and down at Roswell.

Who was stationed at Roswell? The only nuclear bomb squadron in the world. So they were interested and we had a lot of radar there, because we were going to protect as much as we could. Well, we focused several, big, powerful radars on them, and it caused two of them to run together. One of them was the one that went down and landed on the ranch, the other was the

one that went down into the bank and it had two aliens on it lying outside when we got there. One of them was wounded or hurt, and the other was alive then, but before we could get him anywhere, he had already passed on. But the other we kept at Los Alamos over here for about three years. He got sick. We sent out on every frequency range we could and everything that he was sick, that we didn’t do it, that they could come and get him if they wanted to. But he died before they got here. But they came and got his body, and that’s when they went to Washington and had that formation over Washington. So they retrieved his body. One time we shot down one and we were catching hell for that. But what do you think we did with all these nuclear weapons that we and Russia had? We put nuclear weapons out in space as a line of defense. And we were ready to blow them up if they started in. … I became part of a group that would investigate, gather the information, and in the beginning it was still under the Blue Book, Snowbird and different covert programs. I would go interview people who claimed they had seen something and try to convince them they hadn’t seen something or that they were hallucinating. Well, if that didn’t work, another team would come in and give all the threats. And threaten them and their family and so on and so forth. And they would be in charge of discrediting them, making them look foolish and so on and so forth. Now if that didn’t work, then there was another team that put an end to that problem, one way or another. … So, there would be cover stories deliberately put out and then de-bunked. Information, disinformation has been going on for 50 years. We need help with most of the guys who signed the security oath- that’s the reason he needs to keep doing what he’s doing. You know, SG. And get us out from under that. And this needs to come out. Germany recovered two UFOs before. It was 1931, ‘32, and they took them to Germany and started, like we do now, re-engineering. They got ahead, and even before the war started, they had a workable UFO… We’ve got plenty of film, documentary film to show that in the archives. And then we got a whole bunch more from the Germans after the war, because we brought, not only Von Braun, but we brought Scharberger over here and some of their electromagnetic people who were working on the UFOs. And he gave us a jump on everybody else.

Now the Russians took some people, too, but we had the main ones. Scharberger was out here in New Mexico, and he helped us in White Sands and other places around New Mexico. And then he felt we’d done him wrong and he went home and two weeks after he went home he was killed. UFOs are both extraterrestrial and man made. Well, the guys that were doing the UFOs, they weren’t sleeping, and Townsend Brown was one of our guys who was almost up with the Germans. So we had a problem. We had to keep Townsend Brown- what he was doing on anti-gravity electromagnetic propulsion secret. Even back in Tesla’s time, we had free energy that we could transfer. All you had to do was just put up an antennae and put a stake in the ground and you could light this house and have all the energy you needed. But what do we run on? For the last century, we’ve run on petroleum. Who’s in control of the petroleum in the world? A lot of people think that Iraq, Iran, and so on, are. They aren’t. We control it, us and the British interests. Well, some people refer to this as the secret government. A group of the richest men in the world control petroleum. And you don’t need cars unless you have an internal combustion engine. Well, if you have one of these units that’s about sixteen inches long and about eight inches high and about ten inches wide, then you don’t need to plug into the local electric company. These devices burn nothing. No pollution. It never wears out, because there are no moving parts. What moves are electrons, in the gravity field, in the electronic field, and they turn in opposite directions, okay? You put one in a car- the car would rust and fall down around it before it would ever wear out. So what’s that going to do to the world economy that runs on petroleum? So it’s not that our government and the world doesn’t want us to know that there are other people on other planets that have existed for thousands of years. What the people in power right now don’t want us to know is that this free energy is available to everybody. … The American people are stronger than the government gives them credit for, and I believe that, I’ve come to that decision myself. That the American people can stand to know the truth, and they should know the truth, and that’s one reason I’m coming forward. I want them to know that there’s a better life possible… You know the South African Government admits that they retrieved an ET craft. They don’t make any bones about it. And they put out a

documentary film that has a police sergeant who’s saying that they recovered one- it even shows you pictures of the recovery and so on and so forth. Now, what I’ve read is that an agreement was made between our government and them, that we would not say anything about them developing and using their first nuclear weapon. That if we couldn’t support them in the U.N., that we’d keep our mouths shut, and they would give us that ET ship, and we agreed to it, and they did. We sent a C-5A Galaxy over and brought the ship back as well as the two aliens that they had gotten out of the ship. They went to Wright-Pat Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, where we usually send most of what we recover. There are about eight levels under the ground, and we store it there. So who’s our enemy now? Now some would like for us to believe and would like to develop the idea that the aliens are our enemy now. There’s no proof that I have ever read in any official document where, unless they were attacked, that they ever shot. And one instance I’ll tell you about involved Russia. Now this involved an admiral who had a son who was a MIG pilot in their air force. We had an F-18 up in Alaska. And the Russians would send their badgers and their beavers out, they’d send their MIGs out, so the 21 st Fighter Squadron in Alaska, they’d go up and intercept them. And they were all armed. Fortunately nobody fired. So our controller saw, when these MIGs were mixing it up, that there was another ship that moved in, and our controller was listening to the Russians say, "Intercept that ship." They referred to it as ship, it wasn’t anything we knew or the Russians knew. And so the two MIGs started intercepting. Our guy was told by our controller, "Get out of there, stay in view, but don’t you try to intercept that ship!" So as soon as the Russian fighters turned on their armament targeted the UFO, the missiles were both destroyed just like that, one after the other. Our guy wasn’t shot at, and he came on back home. And that was by a two-star Russian general who told that story. And they also interviewed the admiral whose son had told that story to him… I think the aliens are aware that we’re trying to build weapons against them. Now I’ll tell you, we do have a defense, we’re capable of shooting some down. We’ve developed that ability. Eisenhower warned the United States public, "Don’t let the military and the industrial weapons builders get in power." He always feared that, and if you look at his last speech, he said that

to the public. Don’t let them become too powerful. So, we better wake up. We’ve tried to shoot down several UFOs. And we’ve been successful, we crashed one in White Sands, New Mexico. We were tracking it at the time and we were successful in damaging it enough that it crashed. And yes, there were some aliens on it and yes, we got them. This happened about ‘68 or ‘69, about the same time the South Africans did it. … We don’t have a threat from Russia anymore, but if we keep shooting at those aliens, we might have a threat from them. We should quit that. We should demand that our government stop trying to shoot down those aliens. We should cooperate.

The Man Who "Outed" the U.S. Saucer Program: Colonel Steve Wilson A Short Biography* by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (c)1997 [Note: Since this article was published, Col. Wilson died of his cancer. He will be sorely missed.] There is much about Colonel Steve "Wilson"'s life that he will not allow to be known, for good reason. Colonel Wilson is a hunted man. Moving from state to state to evade several attempts on his life, he currently is battling cancer. Like a number of other prominent disclosers of top secrets about UFOs and governmental cover-ups (astronaut Gordon Cooper, Congressman Steve Schiff, CSETI's executive assistant Shari Adamiak, and MJ-12 insider Dr. Michael Wolf), the Colonel is suffering from a cancer which may have been externally "imposed" to silence him. But, like these other brave witnesses, the death threats have only made even firmer Wilson's resolve to tell all. This biographical sketch is based on limited information provided by the Colonel, and certain data from his discharge papers. I have written this biographical sketch, as a tribute to a man who feels the public's right to know extremely-important information about Star Visitors contacts supercedes a military/ intelligence Cabal's misuse of "national security" secrecy to cloak their misdeeds. Here then is, without varnish, Steve Wilson, the man, the officer and the crusader. Steve Wilson was born in the 1930's, and spent five years in a state orphanage. In order to escape the savage beatings there, he ran away. He had always dreamed of being a pilot. Befriended by a prostitute with the proverbial "heart of gold", this tall 13-year-old was accepted into the Air Force, when his newfound "mother" stated he was 16 and signed for him to enlist. Starting out as a lowest-level private, he worked hard to advance. He took U.S. Armed Forces Institute courses, earned his high school diploma, and then the equivalent of a two-year college degree. Simultaneously he studied at Aircraft Mechanic School and became a certified mechanic. Then he enrolled in Flight Engineer school and became a flight engineer on B-17s . Later he was promoted to Staff/Sergeant and to the personal B-29 staff of General Crabbe. The General took a liking to Steve, and encouraged him to reenlist and take an appointment to Air Cadet school at Kelly Air Force Base. Completing Cadet School, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant Wilson, a fighter pilot at last. Lt. Wilson's first assignment was the Fighting 12th Fighter Squadron, Clark Air Force Base, the Philippines. As soon as he arrived, the Squadron was reassigned to Korea. He promptly was reassigned to the 67th Fighter Squadron, forward-based at the Korean War's front lines. He graduated from Mustang propeller fighters to sleek Sabre jets, and was soon doing supersonic runs down MIG Alley, dueling Communist jet pilots. On one run into enemy territory to bomb a dam, Lt. Wilson dropped his load of bombs and watched the dam burst. As he turned his plane around to return to base, he felt pain in his

stomach and looked down to see blood gushing from his side. The lieutenant radioed in that he had been hit by ground fire. He reported his position and fuel level, and added that he was about to pass out and would not be returning. Lt. Wilson's memory fades out at that point. But subsequent events point to extraordinary intervention by unseen helpers that kept him alive. Three days after Wilson radioed in that he was passing out, the control tower at the 67thFighter Squadron base saw an extraordinary sight. Wilson's plane was coming in for a landing although its engine was not running. The fuselage was surrounded by a strange greenish light. Flight line personnel, the officer of the day and Base Operations staff all looked on in amazement, as the plane made a perfect dead-stick landing. Inside they found Lt. Wilson still unconscious! He was rushed to a hospital. When he regained consciousness, he noted that his shrapnel wound was almost completely healed! Furthermore, base staff informed him that his plane still had the same amount of fuel as when he was hit and radioed in his fuel level. The Lieutenant quickly got out of bed and secured a copy of the reports on his highly-unusual experience. Shortly thereafter the original reports disappeared, and no one at the base would talk about his miraculous return. Soon Lt. Wilson underwent numerous tests, and was debriefed on his mysterious return incident by what he calls a "strange group". They administered testing, which revealed that his IQ had jumped from an already very high 162 to an unheard-of 232. After the testing was completed, he was returned to active duty. But other changes had taken place inside the young pilot, affecting his ESP abilities. Two months after Wilson's unexplained aerial rescue, one of his squadron mates, Chuck, was shot down during an aerial dogfight over Korea. Wilson and the others in the squadron watched him go down and disappear. As they banked their planes to return to base, Wilson heard the downed pilot's voice in his head. Chuck was crying for help. Wilson jumped in his cockpit seat, startled. Then he heard the voice again. Lt. Wilson broke formation and started descending to look for him. The Squadron Commander screamed over the radio for Wilson to get back in formation. The lieutenant pretended he couldn't hear the Commander, and radioed that he was having plane trouble. Wilson flew low, 100 feet above the ground, searching for Chuck. Suddenly Wilson heard the downed pilot's cry (telepathically) that he had just flew over him. "The other airman sounded distressed that I would not see him," Wilson recalls. He banked 180 degrees, and came in low. Wilson could sense that he was there somewhere. He spotted a clearing with enough room to land, and set his plane down. As he rolled to a stop, he looked around and saw the other man's plane wedged under some trees. Wilson taxied over close, jumped out and ran to the wreckage. Chuck was pinned in and badly hurt. Wilson tells the rest simply. "Where the strength came from I don't know, but I ripped the wreckage away from him, lifted him out of the cockpit and carried him to my plane. I threw the radio gear out to make room for him and me. With me sitting on his lap, I taxied out and to the end of the clearing. Swinging around, I saw there was very little room for a take-off. I looked up, and said, "God, if you exist, help me get this motherfucker off the ground." I held the brakes, and gunned the engine to the breaking point, let go of the brakes and rocketed across the clearing. The minute I felt myself off the ground, I began to raise the wheels. The enemy broke cover ahead of me and began firing. I passed overhead, and heard the crunch and ripping of metal as I left my wheels in the trees. My

plane became hard to manage with the undercarriage ripped away. I finally made it back to base. I could see the fire trucks lining the runway, and saw the tower blink. They were asking me to wag my wings if I had no radio. What else could I do? I wagged my wings, passed over the field so they could see the problem, made another 180 degree turn and started in low. I picked the dirt next to the runway. "I felt the jolt as my plane skidded down the side of the runway and came to a halt. The ambulance was the first to arrive, and I already had Chuck on my back and headed for the ambulance. He had made it out alive. I walked around the plane and saw all the bullet holes. [A report later said that there were 38 bullet holes.] I patted her tail and said 'Thanks, Lady.' Then I looked at the sky and said, 'You too.'" Despite being a rebel, and disobeying orders, (which luckily the Squadron Commander could not prove), Lt. Wilson was awarded his first Distinguished Service Award for gallantry above and beyond the call of duty. He remarks about the incident laconically, "Another one I should have been court-martialed for." Forty-six days later, he again switched roles back from rescuer to pilot needing rescue. Wilson's plane developed engine trouble over enemy territory, and he was forced to land. When he saw the enemy coming, he burned his plane to the ground, and was taken prisoner. Because he burned his plane, and would give the enemy no information, he was beaten for three straight days. After the first hour his subconscious mind took over, and he felt nothing. Wilson recounts his captivity with grim detail. "I remember them asking for information about my Squadron, and about troop movements. I realized that if I could hold out long enough and through enough torture, that they would believe anything I told them, and maybe then they would leave me alone. After three days, they tied a stick through my arms behind my back, and placed the rope around my neck and down my back, tying the rope to my feet, which were pulled up. If I tried to lower my feet, it would choke me, cutting off my air. "They placed me in a small bamboo cage about two feet wide and three feet long, and three feet high. I lay there with my head on the ground, with my knees spread and holding me upright, and trying to keep the rope from strangling me. There was no room to lay down or move. I remember the gooks pointing and laughing at me, and a hatred began in my gut as I have never hated before. Suddenly this thing within my mind kicked in. I remember them having to drag me out and into this hut. My body could feel nothing. "Someone cut me loose and my mind began to function. The other prisoners said I had lasted 15 days out there, and was the only one who hadn't broke within a week. It was almost a day before the circulation would let me move my legs and arms. As soon as I could get around they drug me back to the torture chamber as we all called it. "I swore to myself that those dirty bastards would never break me. Now I hated with a ferocity that even scares me to this day. I remember watching as they stuck bamboo shoots in the joints of my hands, piercing between the bones. I could hear myself screaming, but my mind was calm, and felt no pain. After what seems like days, I was returned to the other prisoners. After several days, I could move my hands some."

It had been 32 days. Lt. Wilson decided that he had had enough. That night another pilot and he saw their chance to escape. They made our break for it. Two of the guards who had laughed at his torture were on duty that night. Wilson moved up behind the first one and snapped his neck, then felt him slid to the ground lifeless. The lieutenant took his knife, moved around behind the other, and cut his throat without a qualm. They then ducked into the underbrush and ran the rest of that night. Later they found out that they were only twenty-eight miles from friendly lines. They had to crawl on their belly, only daring to do so at night. They ate grubs and roots, just as they had been taught in survival school. It took 23 days to crawl back to U.S. lines. Wilson relates the climactic moment of their escape. "We topped the last ridge, and lay on our bellies watching the movement below from a point that overlooked the valley. Nuckolls rolled over on his back, and you could hear his leather jacket pull loose from the frozen ground. 'We made it,' I yelled. I heard Nuckolls softly sobbing. Who ever said that grown men don't cry? The most welcome sound I heard was a sentry's shout, 'Who goes there? Advance and be recognized or I'll blow your fuckin' head off.'" The next defining moment in Colonel Wilson's life began during the Summer of 1960. The Cuban Missile Crisis became a global concern, as President Kennedy and Soviet Chairman Kruschev were facing off in a deadly game of global nuclear showdown over Soviet ICBMs in Cuba, and a threat of using the U.S. Navy blockade of Cuba to sink any more freighter deliveries of ICBMs. By now Steve Wilson had been promoted to Air Force Captain, and Commander of a Tactical Fighter Squadron out of Wright-Patterson AF Base, Ohio. His Squadron was ordered to Florida, and then deployed to Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba, with orders to provide air cover for Navy ships doing picket duty in the Cuban Gulf. In 1963 Wilson's squadron was ordered back to Wright-Patterson AFB. He soon received an assignment to fly cover over Houston. Just prior to this, Captain Wilson had been told that he would be assigned to Majestic-12 as soon as this mission was accomplished, and that upon his transfer, he would become a Major. [Majestic-12 (MJ-12), he would soon learn, is the super-secret organization which controls UFO surveillance and interdictions, retrievals and analysis of recovered extraterrestrial spacecraft and occupants, and public access to any information about these matters.] It would turn out to be a day that would linger in his mind for a long time. Captain Wilson's mission in Houston was to keep any planes away from the city during President Kennedy's visit. His squadron had shoot-to-kill orders for anyone who disobeyed their commands to stay back. While flying protective cover over Houston, the news came over the squadron's radio that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. Wilson describes their reaction. "I was shocked. I had met the man and really liked him. My eyes welled up, and I could hardly see as we were ordered back to the airfield. I could hardly see the runway. The tears were streaming down my face. After landing, I watched some of the worst landings ever exhibited by a squadron of Top Gun pilots. There wasn't a dry eye in the bunch." After returning to Wright-Patterson AFB, Wilson was informed he was receiving Top Secret clearance, and was being commissioned as a Major. His indoctrination into the UFO secrets kept

by the Majestic-12 agency then began. He was shown the remains of the Star Visitors and the crashed UFOs from the Roswell incident in latter 1947, that were all housed at Wright-Patterson's Hanger 84. He read reports he was shown about that incident, and how Majestic-12 covered it up by putting all the documents and expenses with a Soccoro, NM crash. He was informed that, because of his special abilities, he was being assigned to Majestic-12 (code name Majic12). As part of his duties, he would be assigned to the 1st Special Forces Air Command, and would undergo special training with Delta Force and then the Black Berets. Wilson comments about that period. "I looked at these fellows I was to train with. Every one was a trained killer and assassin. But it still didn't prepare me for the MIB [Men In Black], The Wackenhuts [private security firm operatives with government covert projects contracts.] And all the Black Ops that exist deep within our government. This was when I was told that I would cease to exist." Major Wilson was informed that his job was so secret, that stops would be placed on all his records and whereabouts, and that they would be moved to Majestic-12. He was told that his telepathic ability was needed for something very special, and that he would be on a "need to know" basis, at least until he had a high enough security clearance. Wilson recalls, "It made me feel very special, and inflated my ego about 100%. Little did I know at the time that I would be involved in one of the most dastardly and heinous coverups the world has ever known. To think about it even today, makes me sick to my stomach.....but at that time in my life, I felt I was serving my country. I knew nothing of the greed and power of a few men, who were later to be known as MAJI [the top executives of Majestic-12]." For the next nine years, Major Wilson traveled to nearly every Air Force base in the world, meeting and making contacts with key people for MJ-12. Finally, in the summer of 1972, he was assigned to the 1st Special Forces Air Command, Vandenburg Air Force Base. He was planning on getting some rest and relaxation there. He had just put all his gear away nicely, his B-4 travel bag finally empty and hanging in the closet. No sooner had he finished unpacking than a man looking like a refugee from a war camp sauntered into his room. The man flashed CIA identification and told the Major that he needed to pack his bag, that there was a plane waiting, and that they would be leaving in 20 minutes. True to his word, in 20 minutes the plane was taxiing to a take-off. Major Wilson knew better than to ask where they were going, but by observation of the compass heading and the terrain, he knew they were over Nevada. The plane circled and set down on a dry lake bed. Later he learned it was Papoose Dry Lake [S-4], deep within the Nellis Air Force Range in central Nevada. Even up close, the mountains and terrain looked barren. They walked about 300 yards to a rock outcropping. On the other side, nestled between some large rocks, was an iron door with no handle. The scruffy-looking CIA man somehow opened the door. They went inside and down a tunnel. At the end of the passageway, Wilson glanced around quickly. He still marvels at the size of the structure. "I could swear that the whole damned mountain was hollow. Right down the middle was a runway, and at the end huge doors, that I later found could be opened to allow a plane to take off right out of the mountain." The CIA man and he proceeded to an elevator without saying a word. The CIA agent punched an unmarked button. Wilson does not know how many floors they went down, because the elevator

moved with lightning speed. It descended so fast that he almost lost his dinner. He was ushered out of the elevator and into an office down the hall to meet the Full Colonel in charge. He saluted and sized up the tall angular officer standing in front of him. The Colonel's beady eyes had a mean look, which was matched by his cold and harsh attitude. The Colonel informed Wilson of his duties, as well as the plane schedules in and out of Nellis Air Force Base Headquarters, Las Vegas, the closest acknowledged military facility. The Colonel also told Wilson how to get there through the secret underground high-tech tunnel-shuttle system connecting this installation with Nellis. Wilson was also warned that anything he saw was Top Secret, and that if he so much as breathed wrong, or opened his mouth about anything he saw, it would be his last breath. Wilson noted soberly, "I believed him." Major Wilson had begun his duties at the Papoose Lake installation, still not knowing what existed 30 stories farther down. He had been well indoctrinated in Top Secret work and knew all the consequences of keeping the nation's most guarded secrets. The past six years had been slow and boring, he recalls, and other than what he saw at Wright-Patterson AFB, he felt that he was in a vacuum going nowhere. He was sitting in his office at S-4 mulling this over one morning, when a Lieutenant Colonel Bennet came in. He asked Wilson if he was busy, ("Like he gave a damn," Wilson recalls), and said "Let's go." Wilson followed the Lieutenant Colonel, and they eventually wound up two stories down at the super-secret "S-4" UFO technology area. As they came out on a landing there, Wilson saw eight different kinds of UFOs! There were intellectual-looking people all over the area, whom he guessed were scientists. He glanced at Bennett, who cut off his implied question with a curt "Forget it." The Colonel and the Major went into a cubicle where there were about twenty officers and civilians sitting around. Wilson was startled, when a woman came in who was at least eight feet tall. There was not an ounce of excess fat on her body, he recalls. She wore a strange-looking jump suit, which had a "HI" pattern on the right side above the breast line. To this day Wilson recollects the details of this striking encounter. "The woman had finely-chiseled features. Her blonde hair cascaded neatly past her shoulders. Her eyes were the bluest blue I'd ever seen. Somehow she was different. Little did I know then, how different! She sat a large crystal on the table, and without warning, her fingers began to glow as she ran them over this crystal. A 3-D hologram began to form above it! I looked around the room and everyone's mouth was hanging open, and suddenly I noticed mine was, too. Little did I realize that at that moment my life would forever be changed. My past teachings slipped from me as I stared. My whole concept of life did a 180-degree turn, as I watched the Hologram, complete with sound, unfold the mysteries of the past and the present, and of other worlds." Colonel Wilson related that among the scenes, which the female extraterrestrial's crystal hologram displayed for the assembled group, was the history of the Earth and of extraterrestrial involvement with it. That involvement included fashioning the consciousness of Jesus and sending him to live among Earthlings to point to a better way to understand life and to live. The extraterrestrial woman also showed the officers and scientists scenes from inhabited planets of other star systems. Wilson was transformed by this experience. "When it was over, I knew that, whatever part I was to play in all of this, my life as I knew it had ended forever."

He would go on to become appointed executive officer of Project Pounce. Created in the final days of December, 1980, Project Pounce is an elite group of Air Force Black Berets and military scientists who rush to the scene of any UFO crashes, cordon off the area, retrieve the extraterrestrial spacecraft and any occupants, then "sanitize" the crash site back to its pre-crash appearance, and intimidate any outside witnesses into silence. Eventually rising to the rank of Colonel, and receiving a Ultra Top Secret, Cosmic Q, level-27 security clearance, Wilson learned much about the inner workings of the Majestic-12 agency. Wilson's UFO-secrecy duties included interacting with covert "MIB" enforcement goons from the Wackenhut private security firm on contract to MJ-12. Wilson came to despise the "Whack"-enhut killers. The Colonel learned about secret space warfare operations, conducted by military astronauts trained at the covert Air Force Special Academy . He found out that these military astronauts fly U.S.-manufactured antigravity aerospace craft, such as the two-man Lockheed X-22A disc, out of Vandenberg and Beale Air Force Bases in California up into space. These military astronauts then interdict UFOs deemed "unfriendly", and fire Star Wars weapons to disable or destroy them. Colonel Wilson even came to know some things about the top command of MAJI, including the identity of two of its executive board members, Chairman Henry Kissinger and advisory scientist Edward Teller, both of whom hold the top-most Level 33 security clearances. He eventually learned enough about their avarice and hunger for power to sicken him. He discovered that the MAJI were "so powerful that they acted as though they were above the President, and the laws of nature and mankind." To his distress Wilson found out later that they were to be known as the New World Order. Finally sickening of the unconstitutional and unethical activities of the Majestic-12 agency, and of his involvement in "one of the most dastardly and heinous coverups the world has ever known", Wilson got out. At retirement, after 40 years in the Air Force, Lt. Colonel Wilson was Flight Commander of the First Special Forces Air Command, Vandenburg Air Force Base. His decorations include: the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star, two Air Force Distinguished Flying Crosses, two Purple Hearts, the Joint Services Commendation Medal, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the USAF Good Conduct Medal and the National Defense Service Medal. After musing for 15 years, he decided to risk his life and tell all. The means he used is the global communication tool of the Internet. His torrent of disclosures of sensitive information has been placed on the Skywatch webpage, [. He was a frequent communicator on the UFO information newsgroup he founded, currently Skywatch_ok@msn.com. And he decided to trust me as one who would place his leaks into public circulation. After years of military and intelligence career-building by playing by the rules, Lt. Colonel Wilson in retirement displayed the highest patriotism of all, whistle-blowing on the corrupt MJ-12 parallel government. Now stricken with cancer, Steve Wilson assesses the price of his years in the "Black World" of the UFO Cover-Up. "I have no feelings, truthfully. My association with MAJI has left me dead inside. I feel myself still cold and calculating. I never let anyone get close to me. I feel like a human robot. I have killed mercilessly and lied for the good of the country, or so I believed at the time."

His final comments cryptically hint at what everyone will soon know about Star Visitors visitation, and the profound changes society will make as a consequence. "The things I have seen are beyond human understanding and totally unbelievable. I only have a desire to help humanity somehow through what is bound to come soon." THE END * This short biography is based on notes and communications from Colonel Steve Wilson to me in the months before he died. It is dedicated to the memory of this courageous soldier-patriot. - Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into Star Visitor-Human encounters. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Post Office Box 22310, Sacramento, California 95822, United States of America. E-mail: drboylan@sbcglobal.net WEBSITE: http://www.drboylan.com You are invited to join the UFOFacts internet reports-and-communications list; moderated by Dr. Boylan: (subscribe at: UFOFacts-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ). Addendum: [Data from Col. Wilson's Form DoD214 discharge papers] Name: Col. Steve Wilson. U.S.A.F.R. Date of Birth 4/5/33 Ser# AO 325727 Length of service U.S.A.F. 40yrs 19 dys. 7 reinlistments! Metals: (1) 2 Distinguish flying metals. (2) 2 Purple Hearts. (3) i Joint SVS Commondation Metal (4) 13 Good Conduct Metals. (5) 1 National Defense Service Metal. (6) 1 Korean Service Metal (7) 1 Vietnam Service Metal

(8) 1 Pow Medal (9) 1 USAF Commandation Metal Schooling: (1) University of Oklahoma 1956 to 1960 (2) USAF Academy, Colorado Springs Col. (3) Advanced Flight Traing, Kelly AFB. (4) High Weapons School, USAF. (5) High Tech. Advanced Combat Computers, USAF. MIA/POW 12/07/50 to 01/18/51 Confirmed ( His) Picture on Internet! <><><><><><><><><><><><><><<><><> Anecdotal footnote:

Dr. Burisch's “Last” Interview The Transcript of Dr. Burisch's “Last” Interview of Sept. 18, 2002 [BH is Bill Hamilton, DB is Dr. Dan Burisch] BH: Okay, now this was unusual, right? You were taken to the Dulce facility. DB: This was the first time I was taken to the facility at LANL, yes [Note: Los Alamos Nat'l Labs] BH: Go ahead and just describe as you would. DB: I was initially I was not told why I was being taken up first to Watertown, then over to the Sector 4 facility [Note: the infamous S4, outside of Area 51]. I was asked to view certain slides from the Sector 4 facility which showed the papilloma [sp?] virus, and these slides were set up under a transmission electron microscope. There were maps[?] there .I was asked what my knowledge was of the papilloma virus, I told them it was limited, and then they told me they needed to take me to another location. We boarded an aircraft, a very small Lear jet, and we flew east - we HAD to have gone east, for the general geography was east after landing, I boarded a chopper, I think it was a Blackhawk chopper to the best of my knowledge, as I'm not an expert in military aviation. The Blackhawk was “blacked out”, no pun intended, and we flew from the airstrip to what I was told was part of LANL. From there I was loaded into a white van [Note! Note!] and taken up a road which was very bumpy. They finally, after about 15 minutes, allowed us to raise the blinds on the van. I saw a couple of road signs, one of which was a square white sign with black lettering that said “R4”. I was then told we would be taken to (myself and 2 other gentlemen) a facility code-named “Sweetness”. They asked me if I had ever heard of the “Dulce Facility” or the alleged “Section D”, as you mentioned [here Dan smiles as he leans towards Bill]. I believe that's what you're referring to.the other day. I told them I'd heard of it briefly, that it allegedly existed, that there was a lot of unique tinkering that went on in the biological field in that facility. The van rounded to the left and stopped in front of a large door, where we were met by 2 gentlemen, one of which was wearing a US Marine Corps uniform and the other who wore a grey polo shirt, with black collar, and a red patch, very prominent red patch with a black triangle ---something written in the triangle you had asked me about the orientation of the triangle, and it was an equilateral triangle, with the center point facing down flat on top it bothers me when I can't remember a pattern, but as God is my witness I can't remember what was inside the triangle. So we went inside, to the left, where a guard greeted us and provided us with an orange badge. We went within a series of roll-up doors, to a small foyer, with an elevator to the right, which took us down to the first level down while we were going through the foyer I noticed there was an “FM1” sprayed on the door. The FM1, I don't know what that meant, I have not been told. If it's anything like the 4-1, for Sector Four Level One at Papoose Lake, I would make the assumption that the “1” stood for “Level 1”. The “FM” I don't know. After travelling down one floor, we exited this turned into a crazy bit of funny business [here Dan smiles wryly] e exited the elevator, and they changed our badge for a blue badge. We re-signed in and were fingerprinted at that point, brought into a small room, and were told that they had some business that they needed to attend to with regards to the papilloma virus, and asked if we had been

briefed on the papilloma virus. At that point, myself and the 2 other gentlemen kind of looked at each other and went “UMMMM?!?!?” [Dan makes a weird sound and chuckles], just what we had been asked a few hours ago. They basically looked disturbed, like someone had dropped the ball. We then went with our blue badeges in hand to a second set of elevators, went down one more floor, exited, where they gave us our orange badges back (or what looked like our orange badges). Following our orange badges, we entered into a -well I've never been to the New York subway, but it looked like a small monorail system, like something out of Disneyland this business 'it's a small world' monorail. We travelled about several hundred yards on the monorail, exited, were greeted by a staff scientist, who then told us he would escort us down the hallway to show us our areas of responsibility. At this point they had a near civil rebellion on their hands because we didn't know what the hell they wanted us for. I was starting to get worried at this point, because they were basically taking us further and further into the facility and gradually doors were going to lock. But given the number of guards they had in the facility, and I should've said all along the way, there were people with what looked like AR-15s, clearly not a place to fight. So we went down the hallway and into the briefing room, at which point we were requested to perform an analysis of plasmic recombination involving restricted enzymes on a variety of tissue to remove segments of f f retrovirus fragment and to f possible, associate that retrovirus with the genome of a papilloma virus. BH: What was the source of this tissue? DB: The source of the tissue was listed with a J number and a K number. The 2 scientists that were with me did not immediately know what that meant. Given my experience at Sector 4, I knew fairly quickly that I was dealing with a J-Rod sample. BH: An extraterrestrial biological source? DB: Yes. The J-Rods are still defined, despite what we know concerning the issue of the Paradox, as “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities”, given the dissociation of time between Earth and where they end up. BH: Right. DB: I don't do things without reason. The 2 scientists that were with me I didn't know from Adam previous to the meeting, but I kinda spilled the beans and I let them know about the K-24 samples. The K-24 samples from Sector 4 specifically involved the research project having to do with Project Aquarius for which I was one of the Working Group leaders. Ummm .pardon me, but these are very difficult things to say with a camera staring at me [Dan is nervously toying with his glasses as he speaks.] BH: Proceed at your own pace. DB: [smiles darkly] I have no choice!....BUT. [laughter from the hallway; Dan stops and stares darkly at the doorway for a moment]. Following my spilling the beans, now proceeded the interrogation; they wanted to know why I told them about the K-24 samples, and it's the old axiom if you're asked why? you ask Why Not?. The interrogation was ceased fairly quickly at

that point, and we were brought into a Clean Sphere environment, external capsule Clean Sphere, where we were told what the real purpose of the project was. [loooooong pause ] ummmm .now I have to be VERY careful [smiles grimacingly] BH: Is this something that . DB: [interrupting, in a rehearsed, anunciated monotone:] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare [looks around] (and I don't have a polygraph hooked up to me here) repeating] Having had no previous experience with biological warfare materials, it came as quite the surprise to me that they could possibly be considering the usage of an alien retrovirus recombined with a terrestrial viral genome for possible use in BCW activities, or at least possible activities that could move toward biological warfare as applied terrestrially. [looooong pause] BH: Hunh! [looooong pause] DB: The potential for its use in that kind of environment was inconsistent with my ethical boundaries. It would have exited the ethical boundaries I place upon myself as a scientist, and that I believe society places on me as a scientist, it would also far divert from moral boundaries I believe my Creator has placed upon me as a human being. Therefore my answer was No. [pause] And I thought that was it, and I don't mean my participation thought that would've been 'all she wrote'. They agreed to house me in the facility, where I went with my cute little orange badge to a residential unit a little further down the tram line and one level below that (they did not change my orange badge when I went the level below). My experience during the time I stayed there was horrifying. You know when you hear human beings screaming in pain? BH: Yes : [looooong pause; he grimaces, sighs in anguish with eyes closed, obviously in pain at remembering] I think I've said all I need to say about that.

BH: So, have you seen any similar activity at the Papoose Lake site, S4? DB: (nodding his head yes) Yes, S4, Level 3 .which is basically considered the 'housing unit' ts been called different things; the 'Museum', the 'Housing Unit', the 'Hall of Tortures' .the 'Animal Retention Facility'. One of the horrifying things about the S4 facility is travelling in the elevator system and there is enough of a sound conduit in the elevator system where you can hear the sounds of the 'test subjects' from the 3rd floor while you are in the elevator system on various other floors, and the sounds are akin to what I heard at the Dulce facility. Every once in awhile you could hear the sounds of other vertabrates dogs, cats, monkeys, screaming some of which are just natural behaviors due to how they're being kept, in sterile -when I say sterile I mean not conducive to a [?] environment, more like a housing facility such as a kennel, and occasionally you can hear the sounds of [here he chokes up] your brothers and sisters BH: Now the J-Rod was kept on the fifth level, the bottom-most level, in a clean environment?..... DB: [nods] A pressurized hydrogen Clean Sphere, yes.

BH: Part of what the J-Rod breathed; was that different from our own nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere; that was different from our own in what respect? DB: In the respect that the larger partial pressure was hydrogen, and in so doing we have a pressure differentiation and a temperature difference. It was an extremely cold facility, in the Clean Sphere. There was insufficient oxygen in the gaseous mixture to support human life, human as we understand it presently. In other words, if I had been introduced into the Clean Sphere, not wearing the TES [suit] I would have died rapidly, from asphyxiation and from cold. BH: Was the mixture flammable? DB: [nods vigorously] Yes! Well, not flammable at the temperature it was being maintained at. Yes, it was extremely cold I don't remember the exact number [degrees] t's been a long time since I was in there. BH: So when was the last time you were in there? '94, was it? DB: ummm : '95? DB: [smiles knowingly] Oh, you're probably referring back to the Q94 document that is, in fact, a date murmuring as BJ comes in to the room] he infamous “109a”, and b,c, d, & e unfortunately, the rest of the document didn't didn't leak BH: Now this latest [here Dan interrupts, finishing his thought, obviously experiencing painful memories, saying “I'm sorry just thought about how it got out, and what happened to my friends .”] BH: Now this request, which you turned down at Dulce, and they weren't too happy about DB: I re-turned the request down the following morning, at which point I was threatened to be maintained as a permanent resident [smiles sardonically] and I asked whether or not I would be taken to the 'kennel', would that be the result of my residency, and they kinda laughed it off almost scurrilously, and I was transported later that afternoon back to the Air Force base here at Nellis, from where I was taken back to Watertown [insider slang for Area 51] and released [chuckles darkly] to my own recognizance BH: Did you feel like you gained further insight into what the Program was about, and what Majestic was doing . DB: [interjecting] Well I know full well what Majestic is doing on a few different levels; I don't know all the activities, I wouldn't be privy to them, but I know full well about the activities involving the association of the J-Rods, I know full well about the 'work' that they have undergone involving Raindancer, which is a compartmentalized project within the chemtrail project, [Duncan Kunz should fall on his sword now], and I know full well what their involvement is regarding BCW work (Biological and chemical warfare) involving the

retroviruses .A: I agree with trying to help, but moving cautiously B: .The second of the two, I am in disagreement with the philosophy, because it was the employment of a heli-case restriction virus, and C: I am in total disagreement with due to moral and ethical reasons. BH: Now, was there any indication to you that we're still caught on a timeline that is probably headed for future catastrophe? DB: [lonnnng pause .he mulls the question over] You're talking about the Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox? BH: You might want to talk about that a little bit DB: Well, as I understand it, as I understand I've got no personal, how can I have personal experience with a time paradox? [shrugs shoulders, gestures pleadingly, smiles almost incredulously] aside from living in the reality within which we exist .but from what I understand from what I've read, and from the conversations to which I've been privy, we are in fact living in a chimera a reality chimera, which hodge-podges together the reality time-line that we would normally associate with moving from A to B, cause to effect, with the nexus being the passage of clock-time .and a hodge-podging together superimposed onto that in our reality of errors that we made in our future, to attempt to go back into our past to correct the problems of our future. Those results have hodge-podged a .rather than splitting a time-stream as maybe such people as Michio Kaku would posit. Now I'm no theoretical physicist ™I'm just a lowly biologist that looks at patterns .but it hodge-podges together, in a real sense to us, those things which happened are to happen in the future with our present timeline due to a |a n interruption of the time-stream. Instead of splitting into two time-streams, what happened is as soon as we mucked around with something, we overlaid a second time-stream into the present reality. And the problem with that is, as I understand we did it more than once, so what we have is a snowball effect. A time-stream, upon time-stream, upon time-stream [ loops his hand continuously in the air] BH: Okay, I understand what you're saying a loop within a loop DB: Yes, more of a well, from my framework, moving from A to B [here loops his hands again, and points to where the loop returns to rejoin the string] looping like this, and each of those nodes would be an overlay of a time-stream. So the more we muck with it, the worse we get. BH: And the critical period of time is coming up within about ten years? DB: [starts to half-nod diagonally] The critical period, according to the history [here face breaks into incredulous smile]of which has not technically been written yet if you walk outside and say this [gestures grandly towards the door] they will charge you with incoherency! [laughs, then whispers “I had to say that!”] The history has not been written yet, if you walk outside here. [now he is extremely serious]. But according to the history books that I read, there is a 'difficulty', unless they further overlaid something in the time-stream that either corrects it or gets us out of the paradox in which we live, which I don't know how the hell that would happen. I don't pretend to understand that kind of stuff. Put a slide in front of me and I'll do a micro on it, okay? [here he is smiling and addressing his response to BJ] [returning to Bill and the camera]

but yeah, around 2012. We're talking about the famous Dec 21, 2012, the Mayan issues the Catastrophe is alleged to have and to occur around yeah, that date .and what we can do about it I have no clue. BH: But we have a split, so to speak, in the human ? DB: [nodding] Following the Catastrophe, there is a split between those individuals that take a more spiritual path and will move forward to places such as the Moon and Mars and then onward from there to Orion, and those folks who take a more rudimentary path because it's the alleged 'spiritual' nature of humankind, from their philosophy at that time, which led us to not deal with the pressing problems of the day because we were too busy fighting our petty religious battles, that then go off into a more 'logical', 'mathematical', 'numerological' philosophy. Those folks who then progress SLOWER because of the lack of ambition -spiritual ambition - then gradually moving off to the Reticulum area, who then become the J-Rods.

BH: Now, by what process do they become (J-rods); is it some kind of radiational mutation that takes place in their cell structure? DB: Well the adaptive radiation occurs time past the Catastrophe on this is according to what I've read. Now the only thing I can say for sure, say for damned sure, is the interaction with the being that I had at Sector 4 [S4]. Now I can say nothing authoritatively about the peculiar adaptive radiation that occurred toward Orion, the spiritual half of the species, following the Catastrophe aside from the few things I've read about it and petty chat going on at, uh, Jehovah's [Jehovah's?!? Did we hear that right?!? -ed.], but the J-rods undergo adaptive radiation to the form that we see presently uh, the word 'presently' is kind of relative when it comes to these issues now but, 'presently' due to time and exposure after they've moved off to Reticulum. The height began to decrease as a function of microevolutionary changes. The eye size, the same; the eyes started getting larger hich by the way is an interesting thing, because as the eyes were getting larger, and this was before the true darkening occurred, via the cover lenses, and the double lensing, the double lid system that they have [here Dr B toggles his fingers to describe the double eyelids of the J-rods] which is a very beautiful architecture, but the he something happened, with their travelling back into time it's part of the problem here they actually landed in the Land of Enchantment [tag line for the State of New Mexico -ed.] before the structures changed for their eyes. BH: [slowly, amazed] The land of enchantment . DB: [knowing nod] Um-hm. 1947. BH: Okay. New Mexico, right? DB: Yes, and I'm not so certain how close the young lady was and how this all fits in even in my own life. Miss June Crain. [remember that Dr B's given surname was Crain, which he changed in '95 at his own request; June Crain is mentioned in much of the lore surrounding Roswell -ed.] But the little folks which were obtained there were not fully, what I would say, fully “greys” at

the time, and could not be considered fully J-rods at the time because they had not moved later on to the Gliese system to gradually hopefully try to correct the problem that they're making worse for us but [ here Dan heaves a huge sigh] paradoxes BH: So this may DB: I can sound incoherent! [laughs out loud toward BJ, she laughs too] BH: So this may have been at some point where they had developed space and time travel, but not at the later stages, maybe the earlier? DB: Well their evolution hadn't even been completed at that point. Completed to the point where I had had experience of meeting the 'gentleman' that I met at Sector 4. [pause] It's difficult we were trained to call them 'specimens' and they're just frankly not specimens. People are people. But they had not developed the darkening system yet. In fact that was a micro evolutionary change which occurred because of the particular solar issues which were going on the planet that we - meaning the shorter folks - moved off to, and these changes were just beginning to take place at the time that they were working the time travel issues and landed in '47, so their eyes actually contained a structure which while larger were very similar to ours, which they don't have now. But that may account for the varying opinions between the darkened eyes and the structure of the eyes that the eyewitnesses provided from I guess it was the Brazil ranch or something like that I understand there was some sort of differential between the two descriptions. I have not seen any of the bodies or anything like that from the Roswell issue, so I can't speak for certain, .you asked me to free-wheel in this situation, so I [here Dan leads forward and gestures apologetically toward Bill and the camera] BH: Right. And you didn't get briefed specifically on what happened at Roswell then? DB: In the briefing books there were mentions kay?.... And there was probably a very heavy specific briefing in there, but when I was first brought up to the Groom area [part of the Area 51 complex -ed.], when we were provided with the briefing books, frankly I didn't care. I thought I was up there, to be very honest with you, to work some sort of bio-remediation project?....uh, more leaning to what ended up in reality as the Raindancer program. You know, the Raindancer and the chemtrail program because I was extremely interested at the time not only in the histology and the histopathology but I was also extremely interested in biospherics, which is what got me interested in, what forwarded me in with the NASA folks, and the AVL [???] project, the biological laboratory project, etc etc so I wasn't particularly interested, and in fact, in fact, before I experienced the 'gentleman' in the Clean Sphere, I frankly thought, honestly thought, that people who believed in aliens were tin-foil heads. [Here Dan shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head, then chuckles wryly saying “egg on my face!”] BH: Were there not any other aliens at the Dulce facility, or were you not made aware of any? DB: I was, in fact, made aware in a conversation that there are processes underway where they are, in fact, producing hybrids. [pause And it is just, inconceivable; we're in the middle of a paradox as it is; we've got our own progeny making our paradox worse [pause] and we're

ADDING to it! God only knows where this is going to lead to, simply because we're proDUCING these, these, I don't want to say monsters because I don't know WHAT it is, to be very honest with you. I do know that we've taken the process of natural selection and thrown it out the window! [Dan is getting passionate now]. And not only have we done that, we've done so willfully and with negligence toward our own future! It's extremely angering to me because I'm watching us .(boy, I'm going to hafta watch my language here!) I'm watching us muck our world up worse, with indifference. BJ (BJ Wolf): and also with arrogance DB: Or almost! As soon as you add 2 things together which are not meant to be together [here he turns to Bill and gestures with his forearm] It's the old thing, if you want to go into the popular movies of dinosaurs and men being seperated by 65 million years of history, in that hat jurassic Park movie or whatever, the rape of the natural world, well by God he got it right! We're raping her! [Dan is really impassioned now; you can tell this is what has gotten him so angry] .and damn us for it! Damn us for it! BH: So, what do they hope to accomplish by producing these hybrids? !

BH: And what do they hope to accomplish by producing hybrids? DB: That they didn't tell me. Not specifically .I can theorize that what they're doing is taking the Aquarius project and they're taking it to the next step the next level, if you will. Kinda like taking the atom bomb and turning it into the hydrogen bomb, no matter what evil comes out of it. BJWolf: At the end of the Q94 document, you make some rather strong statements against doing exactly this DB: Wild types [at this point Dan's demeanor becomes grim and passionately determined See the problem is this: we have viruses which are resident within our genome. When you begin combining , cloning if you will, for lack of a better term, the retroviruses which are present in our genome - what we would say naturally - and god only knows what's REALLY in there because of the reality with which we're dealing and those things which we know are NON-resident what are we possibly going to release? Can anybody tell us what the origin of viruses are? They tell us they are evolutionary archives; throwbacks from time immemorial in the evolutionary history of life on earth. “Really?” [Dan asks rhetorically] I was asked about inconsistencies a little while ago about USN vs. USMC. I brought out a consistency having to do with my own birthdate 1960 vs. 1964 .and I said “gosh gee whillikers, I was awful young then”. Well how young were we when life evolved on this planet? [at this point Dan is as animated as Bruce Willis at his most vehement] Or in fact was seeded? How young were we then? How do we know? We don't. Thus is also . causes the resident danger within the project within which I am currently working.BH: Which is the Starflower project B: It's a subset of the Starflower project. I originally .it's named the Lotus. Starflower was the umbrella project above it.BH: Now I see that spelled two ways tarflower and Staarflower.DB: The way I originally envisioned it was Star, and then you see it the way that 'They' applied it, within the actual classification system which was Staar.

BH: Does that refer to a group? DB: Well that in fact does, well it's a “beanbox”. We refer to them as 'beanboxes'. I'm in a particular beanbox which is called Aquarius. There's a Staar beanbox, and that group specifically deals with time issues, issues involving the larger millieu of extraterrestrial interactions, and with the historical issues involving the imprints of the extraterrestrials on civilizations past, and how those imprints affect us today. That's as I understand it, but see that's not my beanbox.

BJWolf: I've gotta go back to something before you started talking about STAAR DB: (rooting around in his chair) We each get our own little funky funky Aquarius uh BJ: I've gotta go back to something you said: “Terrestrial viruses are an archive”. However, previously you had said that they had asked you to “manipulate non-terrestrial source material and .lock it up with something that was terrestrial” so if we're trying to tap a source material that is extraterrestrial and viral in nature are we going back into the extraterrestrial history to try to find an extraterrestrial ancient virus that we don't know anything about the extraterrestrials now? DB: Well first of all I didn't say that. First of all I have to correct you that viruses were evolutionary archives, I said that “it is currently thought that viruses are evolutionary archives”. Secondly, are we dipping into the primordial soup of the human genome and possibly going to capture other encoded retroviruses and activate them as a result of the present time-dipping of our ladle. [Here Dan is the deadly serious scholar with the forefinger punched into the temple of the ponderer]. Yes, possibly we are. Thirdly. Here he takes off his glasses, shuts his eyes in a dark grimace, resting his temple against his fingers Do we know for certain WHEN the certain percentage of the human genome, which we know as virally and at some uh uh .other fragments Viroid fragments .Do we know the percentage that came via natural selection ----micro-evolutionary change I ™I'm not going to have myself classified as a monkey's uncle here both Bill and BJ are laughing] although I could accept it, if that is the ultimate reality, why not! If I can accept what I've seen already in my life I'd have to be able to accept that .Will we be able to discern between the two, I think is the question : That is my question : The answer is “NO”, unless we are receiving more information from the Orion folks, (whoever the hell they are, truly) e, the 'spiritual' ascended beings or whatever I don't know, I don't have any direct experience with them .or are receiving more information from the J-rods than to which I am privy, then the answer is, (if we're not), the answer is “No, we don't” . If we are, “possibly”. I don't know what the nature of the information would be that's coming from them, because they're not providing me with that information. BJ: What you get is compartmentalized just exactly what it is they think you need to know [here Dan's body language is saying 'Duh!' 'Of course!'] DB: Look. If it comes out that we are in the fix that we are in what is that going to do????????? how is it going to help or hinder? Hell, I don't know!!! Would the collective mind of present humanity bring us toward a positive answer? Look at the state of the world! [here BJ is pacing

back and forth behind the camera, and Dan follows her with his line of sight] BJ: It couldn't get much worse! DB: What are we going to do? Are we going to hand this to Kofi Annan and the United Nations??!!?? Hah hah!!!!! And I'm not meaning to belittle the man!, he's an intelligent, wonderful man! [here Dan looks and sounds like Bruce Willis at his most earnest] but what in the hell's HE going to do with it?? What in the hell's he going to do with it?!? What is the collective mind of humanity, given our present mentality, DO?!??? This may bring us to a faster demise by increasing more ore fractionation of the human populace.!!!! We haven't even figured out yet that THIS god [points to the left] and THAT god [points to the right] and THIS god {again] and THAT god [again] ARE ALL PART OF THE SAME GOD!!!!! So how in the hell are we going to figure out that problem?? No matter what you want to call Him, It, Her, whatever .the beautiful thing from which we come!!!! People want to own everything, EXCEPT the solutions. The thing which will free us, is if we own the solution, but 'They' want to own the process of getting to it. (Transcription note: There is a break here.)

D. Burisch: The clean sphere would raise up through a diaphragm iris from the floor. They kept him (J-Rod) in a separate location - I don't know what they were doing while he was being staged there before we came in. They never told me that, OK? However, the 4-5 designation was given specifically to make him comfortable because of the addition of the two numbers, which is in fact why they built a 9-level base. And there have been a number of people in the past - Robert Lazar, I believe mentioned nine. But going in, there would be an entry team, usually a team of one when we would go into the clean sphere. We would be given a medical and suited while catheterized and plugged... ... (first words about degeneration of something are not clear) which was associated with a heat loss problem due to the peripheral nerves. (LINDA HOWE QUESTION: Then how could J-Rod be in a very COLD hydrogen atmosphere?)

I was asked specifically to find out the origin of that problem having no idea at the time about this time paradox business and all of that. No clue whatsoever about it. I was basically just trying to help a fellow being. Finally, it was determined that the only way would be a cloning effort, or clone therapy, genetic therapy. The only way to proceed with that therapy would be to produce hybrid associations between present genomes, human genomes - (very hard to hear)- a present human genome with their (J-Rod) present genomes. We tinkered a little bit with (says something here not understandable) fresh human medium - (I'm not going to get into the origin of that fresh human medium.) - so that we could by associating genetically the fresh human media with his medium, a partial alleviation of the peripheral neuropathy.

This then lead to the next level - that we were chatting about earlier - and it also lead to the end of the Q-94 document referenced earlier. NOW CAN YOU SAY FOR A MOMENT, DAN, WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO NOW DISCLOSE THIS MATERIAL TO THE PUBLIC? Sure. That's not a problem at all. We speak in America freely. In 1986, I was told to “Be All You Can Be.” (military slogan?) I was not told there would be a circumventing of the United States Constitution for me to be all I could be. I was not told there was a certain ???? of the United States Constitution in the group for which I worked. I feel a pressing need for freedom and having grown up in a reasonably free environment, having signed myself into the slavery that I now find myself within, it's pretty easy for me to say, “Enough is enough.” Now, on to the higher values that people would probably want to say the real reason why I want out - I just gave that's a personal reason I want the hell out. DO YOU KNOW WHO IS CONTROLLING THIS SHOW ON THE TOP? They probably know I'm seated her today (room in Las Vegas, Nevada library). I'm sure they do. I'm sure they do. Now, whether or not they want this information evolved and are aware that I am sitting here, or they are just aware that I'm sitting here, I don't know. I don't know. That's the big question: is what I heard was a project called PATCHWORK, which would be a spoon feeding of the people of the information, because I only know a certain amount. I don't know everything. Who is running the show? You asked who is running the show? YES. I've come to know a group - I shouldn't say I've come to know the group. I've come to know of the group called the Committee of the Majority. This committee is built of thirty-three men. They are Masonic-based and they are people who set in the highest positions of privilege and power within the U. S. government and other governments. THIS COMMITTEE HAS MEMBERS NOT RESTRICTED TO THE UNITED STATES ALONE? As I understand, yes. It would be difficult for me to name names of people and I don't know for sure are seated there. It would also be dangerous to the very cause that I set here for freedom (for myself.) HOW DOES THIS GROUP, MAJESTIC 12, FIT INTO THAT? Majestic 12 is a group of scientists and scientific advisors who work for the Committee of the Majority. Now, I have had occasion when I was involved with Project Aquarius to have to send to the so--called Majestic 12 the documents which you are privy, the leaked material from my

deceased friends. And I had association with them on that level. One of the Majestic 12 - or I should say was alleged to be a member of Majestic 12 - was present at the clean sphere when I was in the clean sphere. I've mentioned his name before. This might be risking again my freedom because of the very problems we face now as a society. So, I've got to be careful about that whether or not that sacrifices my freedom. Ok." (DB): His first name is Zbigniew. That's as far as I will go. I had personal experience with that man Zbigniew. He was in fact present at Sector 4 when I was involved with the J-Rod. Going out from Project Aquarius, I had come to a closer association by means of up and down the line, the conduit, with the Committee of the Majority. I believe that the Majestic 12 group only associated with particular extraterrestrial projects that are going on that are going on within the community and not associated with the entirety of the scientific projects which are going on within the community. The project we are currently working with, for instance, is not per se an extraterrestrial subject-based project. So, the fact that I've been told not to route things to the Majestic Committee of 12 concerning the documents that I've been producing is kind of indicative to me that they are only dealing within a certain subset of the scientific projects. More than that, I don't know or can't say. I would just be stabbing in the dark. BJ: BUT ESSENTIALLY, THE COMMITTEE OF THE MAJORITY IS OVER MAJESTIC 12? (DB): Yes, is the umbrella group. Again, as I understand, they are Scottish rite Masonic based. I think they might be a little lenient with me because my grandfather was a (high ranking) Mason. Maybe that's why the leniency. But I don't see the leniency, I see the fuse running short, starting to run short with me and I - you know, you can hear the clarion call in the distance. (BH): IS THERE ANY PARTICULAR SIGNIFICANCE - YOU WERE MENTIONING A CYCLE OF NINE AND YOURS THAT THESE ALIENS SEEM TO BE ADHERING TO AND THE NEXT PERIOD COMING UP WOULD BE OF 2003. (DB):Yes. IS THERE ANY INSIGHT ON WHAT MIGHT CHANGE? (DB):The only thing I know for sure is that their relationship with us is treaty-based. YOU MEAN AS? (DB):As in the alleged Orion visitors and confirmed Reticulan visitors. It's a treaty-based relationship. That treaty and negotiations for further cooperative work is due for re-upping and that re-upping is due in 2003.

Now, I've been kind of hurried up in the project in which I am currently assigned. I've been told to have a working model of this theory presentable by March 15 next year (2003). There might be coincidence having to do with those two dates, or it might be entirely coincidental. I'm not sure. Why are they letting this happen? I don't know. I have not been able to move right or left without getting watched, that I know. BJ: OVER HERE... (DB)I don't think they are doing it out of their good graces! WANTED TO MEET WITH YOU ONE NIGHT AND SHE HAD AN ENCOUNTER INSTEAD WITH THREE CLASSIC MEN IN BLACK? (BJ): They had the classic look, the feel. They didn't feel right. They were wearing black, they were wearing like a fedora (hat). It was terrifying. Instead of meeting Dan, I was met and I don't know what these people were. (BH):: THEY SHOWED NO EXPRESSION? (BJ):No expression in their faces. It was terrifying. They spoke and it was like they had rehearsed what they were saying because they couldn't speak naturally. It was wrong. The whole thing was wrong. It felt wrong. They walked wrong. They moved wrong. They were pale. I finally broke and ran. I was scared to death! I haven't been able to go back to that park since. I can't do it. (DB): My experience - your description is consistent with gentlemen with whom I've had previous encounters. They would come in and observe what was going on. A few of them attempted to interact with me and frankly, I don't care to interact with them. Like I said, it might look like a duck and it might quack like a duck, but if it ain't a duck it ain't a duck! (BJ): I was made to feel threatened. I was definitely made to feel threatened. (DB):: Their presence is threatening and the reason why it is threatening is because you can have you had the experience of being in the presence of a dead body? (BJ): Oh, yes, I have. (DB):: An animated dead body, isn't that approximately the same - an animated dead body? (BJ): Oh, my God, that is so close it is unbelievable. (DB): It's not - this is going to sound like something out of an idiotic horror movie, but it gives to not overuse the word, it gives an 'alien feeling.' They sang me Happy Birthday one year, two of them.

(BH): They are like ghouls. (BJ): That's it! (DB): I don't know what the hell they are, to be very honest with you. (BH): That (ghoul) is what we would think of. (BJ): Yes, it felt ghoulish. When they walked towards me, it felt ghoulish, it felt like they were thinking about each step they took. They weren't moving normally. (DB): They seemed out of place. Or maybe it is that we feel out of place being around them. I don't know. But they seem out of place. (BH):: Dan, we should start wrapping this up. Is there anything you would like to make a statement or something as if you were talking to like the large audience I was talking to up in the Bay area. What would you like to say to the people? (BH): Besides the fact that I don't believe the Queen of England is a reptilian?! (BH): Yes! (laughter) Is there some kind of statement you would like to make? (DB): I could sit here and be self-serving with a statement. But there are things which are much more important than my selfish nature. We are walking toward, at the moment, a time of human destiny. The decisions that we are making at present are enhancing the potential for the ill-fated decisions that we are supposed to make in our future to occur. I hope and I pray that we make the right decisions. However, I have no idea what those right decisions are. The only thing that I can hold to personally, taking off the guise of the biologist, is being a human being. the only thing I can hope is that whoever he or she or it is - we wish to call it Creator - that protective force that is surrounding humanity since its inception - I pray that he is listening to our weeping and pulls us back from a precipice made of our own designs. (BH): I appreciate very much your giving this interview tonight and I'm not sure that you will be decorated or promoted for it. But ... (DB):: I'd like to know in whose armies? (BH): But I think we all appreciate it and whoever in the future listens to this and watches this tape, I think they will be given much food for thought. END OF TAPE.

Official Within UFO-Secrecy Management Group Reveals Insider Secrets By Dr. Richard Boylan, PhD Dr. Michael Wolf has since 1979 served as consultant to the President and the National Security Council on extraterrestrial matters, and a member of the Majestic Twelve (MJ12), UFO- secrecy management agency's, Special Studies Group, and has been leader of its lead agency, the Alphacom Team. Previously he has served as an Air Force Colonel, pilot, flight surgeon and counter-intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He has an M.D. in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and a D.Sc. in Computer Science. He is not a lightweight. Now dying of untreatable cancer, Dr. Wolf has decided to reveal what he has learned about the visiting extraterrestrial cultures to the world, "because we have a right to know." His book, The Catchers of Heaven (1996) makes many well-informed revelations. Dr. Wolf states that the most important mission objective of his Alphacom Team is resumption of negotiations with the visiting extraterrestrials. In the 1950s, the U.S. administration entered into treaty terms with the so-called Grey extraterrestrials from the fourth planet of the star system Zeta Reticuli, but these treaties were never ratified as Constitutionally required. The Greys shared certain of their technological advances with military/intelligence scientists, apparently often while prisoner "guests" within secure underground military installations in Nevada and New Mexico. The extraterrestrials have given the U.S. government some of their antigravity craft and a huge amount of fuel (element 115). On May 1, 1975 during one such technology exchange in Nevada, a demonstration of a small ET antimatter reactor, the lead Grey asked the Colonel in charge of the Delta Forces guarding the ETs to remove all their rifles and bullets from the room, (so that they would not accidentally discharge during the energy emissions.) The guards refused, and in the ensuing commotion a guard opened fire on the Greys. One alien, two scientists and 41 military personnel were killed. One guard was left alive to attest that the ETs apparently used directed mental energy in self-defense to kill the other attacking Delta Forces. Dr. Wolf states that "this incident ended certain exchanges with (the Greys)." Military/intelligence scientists learned cloning techniques from the extraterrestrials. After perfecting cloning techniques on animals, Dr. Wolf and his associates cloned an artificial- intelligence human being, "JType Omega", as part of Project SENTINEL, an effort to create a superbright, superpowerful soldier who would follow orders without fear or question. The J-Type clone was terminated, because he would not follow an order to kill an innocent dog, because Dr. Wolf had surreptitiously programmed ethics into his artificial intelligence. Wolf notes that the extraterrestrials are not comfortable with the world money and power brokers' need for continuing world industrialization, which they see as headed towards planet- killing. Another of the Alphacom Team's missions is to determine "whether we can use the Ets' technology to restore this planet to its former pristine state of natural balance." The ETs are also concerned about the massive proliferation of nuclear devices into many

countries. Wolf states that other missions of the MJ12SSG's Alphacom Team are: to determine the number and types of ET visitors, the extent of visitation and the reasons, to learn about human interactions with extraterrestrials in the past and currently, the cultures of the various off world visitors, and how we can negotiate with them. According to Dr. Wolf, several confederations of extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting us in loosely-coordinated fashion. These are: the Alliance (of human-looking ETs from the Altair Michael Wolf revelations, page 2 Aquila system), the Corporate (of Greys from the Zeta Reticuli system), the Federation of Worlds (of unspecified races from many star systems), and the United Races of Orion (cultures from those star systems). Further, the Alliance is in affiliation with the Corporate and with the Federation of Worlds. The United Races of Orion are in affiliation with the Corporate, and, through them, with the Alliance and the Federation of Worlds. Dr. Wolf told of learning during a high-level briefing in the UK that the Vatican had been applying pressure concerning the possible announcement by President Clinton of UFO visitation. Of specific Vatican concern was "whether he will make reference to the extraterrestrial biological entities' data revealing in detail how religion was created and why." Wolf comments, "Rich organized religions feel threatened by such an announcement." Perhaps Wolf's most startling revelation is that within the UFO Cover-Up there is a dark, covert renegade organization known as the "Cabal". He describes it as "well-orchestrated conspiratorial bevy of plotters ... top-heavy with the military, and headed by (a Navy Under- Secretary)." The paranoiac Cabal works against, and deliberately undermines, the goals of peaceful negotiations with the extraterrestrial visitors. The Cabal uses Star Wars weapons to shoot down extraterrestrial spacecraft and overcome the ETS by military might. Wolf concludes by stating, "In all of my preparation as a scientist, nothing ever prepared me for our visitors. We must understand the complexity of the various forces at work on this planet, and yes, on others. Let us not forget multi-dimensionality and space-time distortions, and the spirituality we must regain. I feel I must also mention that spirituality is gaining strength on this planet, this Sol Three. But also is the evil. We have the power to sanction whatever is ...for a better good for mankind." Richard Boylan, Ph.D. 2826 O Street, Suite 2, Sacramento, CA 95816, USA.

the UFO-CONTACTS of Enriqe Castillo Rincon in BOGOTA, COLOMBIA The Colombian story is briefly as follows: Engineer, D. Enrique Castillo Rincon, president of the Instituto Colombiano de Investigaciones de Fenomenos Ex-traterrestres, conferee and delegate to the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigative Organization, with home and offices in Bogota, got off the bus more than 150 kilometers from the capital. It was about 20:00 in the evening of Saturday, 3 November 1973. This was near the appointed place (where he had been telepatic told to wait for them see another site). He had been told to carry nothing that could cause harm or damage to anyone or anything. He had arrived a little in advance of the appointed time because he had to walk a ways around a small lake, and he didn't want to be late. He was wearing a ruana, a kind of poncho, and a sombrero. He arrived at the site that had been designated before this appointed time. He had been given his instructions in a communication prior to embarking on this trip. left to right picture from 1992 Garciela Torres -Chela - who first received the ET-communications. Enrique C.Rincon and mrs. Majorie de Hollman in whose home many instructions and messages were received in Bogota.

When he arrived near the lake everything was familiar to him, as if he had been there before, as if he were now reliving something he had already done before, and he could see the place that would be marked by the metal sphere placed there to guide him. He thought, "Good this is the place". "I arrived with great anticipation," Enrique recalled, and walking too close to the lake, stepped in water up to my knees. It was very cold. In Bogota our study group was meditating at this very moment. They were praying that all would work out well in my anticipated meeting with the spacecraft." There were more than 30 others in this study group in Bogota who had developed a "voice channel" contact some time before with a communicator who said he was a visitor from another planet to Earth. (Remember that this happend 20-25 years before the method of "channeling" became "normal". Rø-remark). A number of voice channel recordings were made and many questions were asked and answered. In response to a request for a more direct face-to-face meeting, the group was invited to choose one member from among them to represent them in such a meeting. They had chosen Rincon, leaving their "channel" with the group in meditation in Bogota. "So I forged ahead. I came to the small metal sphere in the exact site described. I remembered having seen in my preview of this scene, a woman with a child in her arms and a burro carrying some

wood, and two dogs, and another child walking along beside. So I waited. Sure enough, they were there too. They looked at me a little strangely but continued walking, and I continued walking normally also. I arrived at the point where I could see two clumps of trees exactly as I had seen in the preview some time before. I did not know which was the intended one, so I picked up the sphere and went into the nearest Ont. thinking, since I had the sphere they would know where I went." "The sphere became activated and began to heat up. It was about the size of a golf ball and was full of small holes. As soon as I took it into my hands it began to heat up and small rays of light shot out of the holes. It got so hot that I had to hold it with the point of my poncho to carry it. I had the impression that it was something like a compass, but it did not have any needle, or anything else. It was a metallic sphere of some material like stainless steel. I went into the clum of trees remembering mentally that over there was where I had seen a clearing. I reached it about 20:10, some 10 minutes late. I was worried about this. I still had the sphere in my hands and I looked around me but didn't se anything unusual. I looked up and saw only branches and leaves. Then I heard something like a distant boat motor which was lost in the distance. I waited in the woods as the minutes passed terribly slow. I looked at my watch and it was now 20:15. I thought, 'Dear God, what is going to happen? Protect me in any case.' I began to feel fear. It gave me a sincere fright. There I was, representing all the people who were praying for me, and thinking of backing out. I decided I will not give up. At 20:25 I began to hear a tremendous noise. I was in the woods and could not tell where it was coming from. Suddenly the whole area was illuminated brilliantly. Two huge craft approached and passed directly over me. They came streaming water as if they had come from the bottom of the lake. Water cascaded from the sides like from a submarine when it surfaces. I waited breathless as I watched. They flew over me and the whole area warmed up from the heat. They must have put out a tremendous amount of energy."

"These craft were flattened disc-forms, and underneath I could see something that rotated, and below that, saw three large white round parts that turned slowly a colored light came out. These gigantic objects, such tremendous spectacle, gave me new cause for alarm. And then it fell silent. I could only hear a very low sound dying down. They hung there in the sky, about 100 meters between the two as best I could calculate. These objects were shaped like huge soup plates joined at the rims. They were about 45 meters in diameter and about 12 from top to bottom. I could see the cupola on top very clearly. The light slowly dimmed down leaving only a small bright light source illuminated. It lighted only the area directly under the craft. Then one of the ships began to approach. The other remained quietly in place. It gave me new fright to see this tremendous monster so close. And then it stopped, suspended above the small

stream there, and two lateral beams of light came on. These new beams shined down and I saw two beings descending in them as in an elevator. In their descent they disappeared behind the trees from my position, and I couldn't see them land. Then I heard their steps as they approached. At this moment all of the lights on the spacecraft went out and they remained completely silent." "After seeing the tremendous luminosity, bright as day, I couldn't see anything when the light went out, and then I heard the steps of the beings, and then I saw them at about 10 meters away. They approached separated one from the other. They wore helmets and suits that seemed very fitted, and I could see them clearly as they neared me. Then I heard the first telepathic communication,'Brother, we are here. Do not fear. We are your friends.' I tried to coordinate my ideas and thought, 'Yes, why not, I am not afraid'. Then I heard the voice say, 'I am your friend, Enrique, do not be afraid'. I shook my head. I could see that they were tall, more than a meter seventy in stature. When they came up to within two meters of me he said, 'I am your friend. Do not be afraid'. I said, 'Yes', and the other said, 'If you are not ready we can suspend this until another day. If you are not afraid, we can continue this contact and we may ascend aboard.' I said I was ready and took a step forward so that they could see that I had lost my fear. They noticed that I was still a little wary, and one of them took me by the hand and the other by my shoulder and said, 'Walk with us up to the light.' We went a few meters forward and one of them said, 'Straight ahead. You feel a little worry in your head and in your body, but nothing is going to happen to you.' The other said, "Brother Enrique, we guarantee it. We do not want to cause you any harm. Moreover, if you are still afraid, you may return and we will prepare this for another day.' I could not see their faces for the helmets. I asked if the helmets had visors, and a form of visor raised a little in front of one, showing the nose and mouth but partly covering the mouth, which had a rectangular shape. I could not see the mameluco (space suit) well because of the dark, and I could not see up to now exactly what color they were. Then they stopped me and said they could sense a little worry. At that moment the spacecraft came forward and flashed a ray of light. reenactment - years later, in 1978, of Enriques encounter in the woods by the lake I felt tremendous thrills and some twitching in all the skin of my head, like needle picking me. I stood erect and began to ascend. When I saw that I was leaving the trees below, I thought, 'What if I should fall.' I continued to ascend like in an elevator. I was surrounded by a yellowish light. It gave me the impression of being solid. I tried to touch it with my hands and it felt solid like crystal. It must have been only energy, because I did not see crystal; I didn't see anything, but when I touched the light it felt solid I felt a thump and then a port began to open, and there it was fully open and I was inside and it closed. A moment later the other two entered, removed their helmet and smiled. They had taken their helmets off so I could see their faces."

picture: this reiminds of the first meeting that the norwegian contactperson Arve Jacobsen had in the early 70ths - he also asked to see the eyes of the man-like ET - who raised the visir and when Arve then saw his eyes he says he felt immediate recognition. "They asked me for the sphere, which I gave them, and then they said, 'Wait here. Take off your clothes.' And I took everything off. They opened an automatic port and we entered. Then they opened a side port, like a window and looked at me smiling. I heard a voice say, 'Do not be afraid, we are going to enter a little smoke, but this is necessary. Do not be afraid.' In spite of their assurances, I associated this immediately with the Nazi' gassing of the Jews. I did not see where the smoke came from, but it came in and it smelled like lemon. It only lasted a minute and was then drawn out through some rectangular openings in the wall and disappeared. Then I noticed that there was no shadow from my body anywhere and I thought, 'Where is the light coming from?' I could not see any lamps." "Then they gave me my clothes which I put on, leaving the ruana and "sombrero" aside. They opened a door and said, 'Now you may proceed ' They explained that the process was simply to disinfect everything from whatever microbes we may have brought from the Earth's surface." "I went into the first compartment that they opened, and there were four persons seated there waiting for me. I came to the first one and he said, 'Enrique, how are you?' and gave me his hand. He gave me his hand like we shake hands and said, 'How are you, brother?' 'I am going to shake your hand,' said another, 'This,' indicating the first, 'is the Commander.' He said his name was what sounded like Cramish. I gave him my hand and he gave me some thumps on it. The rest greeted me this way also. The only one who did not give me his hand was the first who had said, 'Brother Enrique.' He now turned to me and said, 'I am Ciril.' I said, 'How are you, Ciril,' and he said 'Ciril, Ciril Weiss, remember in 1969 in Caracas Venezuela, at the entrance to the theater, when we met? And I said, 'Ciril Weiss! But you are a little changed And what are you doing here?' And he said, 'I am one the crew of this ship.' I was terribly surprised. He said, 'We have been in contact with you for 8 years. I understood now why they had given me their hands like Terrans. Then he presented me to the others. There was one by the name of Cramecan, another named Krulula, an Krenza, and then he told me that his name was not no Ciril, but Krhisnamerk. The name sounded Hindu. They all spoke telepathically except the one who spoke first, who articulated words to me in perfect Spanish." "They seated me there at a table, as of crystal, with seats of a material like plastic with a leather-like finish. The beings were all dressed alike, except the had two types of suits. Some wore silver colored outfit and others has suits of a Coca-Cola color. There were others who had similar suits in a dark gray color with orange gauntlets and orange boots. One of them took of his gauntlets

so I could see his hands, which were per fectly formed. Their faces were beautiful and without blemishes and imperfections, but clean like a child. Their hair was long, coming almost to their shoulders. Cramecan told me that he is the commander of that ship and that there are 12 crew members. They are making con- tact's in order to divulge to them clearly what is going to happen on this Earth. I asked him what kind of contacts, and he said, 'Men like you.' He didn't say more on this and I did not pursue the subject further. I then asked him if they had women aboard, and he said, 'Yes we have women with us, but at the moment we will not see them.' Then I remembered that he could read my thoughts before I asked the question and knew I was going to ask it before I even formed the words." "We began with the first questions. I had brought many questions given me by the study group. Almost all of them were of a religious nature. I did not want to ask those at this time. I began by asking them where they were going to get their contacts and why they had chosen me. They told me that my name was not really Enrique. They told me another name which I still have revealed to nobody. I am waiting to see what develops in all of this first. I got the impression that they knew something about previous incarnations of mine for some reason. I asked then where they came from and they in reply said, 'The PLEIADES.' I asked them, 'where are the Pleiades and they said, 'It is what you call The Seven Sisters.' And then I remembered that it is a small constellation having seven bright stars. I asked them how far it was from here, and they said, 'You say that it is more than 328 light years from here, which is not true. It is much farther." Later they told their homeplace as 'SHIEL-LHO', the name which they called their home sun somewhere in what we call the Pleiades.

So I asked them, 'How did you make the trip?' Perhaps I was asking them infantile questions, but for me they were important. 'How did you make such a long trip?' They answered, 'Do you know anything about relativity?' They told me that Albert Einstein's theory was not complete, that we are going to have to make three corrections; that the velocity of light is not in fact 300,000 kilometers per second as we believe, but much more. And they went on to explain details that I could not follow. Then they told me that there is another measure of time, unknown to us, in which we can not remain long (in physical bodies). I did not pursue this further after that." "They took me to visit various rooms. I saw a room for meditation. They said it was where they rest and meditate. It was beautifully appointed, with tremendously exquisite brocades. Another room was a laboratory where there were flasks of a green substance. I asked about this and they said that it was chlorophyll which they had extracted from our trees, a substance vital to their own alimentary system. They use it in preparing various food items. They had fruits also. They told me they ate much fruit from South America. They particularly liked the duraznos (peaches) and melocotones (apricots), and they carried much fruit, corn, wheat, rice and other vegetable substances. To compensate for what they had taken, they used an ionizing radiant beam that accelerated the life process of

the plants and caused them to replace their fruit in a few hours. I didn't quite understand this, that they could project a radiation that could accelerate the growth and maturity of the plants from which they had taken produce and cause it to be replaced in hours. This was incredible. I began to understand another thing. They knew about biological engineering and could control the genetic codes by means of a process which they called consubstantion. By this process they could continue the life forces of a cell forever." "They told me they were there on a mission. They belong to a brotherhood of civilizations, with others, from which they had received specific orders for our world. They pointed out that we have always been guided indirectly by certain great personalities who have passed through our civilizations throughout history. Those so-called Masters, some approaching divinity, have always had contact with extraterrestrials. I had a feeling that these beings had been sent on a mission pertaining to the evolution of our planet." "Then Cramacan, the Commander, permitted me to visit the control room where I saw great electronic maps on a wall. I saw the great panorama around us through the green glass cupola. There were three men seated, and as we entered they came over and greeted me and then returned to the control panels of the craft. The control room was the third level, under the dome on the top of this craft. When I saw the maps he took me to them and explained that they were cosmic maps. I could not understand them. I saw small lights. They moved a control and I saw small lights like neon, in various colors, begin to take form on the map panel. There were points of light and lines of light, and some of the lines were indefinite. Some of the greater points of light represented Galaxies and Nebulosities. They said that many thousands of inhabited planets are in contact with each other and exchange cultural, technological and scientific information. Some are tremendously advanced in spiritual and scientific evolution. I asked which planets, and he said it would be needless to tell me as the names would mean nothing to me anyway. He told me that where the lines between the the lights were brighter there was regular commerce; these dimmer ones were under exploration. The indefinite ones were lesser developed. They were on the map but they lacked thousands of years of development before they were ready for contact." "They do have a sense of time because they talked of millions of years, but I had difficulty coordinating this with their discussion of laws of relativity (where time changes). Also they seem to be aware of future time because they told me that we are going to experience a third world war, and that they know exactly when it will start. They desire that all men unite in one thought, to seek real peace for the whole planet without distinction of race, creed or color; that in the next few years we are going to make the greatest discovery in the history of the planet, the discovery of God, the final truth. 'But how is this possible,' I said,'if we already believe in God?' Their answer was, 'You have never believed in God in a normal form,' and I think I know what they meant. They called it a great unknowable, preferring to give the force no name. They told me that we have to distinguish between the inner and the

outer forces, and I began to understand that we have searched for God outside when in reality IT is within, and that the kingdom of God is in every one of us. We must understand this first before we will live in peace and understanding with all men." "They told me that they were in a way emissaries of beings superior to them, and that they had been the destroyers of Sodom and Gomorra! This gave me a great sensation. I said, 'How can you be judges? How can you destroy a nation with thousands of people, including many innocents?' They said, 'You cannot comprehend this now. We will try to explain. We were emissaries of forces superior to us that govern the Cosmos, and when they give us an order, we carry it out, and in the case of Sodom and Gomorra it was exactly that. They sent emissaries, they warned the people and they refused to understand and would not believe that which was happening over their heads. The hour arrived and it had to be destroyed.' I thought, 'How could they be the judges,' and I said that I could not understand, that I would not go into detail, but that I also could not understand. For me it was not important to know at that time, because there were other things. They told me the time of the beginning of the third world war, and told me also that they had been the inspirers and the consultants on the building of the great pyramids, where they have placed many years of the Earth's history. In the future, we are going to discover two cities in South America where there are records of the origin of the Earth's races, how they came here, how the history was written and why it was done." "They told me the time of the beginning of world war III and said that we could delay that time 3 or 4 years and its intensity by a condition of heart, that mankind alone could do this, because they are not permitted to interfere with nor restrict the freedom of action of a civilization such as is developing here. I understood what they meant quite clearly and didn't have to ask twice. They answered all my questions rapidly." "When I asked them if we could go someplace, they said, 'We are already traveling, from the moment you entered the craft we have been traveling.' They took me to a special panel there, like a great telescope, which I was allowed to look through, and it gave me the strange impression that I had gone out of there into space, which was very still. There was no feeling of acceleration. It felt like the aircraft was standing still and not moving at all. I didn't hear any sound and I couldn't detect the least movement. They seated me in front of a panel which they opened and said, 'Here is your house.' We seemed stationary some 5,000 to 10,000 meters above it, and they focused it into the telescopic device. They said it was an electronic device, but it had to be very advanced over any electronic telescope of ours, because it could penetrate walls and metals, and I could see my family sleeping. I asked them if we could look at something else, and the craft, which had been hovering over my house now began to move about, and I looked at the two great avenues (in the city) and saw the autos and the people in the streets."

"Time passed and we talked much. I looked at my watch, and had to look again. It read 20:25. Krhisnamerk said, 'Your watch is not going to function until you leave this craft.' and he laughed. I asked him what caused this and he said, 'Precisely when you came within the field of this craft and its energy force it stopped. It may not work again.' They must have a different notion of time from ours, because I did not see clocks of any kind aboard. He just smiled and dropped the subject I did not want to bother him about how long I had been aboard, as it did not matter anyway. He told me things about all our religions which at this time I do not want to divulge(røpe). He told me something about the Fatima letter, which they seemed to know all about. At that time I understood though, and I understood also something that I had learned in a Mormon Church, that hidden in the heart of all men, are the great truths of all time, waiting to be awakened, and that this awakening must come from within. We talked about many other things that came to mind." "They gave me a kind of chocolate bar, sealed in plastic, which I opened and ate. It had a taste like 'sabajon', a kind of mild liquor sold in Colombia, and my hunger disappeared completely. And then he said, 'WE have something that we want to give you that is very important.' My body began to warm up all over. 'You are going to eat something very interesting and which you will like very much.' They brought me something like large white corn taco and told me to eat it. I broke it and put some in my mouth. In a moment I felt a tremendous sensation and warm feeling. I thought at that moment that they were drugging me. 'ciril; Krhisnamerk said 'Do you know what they called that? The Jews were fed on that for 40 years in the desert.' 'The manna of the scriptures,' I said. 'No more, no less,' was the reply 'You are eating manna and you will not get hungry for 24 hours. It gives you tremendous energy; it is prepare for us.' Then ideas began to rush into my head, so fast I could not coordinate them. I thought of Elias and of Moses, and then I returned to the present. I felt like I was going crazy. They laughed and simply observed, 'We were one of those who helped the Jews. Our great ship were always camouflaged. They could be made invisible by a simple change of vibrational energy, right over the heads of the people, and they could not see them."' "I couldn't understand this then, and I can't today. I have a little more knowledge about it now but I still do not completely understand. The public has asked many questions and I have tried to answer but I must confess(tilstå) my ignorance concerning a civilization so advanced as this, and they were trying to simplify everything as much as possible so that I could understand it better." "After eating the substance it made me sleepy, and they let me sleep about three hours. Then they came and wakened me. I was lying on a very comfortable bed, and where I had been lying I left the imprint of my body. 'Pardon me Enrique, you have awakened because we gave you a suggestion to awaken at this point. You are going to receive your last information and it is time we left you in the place where we met you,' a voice said. Cramacan had gone someplace and did not return. We circled the eastern plains and they showed me a site that was illuminated like day. It was the site where we would next meet. 'look well and observe the highway. Here we will meet again on

the 18th of this month at 8:00 in the evening.' They lowered the ship and passed slowly so that I could see the place well. I saw that the highway was long and ran through the mountains. I tried to remember all I could of the place, thinking I may have to come here by horse." "Then they took me back and left me in the exact place where they had picked me up. They bid me good-bye with a form of embrace. With Ciril Weiss, I always talked in Spanish. The others bid me good-bye with strokes on the shoulder. 'We will see you' Ciril said, and I descended to the ground. They left me off about 05:00 in the morning. I slept a little, awakened and saw that my watch was running and indicated 11:15. I left the place running as fast as I could. I wanted to tell the whole world what had happened. The first person I met was a farmer leading a burro, and I said, 'Pardon me sir, what time is it?' He replied, 'Almost 8, 08:00 in the morning sir.' I calculated that I had slept about three hours." "When I caught wanted to tell to embrace all left the night the bus at the road I wanted to tell everybody. I the whole world what I had just lived, and I wanted men. I was happy. When I returned to the house I had before I found some 60 people awaiting me."

"I met with the man who had made the telepathic contacts, and began to give him the first information about the experience. I told him about the war and its timing, and the great destruction, and the great religious power around the Earth, and the years that remained of normal life. Nobody believed me, of course. They thought I was attacking religion and society for some reason of my own. I did not say much more then nor ever in public, because I could see that it would cause confusion and possibly even harm. I could only hope that someday all men would arrive at an understanding of the things I had just been shown. That is all that I can say about that first contact now. *** Comments from Wendelle Stewens - the books - UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES - author of the book that this is extacted from : This was amazing! Enrique Carlos Rincon had received almost the same information from Pleiadians as was outlined to Eduard Meier in Switzerland, by other Pleiadians, only a little over a year later. The philosophy expressed and the criticism of our world deficiencies was almost identical, yet nothing had been released out of the Bogota group until some time after the Swiss contacts began. Even more astounding was the receptivity of the UFO community over these momentous events unfolding before their very eyes. An International UFO Congress was gathered in Acapulco in 1978 to assess the world UFO situation up to that time. It was well organized and well attended. One of the featured speakers at that congress was Enrique Carlos Rincon, who very briefly described his contacts with Pleiadian ETs. His lecture was coolly received and politely put down by all the "experts" there, presumably because it had happened to him and not them.

Jim Lorenzen of APRO, or of the stronger advocates of contactee phenomenon at a time when most other clubs were throwing them out, sat next to Rincon at the speakers table for three full days and never asked for more details on Rincons contact experiences, and never published anything on Rincon's report, although I had by that time briefed him on what I found happening in Switzerland. He didn't believe me and he didn't believe Rincon. I never told him about any of the other Pleiadian cases I was encountering. He still refuses to accept any validity to any Pleiadian contact case. It was after that that I discovered the Acaya contacts going on in Peru, and learned that Pleiadian ETs were discussing almost the same spiritual philosophies and scenario of events concerning our world and that witness was unaware of the other two, and they of him and his contacts. I knew nothing then of the Pleiadian contacts going on with Pedro Romaniuk in Argentina or others with Deverus in Arkansas, here in the U.S.A. and again the philosophies and scenario of events was very similar. They all came under severe criticism for what they were revealing and so they all began to hold back and release less and less to the world. That is the situation we are in today. Amazing indeed!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------MORE from this first meeting - now from the book of Enrique: Here from page 63 in the book where Enrique asks how they can know so much about things on earth. And they answer: "It is very easy - making our ships invisible, camouflaging them above your cities, thanks to a special vibratory field, we fly practically above your head, yet you do not notice it. We fool your radars, creating confusion with our maneuvers. We handle our ships whatever way we want to. Those are the advantages of our technology. On the other hand, we have people on the ground, blended with the humans, who daily walk the streets and avenues of your large and small towns, as in my instance back in 1969. Many of us are among you. " At this point it occurred to me to ask once more about the superhigh velocities they achieved to move through space, how they had traveled from the Pleiades to Earth, and whether they could give me any more information without harming their own interests. Cyril took me with two other crewmen to a section where the machine that generated the power used for their displacements was located. My heart beat quickly. What emotion to become perhaps the first Earthling to see in operation the "engine" that propelled the ship! When we entered the security zone, Commander Kramier was waiting for us. He must have entered through an alternate access way. When we entered, several alarms were activated, with a signal that went

directly to the belts of the crew. They explained that the other crewmen had been warned about our presence in the propulsion area, which was also apparent at the remote control panels in other areas. Ahead of us was a window embedded in a metal wall, and in front of it were two comfortable chairs. They invited me to sit in one of the chairs and get close to the window. Wonder of wonders! In the innards of the ship, a group of three great diamonds or crystals rotated slowly around a vertical shaft extending from ceiling to floor, which turned also, in the opposite direction. The colors and shades of the shaft surface were like a kaleidoscope of pure crystal. I was truly fascinated by the gorgeous spectacle. When I removed my face from the window, to ask some questions, I sensed that my features probably showed some pallor. The crewmen, smiling, watched me carefully. I addressed Cyril, but the Commander answered, guessing my question. "Those are crystals, not diamonds. We call them 'memory crystals;' they are programmable and receive information from the 'main transducer' (the rotating shaft). We also call them 'living crystals.' We obtain them on a certain planet, where they grow and reproduce." I had noticed that the crystals rotated around themselves, united to a base that also turned around the ''main transducer,'' or shaft. The crystals must have been about seventy centimeters in diameter, maybe less. I was watching the same movement as of the Earth around the Sun, but in miniature! I was breathless, but the answer to my next question left me even more flabbergasted. "Commander, could you speed up the movement of the crystals, so I can see better the colours and reflections?" "No, Enrique, "he answered, 'it is not possible while you are here on board. If we speed up the rotation for only two minutes, when you get off the ship, more than 200 Earth years will have elapsed. As you well can understand, we cannot do it." Anguish overcame me. I thought about my family, my friends, and how the Planet might change in 200 years, if the extraterrestrial were telling me the truth, and all this could happen almost instantaneously. I thought, here, Einstein's relativity theories come into place. I could not stop feeling astonished. To calm me, the Commander addressed me once more (my anguish centered on the possibility that someone of the crew could speed up the crystals, forgetting that I still was aboard the ship, and I could become marooned 200 years in the future, knowing no one, without a family, in a totally changed world). "No, Enrique, that is not possible while you are here on board. I am the one who commands the ship mentally, and we have thus reduced the possibilities for error. If something should happen to me, other members of the crew have authority to carry out the mind-machine integration, where the coupling takes place directly by means of mental impulses, to the 'transducer and crystals' program. The

mental energy that we deliver is translated as flight energy. That is why we told you that 'we have just left. 'For us, the time factor is not a problem; we live in a present that modifies the future. That is why the future is 'malleable' and cannot be predicted with certainty. Not so the past; that is already history and is unmodifiable." With their hands over their folded arms, two of them watched my reactions to the information they were giving me, so crazy-sounding to my flimsy terrestrial knowledge. Inside my brain, questions stirred without answers. I was facing one of the greatest opportunities in history and could not manage to pose good questions. Because of my ignorance, perhaps I was wasting the chance to acquire great knowledge. I was the living proof that collective reactions can be fatal for our civilization, for I could not integrate within myself how they could travel at the speed of thought without suffering physical alterations. How had they solved the problem? Perhaps their bodies had some different organs, or were they a race that had achieved mastery over Life and Death? Later I would obtain an answer that may be the key as to how they vanquished the barrier of disease and death. But for comprehending how the mental energy referred to by the Commander and Cyril was produced, I had yet to witness another sensational show. That same "mental force" that reached the "transducer," achieved the vertiginous speed of thought. I could not recover from my astonishment. Why did they tell and teach me such things? And what was the role I played, or was about to play, in light of this avalanche of information? How were people going to believe me? Was there a preconceived plan, prior to my contact? what were their real motivations? As I wrote these lines in the year 1976 (and in the twenty years since then), the panorama was (and is) still unclear. To be true, I do not know the motivations for why I was chosen for contact with the extraterrestrials. Maybe, in the course of time, when more results are obtained from research carried out by scientists in all disciplines, it will become clear not only what was the reason for my contact, but also what is the logical explanation for all encounters with intelligent denizens from outer space. While reflecting on all this aboard their ship, I was directed to climb a ladder going up to a walkway. We arrived at the great hall, at whose center the "kaleidoscope" or "transducer" rotated, the same that I had seen through the visor. The room appeared to be devoid of furniture or visible accoutrements. We stopped at the entrance. Cyril and Kninula escorted the Commander. Kramakan arrived, and then some additional crew appeared through another entrance at the opposite side of the room. They were twelve altogether. I thought, how is the ship traveling, if the total crew is twelve? Eight of the extraterrestrials wore the dull-gray uniform, and the other four, including Commander Kramier, were dressed in the "reddish-brown" type.

Thought-power of the ship "All of a sudden, before my weary eyes and already tired senses, twelve chairs emerged from the floor. They looked like dentist's chairs, located in a circle around the transducer. Then, lo and behold, from the ceiling dropped twelve helmets, similar to motorcycle helmets, which descended onto the heads of each of the crew members, as soon as they sat in the chairs. The four with the different uniform sat precisely equidistant. They held hands in "padlock fashion," each one holding the arm of the next, until the circle was complete. I, from my observation post, watched the scene in complete surprise. This ritual lasted perhaps one minute; then the helmets retracted up into the ceiling, the company stood up and released each other's hands, and the chairs collapsed into the floor. All of them returned to their normal duties, except Kramier and Cyril, who now watched me, waiting for my customary questions. They said that I had seen them liberate their mental energy to the transducer, where it would be converted into flight energy! (as also told in the book "A spacewomen speaks" - oversatt her) With the extraterrestrials, everything was surprising. Had they performed this ritual with the sole purpose of being seen? But, what was their purpose, and to whom should I tell about it? It was obvious that they did it so that I would tell about it. But to whom? We came back to the control room. Through the observation panel, I realized that we had covered many kilometers, moving at random. My eyelids were very heavy, and I was tired. Somebody asked, "Are you sleepy, Enrique, would you like to rest?" It was evident, and the Commander ordered the others to take me some place to rest. All of them stood up, and Cyril led the way. "you are going to rest, Enrique." Kninula went with us; he didn't leave us for a second. We walked out to a straight corridor, no longer than four meters, and reached another room, whose door opened automatically, without using any manual control. The room was well-lighted, and four beds appeared before us. Cyril told me to choose one; then I lay down. The bed was very soft and yielding, the surface leather-like. It conformed to the shape of my body as I shifted positions. "Sleep well don't worry, we will wake you up." They said goodbye, and the door closed. With my hands under my cheek, sideways, and my legs folded, I dropped into a comforting and refreshing sleep. My last thought was about asking for concrete proofs of my contact, to show my family and friends. Then I knew no more. A strong pull at my brain woke me up, as if someone had touched a nerve. Upon sitting up, I saw Cyril and Kninula. "Enrique, please excuse the way we have awakened you, we have impacted your brain with a psychic order," said Kninula. "We are going to give you some final information, because the time is approaching to drop you where we picked you up. "I stood up quickly, feeling as though I had slept

many hours, totally rested and with renewed energies. Back in the room visited previously, the Commander and another crewman were waiting for us. "We want you to remember the following: a Third World inevitable. Men will have a four-year grace-period to attenuate it, in accordance with their behavior. Only state of mankind can ease its efftcts: it is squarely War is attempt to the mental your problem."

Then they took me to the main control room, and advised me: "We are going to take a short trip, so that you can memorize the details of the place you are going to see." Through the wide window, they showed me great valleys, covered with rich vegetation, until we reached some low, flat lands. "This is what you call 'Los Llanos Orientales' (the Eastern Prairies)." The whole place was illuminated, as if it were daylight. "Pay attention to that road and that dirt path. Our next meeting will be right there. Memorize the location." The place was fenced with barbed wire. A battered wooden gate, ready to fall off, was the entryway to the pasture grounds. They gave me a name. I quickly memorized it, besides recording the details of the terrain, after repeated overflights above the area. Years later, I still wondered why they selected such a remote place. "The date for next meeting will be November18, at 8:00p.m. Enrique, don't forget." With a nod, I told them that everything had been duly registered. I was sure to find the place with no trouble. "We are getting close, look. "In minutes, the ship had covered the distance between the cattle farm on the lowlands and the location in the highlands where I had been picked up….

THE SECOND MEETING "The second meeting took place on the 18th of the same month as predicted, and I was gone 26 hours, and the knowledge that I gained was tremendous and very disturbing, and would completely fill a book by itself. There is much information that I cannot tell anybody, not even my friends in this experience." "I had gone to the place at the appointed time. It was in eastern Colombia. The circumstances of this meeting were a little different. I arrived 15 minutes early, by horse, with a guide whom I paid 120 pesos. He left me at the designated place but was disturbed leaving me in the jungle alone at night. 'They will pick me up here in a jeep,' I said. 'Ah, you are going to the ranch of the Fulanos de Tal', he said, and I answered, 'Precisely. That is where I am going.' 'But at these hours it is very dangerous here. There are

tigers about.' 'Do not worry about me,' I said, 'Go in peace.' I paid him and he departed on his horse and left me there." "The meeting did not take place at 8:00 in the evening as indicated, but more like 03:00 in the morning. I walked 50 meters in this direction, and 50 meters in that, but I did not leave the site. I kept looking at the clear and cloudless sky and waited until 03:00, when suddenly 13 spacecraft of venous types arrived! only one small one descended and landed on 3 'shoes'. Krhisnamrk disembarked saying, 'Brother, here!' He told me to wait a minute.. .and then said, 'Now, come on, enter.' And I did as invited. Inside, there were two small beings. They were not like those of the Pleiades. They must know different races. He told me that those did not come from the Pleiades, but from 'Mercury', and they took me in that small craft. The small craft sat on three legs, and had a diameter of 4 to 5 meters, and was no more than 2 meters 20 high. It had two levels inside. We now entered through a cabin that had a metal stair, like in submarines, that went to the upper level which was the control room. I did not see much of the ship as they transported us to a mother-ship almost immediately." "I did not want to ask why such a long wait, though I was thinking that I could have been attacked by a snake or a tiger. If I had been bitten by one of the poisonous snakes, where could I go in the 5 minutes I would have to do something? the same with a tiger. Then I remembered that I had not been bitten by even a mosquito, an impossibility, unless the zone was protected in some way. Then I thought that the reason for the long delay may have been a test of my patience. They did not tell me this, but I had the feeling that they had tested me to see how long my patience would last. I was happy that I had passed their test. They opened the port and lowered the ladder and we left the ship." "They explained that two of the strange craft, very different from the others, with a bow structure some-thing like a great whale were relieving(avhjelpe) the smog and air pollution of Bogota. I saw another with a similar bow structure, and they said a ship like that was the 'whale' that swallowed Jonah. These points of scripture kept coming up, and I thought, 'These extraterrestrials have certainly had contact with many of our prophets. This may lead us to a new concept of cosmic theology, as I told the Congress of Witchcraft, where mankind may become truly united with the superior entities, which we shall proudly call brothers when we ascend to that understanding, when we make contact with these intelligence's en mass." "They did not let me off in the same place as they had picked me up this time. They left me much closer and near the highway. I asked them why they did not make contact with more people and with governments, and they said I would have an experience that would show me one reason why they were not doing this." "It was getting daylight, and must have been about 05:30 in the morning when they brought me in the small craft with the three crew members to let me off. In the farms of the plains many people get up early to feed their animals and milk cows. The small craft made a

circle over some people below. There were two men milking cows in a small shed behind a house. They saw the bright light and jumped up; the cow kicked one and also knocked over the pail of milk, and both men ran like they had seen the devil. We shot up rapidly behind some clouds where they couldn't see us. Then the farmer came out and the two men pointed up, moving their arms excitedly. A woman came out drying her hands and a child of about 8 years, and they all looked up but couldn't see anything. We were still in the cloud. 'Observe their reaction,' said one. 'Yes, no need to explain, we have caused panic, but these people are farmers,' I said. 'Now we will try an experiment with slightly different people,' the ET said. And we flew to the highway where we saw a truckload of cattle approaching. We let it pass on. Behind it was a Jeep which we also let pass. Then came a pick-up and an automobile, very close together 100 to 120 meters apart. We let them pass. 'There comes a car alone, there is no other within kilometers,' the ET said. We took a position above and held that so that I could see. I could see through an electronic apparatus which they had, that inside the auto were two men wit suitcoats and soft ties. One was driving while the other sat at his side talking. In the rear seat another man had his collar turned up and was sleeping. The gentlemen seemed to be cultured middle class people from their dress and the appearance of their car. We descended In front and hovered along side of the road. They were so surprised to see us so unexpectedly that the two men in front opened their doors to exit running.

The other knowing nothing of what was taking place, fell off the seat when the driver hit the brakes. He stuck his head out of the window and yelled something, because I saw his mouth open. When he saw our craft parked above an to the side, he got out running and tore (rev av)his coat trying to scramble through a barbed wire fence. 'That is the reaction of everyone,' said my companion, 'Do you think that answers the question?' 'Brothers,' I said, 'though I know that I am with you, and this is the second time we have met, and knowing that you are living beings much advanced in evolution, there are many things which still do not understand. I hope that in time I may be able to do so.' I felt very honored and considerably humbled (Ydmyk). They continued giving me information up to the last experience in Peru."

NEW MEETING "That took place on the 25th of July 1974, when Guadalupe and Monserrat, professed spacemen, met me in Bogota. It was about five in the morning, and I spent 45 minute in a spacecraft talking to them. We remained on the ground in the spacecraft and did not fly. This craft rested on three feet, and was of the Adamski type but much smaller. It was not very big. This craft could not have been

more than 9 meters in diameter and no more than 2 meters -80 in height. Those spacemen that I saw then - were no more than one and a half meters tall. All of them were alike, light colored, and looked much like those of the Pleiades but smaller. I have seen others from Orion, Orton, Yamaru, Yonica, Yaraka and other places. Some of them also had no women with them. In the second encounter of the 18th of November, I saw two women, and very beautiful they were, for a few minutes. And I saw at that time, on the mother craft, a very strange being. I could not tell whether it was a human or an automaton, but they permitted me to see it. When I was talking with them in the ship, an automatic port opened and one of them passed by. It had a large head like a basketball with a transparent case. I thought I could see the brains, and the veins and the organs, and the eyes were large and moved like those of an iguana, and could look on all sides. It walked like it was a robot, with a thin gray uniform and boots and gauntlets of a dark blue and some colored buttons at the waist, which was thin like a woman, which with their broad shoulders gave them a triangular aspect. The door opened, there was a light, and it entered. We all turned to look as I continued talking to them. I did not ask about it. For the first time I saw a kind of symbol, on its back, at the shoulder. Up to this time I had not seen any kind of mark or symbol. This was the first I had seen, and it was very strange. I have tried to draw the symbol since then but I have forgotten one of the upper parts. It was a kind of an "H'1 but it had something else above, and I can not remember what it was. I had the feeling that they had let me see this creature, to know that such did exist. I saw also a gigantic being of 2 meters 80, whom they told me was a Jovian. He never spoke to me, and he always kept his hands crossed. He watched me with a smile the whole time and never said a single word. He seemed to understand all." "A strange thing happened with my ball-point pen. I took out my pen to sketch the solar system for a question that had come from an anonymous letter delivered to the newspaper "El Tiempo" of Bogota. The writer had allegedly(angivelig) made contact with beings that looked like Hindus, who operated a flying saucer. They told him that they came from a planet similar to Earth, that it was Earth's twin and occupied the same orbit, but on the opposite side of the sun, for which we never saw it. I wanted to ask if there was such a possibility, and I took out my pen and paper to sketch the orbit and see if I could make them understand. When I produced the pen they all displayed great curiosity, especially the Jovian. Krhisnamerk told me to let him see it. He took it apart and examined it and then gave it back. I asked why the pen was of such interest, and Krhisnamerk said, 'It is be cause we have one very similar, but you must see it, and they produced one fastened by a line to the table 'Write something. Here are papers. I took the pages which were almost transparent, and paused over them. 'Write whatever you like; make a sketch.' Then this happened. They asked me if I could paint the house where lived as a child, if I could remember it, and I said yes. 'But paint it, I can't even

draw,' I said. 'Make any thing.' I said I painted a butterfly when I was a little boy in school, and they said do that then. So I began by pressing the point, which was finer than ours, but the moment I pressed the button the pen began to vibrate in my hand, and I heard a small sound, and felt a slight vibration. But the most surprising thing came the moment I began drawing the butterfly. It came out in relief and in exact colors. I stared, 'But how is this possible' And they laughed and explained, 'Whatever you have your mind is captured and sketched exactly as you think it, in colors, and in exact scale and size. This apparatus captures exactly the vibration, the color, the size of what you think and produces it accurately. The apparatus receives the vital image and translates it then into a sketch. I was stupefied, and I then understood their interest in my pen which looked similar." "After that, on the 24th and 25th of December l974 they took me to an energy vortices in the Andes. I was Caracas attending a conference when they contacted and arranged a meeting. I boarded the spacecraft between two small villages near Caracas. One is called El Jui quito and the other, where many Germans live, is called Colonia Tovar. From there they took me to the vortice five minutes. It was in the uplands of Peru, at 4,200 meters altitude, between Marcahuasi and Macchu-Picchu. "These beings have submarine bases in lake Titicaca and under the seas. I was taken to one of the bases the Mariana Trench. I am writing a science fiction story to be able to detail what is going on in the marine depths. By some manner I am going to give this information to the world, and I believe the time has come. are going to make, together with others in Venezuela, kind of census of the public, of their opinions concerning flying saucers. If they accept them, we want to know why. If they do not accept them, we also want to know why. This will serve to measure the information that can be released of that which we have. Little by little we hope to give this information to the world, as much as it can accept, to prepare them for the day when they shall also experience the UFOs, hoping that they will not panic, and that they will be a little bit prepared for what will happen." One may look around and see that we have availed ourselves of little of the vast amount of knowledge and experience we could have enjoyed. Even this little was too much for many, and for most of the UFO clubs. Witness the treatment any contactee gets once he decides to reveal even a little of what is happening to him. He would be better off to have said nothing and to avail himself of these experiences in silence, which is exactly what most of them do after their first experience with the public. We may state that these experiences have gone on for years, and the descriptions and dialogue up to now would fill volumes. The undersea base in the Pacific alone would take a whole volume to describe. We have undertaken the task of translating Enrique Gastillo Rincon's full report on his contacts from the original Spanish to English for your enlightenment. Our working title for that report is UFO CONTACT FROM SHI-EL-LHO, the name which they called their home sun somewhere in what we call the Pleiades.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------another contact from south-america:

EL TOCUYO, VENEZUELA During 1977 to 1979, before moving from Venezuela to Puerto Rico, Senor Ramon Rosa Alvarado had a series of unique experiences as an observer in a local Venezuelan UFO Group which was being contacted by UFOnauts who told the local contactee there that they came from the PLEIADES. At that time Alvarado and his wife were living near Giudad El Tocuyo, Districto Moran, Venezuela in a sugar cane growing district. Reports of strange disc-shaped aerial objects were occurring almost every night. They would be seen approaching from below the crest of a small sparsely vegetated mountain above the sugar came field, and would fly about in the sky in all directions in a random fashion. Word had gotten out about the almost nightly visits, and people from all around began coming to the area to witness the phenomenon. One night around eight P.M. Sr. Alvarado and his wife watched many different colored glowing objects of luminous disc-form flying shelter over the cornfields. They were of blue, green and amber radiance and were estimated to be 15 to 20 feet in diameter. Ramon counted 25 such craft on this occasion. Some of them approached quite close, and some hovered low over the came tops and in other places only a couple of feet above the ground. The upper level of these operations was only about 400 to 500 feet above the ground surface. On this particular night the witnesses saw a large number of shiny silver metallic balls, nonluminous but highly reflective, also flying around in the dark sky. Though these spheres were not luminous, they could nevertheless be easily seen in the light of the other disc-shaped UFOs. The balls reflected the many lights of the larger craft flying about. There may have been as many as several dozen such shiny balls only a few inches to a few feet in diameter, in several sizes. The silver balls kept moving rapidly and did not stop and hover like the luminous disc-shaped larger craft. On another night a few weeks later, Ramon and his wife joined a group of about 80 people who had come to witness the phenomena. It was a Wednesday evening (the objects seemed to be most active in midweek) and they had seen the lights below the top of the large hill. Suddenly they saw three of the blue and green 15 to 20 foot diameter glowing disc-shaped flying objects about 400 to 500 meters to the

north of their position. The objects were situated, one over the river to the north near the left road, another to the right of dead center, between the two roads, and a third over the cornfield across the road to the right. As one of the witnesses started down the road to the left with a Jeep, to get closer, the one to the far right began to approach up the right road. Alvarado and his wife were standing to the right and the light came slowly toward them. Suddenly a ball of white light about one meter in diameter burst into view in front of them and began to fly a tight vertical circle about 12 to 15 meters in diameter only a few feet away. Mrs. Alvarado fainted (besvimte)from fright. Then a much larger round glow of light came on in the distance, across the river towards the hill. It must have been huge, because all of the disc-shaped craft and the white ball of light raced toward it and went inside, and the whole thing rose and flew away as one object. Before they departed, however, the disc-shaped luminous craft on the right that was approaching up the road stopped, and an array of horizontal light beams of several colors including blue, green, violet, amber and orange came "ON" on top of the object and radiated out horizontally. Then they began to rotate like helicopter blades, in a counterclockwise direction. These light beams blinked out before this object went toward the larger light in the distance and went into it. There was a principal witness in that vicinity whom these alien visitors picked up and contacted directly. They addressed the contactee in his native Spanish but they conversed among themselves in another language. When he asked what language it was, they called it IRDIM. They said it was a proto-Sumerian tongue used long ago on Earth by their predecessors here, and that most other languages used on Earth today were derived from it. They said that their ancestors came from what we call the PLEIADES. The spacebeings said that they lived lifespans of 1,000 to 1,200 years of our time in a single physical embodiment. They said that they live simultaneously in the 3 dimensions we normally think of, plus a 4th dimension we know very little about at the present time. They said that the laws of the 4th dimension are entirely different, and that the speed of light in our dimension does not apply in the physics there. They said that they simply shift all matter up to the 4th dimensional state and the laws of time and space change. They have offered scores of detailed descriptions on very scientific subjects, including other dimensions and other beings. Sr. Alvarado estimated the contact notes and dialogue he has seen amounted to several hundreds of pages. These Pleiadians, like those visiting Switzerland also describe two other planets in our Solar System not familiar to us today. They called one of them Nemus an the other Siris (these are our spellings from the phonetics used). They say that these planets will be found in orbits between what we call Neptune and Pluto. The visitors to Switzerland said they were both beyond the orbit of Pluto. The visitors to Acaya said one was side and one outside the orbit of Pluto. We are unable to account for these disparities, however the fact that all spoke of only two may be significant. They all

mentioned undiscovered moons for the sub-suns Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and they have now been proved to be correct in 3 out of 4 and one still to be survey by close observation. They all said that there were many inhabited planets in the vast Pleiades systems. They were all aware of other human and non-human visitors to our planet at this time, and each was in active contact with some of those others. A friend of one of the sugar farmers, Sr. Guillerr Torres of' Hacienda Las Cruces, near Ciudad El Tocuy successfully photographed one of the larger ships visiting this locality. It is seen as a large lens-shape circular craft with a wide lowprofile transparent translucent dome on top. It occasionally radiates light from the rim, and some of this light is seen in the photograph. The skin surface of the craft seems to be matt gray in color and has a brushed metal finish. Two craft was an estimated 400 meters away when the picture was made. They all operated, used or shared bases of limited accessibility in high mountain peaks and in equally inaccessible under ocean locations.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------The UFO Cosmonauts contacting the Colombians told that group that they came from what we call the PLEIADES. To those there involved, these new contacts were so mind-boggling and so profound, and so far exceeded their internal knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in the world that they carefully guarded their secret within their own immediate circle for three years, and then only confided it to very trusted friends in UFO research also. None of them or their friends had ever heard of Eduard Meier. Those in Switzerland, on the other hand, now conducted themselves in a similar fashion. Stranger still, the Pleiadians, in neither case, made any mention of contacts with the other groups of terrestrials, and they even used different styles of equipment and spacecraft, although at the same time, there were similarities in some respects. Both groups used a variety of spacecraft for different functions. Both the Swiss and the Colombian contactors employed part organic/part mechanical creatures in labor operations aboard the spacecraft, and both used a large mother-ship in space as an operating base. Both had similar technological wonders aboard the spacecraft that came to the surface of our planet, and in both cases the environment aboard the mother-ship was 99% recyclable and almost perfectly efficient, and the occupants lived long lives by our standards. In both cases the cosmonauts seemed to be fully aware of the ancient history of our Earth.

Source: True Magazine 1966 Issue I know the Secret of the Flying Saucers by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC (Ret.) Editor's Note: Major Keyhoe has been writing about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) in this magazine and elsewhere for over 15 years. From the outset he has insisted that flying saucers are real and interplanetary, and many authorities have come to agree with him. Now he claims that control over gravity itself is the only explanation for the astounding maneuvers which saucers are said to make. Some physicists dismiss this theory as fundamentally erroneous. But, as you will read, there are others who find Major Keyhoe's latest chapter in "The Great Flying Saucer Story" important and plausible. One night last February, over the North Pacific, a Flying Tiger Airlines crew had a startling aerial encounter. What they saw is a clue to a fantastic technical mystery. In its solution lies a prize so great that six government agencies are searching for it right now. The answer may not be far off. What they are searching for is the secret of gravity control. About midnight on February 15, the Flying Tiger plane, carrying a military group from the U.S. to Japan, was four hours out of Anchorage. Suddenly the cockpit radar picked up three fast-moving objects. The plane captain and his crew looked out at the side and saw three huge oval-shaped ships, glowing red in the night. An Air Force captain who was a passenger on the plane was called forward to confirm the sighting. His signed report is in the files of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. According to the captain's report, the unknown machines slowed down to the airliner's speed and flew in close formation. Five miles away, by radar range, they leveled off to pace the plane. The Air Force captain computed their length as much more than 700 feet. It was plain that the giant Unidentified Flying Objects had an unknown type of propulsion. No jets, no exhausts were visible. For 30 minutes, still in formation, they continued to pace the plane. Then, swiftly accelerating to 1,200 knots, they climbed out of sight in seconds. This startlingly swift acceleration is a maneuver that could not be duplicated by any ship now made on Earth. What makes it possible for UFO's? According to many scientists and engineers, there is only one possible answer. The answer is antigravity: artificial gravity fields and control of gravity power. Control of gravity is something that men have been dreaming about for centuries. Now it appears that we are on the threshhold of achieving it. Its value, to the country that first attains it, is incalculable. Our government, hoping for a technical breakthrough, has set up 46 different research projects on various aspects of gravity control. The Air Force is running 33 of these projects and the others are divided among five other agencies. Included in the 46 government projects are experiments and research at two Air Force Laboratories (Flight Dynamics and General Physics Research), Radio Corporation of America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa; Stevens Institute of

Technology; the universities of California, Denver, Harvard, Indiana, Manchester (England), Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Purdue, Stockholm (Sweden), Syracuse, Texas, and two New York schools - Queens College and Yeshiva Graduate School of Science. And, of course, some government agencies have projects so secret that they are not publicly registered and cannot be revealed without permission. Private industry is also looking at the question of gravity control with new seriousness. A large number of giant corporations, including Bell Aerospace, General Electric, Hughes Aircraft, Boeing, Douglas and many others, have set up gravity projects. If you add up all the known gravity programs being run by the government and private industry, you get somewhere between 65 and 70 projects. This means there is a heavy concentration of scientific and engineering brains working on the problem. One leading scientist who is convinced that UFO's are spaceships using gravity control is Dr. Hermann Oberth. Doctor Oberth, a recognized authority, was co-designer of the V-2 rocket and later a U.S. special consultant at Huntsville, Alabama, one of the installations where important antigravity research is now under way. "With ordinary propulsion," Doctor Oberth told me in 1961, "such violent accelerations and maneuvers would endanger the ship. Also, the force would crush any creatures aboard against the rear or sides of the machine. But with an artificial gravity field the force applies simultaneously to the passengers and the spaceship. Even in swift changes of speed and direction, the ship is not strained and the passengers feel nothing." Today, doctor Oberth is willing to go further. He is now of the opinion "that energy, inertia and gravitational fields are only aspects of one and the same thing" and that it will prove impossible to separate them from each other. What he has in mind, he says, is "not yet known fields of force" which can be used to accelerate material objects in a way similar to the force of gravity. Another noted authority who agrees that UFO's are using artificial G fields is William P. Lear, Sr., [see "Hard-nosed Gambler in the Plane Game" in this issue] multimillionaire inventor, pilot, designer of air and space equipment and builder of jet aircraft. Lear, who once sighted a UFO from his executive plane, predicts that future U.S. vehicles will also use artificial gravity. "The people on board would probably not feel any more effect," Lear says, "than they do from the tremendous speed of the Earth as it rotates and orbits and orbits the sun." Several years ago, Glenn Martin's vice-president for advanced design, G. S. Trimble, predicted that by 1985 practically all airliners would be using artificial gravity, flying at almost unbelievable speeds. At about the same time, future airliner speeds of 10,000 mph. or more were pictured by Dr. Walter Dornberger, then Bell Aircraft's chief guided-missile scientist and now president of Bell Aerospace. Grover Loening, pioneer aircraft builder and consultant to the Air Force, said it even more strongly, "I firmly believe that before long man will acquire the ability to build an electromagnetic contragravity mechanism that works," he stated. A top official of Bethlehem Steel, Jesse V. Honeycutt, has indicated some of the results we can

expect if Loening is right. ""serious research is being concentrated in an attempt to solve the mystery of gravity and bring about a control of its power. It would bring about a greater revolution in power, transportation and many other fields than the discovery of atomic power,""he stated. Antigravity? It seems inconceivable. Yet, the search goes on and many responsible men believe the answer will be found. And, to my mind, it is the only possible explanation for the performance of the UFO's. The stakes are so high that no clue can be overlooked. The Air Force Technical Intelligence, hunting for overlooked leads, is carefully checking hundreds of verified UFO reports. Hopefully, some of them will help us find out how these strange vehicles operate. Four days before Christmas, 1964, a round, metallic craft about 125 feet in diameter was observed to make a brief landing in a field near Staunton, Virginia. Two Du Pont scientists later took Geiger counters to the site. "It was 'hot'-highly radioactive," Du Pont engineer Lawrence Cook reported. "We checked for 45 minutes - it was definitely 'hot'." In Puerto Rico, near dusk on December 26, 1964, Ramey Air Force Base radar spotted two large discs. As A4D jets streaked up to pursue them, the discs accelerated to terrific speed. Making instant right-angle turns-impossible for any known aircraft-they vanished over the Atlantic. On March 21, 1965, Capt. Yoshiaki Inada, piloting a Toa Airlines Convair on a domestic Japanese flight, was chased by a "mysterious, elliptical luminous object." Flying close to the plane, the UFO blanked out his radio and "violently interfered" with his automatic direction finding equipment. Puzzling earlier cases also are being rechecked. On July 1, 1954, an AF F-94 - a two-man jet was scrambled to chase a UFO near Walesville, New York. When the pilot tried to close in, a sudden, unbearable heat filled the cockpit. Half-dazed, the pilot and radar officer bailed out. The jet crashed in the street, killing two children and their parents. These odd phenomena, high radiation, mysterious heat and electrical interference may be side effects of gravity control devices. Like most people, you probably took gravity for granted before space flights began. Now you know, for example, that one "G" is the Earth's normal gravitational pull. This is what holds you to the seat of your chair - and more important, keeps you from being tossed into the air by the Earth'' rotation. You feel two or three G'' in a roller coaster or a stunting plane --a mere hint of what our astronauts have to endure during blast-off and acceleration. But gravity causes a lot of trouble and expense we seldom think about. Aircraft and rocket builders have to provide heavy engines, huge weight of fuel, just to offset gravity. In construction of buildings, bridges, and in a hundred other ways, G affects our lives and adds billions to the cost of work. Gravity control could reduce or end many of these problems. How soon can we expect antigravity?

Some researchers say it may take a long time. Others believe there may be a sudden breakthrough. If that happens, there will be some fantastic results. First, obviously, our space program would take a big leap forward. Instead of our present wasteful rockets, we could build spaceships matching the UFO's high speeds and maneuvers. With such advanced ships, we could make swift flights to the moon and the planets. Recently, Alexander de Seversky stated that "with abundant energy available, we will move in space with constant acceleration or deceleration. Accelerating half-way to our goal and decelerating the rest of the way at one G or 32.2 feet per second, the moon will be reached in three and a half hours, Venus in 36 hours, Mars in two days, Jupiter in six." According to Oberth, German physicist Burkhard Heim and other scientists, gravity control will enable spaceships to reach even greater speeds than these. With such advanced machines, we could explore the nearest star systems a century or more ahead of our present timetable. Using carrier or "parent" ships with short-range probes, we could fully explore a planet - either by remote control or direct observation - before attempting to land. Many cases are on record in which large UFO's have launched small units, apparently for close observation of the Earth, then retrieved them in swift, precise operations. In one such case (an official AF Intelligence report), groups of small UFO's flying at 5240 mph. were seen and tracked by the crew of an AF B-29. One group, after abruptly slowing to pace the bomber, resumed its speed within seconds. The small UFO's were then seen to merge with or go aboard a huge carrier which accelerated to more than 9,000 mph. before it disappeared. Because of G-crafts' tremendous speeds, the picture of possible military operations becomes hair-raising. Let's take as a basis the figure in a documented case at White Sands Proving Ground, where Navy scientists saw and tracked a UFO flying at 18,000 mph. Such terrific speed could put bombers back into the picture in place of missiles. Attacks by G-bombers from bases near major targets would take less than five minutes. If a "rush-fire" war broke out halfway around the world, a huge G-transport carrying a fully armed division - or even an army - could be on the scene in 40 minutes, or less. Another effect of gravity control will be a big change in air travel. Here's what a G-liner trip would be like, according to several researchers. Let's say you are making a flight from New York to London. You go aboard a large ship - probably disc-shaped, from present indications. Your seat has no safety belts - none are needed. The ship takes off vertically, accelerating at incredible speed. You feel weightless but you feel no motion. The airliner arcs up into a great circle course, silently, with no "bumps" - no rough air. In 10 to 15 minutes, London suddenly takes shape below. There is no long approach, skimming over rooftops. You descend vertically and land. If traffic is heavy, your pilot would stop the ship in midair and hover until cleared. In spite of the speed, you'd be safer - especially in regard to many of the strange eddies which have thrown jet airliners into uncontrollable dives.

In probing the riddle of gravity, project scientists try widely different approaches - some even contrary to accepted natural laws. Under an Army contract, a University of Detroit team has built a 4,000-pound, specially wired rotor which spins at 100,000 rpm. With this unique device, scientists are testing gravitational radiation theories searching for a possible key to G control. Using gravity meters based on new principles of physics, Air Force teams make frequent flights around the equator and over the poles, to speed up worldwide measurement of the Earth's gravitational pull. Tied in with this is a network of gravity stations and special projects all over the world. Though no breakthrough has occurred (unless in highly secret projects) two significant facts have been established. The Earth's G field is relatively weak, compared with the pull of gravity between planets and the sun. There is a connection between gravity and electromagnetic fields. Igo Sikorsky, discussing the colossal force of spatial G, says a steel cable about 8,000 miles thick would be needed to hold the Earth in its orbit --if it were not for gravity. But, fortunately for our anti-G search, the Earth's gravity pull, for objects on the ground or at average flight altitudes, is fairly small. Likewise, the force required to cancel its pull would be relatively small - if a method can be found. Using various barriers we can shield ourselves from the heat, light and sound waves. But, so far, no way has been found to create a gravity shield. Some scientists still call the gravity shield idea a "lunatic fringe" notion. But many now refuse to say that such a thing is completely impossible. Are UFO's using a gravity shield? In an effort to find out, the Air Force is renewing its attempts to capture a UFO. If we could get one on the ground, undamaged, it might make possible a big shortcut in our gravity research and save us years of slow, tedious scientific work. In the past, many Air Force pilots have tried to down UFO's, without success. But the Air Force has new reason for hope now, based on the recent increase in low-altitude UFO approaches and "touch landings." On the night of January 12, 1965, an officer of a federal law enforcement agency had a close encounter. As he was driving his official car toward Blaine Air Force Station, in Washington, a flying disc 30 feet in diameter hurtled down at his automobile. At the last moment the disc arced up steeply, avoiding collision. When the officer jumped out, he saw the UFO hovering overhead. After a minute, it shot up into clouds at high speed. A short time afterward, the UFO - or a similar one - was seen landing in a field near Blaine, melting the snow and scorching the ground before it took off. When the AF questioned the federal officer, they said they had tracked the UFO by radar as it raced down toward his car. This officer, like many other UFO witnesses, was warned by his superiors not to let his name be used in connection with the sighting. On January 25, 1965, two NASA engineers sighted a UFO which touch landed near Hampton, Virginia. One witness was Maj. John Nayadley, a retired AF jet pilot. The other was A. G. Crimmins, who saw the strange machine maneuvering toward the ground.

"It was zigzagging as if searching for a landing spot," said Crimmins. "I watched it through 20 x 50 binoculars and I could see flashing lights. They appeared to be on the rim of a rapidly rotating disc." Before anyone could reach the spot, the flying disc took off and rapidly climbed out of sight. The step-up in UFO chases was demonstrated at Washington, D.C., on January 11, 1965, when AF jets pursued several flying objects over the city. The chase was confirmed by an Army lieutenant-colonel and a group of Army communications specialists. If jets had been near any of the "touch" sites, they might have swarmed down and kept the UFO from getting away. But records of previous attempts to capture UFOs indicate it will be a tough job. Whether we capture a UFO or not, the search for the elusive secret will go on. The connection between gravity and electromagnetic fields may provide the key to the mystery. For several years, Burkhard Heim, director of the German Research Institute of Field Physics at Goettingen, Germany, has been searching for the answer to the gravity riddle. Finally, Heim revealed that by direct experimentation he had discovered a positive lead to antigravity. The discovery involved an intermediate field, neither electromagnetic nor gravitational. The results, Heim stated, if applied to space flight, would be direct levitation, conversion of electricity into kinetic energy without any waste, and "immunizing the occupants and the structures of such vehicles against any effects from acceleration of the vehicle, however great and violent." After the first shock, several scientists examined Heim's claims. "His approach is not in conflict with known laws of nature, and it agrees with the quantum theory," A.R. Weyl said in an analysis for the British magazine, Aeronautics. "If Heim were right, the amazing properties commonly ascribed to the mysterious flying saucers' would be, in fact, sound physics and proper engineering." Heim's work toward the goal of an actual antigravity device using "field inducers" has evidently been put under official German security. He has refused to divulge the key to his formula. Heim's findings would indicate that antigravity researchers may discover new scientific laws and that their work may invalidate old theories. Some scientists are already saying privately that Einstein's famous "general theory of relativity" may turn out to be totally fallacious. Newton's law has also come in for attacks. However, Robert Forward, G expert of Hughes Aircraft Company, uses the Einstein theory to show that it is possible to partially nullify the Earth's gravitational field. The amount of nullification obtainable with present-day technology is extremely small, however. Forward predicts that some day, when our technology is greatly advanced, we will be able to "create artificial gravity fields at will." With a real all-out effort this could happen a lot sooner than the 10 or 20 years many scientists have in mind. But getting enough top men to work in the field is a problem. One scientist says, "Scientists are

sensitive about their reputations and many of them still think antigravity is a joke. If they knew the facts, they'd be eager to get into it." Fear among scientists is partially due to the Air force censorship of UFO reports. Air force censors not only hide the facts but also belittle those who publicly report UFO sightings. One recent victim was Dempsey Bruton, chief of satellite tracking at NASA's Wallops Island station in Virginia. On January 5, 1965, Bruton saw a strange round object flying at terrific speed toward the station. After it passed overhead, the UFO shot straight up out of sight. Using the elapsed time - six to nine seconds - and angles and times reported by other witnesses, Bruton said the speed was definitely "several thousand miles per hour, possibly 8,000 mph. or even higher." The AF, implying he was incompetent, rejected the report and said it was not evidence of any technically superior machine. But AF policy notwithstanding, the drive to get the secret of antigravity is well underway. It can't be stopped now. But it can be speeded up. We are already spending billions on the space program - on the race to the moon, to Mars. Harnessing gravity could put us years ahead and save us enormous sums of money. With control of the universe at stake, a crash program is imperative. We produced the A-bomb, under the huge Manhattan Project, in an amazingly short time. The needs, the urgency today are even greater. The Air Force should end UFO secrecy, give the facts to scientists, the public, to Congress. Once the people realize the truth, they would back - even demand - a crash G program. For this is one race we dare not lose. - Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe

by Chris Stonor
October 2000 [This article had been read and approved by Dr Wolf before his death]

American scientist Dr Michael Wolf claimed he was a member of the satellite government for over 25 years. He attained a very high 'Above Top Secret' clearance level and worked primarily on joint ET/human scientific projects. He died on September 18th, 2000 from cancer after a long period of ill-health. During his final years he spent time talking to various journalists about the UFO and ET cover up. His bosses at the National Security Council (NSC) gave him permission to 'generate a controlled leakage of secret information'. As Dr Wolf commented, "I look forward to the day when the secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial contact ends so that our race can move forward to the next phase of its history - now cosmic in scale." As is standard practice these superiors have erased almost all his records such as the universities he attended; degrees gained; and his involvement with the CIA, NSA and NSC. Such measures are common for people working in unacknowledged 'special access programs' as their bosses must maintain plausible deniability in case a sensitive unauthorized disclosure occurs. Dr Wolf said he worked in laboratories at Area 51, S4, Wright-Patterson Airforce base (Foreign Technology Division), Indian Springs and Dulce. Where for five years, "I met with extraterrestrial beings every day in my work and shared living quarters with them." He served as a scientific consultant for the American President and NSC on ET related matters. He was a member of MJ12 special studies group and appointed head of its leading agency - the Alphacom Team - which specializes in gathering information on the different ET races. Dr Wolf said he had an MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc. in computer sciences. The UFO community were first alerted to Dr Wolf by the publication of his highly original and unique book 'Catchers of Heaven' in July 1996. A book primarily about his experiences while working for the satellite government. Since then prominent researchers like James Courant, Michael Hesemann, Dr Steven Greer, Art Bell and Bruce Burgess have been knocking on his door. It took '15 years of persuasion' before his bosses finally allowed him to publish. But their conditions stated that this book must be fictionalized and to have three different denials at the beginning concerning its authenticity. They also reviewed 'Catchers of Heaven' before publication. He commented, "I would like on my gravestone the words, 'He died of red tape'." While some of Dr Wolf's claims may sound pure science fiction, if genuine, then he is probably the highest ranking member of the satellite government to come forward so far - offering us an extraordinary insight - a tantalizing glimpse - into the UFO cover up and ET reality.

The first US crash/retrieval of an ET craft occurred during 1941 in the ocean west of San Diego. Retrieved by the navy, dead Zeta Reticulans, alias the 'Greys', were found inside. Craft and bodies were taken to the Foreign Technology Section at Wright-Patterson Airforce base in Dayton, Ohio, and studied by the Retfours Special Studies Group. After dismantling the craft parts were sent to S4 and Indian Springs in Nevada. This craft crashed due to the recently invented pulse radar being tested on the nearby Tinian island, located three miles south/south west of Saipan. The US navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters since. The Roswell Crash during July 1947 did happen and that the account in Colonel Corso's book 'The Day after Roswell' is accurate. Dr Wolf had, in his possession, the official satellite government ET crash/retrieval list and while others occurred between 1941 and '47 he was not willing to offer examples. Two craft crashed at Roswell after colliding with each other during an electrical storm. One contained 'Greys' the other 'Orange' ETs - both named due to the color of their skin. The 'Orange' types come from the Andromeda star system. The Santilli autopsy film is genuine - Dr Wolf had seen other similar footage - and is an autopsy of an 'Orange' ET. There were two different autopsies being carried out on two different ET beings during the same period - hence the confusion. The autopsy on the 'Orange' ET revealed that it had a very large head; big dark eyes with no irises or whites; six digits on hands and feet; the brain has four lobes; is more developed and connected with no corpus callosum; different optic orbs and nerves; and a sponge like digestive system. Dr Wolf said he'd met one alive. There are different types of 'Greys'. He worked alongside highly evolved ones which had, contrary to present opinion, personalities and even a sense of humor. Dr Wolf never met a 'Grey' whom he disliked. To him they were family. These 'Greys' enjoyed hugging and kissing humans. This upset some of his colleagues. One nicknamed them 'kissey facey'. Their smooth and soft bodies feel like dolphin skin to touch. He communicated with these ETs through telepathy. Dr Wolf became especially friendly with one called Kolta. A picture of this 'Grey' is on the front cover of his book - an actual photograph taken by an admiral friend. There is active trading between the 'Greys' and 'Oranges'. Dr Wolf said, "Trading has a different meaning for ETs. They share knowledge like technology and philosophy and send their people to each other's planet to learn the culture." He had conversed with human looking ETs from the Pleiades and Altair star systems nicknamed the Nordics and Semitics. Dr Wolf explained they are very spiritual people and act more as galactic counselors. A photograph of a Pleiadian friend called Sa Ra adorns the back cover of his book. On May 1st, 1975, a 'little misunderstanding' occurred between the 'Greys' and humans at S4. During a demonstration of a small anti-matter reactor the head ET asked the guards, Blue Beret soldiers, to remove their rifles and bullets from the room. A safety precaution so these weapons wouldn't accidentally discharge during the energy emissions. The guards refused and in the ensuing commotion a Blue Beret opened fire and killed a 'Grey'. Two scientists and 41 military personnel were then terminated. One guard was allowed to live - testifying that the 'Greys' used a form of directed mental energy at them in self defense.

A number of the scientists presently working for the satellite government were abducted when children by the 'Greys' so their intelligence and general brain capacity could be increased in preparation for the work ahead. They are hybrids. His first major assignment was working alongside Carl Sagan and other top scientists their job to understand the intricacies of a huge ET beacon dubbed The Monolith - first discovered floating out in space by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and American Alan Shephard during 1961. It was eventually brought back for investigation in 1972. Dr Wolf described it as 'postcards from the rim'. The Monolith emits both light and tone signals along with a mathematical language. On closing your eyes, while tuned into these signals, "You see in your mind's eye a 3D film of the Galaxy. But you are actually there as if part of this film. The images being seen today by the Hubble telescope are the same ones I saw 25 years ago." Dr Wolf said there are many Monoliths out in space and were devised by a group of ET races. Carl Sagan consistently denied the ET reality because his superiors, "Threatened to cut off the funding to his department at Cornell University if he said otherwise." He was involved in various genetic experiments - one being the Sentinel Project. After perfecting cloning techniques on animals Dr Wolf and his associates successfully created an artificially-intelligent human named 'J-Type Omega' - their superiors wanted a superbright, superpowerful soldier who would follow orders without fear or question. But Dr Wolf surreptitiously programmed ethics into its intelligence after realizing that 'J Type' had a soul. When the being refused to kill a harmless dog his superiors ordered its termination. Instead, Dr Wolf set 'J Type Omega' free. This 'intelligence' is presently living somewhere in America. MJ12 does exist and now has 36 members. He was reluctant to divulge names although confirmed that former American Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger and father of the hydrogen bomb, Edward Teller, are present members. MJ12 regularly meet at various secret locations including the Batelle Memorial Institute at Columbus, Ohio. The Sentinel Project involved a close association with the 'Greys'. The ETs vast knowledge on genetics being essential for its success. 'J Omega' was grown in a water tank from an embryo. Part of the DNA used came from Dr Wolf. It took exactly one year before he was ready to be 'awoken'. Dr Wolf said, "When taken from the tank he looked around 20 years old." When 'J' awoke, "He was like a puppy dog - his mind a vacuum. He asked question after question. He wanted to know everything." Dr Wolf showed him film reels about Earth's past wars and conflicts. "He cried when he saw these horrific images. In hindsight I showed him too much." He learnt several different languages and could use 50% of his brain - unlike the mere 10% harnessed by humans. "When his mental abilities were tested his IQ shot off the map." Their relationship was like father and son. Harvesting of animal tissue, through the so-called 'Cattle Mutilations', is to produce organelles - specialized parts of a cell that resemble and function like an organ - which can be placed into humans for filtering out pollutants from the air, water, food etc... Present experimentation is being carried out on the hybrids - part Zeta/part human - or 'In-Betweens' as Dr Wolf called them. These organelles can also be used to alter the body's hormones and for changing precursors in the brain from being toxic to non-toxic. "These cells are minute and a noninvasive procedure." Cattle genetics are very similar to humans.

When Dr Wolf's superiors ordered 'J Omega's' termination, with the help of a general friend, he smuggled him out of Area 51. "To me it felt like a sin to create a being with emotions and a soul and then send him into battle." 'J' is safe and well. Several organelles were placed in his body to keep him disease free. "He knows who he is and how he was created. 'J' is almost identical to a human and would easily pass a medical examination." The Zetas were pleased with the result. " 'J' told me he wished to become a teacher." Dr Wolf believed this was a one-off project. "I told him never to contact me. It's too dangerous." He briefed four different American presidents on the ET reality. Jimmy Carter was keen to end the UFO cover up but when told of the religious implications he backed down. "I attended this meeting. Carter had strong Christian beliefs. When told that religion is manmade and probably unique to this planet he broke down in tears." Both Ronald Reagan and George Bush are very knowledgeable on the ET reality especially Bush, being former head of the CIA. Bill Clinton was the least aware. He knows of Area 51 but not S4. "Clinton has 'Above Top Secret' and 'Need to Know' clearances but does not have the 'Umbra Ultra Top Secret Clearance' which gives access to upper level MJ12 secrets and 'Keystone Clearance' for information on ET research." Many people in MI5, MI6 and the SAS are aware of the ET reality. While reluctant to give names of those he briefed at Downing Street, when staying in London he became good friends with former Conservative cabinet and defense minister Sir Malcom Rifkind. "Rifkind is very knowledgeable on the UFO subject - especially the flying triangular craft. He believes the cover up is correct. That people are not ready to be told yet." The Queen has been superficially told of the ET reality - Margaret Thatcher was also briefed but knows just a small part of the story. We unofficially landed on the moon before 1969 although he wouldn't give a date. "Our astronauts were observed then communicated with by ETs while on the Moon. We were warned off the planet. That's why the last Apollo mission was cancelled at the last second. The astronauts are dying to tell the truth but know it could be interpreted as treason." NASA has played an integral role in the UFO cover up. They have been designated as one of the primary organizations to eventually tell the world about the ET reality. Richard Hoagland is primarily correct concerning structures on Mars and confirms that we have bases on both this planet and the Moon. The recent Face on Mars photograph, which shows a very different image from the previous one, has been doctored by NASA. "They believe humanity is not ready for this knowledge." In a chamber at Giza and another located between the paws of the Sphinx skeletons of 7 ft tall beings with large eyes have been discovered - their hands and legs chained together with silver. "For some reason early ET visitors could not break through silver." A Stargate has been discovered in a Giza pyramid. Investigating scientists believe it to be a lens which creates wormholes to any part of the universe. It hasn't been activated yet. "We need to know a lot more about this Galaxy and others before using it - where you want to go and how to prepare yourself. It's about what you dial in. Co-ordinates have to be established. The problem is there are no traffic signs out in space." Dr Wolf felt this will be one of the last projects we'll learn about through our association with the ETs.

He personally pioneered a mental expansion process called The Gateway treatment. An experiment to, "Open the brain up - a way to stimulate the neurons allowing billions of synapses to form and therefore use of a vastlincreased mind." One off-shoot is an ability to telepathically communicate with the ETs. This mental expansion developed into a series of mind control experiments under the name MK ULTRA. Dr Wolf and colleagues learnt how to extract as well as repress human memories. The latter is called Mind Capping. "These techniques are not as effective as the ET methods." This also lead to research on remote viewing and other psychic phenomena. "The end result of all these experiments may be an attempt by some at world mind control - a chilling thought." There is a group of impotent, xenophobic and paranoid generals, charged with the protection of American skies, who fear and hate the ETs and are waging war against them. Called the Cabal they use Star Wars weaponry including a neutral particle beam to shoot down ET craft and imprison survivors while attempting to extract information by force. "The very technology the ETs gave us is now being used against them." Despised by many within the satellite government this Cabal also use aggressive methods against those who try to end the UFO cover up. A concern being that this aggression will intensify as the big announcement draws ever closer. Leading UFO researchers and members of the satellite government who are presently helping to end the cover up may have been zapped by psychotronic directed energy devices owned by the Cabal. People like Dr Steven Greer and assistant Shari Adamiak (CSETI); Congressman Steve Schiff; USAF Col. Steven Wilson (former head of crash/retrieval unit Project Pounce); Dr Michael Wolf himself; his primary unnamed CIA superior; plus others have either recently died or are suffering from cancer related illness. Coincidence? Through his genetic experiments he found that some humans, including himself, have ET gene markers. "Many people who are actively involved in the UFO field will probably have these genes." Several different confederations of ETs are visiting us. They include: The Alliance consisting of human looking beings from the Altair Aquila and Pleiades star systems The Corporate made up of various 'Grey' races from the Zeta Reticuli system The Federation of Worlds which include an unspecified number of different ET groups from the universe The United Races of Orion which consist of various beings from that star system. These confederations are also inter-linked with each other In a treaty, signed by The Corporate, there's an 'Above Top Secret' United Nations ruling which states that no Zeta is allowed to walk amongst the public and be seen by them. Unfortunately, Dr Wolf's friend, Kolta, strayed into a 'no go zone' and was shot by a soldier. He found the wounded 'Grey' hiding in his apartment. "I concealed Kolta in my bedroom closet minutes before members of the CIA appeared at my door. I managed to act innocent and sent them away." Dr Wolf called a doctor friend who knew about these ETs. "We managed to save Kolta's life. Lead is toxic to Zetas. So he would have died of lead poisoning from the bullet rather than the actual wound."

Proposals for the announcement have been postponed three times - partly due to the S4 incident in 1975 which halted negotiations with the 'Greys' and partly to the huge religious and world economy implications. The recent Life on Mars admission is the foundation for future revelations. Dr Wolf said that major disclosures will occur between 2001 and 2005. The Vatican are especially worried over these forthcoming announcements. They have asked the American government to hold back, especially on the religious question, so there is more time for them to prepare. Dr Wolf said the Pope has changed the Roman Catholic view on God. "Their future line will be 'we are not in the image of God but our souls are'." He had spoken at length to the ETs about God and death. "Our bodies are merely containers for the soul. When people die their consciousness simply moves into another dimension." On God Dr Wolf said, "Some ETs call God The Forever - the creator behind everything in the universe." On Jesus Christ , "He was of joint ET/human heritage - sent to Earth as an attempt to end human violence." Whether a Zeta, Pleiadian, Altaran, Human etc.. we share the same God - we are all family. Dr Strecker's published research report, identifying HIV/AIDS as caused by a man-made virus, is correct. The satellite government has discovered that viruses are crystalline in structure and using the correct frequency can destroy them. The US had in their possession a 'Grey', dubbed EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity), as a prisoner/guest from 1948 until its death in 1953. Scientists initially used pictographs as a form of communication. Albert Einstein had met and worked alongside the 'Greys'. Some ETs occasionally eat vegetation, fruits or vegetables. Their digestive systems are far more efficient than ours absorbing and processing thoroughly. They mainly absorb energy from the air. Visits to the toilet are not required! Earth is one of the few planets which doesn't control its weather. One reason why ET ships crash during extremes of climate - especially those using gravity propulsion. Dr Wolf says, "Their craft are no different to boats in a violent storm - bobbing up and down on large rolling gravity waves. To counteract these difficulties some ETs surround their ships with plasma energy or fly inter-dimensionally through a storm." A planet is a living entity with its own consciousness. ETs commune with their planet to create a harmonious relationship. Dr Wolf says, "Some planets grow buildings of pure silicon for the inhabitants out of unconditional love. I have seen and held this silicon. I have also witnessed Zetas communicate with Earth." ETs are astounded by how badly we treat Earth. They can't understand why we wish to destroy it. How multi-nationals can continually rape this planet through greed and avarice. One of the Alphacom Team missions is to determine whether, "We can use the ETs technology to restore Earth to its former pristine state of natural balance." Technology gained from the ETs include: LEDs superconductivity

computer chips fiber optics lasers gene-splicing therapy cloning night-vision equipment Stealth technology particle beam devices aerospace ceramics gravity control flight ETs like many things about humans. Dr Wolf explained, "They especially love our great imagination and creativity along with the ability to have profound dreams. But they would like to speed up our spiritual evolution." Many ETs who visit Earth are actual tourists. While we take holidays in other countries more advanced beings visit other worlds. "Compared to most planets Earth is almost unique with its vast diversity of nature, culture and inhabitants. As primitive planets go we are a popular attraction." Some ETs prefer living underground as they can control the environment to suit their needs. They also use electro-magnetic shielding where the molecules are so dense that nothing can get through. Dr Wolf hinted, "We still haven't explored the deep oceans or the inner crusts of Earth." Alphacom Team discovered that many human looking ETs are presently amongst us. He said, "They can breathe our air and on the street would look exactly like us." Around 1,000 Nordic types are living in Spain alone. A Nordic has a perfect and very sensitive looking face with few lines; blue eyes; usually blond hair; around 6 ft tall; very clean; no body odor; and mainly communicates telepathically. But while on Earth uses a small implanted voice-box to converse with humans. Their internal organs are fairly similar to ours although the digestive system is different. They don't need to eat every day. Their cells don't die because the genetics are dissimilar. They have a base on a French Polynesian island and walk freely amongst the inhabitants. Nordics have powerful minds. Dr Wolf said, "They can open a dimensional portal just through a single thought and physically disappear. I have seen this done. They live on a much higher plane than us. Thoughts are an energy and Nordics use a device, either worn or placed in a pocket, that amplifies this energy. They also harness crystals for the

same purpose." During one afternoon in 1990 an ET craft, escorted by F-16 fighters, landed on Puerto Rico, in a busy tourist area. The ETs stepped out and walked amongst the populace. Dr Wolf said, "It was an exercise to test the public reaction." The Mayor of this island wrote a letter to Bush stating, 'At first we were amused by all of the sightings but then people became distressed. What do I tell them?' The President passed this communication onto Dr Wolf. "It was stamped all over with the words T52-EXEMPT (E) which means this letter can never be declassified." While studying at MIT for his PhD in physics he discovered a new theory of wave particle duality which later developed into a neutral particle beam. Dr Wolf commented, "I had hoped and envisioned that this technology would be used for treating cancer. Instead it was used as a weapon as part of the SDI Programme (Star Wars)." The ETs told him, "All worlds in the Galaxy are connected. One Hiroshima atomic bomb can affect every different culture." They also explained, "Thought is energy. It can be received on other worlds. There is no galactic barrier." Mossad, Israel's intelligence organization, "has very good relations with the ETs especially the Semitics." There is a strong historical association with the country. The top secret space plane, The Aurora, runs on liquid methane and has anti-gravity on board. It carries an electromagnetic pulse weapons' system which can knock out tracking radar. This plane can also travel to the moon. Some military pilots are experimenting with mind control to guide advanced planes. Dr Wolf said, "Some ET craft are living conveyances which are able to divide and reform. These craft are also responsive to thought commands." The underground base at Area 51 is a sprawling city, the size of Rhode Island, which continues to grow and has a sister base called S4, some 12 miles away, and another named Indian Springs. It employs hundreds of civilian and military and has at least 8 different on-going black programmes along with an annual $2 billion budget. There's intense security outside with martial law inside and is patrolled by elite guards. Some scientists live at the base for 6 months at a time. While their bedrooms are basic the ETs live in their own magnificently designed apartments. There are also shopping malls, military style shops and leisure areas including swimming pools, gymnasiums and basket ball courts. The food is excellent. Satellite government scientists have successfully created zero point energy and cold fusion. "There needs to be a smooth transition into these new sciences. Otherwise the world economy could be wrecked."

BY Paola Harris It is impossible to look into the eyes of Dr. Michael Wolf which are jet black and appear to be lacking a center pupil and not coin a totally new

term for this extraordinary man, "Mesoalien." Notizario UFO Staff writer Adriano Forgione and i fIew to Connecticut on August 8th 1998 to see for ourselves what this scientist with a most unusual blood chemistry (Cholesterol 933 ;Triglicerides 3769) looked like. It was then that he took a flashlight and showed us his dark green pupils. Dressed in Doctor's scrubs, which to some mistakenly appear as pajamas, Dr. wolf is indeed a medical doctor, and a neurologist. He has a house full of medical encyclopedias, two electron microscopes , several computers , glass chemistry tubes , an oscilloscope and other various asundry articles. For those UFOlogists who say he lacks credentials , I can add that Adrianno and 1 saw them accidentally because we knocked on his door an hour earlier than we were supposed to and he did not have time to take them down. He has an Md. in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a DSC in Computer Intelligence, a J D in International Law, an MS.. in the Electromagnicatic Magnetic Field's ( EM) influence on organisms, and a B.S in Biogenetics. The problem is that most of these degrees were earned in the government's secret " black Operations" program and those participating Universities have canceled him from their records. Previously Dr. Wolf has served as a scientific consultant to the President ( including Clinton, we saw the "thank you letter on the wall), and consultant to the National Security Council on extraterrestrial matters and a member of the Majestic(Mj- 12), Ufosecrecy management agency's. Special Studies Group, and has been in charge of its lead agency the Alphacom Team. He is a respected member of the New York Academy of Sciences and American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS )and has been a member for many years. He has served as an Air Force Colonel. pilot, flight surgeon and counter-intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He is a genius with a great sense of humor and an enormous love for " mankind' especially the children of planet Earth. But there are those of my colleagues who call him totally" crazy". "Crazy like a fox ", says Michael, laughing with that most infectious, Dr Wolf told me he worked undercover with Federico Fellini as an extra on the film " 8 1/2' and he lived at the " Sporting hotel in Parioli (which does exist ) and, as Corso often did, Michael could name the names of the portiere (Doorman) and most of his friends in Rome. The first thing i noticed as i looked on his living room wall in Connecticut in August was the old faded photos of Fellini Claudia Cardinale and Marcello Mastroianni as

studio Technicians wrapped a very young handsome dark-haired Michael in a white sheet as part of a movie stunt. I might add he is still a very handsome man who stands about 61 but now has gray hair and, due to the fact that he has also contracted diabetis which he adds to his list of many ailments, he is extremely thin. Another set of criteria that I use to determine a person's credibility which I also learned from Col. Corso and many other military figures that I have interviewed lately including my own father, who served under Mussolini as a Cavalry officer in 1943, is that these men repeat themselves and tell the exact same story dozens of times. In the case of the Colonel , I must have heard his war stories at least twenty times and he never changed a detail because he TRULY entered that dimension as he retold the event. Wolf also repeats himself often never changing the details in the slightest way, even if I often , question him intensley asking for more details, dates etc.. I have over 20 taped conversations with him and he is very crystal clear about events and he gets very irritated and does not hesitate to correct me if I make the slightest mistake about any of his experiences as is evidenced when I said he worked at S4 "Indian lakes facility" instead of "Indian Springs" as it truly called. But then Dr. Wolf's philosophy, his third commandment if you will, is " forgive people before they injure you because they are most surely going to do it". Dr. Wolf uses a precise scientific vocabulary and he assumes that the listener is intelligent and knowledgeable. From my own experience, I will also add "cultured" as he often speaks about his love for the painter Italian Modigliani whom he imitated when he painted a nude on his laboratory door. He assumes the listener or reader can easily make the logical connections because our minds work like his( he has an 200 IQ). The truth is that we are not all wired like him and. this is perhaps the greatest problem with a " mesoaliens" , these very spiritually asstute technologically advanced people, call them " hybrids" if you will, that they wrongly assume that we are on their level while they are attempting to communicate to us and help us to unravel the ongoing mystery of our intergalactic / Inter dimensional contact, our roots , perhaps even our history. Michael adds that in his capacity as diplomatic interface for the US government with the extraterrestrials, that they do not possess a duality and they take things quite literally and do not try to confuse us as our government often does.

So how does one speak with an Alien or even a " mezoalien" , a scientist with an intense sensitivity for his fellow man, who possess a genuine emotional love that Adrianno and 1 truly felt when we were in his presence ; a man who understands the workings of atoms , particles, subatomic physics and galaxies of the universe and who sees everything as connected and created and manifested by the CreatorSource whom he does call God? Perhaps, this marvelous creature, this man, this" meso alien "is also in the state of evolution creating more synapes from the dendrites and exons in his own brain and joining ever more his amazing mind to his own soul or just maybe he has always been this way. In any case, Dr. Wolf reminds us there should never have been this split between the old science and our spirituality, a dichotomy between the physical and metaphysical worlds. We, humans have split ourselves in two and now it is time to get it together. We will have to fight to join again this dual nature as we leave the 4th world of advanced technology and enter the 5th dimension of Spiritual growth as the Hopi prophesies tell us. It is quite ironic, and certainly not surprising that , Dr. Wolf has been invited to speak by the Native Americans (Standing Elk) at the Famous Sedona Star Conference this November 22nd, an event which will unite many Indian tribes and Ufologists in a continuing dialogue about the forth coming Earth Changes. All this while the outside world continues to deny that Dr. Michael Wolf Exists. I once asked Wolfs friend, Clinical psychologist and UFO researcher Dr. Richard Boylan how Dr. Wolf can stay loyal to his country and be so intensely committed to saving the planet. How can these two ideas coincide?" Dr. Wolf sees no intellectual contradictions here , he replied. He excels at straddling difficult boundary lines. " Richard Boylan is right.

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