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of Tank, Hopper & Vessel Weighing Assemblies

Interchangeable capacities from 3.5 to 100 tonnes. Easy to install and maintain. Added strength for extra safety. Design eliminates the need for tie rods, and stay bars. Integral jacking bolts for fast and easy installation. Designed for harsh environments. Low profile design. Fabricated, nylon coated assembly for exceptional durability. Very competitively priced. Full Sealing - Up to IP68. Five year warranty. CE Approval. Optional - CENELEC/BASEEFA certification EEx ia IIC T6. Optional - Stainless steel construction.

The Safemounts unique design ensures safe, simple and accurate weighing. Hopper, Vessel and Tank weighing now made easier and safer than ever before.

SAFEMOUNT RANGE Specifications Full Scale Output: 2mV/V Nom Creep (in 20 minutes): 0.05% max Nonlinearity: 0.05% max Hysteresis: 0.05% max Non-Repeatability: 0.05% max Max Operating Temp: +73C Min Operating Temp: 10C SELECTION GUIDE BY PART NUMBER Capacity Plated tool steel cell plastic Stainless cell + plastic coated mild steel assembly coated mild steel assembly 3500kg 5000kg 10000kg 15000kg 20000kg 30000kg 40000kg 50000kg 60000kg 80000kg 100000kg AW310/03500 AW310/05000 AW310/10000 AW310/15000 AW310/20000 AW310/30000 AW310/40000 AW310/50000 AW310/60000 AW313/03500 AW313/05000 AW313/10000 AW313/15000 AW313/20000 AW313/30000 AW313/40000 AW313/50000 AW313/60000 AW313/80000 AW313/10400 Safe Overload: Output Resistance: Zero Balance: Supply Voltage: Max Voltage: Insulation Resistance: 150% 700 30 1% FS 6-12 volts (DC or AC) 15V >2000 M All units in mm C D E

Stainless cell + stainless assembly AW315/03500 AW315/05000 AW315/10000 AW315/15000 AW315/20000 AW315/30000 AW315/40000 AW315/50000 AW315/60000 AW315/80000 AW315/10400








300 500

200 350

145 250

240 420

140 250

25 30

25dia 32dia

The Loadcells for the above can be certified by BASEEFA to EEx ia IIC T6 under certificate number BAS99ATEX2067
For BASEFFA Certified product add X at the end of the part no. e.g. AW310/0500X



E Load cell colour code red + excitation excitation blue green + signal yellow signal

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