Water Erodes, and Gravity Flattens . . . but Life.

s Molecules are 3-Dimensional in Every Way, Every One of the Trillions of Them Having Height and Width Above and Below and to the Side of All the Others, a Positioning Not Possible From Matter Left to Itself Given the Flattening Effect of Gravity and the Erosion of Water: Only A Creator Assembling It So Could Explain It In relation to recent rain and floods, many like to use the phrase "a flood of Biblical proportions". But they have no concept of the proportions of "Noah.s Flood", which is more aptly called God.s Cataclysm, or the Bible.s Genesis Mabbul (from the Hebrew "Mabbul" for Cataclysm) in Moses Genesis Record, or the Mabbul Cataclysm of Moses Genesis Record). It involved the explosion of all the sea floors blasting the sediments of the ocean floor into gigantic flows through the waters; and with the sea-floor supports of the continental slopes destroyed, the continental slopes could only break down, exposing the then continents to continued the erosive waves propelled by continued volcanic destruction for 5 months. That is in the record the Biblical event recorders preserved for us through times when all they had for accomodations was animal skin tents. Think about how hard that was to do, and appreciate what they did for us. I would love to get this into video, if anyone has the technology, and the skill, like Steven Speilberg, to do it. Short of video, this page sets it forth pretty well. Geologists say there is a piece of the North American continent near North Carolina/Virginia which used to be part of a continent in the area of Africa. In other words, that piece of continent does not match contours & features with North America, but with that region of what is now Africa. This is a view of what happened in Noah.s Flood (God.s Cataclysm, the (Hebrew) Mabbul of Moses Genesis Record) which explains that finding. The Bible says in Genesis 6 that God.s Cataclysm (so-called "Noah.s Flood") was caused by the all-out explosive simultaneous eruption of every possible break in the ocean floor ("ALL the fountains of the great deep exploded" means every possible fissure of the ocean floor broke up - and ALL THE FOUNTAINS OF THE GREAT DEEP means EVERY FOUNTAIN EVERYWHERE THROUGHOUT THE OCEANS ... and as Early Fountains exploded that created more fissures (more fountains) and more fissures (more fountains) and more fissures (more fountains). The text says the breaking up of the sea floor in explosive eruptions sent the waters higher and higher for 5 solid months, and how else can we account for the fact the waters kept rising but that the fountains of the sea floor kept exploding? First every vent of the sea floors exploded, then the continental shelves (now absent support from the demolished sea floors) broke up, and then, bit by bit, the continents (absent support from the crumbled continental shelves) themselves began to break up. All crumbled into the sea to become part of vast waves of sub-oceanic sediments entombing untold billions of dying living things, sediments which got fixed in place later as our continents re-formed. The initial rain from the heavens for 40 days was the least of the phenomena of the Cataclysm that Noah faced, and does not account for the fact that the waters kept rising for 5 months, as the rest of the report details. A fountain: what is it? Say you visit a spring in central Florida. You witness the up-bubbling of the spring, the fountain of the spring. It is the source of the upbubbling of the spring. The fountain is whatever source is up-bubbling and determining the height of the surface of the waters. The Book of Genesis, referring to "all the fountains of the Great Deep exploded (and kept exploding)" meant just that: every source of flow determining the height of the surface of the waters exploded and kept exploding. When Noah saw the up-bubbling of the waters (or heard them from inside the Ark), all he knew was that some source had erupted, explosively sending the waters higher and higher.

The only thing capable of explaining the continuing rise of the waters for 5 months until "all the high hills were covered" is that the universal volcanic action on the sea floor kept exploding the sea floor; "the fountains of the great deep" which all started exploding on one day, kept exploding for those 5 months, pushing the mud-filled waters higher, and higher, eroding first the edges of the continents (now without sea floor support), breaking them up, until all that was left was the inner portions of the continents, which again were without sea floor support, and were eroded and broken up, dissolving in portions into the thicker and thicker muddy waters." It was only after 5 months that the waters were allowed to begin to drain off the new agglomerations of sediments (lands), and our continents were allowed to begin to re-form. It took until the 11th month to for things to get settled enough for Noah to think it was time to send out a dove to see if it could find a place to rest. That was a Cataclysm, my friend. "All-out explosive simultaneous eruption of every possible break in the ocean floor" is the only way to summarize how Moses describes the event in Genesis Chapter 7, that key part of the Holy Bible wherein we are told that: "all the fountains of the Great Deep exploded (were broken up and burst forth)", and kept exploding for 5 solid months (the waters kept rising), i.e., every possible fountain of the Great Deep exploded and kept exploding. . . even as Moses writes: "And the waters prevailed mightily upon the earth" for 150 days. For 5 months the sea floor with its sediments dissolved in water by the eruptions kept rising and prevailed on the earth, i.e., progressively destroyed the continental slopes and then the prior continents), entombing the bodies of billions of sea creatures and other then-living things like the "big fellas", the Giant Genesis Creatures (the "dinosaurs") we find as fossils today. (Don.t be fooled by dates and claims of "millions of years". All that is based on assumptions that are impossible to support or defend. Who can say what were the original quantities materials spewed out of the core of the earth and ground up together in massive sedimentary flows? And "they" (the "evolutionary" materialists) totally mis-interpret the sedimentary banks which were produced by massive flows in a quick span of time:. they still twist those quickly deposited sedimentary banks into claims of millions of years. Poppycock.)

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