DECEMBER 2O12 Dear Mem&ers and friends,
At the end of December the Newsweek magazine I have read for thirty years will stop publication as a printed magazine. It will only continue as an online electronic edition. A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from my bank - they will no longer be in the business of selling the travelers checks I have used for the last forty years. These are just a couple of the many changes we must navigate. Now, sad as it may seem, the church leadership must impose similar changes. For many years we have sent a newsletter to church members and friends using what the Post Office calls "bulk mail". The bulk mail cost was only a fraction of the First Class mail, and we believed it was money well spent to keep people informed about our congregation. However, effective January 1, 2013 there are new postal regulations and pricing for bulk mail. Therefore at the November consistory meeting our leaders voted to discontinue mailing the newsletter to every member. The newsletter will continue in an abbreviated form and people will be able to access it through our website If you do not have internet access consider asking a friend or family member to print it off for you. Printed copies will also be available to be picked up after Sunday worship. Or members and friends can subscribe to the church newsletter and it will be mailed out First Class. We are naturally sad when comfortable and familiar routines are changed, but not all change is bad. This Christmas come and enjoy singing carols in our beautiful sanctuary. In the olden days people had to carry a little charcoal foot warmer as there was no heat in the church. Today, thanks to the generosity of members who help to pay the fuel bill, you will be warm and toasty. Come and celebrate Christmas at Longswamp United Church of Christ. 'Best wishes, Pastor Xatfiy


Consistory Corner
Another busy month has come and gone, and now the holidays are upon us! Your Consistory met on Monday, November 19th with a very full agenda. In keeping with the three identified key areas, we focused on the many building and maintenance issues (Stewardship), and made timely decisions regarding the storm damage from Hurricane Sandy to the roofs of the parsonage and Fegely Hall, among other things. Congregational Care & Nurturing was addressed through the formation of the survey you hopefully took at the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, December 2nd This survey was designed to allow the Consistory to get a clearer understanding of what the congregation's vision is for the church and surrounding campus, in light of the Walbert bequest. In addition, we discussed the use of the proceeds of the successful November Bazaar going towards care for shut-ins and outreach, and how we can increase our membership and attendance, with special attention to the Advent Season and the Christmas Eve services. Youth and Families was addressed through future planned events like caroling at the Topton Lutheran Home, Faith World, and the Global Gateway Program for our confirmands. So many great ideas! It has been an exciting year in the life of Longswamp UCC, with a lot being accomplished in a relatively short period of time. You have been a very dedicated and steadfast congregation... but there is still much to do. Get ready for another eventful year in 2013! Your service to your church will be needed in the months ahead. From your Consistory, we wish you the most blessed of Christmases. We hope you remember He is the Reason for the season, and we pray that you will continue to feel His comforting presence in the New Year and beyond. Merry Christmas! In Christ, Kim Jenkins

Sunday December 2 Advent 1 Sunday December 9 Advent 2 Sunday December 16 Advent 3 Sunday December 23 Advent 4

1O.-15 Scripture Jeremiah 33:1418, Luke 1:5-25 Birth of John is announced. Luke 1:26-38, Luke 1:57-80 Birth of Jesus is announced Malachi 3:1-5, Luke 3:1-18 John's message, Micah 5:2-5 Luke 1:39-55 Magnificat Isaiah 9:2-7 Luke 2:1-20 The birth of Jesus & shepherds' visit. Colossians3:1217, Matthew 2:112. Three Kings

ip December ZO12
Worship Notes FAITH WORLD education for children ages 3-12, Holy Communion, Annual Meeting Celebration of Saint Nicholas. Blessing of Phoebe Home gifts. Food Bank Items Needed Crackers, tuna, canned potatoes, baby formula, toilet paper, toothpaste, canned oranges Canned hamburger BBQ, Italian Wedding Soup, bath soap, instant oatmeal Rice, canned ham, cookies, shampoo, tooth brush, cream of celery soup, Hamburger Helper Pancake mix (complete), pancake syrup, condiments, juice, canned carrots, dish washer powder, canned turkey Please pray for families that are struggling to make ends meet, especiaily the homeless. Remember that Jesus was born in a stable. Potato flakes, gravy, baked beans, paper towels, dental floss, spam, lentil soup, Tuna Helper.


UCC Christmas Fund Special Offering Candlelight Worship, Holy Communion, Christmas music gift CD for each family. Congregational Hymn Sing. Please pick up your poinsettia.

Monday December 24 Christmas Eve 7pm & 11pm Sunday December 30

Do you like to share the beautiful sounds of Advent and Christmas with others? If so, mark your calendar for Friday. December 14. 2012 at 7PM. We're looking forward to taking a contingent from LUCC to the Henry Health Center at the Lutheran Home at Topton that evening to go Christmas caroling. After caroling, we will have some light refreshments. Please sign up on the sheets posted in the narthex, bell room, and outside Pastor Kathy's mailbox. For more information, please contact Jill Shade (610-3950970: Hope to see you there!

£j0fating qftfae ^.dvent *Wreatfa
During the Advent Season we will be including the Lighting of the Advent Wreath during each of our Sunday services as well as both services on Christmas Eve. Thus we encourage families to participate in doing so, especially those with young children. Please contact the church office to sign up for any of the following dates and we will get the information to you in advance. Sunday, Dec. 2: Weidman Family Sunday, Dec. 9: Nancy & Cindy Snyder and Allison Isamoyer Sunday, Dec. 16: Jenkins Family Sunday, Dec. 23: Monday, Dec. 24: 7pm: Jill & Vern Shade Monday, Dec. 24:11pm:

Assisting In Dur Warship...
*Communion Sunday

Dec. 16 - Amy Riovo & Jennifer Kressley Dec. 23 Dec. 30 - Mabry Family

*Dec. 2 - Dylan Weaknecht Dec. 9-KyleKoiler Dec. 16 - Barbara Weaknecht Dec. 23 - Dale Loch *Dec. 24 - 7pm - Don Siegfried llpm - Dylan Weaknecht Dec. 30 - Shirley Solt

Cost: Altar Flowers Bulletins

$35.00 $10.00

Please drop a note or call the church office or sign up on the charts in the Narthex if you would be interested in sponsoring altar flowers and/or bulletins for any of the open dates for 2012.

*Dec. 2 - Cindy Conrad & Sue McElrea Dec. 9 - Diane Shoemaker Dec. 16 - Ellie Long & Andrew Thomas Dec. 23 - Nancy & Cindy Snyder & Allison Isamoyer *Dec. 24 - 7pm - Vera & Jill Shade llpm Dec. 30 -






*Dec. 2 - None Needed Dec. 9 - Andrew Thomas Dec. 16 - Ellie Long Dec. 23 - Amy Riovo *Dec. 24 - 7pm - Valerie Jenkins llpm Dec. 30 - Barbara Weaknecht

*Dec. 2 - Erica Jones & Sarah Reed Dec. 9 - Diane Shoemaker & Kelly Fronheiser Dec. 16 - Marion Xiques Dec. 23 - Dawn & Skylar Strunk Dec. 30 - Cindy & Jake Learner

We are still in need of greeters for , . December'24* (11pm) & Dec. 30th & fellowship hosts for December 9th, 16th, & 23™ & 30th. Please contact Barbara Weaknecht by phone (610-682-2406) if you're willing to greet or host fellowship on any of the above listed dates. Your dedication to serving as greeters and/or hosting fellowship is greatly appreciated. Thank you for serving your church in this way!

*Dec. 2 - Friendship Discussion Hour Dec. 9 Dec. 16 Dec. 23 Dec. 30 -

December - Artena Unger & Laurie Heagy

If anyone is interested in donating food, beverages, or financial donation for fellowship on a specific Sunday, but not wanting to host it, please call the church office or talk to the Pastor.

*Dec. 2 - Allison Isamoyer Dec. 9 - Jenna Masenheimer Dec. 16 - Garrett Jenkins Dec. 23 - Nicholas Strunk *Dec. 24 - 7pm llpmDec. 30 - Trevor Learner FLOWER & BULLETIN SPONSORS; *Dec. 2 - Walbert Estate Dec. 9 - Jill & Vern Shade

Just a Reminder...
Anyone hosting fellowship or after church activities, please make sure that the church or Christian Ed building is locked, windows are closed, and lights turned off before leaving. Thank you.


- ^

.'- i

-rt>, *T* i . .< . • ^ -

Members and Friends Prayer List
Dec. 1 - Dean Shoemaker Dec. 4 - Doris Epting Dec. 7 - Jonathan Weidman Dec. 12 - Keegan Weller Dec. 13 - Diane Shoemaker & Kelly Fronheiser Dec. 14-Judy Koller Dec. 16-Ralph Riovo Dec. 17 -Zoe Rachor Dec. 19-Allison Hengst [As of newsletter preparation time] Active Military Members: PFC Michael Xiques Long-term Needs: Amy Roth, Alayna Biltcliff, Olivia Radcliffe, Niki Ferrizzi, Rev. William Thomas, Hope Distasio, Mark Grim, JoAnn Jones December Prayer Needs: Marianna Strunk [mother of Derek Strunk], Carter Zavadel [5yr old who is having spinal surgery], Kevin Thomas [local man in a medically-induced coma], John Cullen [Sarah Reed's dad], & Mary Neuenschwander [back surgery] Shut-ins: Ruth Hertzog, & Corinne Reppert [Lutheran Home, Topton]; Mary Conrad [Kutztown Manor]; Jean Rhode & Ruth Romig [Lewisburg]; Webster Heffner [Carlisle, PA]; Helen Schuler [Oakhurst, NJ]; Anna Delong, Caroline Delong, Catherine Miller, Anna Reppert, & Doris Weller [home] [Please give the Pastor a note with any special prayer needs]

Dec. 20-Willard Miller
Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 21 - Pamela Dierolf & Jacob Learner 27 - Linda Davis 29-Donald Grim, Jr 31 - Derek Strunk & Amber Seidel


12/03/1981 12/10/1960 12/10/1994 12/11/1982 12/14/1974 12/21/2004 12/24/1966 12/27/1986

Annabelle & Wayne Weller Doris & Carl Epting Jennifer & Michael Weidman Jill & Vern Shade Vickie & Rick George Nicole & Robert Wessner III Fran & Gail Zettlemoyer Kimberly & Reynolds Jenkins, Jr

Hospital ID Number:
Our hospital identification number for Lehigh Valley Area is #451 and for Reading Hospital is #802 Please use this number when entering the hospital. Also, make sure that a family member or friend contacts the church office to let us know when you are hospitalized.


For Your information
For parents with children up to and including age five, or at parent's discretion, a NURSERY is available in our Christian Education Building. There are BUSY BOXES available for use by the "young and the restless" located in the bookcase in the narthex. Please replace them after the worship service. WIRELESS HEARING DEVICES are available upon request from the Greeters. Always sign PEW PADS when in attendance and ESPECIALLY when you have communed Please use OFFERING ENVELOPES OR put offering envelope number on check.

Sunday, Dec. 2nd -FALL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING, Communion & Faith World Sunday, Dec. 9th - Dedication of Phoebe Home gifts & Prayer Shawls Tuesday, Dec. 11* - JANUARY Newsletter Articles are due!
Sunday, Dec. 23rd - The UCC Christmas Fund r

Offering Monday, Dec. 24th 7:00pm & llrOOpm Service of Carols, Candlelight & Communion Tuesday, Dec. 25th - Office Closed Sunday, Dec. 30th - Hymn Sing Monday, Dec. 31st - Office Closed Tuesday, Jan. 1st - Office Closed MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Church Family Notes
>aptisms Baptism of Julianna Marie George took place on November 4th. Julianna is the daughter of Jennifer and Arthur George & little sister to Anthony. She was born on June 27th. Elissa & Christopher Shannon are her godparents. Congratulations and God's Blessings as they live and grow in the exciting years to come. PLEASE WELCOME THE "KOWALCHUK FAMILY": Dana, Christopher (who was confirmed here), Tyler Santoro (confirmand), Alexander, & Collin. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To everyone that helped in any way at the bazaar! Everyone's passion, energy, and positive attitudes made apparent that whatever work you had to do, you worked heartily, as for the Lord and not for men. (paraphrased from Colossions 3:23) To all of the co-ordinators of the bazaar... Chris Freudig, Dawn Weller, Shirley Solt, Bob Friedly, Jennifer Loch, Nancy Snyder, Sarah Reed, Andrew Thomas, Ellie Long And to the many hands that made music, baked, cooked, shopped, set-up, cleaned up, served, did dishes, made signs, did blood pressure screenings, and everything else we couldn't have done it without you! It was truly an event of the congregation for the benefit of Loaves & Fishes and LUCC Family Ministries fund. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do! Many blessings, Tina Cirafesi, Bazaar-Chair

LUCC Family & Endowment Committee, I wanted to thank you for the generous scholarship money presented to me earlier this fall. These funds allowed me to purchase text books for this semester's courses. Much love, Dylan Weaknecht Pastor Brearley, Kim Jenkins, & Congregation, We wanted to extend our sincere gratitude for making Julianna's baptism a special day for us. Everything was beautiful and we wanted to thank you for the crocheted blanket and flower too! It is so reassuring to know that while we are unable to worship every Sunday, we are always welcomed with open arms and felt right at home when we are able to attend. It truly means a lot to our family. Love Art, Jennifer, Anthony, & Julianna George Longswamp UCC Church Prayer Shawl Committee and Congregation, Thank you so very much for the beautiful prayer shawl I received. It was so very kind and thoughtful of your prayer shawl committee and congregation. After my hospitalizations, it was so spirit lifting and heartwarming to know you are cared for and thought about. Thank you again for your kindness. Also, thank you to Jen Loch for delivering my shawl. God Bless, Christt Hill Prayer Shawl Ministry members, Words alone cannot express our sincerest gratitude to you for the beautiful brown prayer shawl you made for my father, Dennis Schaeffer, after his mowing accident this past July. He has used it so many times to help keep him warm. (He is always cold!). He has told me many times how much he uses it and greatly appreciates your thoughtfulness as he recovers. He's been home from the Lutheran Home at Topton for a month now and getting around isn't extremely easy for him. I know he feels your blessings every time he uses it. Thank you again so much for your generous gift of the prayer shawl you presented to my father this past August. In Christian love, Jill Shade

Mark your calendar and plan to attend: Longswamp UCC Leadership Retreat At The Henry Health Care Center, Lutheran Home, Topton Saturday January 26th 2013 from 8:30 am - 3 pm (Lunch Provided) Speaker: Rev Joanne Marchetto (St. John's UCC, Fogelsville)
Rev. Marchetto is a participant in Target 2030: Next Generation Leadership Initiative, a 20-year focus by The United Church Board of Ministerial Assistance (UCBMA), on energizing and sustaining younger, emerging United Church of Christ local church pastors, believing that healthy, catalytic pastors lead to healthy, vibrant congregations. We will be working with Rev. Marchetto on how to be an energetic and spiritually dynamic congregation. More information about Target 2030 may be found at Watch out for more retreat details. Registration is required so we can prepare enough materials. Please sign up on the sheet outside the church office.

Ann Mabry Miller



CHOIR REHEARSALS - Join us to prepare music for the Advent and Christmas season on Thursday nights at 7:30 on the loft! Rehearsals will be held on December 6th, 13th, and 20th. NO CHOIR REHEARSALS - Our Loft Choir members will be enjoying their Christmas vacation on December 27th and January 3rd, 2013. Sing lots of Christmas carols to keep your voices in tune! NEXT SCHEDULED SUNDAY TO SING - Ann will be participating in the East Greenville Christmas Parade on December 2nd. There will be no choir on December 2nd. December 2nd is also the Faith World Sunday. December 9th - Offertory, December 16th - Offertory, December 23rd - Offertory, Christmas Eve @ 7:00 p.m. - Offertory CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES - Longswamp UCC will be holding 2 joyous Christmas Eve services at 7:00 and 11:00. The Loft Choir will be singing at the 7:00 service and there will be more Christmas Eve music at the 11:00 service. Join us to hear the beautiful sounds of Christmas! LONGSWAMP UCC CHURCH BELLS - Although the ringing of Longswamp's church bells was absent from the last few Christmas Eve services, the steeple will again be spreading the beautiful sound of our bells across the countryside with the joyful wishes of peace and good will to men! DO YOU KNOW YOUR HYMNS? - The shopper's hymn "Sweet Bye and Bye" THANK YOU - Thank you to Kim Jenkins for her inspiring solo, "Mercy Me", in November. We always love to hear your voice! Thank you also to Mary Beth Weidman for her very patriotic voice on Veterans' Day as she sang, "An American Anthem." We are grateful for your beautiful voice! COMING IN JANUARY 2013! music to warm you and a song for peace!

Friendship Discussion Hour:
(from 9-1 Oam on a Sunday morning) Please join us for the next six weeks as we travel through the land of the Bible learning the historical, geographical and cultural context of the Scriptures. By learning how to think and approach life as the people of the Bible did, we can deepen our appreciation and understanding of God's Word. Filmed on location.

Have You Remembered the Church In Your Estate Planning??

Church Envelopes: Your 2013 Church Envelopes are available to be picked up. Please notify the church office if you wish to have your envelopes mailed to you. If you would like a home visit from the Pastor and/or Elders please let us know. Someone will be glad to come to your home. LONGSWAMP UCC WEB PRESENCE: Church website: Church Facebook page: If you have a Facebook profile, search for Longswamp UCC and feel free to join the group. Contact Ellie Long at or Andrew Thomas at Please note that in case of inclement weather, weather cancellations will be announced P°sted on WFMZ-TV (Channel 69 News) and at least one hour before church school and/or services.



UPPER ROOM DAILY DEVOTIONAL GUIDE: These books are available in the church Narthex for a $1 contribution. Large Print is also available.

Poinsettia Plants: Decoration - Memorials - Thankful Honors Thank you to all who participated in either sponsoring a gift or plant as a note of the spirit of the season and the support of the church. Plants may be picked up on Monday, December 24th after the 11 pm service or on Sunday, December 30th. REMINDER: Our last offering for 2012 will be received Sunday, December 23rd. If you are mailing your offering, please remember they need to be received before Monday, Dec. 24th, 2012 at 9am. This is when we do our last deposit for 2012, if you wish your contributions to be included on the 2012 giving statements for LUCC.

Absolute Deadline for Newsletter Articles for the October issue are due in the Church Office by Tuesday, November 13th! We appreciate them being sent to us by email or in typed format. Thank you! The 2013 Altar Flower and Bulletin Sponsor Charts are hung up on the bulletin board on the left side when exiting the sanctuary. If no one is signed up for a Sunday then a silk floral arrangement will be used. This arrangement has been purchased by Fern Fritz, Laurie Heagy and Shirley Solt in memory of Loved Ones. PLEASE NOTE!! THIS IS YOUR LAST MAILED NEWSLETTER UNLESS YOU CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE (610-682-6230) AND REQUEST A FIRST CLASS MAILED COPY. COPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE SANCTUARY AND CHURCH OFFICE FOR PICKUP OR CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY FOLLOWING THE LINK ON OUR CHURCH WEBSITE at As stated in the Pastor's report on Page 1, this is due to the stricter regulations and pricing being imposed by the US Postal Service/ and the delay our mail has been experiencing when sent as Bulk Mail. We appreciate your understanding. Please remember to contact Dawn in the church office in advance to inform us of your change of address to help save us additional postage cost. Each time a piece of mail is returned to the church, we have to pay the corrected address and return of that maiL

Genealogical Help: Ellie Long has graciously offered to handle any genealogical inquiries. Please contact Ellie at

BRANDYWINE HEIGHTS COMMUNITY AFTERSCHQOL PROGRAM: Opportunity for volunteers The Brandywine Heights Community Afterschool Program was started through collaboration among Loaves-N-Fishes (a group of local congregations), the Brandywine Heights Area School District and the Tri Valley Branch of the YMCA of Reading and Berks County. The current school year (2012-2013) is the first year of operation for the afterschool program. The program serves up to 25 middle school (grades 67-8) students and is held one day a week (Wednesday) from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. We are seeking persons who would be willing to share their time, through volunteering, to help ensure the success of this program. You will not responsible to conduct activities, rather you will be available to assist the persons who are presenting and conducting specific activities. This afterschool program provides a rewarding opportunity to work with middle school youth and help make this afterschool program successful. If you would like to become a volunteer or would like to know more about volunteer opportunities with this program, please contact the Tri Valley branch of the YMCA of Reading & Berks County. Brook Turner, Program Coordinator 484-769-5333 Tri Valley Branch YMCA of Reading and Berks County 607 Crisscross Road Fleetwood, PA 195222 SA VE THOSE REGISTER TAPES! (Very easy way to assist your church) If you shop at Radcliffe's market, please consider saving your register tapes and bringing them to us for a rebate earmarked for our General Fund as we continue to participate in the "Save a Tape" program. Be sure to drop off your receipts in the vestibule (papered box marked Radcliffe). If you shop at Redner's. you need to obtain a "Save a Tape" Card from the store and use it every time you shop, then simply collect your receipts and deposit them in the designated box found in the side vestibule (papered box marked Redner's). PHOEBE HOME GIFTS These gifts should cost $5-$10. Please use your best judgment. Some residents have asked for a gift certificate to be used at one of the Phoebe Home cafes or gift shops. Give your money (cash to check to Longswamp UCC) to the Pastor or Treasurer. The Phoebe Home organizer will then e-mail the gift certificates to Pastor Kathy and she will give them to you to "wrap". Gifts are due at the church no later than December 9th. HURRICANE SANDY RELIEF The Disaster Response Team of the Penn North East Conference is sending a truck of supplies to NJ towns hit by the hurricane. The following supplies should be brought to the church no later than Sunday December 2nd... batteries, flashlights, new socks, new underwear ( in original packages), baby formula, food, diapers, wipes, adult diapers, work gloves, paper goods, industrial trash bags, hand sanitizer. The Brandywine Heights High School Music Department presents their annual FESTIVAL OF CAROLS for Senior Citizens on Friday, December 14, 2012 at 2:30pm. It is free of charge, no tickets required, and will feature the High School Band and Concert Choir. Following the performance, guests are invited to enjoy refreshments in the cafeteria. The performance for the general public will take place on Sunday, December 16, 2012 at 3pm. All tickets are reserved seat and can be pre-purchased for $3 per ticket. Tickets purchased the day of the concert are $4. Please call 610-682-5102 x2529 for additional information.
LOAVES & FISHES "FrGe F&towsMp & Ham/Corn/Mashed Potatoes Meal": Tuesday, December 18th from 6-7:30pm at Trinity Lutheran Church, Topton. AH are Welcome! Desserts are greatly appreciated.

On Sunday, November 11th a special Veteran's Day lesson with the Confirmation Class was held in the Sanctuary. Veteran's Harold Dankel, Fran Zettlemoyer, Robert Fritz, Dale Loch, and Michael Weidman shared how their faith has helped them through difficult situations. While planning for this session, Dawn Strunk realized that Mary Beth's father, (Michael), Nick Strunk's grandfather, (Robert), and Dale Loch's father, (Dale) were veterans. What an opportunity for our confirmands to make connections to their family members, and reflect on the stories of our veteran's! Our scripture reading was taken from Ephesians 6: "Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord's mighty power within you. Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan ... Use every piece of God's armor to resist the enemy whenever he a ttacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing... But to do this, you need the strong BELT of truth, and the BREASTPLATE of God's approval. Wear SHOES that are able to speed you on as you preach the Good News of peace with God. In every battle you will need faith as your SHIELD to stop the fiery arrows aimed at you by Satan. And you will need the HELMET OF SALVATION and the SWORD OF THE SPIRIT- which is the Word of God." We very much appreciated learning about our veteran's and experiences that connected to their faith. Most important, we were able to personally thank Harold, Fran, Robert, Dale, and Michael for their dedication and faithful service to our country. Submitted by Judy Roller

The November meeting of THE PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY at LUCC was held on November 13th at 6:30 PM in the church library. The following ladies worked on prayer shawls at this meeting: o Chris Freudig o Judy Koller o Jennifer Loch o Shirley Solt o Kathleen Herman (Suest Visitor) • From the book, Prayer Shawl Panderings by Karen Doolard, the following scripture verse was discussed: "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for in so doing - some people have entertained angels without knowing it." - Hebrews 13:2 Thank you cards were received from'. o Chad Hollenbach o Mary Alice Schutter Jean Althouse, Sue McElrea, and Cindy Conrad generously gave 2 boxes of Hefty Bags to the ministry. Thank you! Kathleen Herman (friend of Shirley Solt) crochet and donated a lovely shawl with border, and Mary Alice Schutter (sister of Millie Newhard) crochet and donated her 5th beautiful shawl to the LUCC Prayer Shawl Ministry this year. We very much appreciate these special gifts - all of these shawls have already been given to recipients! In addition, Mary Alice gave our knitters some Homespun Brand yarn. The following Prayer Shawls will be given to: o Christ! Hill - (Cindy Conrad's daughter), Hospitalization: A green and gold shawl made by Jennifer Loch. o Carter Zavadel - Spinal surgery - 5 yrs. old; A dark blue with light blue large stripes shawl made by Shirley Solt. o Lily Zavadel - 2-year-old sister of Carter'. A small shades of blue shawl made by Mary Alice Schutter. o Mommy Zavadel - (Friend of Ann Miller), A purple and white shawl made by Shirley Solt. o Marianna Strunk - Recuperating: A tan shawl with a multi color border made by Kathleen Herman. o Darlene Bearryman - (Friend of Barbara Weaknecht), Sympathy - Mother: A shades of blue stripe shawl made by Judy Koller. o John Cullen - (Sarah Reed's Father), Recuperating: A brown shawl made by Judy's friend, Kathy Muzavich. o Denise Dowart - Sympathy - Mother: A dark teal and burgundy shawl made by Jennifer Loch. o Mary Neuenschwander - (Friend of Sarah Reed), Back Surgery. A shades of rose stripe shawl made by Judy Koller.

You may join the prayer shawl ministry by getting involved in making shawls, or by requesting a shawl for a friend or loved one that is in need. If you wish to make a donation, we welcome your contributions. NEXT BLESSIN6: December 9th. NEXT MEETIN6 is in 2013 on January 13th.


Longswamp United Church Income Report
October 2012 Oct12
Income 300.00 • INCOME 326.00 • GF-lncome 326.01 • Plate / Cash 326.02 - General Fund / Envelopes 326.03 • Learning Center Fac. Usage Fee 326.06 • Bulletins / Scriptures 326.07 • Altar Flowers 326.14 • Neighbors In Need 326.16- Our Church's Wider Mission 326.183 • Prayer Shawl Ministry 326.23 • 1-Other Total 326.00 • GF-income 327.00 • Maintenance Fund Income 330.00 • Memorial Fund Income 330.27 • Interest Income (#30) 330.00 • Memorial Fund Income - Other Total 330.00 • Memorial Fund Income 332,00 • Building Fund Income 332.27 • Interest Income (#32) 332.29 • Misc. Income Total 332.00 • Building Fund Income Total 300.00 • INCOME Total Income Expense Net Income


5,155.00 7,556.83

281.00 220.00

78.59 13,708.92

0.63 3,173.01

3,173.64 237.64 339.74

18,459.94 18,459.94


Lonqswamp United Church of Christ *J *
As of October 31, 2012
Oct31,12 ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings 100.00 • Cash Investments 126.00 • General Fund Checking 127,00 • Maintenance Fund Checking 129.00 • Contingency Fund Checking 130.00 • Memorial Fund Checking 131.00 • Memorial Fund CD 132.00 • Building Fund 133.00 • Building Fund Checking Total 100.00 • Cash Investments Total Checking/Savings Total Current Assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY

1,004.29 1.663.62 1,730.59 12,756.85

818,158.94 5,000.00 850,296.39 850,296.39 850,296.39


Longswamp United Church of Christ Expense Report
October 2012
Oct12 Income Expense 400.000 • EXPENSES 426.100 • General Fund Expenses (#26) 426.103 • Office Administration 103.01 • Bank Charges & Fees 103.02 • Advertising 103.03 • Telephone Service 103.06 • Worship Supplies 103.07 • Office Supplies 103,10 • Education/Training Total 426.103 • Office Administration 426.104 • Utilities 104.01 • Electricity Service 104.02 • Trash Disposal Total 426.104 -Utilities 426.110 • Committee Expenses 426.200 • Repair & Maintenance Expense 426.201 • R&M Supplies 426.203 • R&M Services Total 426.200 • Repair & Maintenance Expense 426.500 • Payroll Expenses 426.501 • Employee NetWages (IndvClass'd) 426.502 • Payroll Taxes 426.503 • AD Computer Fee Total 426.500 • Payroll Expenses 426.550 • Ministry Expenses 426.558 • Pastor Salary 426.561 • Supply Passtor Expense Total 426.550 • Ministry Expenses 426.600 • Insurance Expenses 426.602 • Worker's Comp Insurance Total 426.600 • Insurance Expenses Total 426.100 • General Fund Expenses (#26) 427.000 • Maintenance Fund #27 427.200 • R&M Expenses (#27) 427.203 • R&M Services (#27) Total 427.200 • R&M Expenses (#27) Total 427.000 • Maintenance Fund #27 432.000 • Building Fund Expenses 432.100 • Capital Expenditures 432.200 • Building Maintenance Total 432.000 • Building Fund Expenses Total 400.000 • EXPENSES Total Expense Net Income 2,447.54 1,216.53 30.00 3,694.07 2,523.78 170.00 2,693.78 5,935.76 5,935,76 13,941.03 493.67 197.65 691.32 85.90 257.91 137.00 394.91

19.04 127.30 198.21 6.25 76.59


2,272.33 2,272.33 2,272.33 6,262.56 5,502.00 11,764.56 27,977.92 27,977.92 -27,977.92



i lt |l ^ ^
Sunday Monday


| f {|

December 201 2
Tuesday j Wednesday j Thursday Friday j




9:00am Conf., YG, FDH 10:15am Worship: World Communion Sunday, FAITH WORLD 5:30pm Bei! Choir CONGREGATIONAL MEETING

6:30pm Boy Scouts (cobw

6-9pm LLC Training


6:30pm Worship & Music Minist^ 7:3Qpm Loft Choir





6:30pm Property Cornm. 6:30pm Boy Scouts jcawnj



7:30pm Loft Choir

7:00pm Christmas Caroling @ Topton Lutheran Home A


9:00am Conf., YG,FDH 10: 15am Worship: Dedication of Phoebe Home gifts & Blessing of Prayer Shawls 11:30am Elders 5:30om Bell Choir


6:30pm Consistory 6:30pm Soy Scouts fcoMni
18 19

9:00am Conf., YG.FDH 10;15am Worship 5:30prn Belt Choir


20 3-1 Opm Volunteer at Friend, Inc, Kutztown
7:30pm Loft Choir



9:00am Conf., YG,FDH 10:1 Sam Worship: Christmas Fund Special Mission Offering 5:30pm Bel! Choir

7pm & 1 1 pm Service of Candles, Candlelight & Communion Christmas Eve






Christmas Day

9:00am Conf., YG.FDH 10:1 Sam Worship: Celebration of Kings Hymn Sing 5:30pm Belt Choir


Longswamp Learning Center Hours: Monday thru Friday - 6:30am till 5:30pm (610)682-9750


Church Secretary (Dawn Strunk) Office Hours: Monday thru Friday - 9:00am till 2:00pm (610)682-6230

2012 Consistory Members: Church Staff and Information: Kimberly Jenkins, President Rev. Dr. Katherine Brearley, Pastor Donald Siegfried, Vice-President Dawn Strunk, Church Secretary Barbara Weaknecht, Secretary Ann Mabry Miller, Organist Robert Friedly, Treasurer & Elder Vern Shade, Bell Choir Director G. Kyle Koller, Deacon Ronald Newhard, Sexton Dale Loch, Sr., Deacon Also contact for Longswamp Union Cemetery Shirley Solt, Deacon Beverly Thomas, Director of Longswamp U.C.C. Dylan Weaknecht, Deacon Learning Center Tina Cirafesi, Deacon

Church Website: Contact Person - Eloise Long 610 682-0696

E-mail Contacts: Church Pastor

Longswamp United Church of Christ 200 Clay Road Mertztown, PA 19539-8902 "Address Service Requested9'

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Kutztown, PA Permit No. 40

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December 2012 Newsletter

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