Nathaniel By Tyler Thorne

Copywrite c 2012

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FADE IN INTRO MEDIUM CLOSE UP:FOLLOW THE ACTOR Scene opens with NATHANIEL running through streets. He is breathing very hard. His voice is heard. Shots of a man chasing him flash on the screen. MEDIUM CLOSE UP:NATHANIEL TURNS AROUND A CORNER TO BREAK THE VIEW OF THE MAN CHASING HIM. The man turns the corner and Nathaniel is waiting for him. Nathaniel is crouched down and is very still. As soon as the man is in range he bursts up and hits him in the throat. The man stumbles back and recovers. CLOSE UP: THE CAMERA IS CLOSE AND MAKES A LOT OF CUTS TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THE FIGHT IS REALLY FAST AND INTENSE. The to men fight each other. Nathaniel is able to hit him in the head and the man falls down. CLOSE UP: SHOT OF NATHANIEL LOOKING AT THE MAN. NATHANIEL Tell me who sent you! AGENT You already know who sent me. Nathaniel picks up the man. NATHANIEL Tell me now! AGENT Your boss. Nathaniel kills the man. He runs into the street and takes parked car. WIDE: NATHANIEL IS WALKING THROUGH THE STREETS AND HE IS LOOKING FOR A CAR. HE WALKS ACROSS THE STREET AND A CAR DRIVES BEHIND HIM. WHEN THIS HAPPENS HE IS NO LONGER ON SCREEN BECAUSE HE DISAPPEARED. Nathaniel walks up to a car with someone getting out of it. The man in the car looks up at him. (CONTINUED)



MEDIUM CLOSE UP: OF THE MAN CAR OWNER Do you need anything? Nathaniel looks at him and says nothing, he pulls out a gun and points it at the man. NATHANIEL Give me your keys. MEDIUM: BEHIND THE CAR THAT NATHANIEL DRIVES AWAY IN. HALF OF THE CAR IS SHOWN ON THE OTHER HALF OF THE SHOT IS THE STREET. QUICK CUT TO NEXT SCENE ASKING FOR HELP Nathaniel pulls up to a house in a nice little neighborhood. Gets out of the car and there is a boy playing in the yard. MEDIUM: OF THE CAR PULLING IN. MICHAEL Uncle Nate! WIDE: SHOT OF MICHEAL RUNNING TOWARDS NATHANIEL. Michael runs towards Nathaniel and gives him a hug. NATHANIEL Hey buddy, you have gotten big since the last time I was here. MICHAEL And I lost another tooth. NATHANIEL Wow you sure are growing up fast bud. Is your dad home? MICHAEL Yeah, he is over here. Micheal walks up the porch and Nathaniel follows him. MICHAEL Dad Uncle Nate is here.


CONTINUED: JASON Okay Mike I’ll be there in a second. Jason walks in from another room JASON How have you been Nate? NATHANIEL I have bee well, I came by because I need some supplies. JASON Micheal can you go out side and play. MICHAEL Okay Dad Micheal runs out the door and starts to play outside. JASON Okay Nate what do you need? NATHANIEL I need a gun. JASON What is it for this time? Another mission? NATHANIEL Yes, it is a very important mission. JASON Alright Nate, but be careful. NATHANIEL Aren’t I always?


Jason grabs a gun and hands it to Nathaniel. The next few shots are of Nathaniel driving to the parking ramp. GETTING ANSWERS Nathaniel pulls up to a parking ramp and shows his ID to the GUARD. He drives up the car ramp and parks the car. From the ramp he can get access to the main building. MEDIUM:SHOT OF THE GUARD WITH NATHANIEL IN THE BACKGROUND WALKING AWAY. (CONTINUED)



The guard pulls out a walkie talkie and presses the button down. GUARD Sir, he is here. Nathaniel Enters the building through the main door. MEDIUM CLOSE UP: SHOT OF NATHANIEL WALKING THROUGH THE BUILDING (CAMERA IS IN FRONT OF HIM). Nathaniel walks up the stairs of the building to get to the top floor. WIDE: LONG SHOT OF NATHANIEL WALKING UP THE STAIRS Nathaniel opens the door to the top floor. CLOSE UP: SHOT OF DOOR OPENING AND NATHANIEL WALKING THROUGH. He gets to the main office where he needs to go. He opens the door and sees Ivan Blair staring out of the window. IVAN BLAIR Nathaniel, I have been expecting you. NATHANIEL I am sure you have. IVAN BLAIR You know since you have broken in here I am going to have to kill you. NATHANIEL I don’t care I just want answers. I want to know who I am. IVAN BLAIR What is there to tell you are a spy, we erased your past to make you that much more effective. Nathaniel walks to Ivan and hits him. NATHANIEL Tell me who I used to be! Ivan hits Nathaniel and the two start fighting. After a while of fighting Nathaniel pulls out his gun.




NATHANIEL Tell me who I am. There is a small pause and the Nathaniel pulls the trigger. The gun clicks and is out of ammo. Ivan pulls out a gun and shoots Nathaniel in the leg causing him to fall on the ground. IVAN BLAIR You will never know who you used to be. You are Nathaniel and when you die there will be another. NATHANIEL He will find out what you are doing. IVAN BLAIR Then I will kill him too. CLOSE UP:SHOT OF THE GUN IN IVAN’S HANDS. Ivan pulls the trigger and as soon as the gun shot goes off the screen goes blank. FADE OUT. *Roll Credits*

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