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Linking Flood Mitigation and Natural Systems Enhancement
Room for the River and Green Infrastructure
Manila December 4-5, 2012 Gerald E. Galloway, Jr., PE, PhD
Water Policy Collaborative, University of Maryland
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ROOM FOR THE RIVER – The Netherlands

RvR began as idea in 1986, gained momentum in 1990s, US projects as inspiration
Netherlands Embassy

The government seeks to achieve two interrelated objectives: 1 To bring flood protection for the riverine area to the required level; 2 To contribute to improving the spatial quality of the riverine area. Guaranteeing safety is the main objective; improving spatial quality is the secondary objective.

Netherlands Embassy

lowering flood plains

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Room for the Rhine branches

lowering flood plains

Room for the Rhine branches

Netherlands Embassy

Elevated area; before removal

Room for the Rhine branches

Netherlands Embassy

Elevated area; after removal

Room for the Rhine branches

Netherlands Embassy

Abutment of a bridge; before removal

Netherlands Embassy

Abutment of a bridge; after removal

Netherlands Embassy

Lowering of groins

Dike relocation

Dike relocation (set back)

Netherlands Embassy

Floods Risks Can Be Mitigated (in Part) by Effective Use of the Floodplain and Coastal Wetlands

Natural and Beneficial Functions of the Floodplain Can Be Enhanced by Effective Use of the Floodplain and the Flows that Move through It This is Flood Risk Reduction Plus

By Restoring or Use of Natural Systems: • Stream Flows
– Hydrology and Hydraulics

You Provide for:

• Wetlands • Barrier Islands and Ridges • Room for the River

• Flood Storage • Hurricane Speed Bumps • Natural Levees PLUS • Environmental Flows • Hydropower • Pollution Attenuation

Sacramento river, CA

Hurricane Katrina

New Orleans

Freshwater and Sediment Diversions

Restoration of Coastal Louisiana

Building Multiple Lines of Defense

Natural Infrastructure

Three Gorges Project

Architecture Research Office/dland studio & CSM.

There Are Many Ways to Deal with Floods

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